Big City Mayor Wants To Stop Procesuting Criminals For These Crimes

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➡ Boston’s Mayor, Michelle Wu, has decided not to prosecute certain major crimes, a move that has caused concern. This approach, backed by George Soros, was also adopted by Rachel Rollins, a previous Massachusetts official who ended up facing scandals and resigning. Despite these controversies, such policies are becoming more common in other cities.


Hey everybody, welcome back to the channel. I want to tell you about a big city mayor who has just announced that they she will not want to prosecute some pretty major crimes. Crimes that people think are low level, but have led to the decay that we see today. I’m going to talk to you about Michelle Wu, who’s the mayor of the city of Boston, you know, where the original deplorables were when the king of England said we need to stop those Bostonians from doing what they’re doing, and that kind of led to a thing called the American Revolution.

Well, Massachusetts has fallen so far. I want to bring this to you because this is something you will see in other cities. Why? Because this is George Soros backed candidates. Probably the most famous one, one of the first ones was also in Massachusetts, and her name was Rachel Rollins. Rachel Rollins campaigned and won the Suffolk County District Attorney, which is the county where Boston is, and she campaigned on dismissing and not prosecuting some pretty big crimes. Again, George Soros based, and we’ll tell you a little bit more about Rachel Rollins here in a second because it parallels Michelle Wu.

But here’s what Rachel Rollins campaigned on. I wrote them all down because there’s a few of them. There’s 15 of these crimes. Trespassing, shoplifting, larceny, that’s stealing personal property, stealing from you, disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace, receiving stolen property, driving on a suspended driver’s license, breaking and entering into a vacant building to sleep or escape the cold. That’s without property damage. However, when you break into a property, technically there’s damage to it, breaking and entering into a vacant property with property damage. So if they break into it, into your home, your business, because they say it’s chilly outside and they smash a window, that’s okay.

It’s cold. We’re not going to prosecute that. Wanton and malicious damage of property, that means somebody smashes your stuff. Threats, unless it’s the Me Too movement, I guess. Minor in possession of alcohol, marijuana possession or possession of marijuana paraphernalia, possession with the intent to distribute. What does that mean? That’s drug dealing, non-marijuana drug possession and resisting arrest. Now, Rachel Rollins won on that because, hey, we want a crime spree. We don’t want government keeping us safe. We just want to complain about the crime, not that government keeps us safe. You know what I’m getting at.

So Rollins did so good being an ultra liberal Soros backed clown that Joe Biden’s administration selected her to become the US attorney for Massachusetts. So she ascended to the federal level, but she didn’t last long because in 2023, he was March, she was fired. I’m sorry. She resigned because she was caught up in two scandals. The scandals were a blatant abuse of authority and ethics violations. One of them was she leaked privy Department of Justice information to help the candidate she backed fill her now vacated seat and then some other stuff. She’s a piece of trash, but she just reappeared.

My wife and I just checked it before I hit record and she now works for one of the community colleges. I think it might be Roxbury. So Boston Mayor Wu, she saw that people love Democrat policies. She’s a liberal wuss as well. So she just said that she backs a policy to dismiss and not prosecute the following crimes. Let me know if you see a parallel shoplifting larceny. Again, that’s theft of your stuff. Disorderly conduct receiving stolen stolen property, driving on a suspended license, breaking and entering with property damage, wanting a malicious destruction of property.

That means somebody smashes your stuff willingly, knowingly, threats, minor in possession of alcohol, marijuana possession, possession with the intent to distribute, that’s drug dealing, and non-marijuana drug possession charges. So it’s pretty clear that the Democrats want to protect criminals and put American people, hardworking American people, law-abiding constitutional following Americans at risk. People are going to say, well, yeah, Boston’s a blue city, right? Boston has been pretty good when it comes to crime for a long time. Massachusetts, even though it’s blue, has been pretty good on most aspects of crime, but it’s been changing in the last few years.

And why? Because of policies like Rachel Rollins, the disgraced Soros-backed candidate for anything she runs for now. And also Michelle Wu. Now, she’s going to make Boston tumble further than they have. This is going to come to you guys and gals, because there’s a lot of Soros-backed DAs and mayors that are currently in spots for reelection. And this is going to be what they campaign on. It’s time people get involved. There’s a lot of people over the last 48 hours who are so fed up with the way things run. My hope is that people will now get involved.

Rather than sit back and say someone else will do it, or it doesn’t bother me, or I don’t have time, it’s time, guys and gals. Unfortunately, to change the country, you have to make yourself less comfortable. I’m getting more involved myself, and you’ll see more about that coming up shortly. But it’s time to get involved. If you want a country, you need to be involved to save and maintain that country. Let me know if you’ve heard a local politician in your state, city, or county who has come up with a similar policy, and we’ll put them out on blast as well.

If you would like to call Boston Mayor Michelle Wu’s office, I’ll have that information pinned down in the description and in the pin comment, as well as anything else I can find where you could contact her, like her social media and stuff like that. She will block you. She will block you because she’s that much of a clown. So you hit her up on her official pages and she won’t be able to, at least they’re not supposed to. I appreciate you all. Be safe, stay vigilant, carry a gun to keep you, your friends, your family, your community safe.

Don’t care where you go. Don’t care how comfortable you think you may be there. Stuff can happen at a moment’s notice, and it might be only you who can take advantage of your situation and protect other people. I love y’all. God bless you. See you on the next one. Take care. [tr:trw].

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