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➡ This And We Know show discusses a podcast interview with former President Trump, where he suggests that if Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 election, it could have led to a nuclear war. The text also criticizes Clinton’s potential policies and actions, and suggests that Trump prevented a disaster. It also discusses actor Robert De Niro’s public statements against Trump, suggesting that if Trump returned to the White House, it would threaten democracy. The text ends with a discussion about the term “central casting,” which Trump often uses to describe people who fit a certain role perfectly.
➡ The text discusses various topics, including criticisms of actor Robert De Niro and his involvement in politics, allegations of corruption and misconduct in Hollywood, and the perceived political vendetta against former President Donald Trump. It also mentions a product promotion for a facial cleanser and ends with a passionate defense of Trump by his sons, who argue that the legal actions against him are politically motivated and damaging to the state of New York.
➡ Donald Trump, a former president who is considering running for office again, is facing numerous legal and political challenges. Despite these challenges, he continues to receive support from various public figures and ordinary citizens. Some supporters argue that the legal actions against him are politically motivated and an attempt to prevent him from running for office again. They believe that Trump has the potential to make significant improvements to the country.
➡ The text discusses various topics including the availability of merchandise, the desire for certain classified documents to be made public, concerns about election rigging, and the potential dangers of vaccines and the food industry. It suggests that there are efforts to manipulate information and public
perception, particularly in relation to the COVID-19 vaccine and the food industry’s influence on health. It also raises questions about the sudden deaths of both infants and adults, suggesting a possible link to vaccines. Lastly, it mentions a former Coca Cola employee’s claims about the food industry’s negative impact on health.
➡ The text discusses various issues including unhealthy dietary guidelines, the rise of obesity and diabetes, the influence of pharmaceutical companies, conspiracy theories about chemtrails, tax issues, rising gas prices, the Federal Reserve, and human trafficking. It also mentions concerns about freedom of speech and the impact of immigration in Sweden.
➡ The text discusses the belief that President Trump is fighting against a destructive force, likened to a satanic cabal, that aims to weaken and control the United States. It suggests that this struggle was part of a larger plan to awaken the nation to these threats. The text also draws parallels between Trump and the biblical figure David, who defeated the giant Goliath, symbolizing overcoming great adversity. Lastly, it emphasizes the importance of faith, vigilance, and speaking out against perceived evils.


He shall not be afraid of evil tidings. His heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord. His heart is established. He shall not be afraid until he see his desire upon his enemies. Well, in just one day, we get plenty of action to lead us to believe that the central casting actors are doing a great job keeping the sleepy public entertained. With De Niro and more, we also get some insight into the Alvin Bragg case and what Trump will do to expose the criminals when he gets back in. Oh, yeah, that’s pretty good. We will cover this and more on the border.

Here we go. So I’m going to start here with an interview that was done by another podcaster, and President Trump had a chance to sit down with him, have a conversation. One of those was very interesting because he’s been saying this over and over again. But I think it’s important to remind us of the things that we could have encountered had Hillary won. And I will say that if Hillary won that race, you would have had a nuclear war and millions of people would have been killed, and you weren’t even close to that. It never happened.

It was never going to happen. I got along great with him and it just never was going to happen. Were you at all scared in any way when you crossed into an enemy country? Well, I wouldn’t say that. Secret Service was thrilled. And in those blue buildings, there were lots of people in those buildings that I looked at, you know, the two blue buildings inside with the windows, and I looked in those windows, and there were a lot of things happening in those. Someday I’ll tell you about it. But no, I felt very safe. I felt my relationship with him, as you know, was very hostile, a little rocket man and all.

But then all of a sudden, it morphed. He respected me, I respected him. And we ended up, once we got to know each other, we ended up very good. A very smart guy, very strong guy. He’s the absolute leader of that country. You know, for those that think he’s not, they’re wrong. And I got to know him very well. I even did a press conference. He never did a press conference before. I said, would you like to do a press conference? We did a press conference, if you remember. And then he said, that’s the end of the press conference.

And boom, everybody was pretty radically thrown out. But it was a press conference. The only press conference he’s ever done. I got along with him great. We had no nuclear war. You would have had a nuclear war guaranteed, and you won’t. Look, if we have the right president, if we have somebody that knows what he’s doing, you’re not going to have World War III. If, on the other hand, we don’t, you’re going to end up in world War three and it’s going to be a war like no other because of the power of weaponry. Mm hmm.

Trump says Hillary Clinton, she’d won in 2016. There would have been a nuclear war. Millions of lives, ultra pepper lives matter says exactly what many of us have come to believe. That Trump came in at the exact red line and prevented a planned disaster by Clinton, Obama, the deep state and their masters truly believe we are the best timeline. We are on the best timeline. Despite the growing pains we are currently experiencing. Imagine how terrible the world would be had that serial killer Clinton gotten in. So here’s a reminder for those that maybe have never seen this.

Most of us know the 16 year plan that they had to destroy America. Obama came in the first eight years, was the goal to weaken the USA globally. Hillary was going to finish it off and destroy the USA. And the rise of the new world order. Obama was going to install the rogue operators in the government. Hillary was going to do world War three, real and orchestrated. She was going to revise the constitution. Remember, we were going to have her pick all of the Supreme Court justices that President Trump installed. She was going to close the us military bases around the earth.

Population control pocketed billions of dollars. She would have banned the sale of firearms and the repeal of the second amendment, destroyed and censored our opposing views and news and outlets. That’s still happening, in a sense, through the social media networks. She’s going to eliminate final good guys in the government, install corrupt Supreme Court justices, open borders, kill the economy, remove electoral college, and would have limited and removed the military funding. Yep, all those things to catapult us to the end, and it’s not happening. But they bring these actors out to ensure that anyone who pays attention to them or worships the ground they walk on will listen to them.

But I think most of this is a wake up for most of the folks that are asleep that don’t pay attention to channels like this and others. Check out what old De Niro did under Trump. Oh, yeah. Watch you standing behind him, too. This kind of government will perish from the earth. I don’t mean to scare you. No, no, wait. Maybe I do mean to scare you. If Trump returns to the White House, you can kiss these freedoms goodbye that we all take for granted. And elections, forget about it. That’s over. That’s done. If he gets in.

I can tell you right now, he will never leave. He will never leave. You know that he will never leave. Imagine having severe Trump Derangement syndrome. You have to go outside a courtroom and tell everyone deranged conspiracy theories about how Trump will never leave office. Oh, yeah. And live forever if we don’t stop the orange man. He did all this in front of the lion cops brigade. Fanone and Dunn. There they are. Interesting, huh? The J six liars paid to stand there and lie to everyone. Kind of interesting that De Niro came out. So I wanted to show you some clips that somebody put together just so you remember the folks that are standing behind De Niro.

Here we go. January 6. Rider gets 90 months. There he is next to Anderson Cooper’s brother. There’s the other police officer. He got paid to lie. Yeah. With the, the one comedian who liked to cut off President Trump’s. You guys remember? And had blood all over right after he won. That person. No, no, wait. Maybe I do mean to scare you. If Trump returns. Let’s see. Let’s get to some more. Right about here. Check this out. What he says. One of the cops, I can tell you right now, he will never leave. Was here by coming here to New York on these closing days of this Trump campaign.

Sure. I didn’t even know it was a Trump trial going on. I just saw a bunch of cameras and said, let’s get this message out. I didn’t even know a Trump trial was going on. Oh, my goodness. No, seriously. I just think it’s really important right now to continue to echo how much of a threat Donald Trump is to democracies. We just have to keep echoing how much Trump is a threat to democracy. We just got to keep this going. I mean, we’re getting paid good bucks for this. We got to make sure that he doesn’t get in so that the real investigations aren’t done by real folks to let us know that, let them know that we’re a bunch of liars.

And so who does, who’s this guy? This guy, who does he work for? The one that’s. His name’s James Harkins. Yeah. You see on the right side, the, the guy James Harkins was the security guard for Sam Bankman freed. He happens to be security guard for Robert De Niro. Wow. That makes him an actor. So the De Niro goes crazy, the mob goes after him. And who does De Niro hang out with? Well, he hangs out with P. Diddy. We’ve learned all about him. And the things that he’s been involved in. He Weinstein, boy, he’s got a good group there.

He got told u two the guys involved in all kinds of junk. With Clinton, of course, he got the, the honor of getting that wonderful medal. All those folks that were involved in pizzagate got those medals from Obama to highlight all of them. And of course, with Oprah. And then the witch, known to all in Hollywood that likes to do spirit cooking, likes to take pictures of her and RFK junior. And let’s see other folks that like to go to Epstein island and get caught. Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Hanks, let’s see Clinton’s and more. You say, oh, they’re just photos, you know, just people.

But I wonder what really happens to these folks that have that kind of company all the time. President Trump lets us in on a little thing that we’ve been learning. Central casting. Central casting. Central casting. If I’m doing a movie, I pick you. General casting. Very impressive. You’re central casting. Look at these. This man, central casting. I watch him all the time. Central casting. He’s a real talent, a real guy, and he is central casting. Do we agree? Central casting. They’re central casting. The red suspenders, handsome, beautiful, smart. You couldn’t get better. Central casting. He was central casting.

Like the perfect supreme Court judge. This measure. Central casting. There’s nobody in Hollywood that looks like these people and their central casting. I’ve never seen a group of people like this, my friend. Central casting. I always call him central casting. Boy, is that central casting. That stipend. He looked like central casting. He looked like Tom Cruise, but maybe better. I watch Judge Kavanaugh. Who’s central casting? This guy’s like central casting. You couldn’t pick a better guy in Hollywood. There’s no actor that could do it better. You are so central casting. Central casting. He said it over and over again.

And so we’ve got these guys here all out there to let us know the act that is playing out in front of all of us. Of course, De Niro lost a grandchild of fentanyl and his son got vaccine induced autism. And yet he still works for the enemy who causes this damage. He must be fully compromised. Compromised. Nobody would humiliate themselves like he is unless they had no choice. That’s one take on all of this. Of course, my other take would be that maybe he is central casting. Look at this. You’ll see that behind his neck.

As he was screaming and yelling, his mask started peeling. Yeah, peeling right below the ear. It’s always around the ear area that you see these masks just kind of start melting away. You can see right there where they just didn’t put enough glue, probably on there. Just speculating. Colin Rugg said just in, actor De Niro gets into a shoddy match with a guy wearing a mAGA hat. Across the street for from Trump trial, De Niro could be seen having a meltdown after Trump supporter was heard calling him washed up. De Niro joined the Biden campaign on Tuesday to blast the former president.

The actor was given orders from the Biden campaign to focus on January 6. According to the AP, during his press conference, de Niro ironically blasted Trump as a, you guessed it, a tyrant. Oh, if you guys didn’t know. De Niro was held in question in Paris over a vice ring. Yes, really sad. Journalists did their work. They worked for the London’s independent revealed that the prostitution agency. Prostitution agency routinely entrapped underage girls as young as 15, forced them to be with Hollywood’s rich and powerful. The court documents read like a trash sheet. Evil novel filled with movie stars, high ranking foreign dignitaries, arms deals, politicians from the United States.

Of course, the mainstream media did all they could to hide this explosive story and protect Robert De Niro. Huh? And Robert de Niro, of course, and his peds trafficker pal, Peter Nygaard. Remember Nygaard? Oh, yeah. His pals with him, convicted sex predators. Nygaard’s been accused of the trafficking, sexual assault, 57 women. He does all kinds of terrible things, and he hangs out with them. He’s been caught, and we know it. And of course, when you head over to grasshopper as this was posted by President Trump with De Niro, it’s amazing how it lines up to show us just how evil these folks are.

4531 reversed. 1345, 413 54 is when President Trump dropped this. Some things must remain classified to the very end. Americans would riot, revolt, reject, etcetera. And that’s what’s happening. Americans going after him. The pedo networks are being dismantled. The child abductions for satanic rituals. Haiti and other third world content countries are paused, not terminated, until players are in custody. So what are the chances? What’s the coincidence here that this drop, four, five, 3113 54, would actually match President Trump’s drop on De Niro with his crimes against children, would actually match the talking points that we get from the intel board? Huh? Want to make your skin crawl? Here’s something to help you with your skin.

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This was never a case about protecting the citizens of the city of New York. This is a case about politics, pure and simple. How about that, huh? Everybody’s coming to President Trump’s aid, including the family. This is a sham. It’s insane. And it needs to stop. Because if you think for 1 second that this ends with Donald Trump, you have not been watching what’s going on in the Democrat party in the last few years. They want power at any and all costs, your rights be damned. That can’t stand. That can’t happen. This sham prosecution, this insanity, this abomination, has to stop now.

Has to stop now. And then, of course, that was Don Junior. Now we have Eric Trump, everyone coming to share their thoughts about everything that’s going on. This is brilliant. So I sit here today as a son, forget about politics for a second. I’ve been in that courthouse with my father almost every single day, and not a single New Yorker as they look at murders in the streets, women getting thrown in front of trains, kids getting shot in Times Square, the degradation of this city. Not a single New Yorker believes that over $130,000 payment from nine years ago, from eight years ago, that the entire DA’s office is lining that courtroom.

They’re sitting there, they’re laughing, they’re giggling. This was their moment. This is how they embarrassed Donald Trump. This is legal lawfare all while this state absolutely melts. Everybody that sits here right now, every single one of you knows that this is not the same state that we knew ten years ago, now knew it was not the same state as we saw five years ago. You have total degradation of New York state, because the only thing that Alvin Bragg wants to do, only thing that Leticia James wants to do, is criminally prosecute Donald Trump. And they’re doing it for one reason.

They’re doing it because they have a political vendetta. They’re all funded by George Soros. That’s what this is. This is political law fair, and it absolutely has to stop. And I watch a man, he’s the toughest man I’ve ever seen, and he endures this nonsense every single day. He sits in that seat, and that’s not comfortable. He’s never done a damn thing wrong. They tried to impeach him in DC. They tried to impeach him a second time. They went after his supreme Court justices. They turned the DOJ, they turned the FBI against him. They couldn’t stop.

And when that didn’t work, guess what they did? They went after his family. They went after me. 110 subpoenas later that I’ve received. I’ve never gotten so much as a parking ticket. 110 person subpoenas. They went after don, they went after Laura. They went after little Barron Trump as a young kid. As a young teenager. They went after Tiffany Trump. They tried to make his life hell. And then they weaponized every single da. They weaponized every ag in every far left area, because Biden is incompetent. And he’s losing in all the polls, across the board. He’s losing in every quantifiable metric.

Our country is going to hell. And this is their answer. Go after him for $130,000. And I want to say sorry to the jury that’s in there. This has been the greatest, colossal waste of time. I want to say thank you to the NYPD. You have thousands of officers down here, thousands of officers down here that could be protecting our streets. Instead, they’re guarding this courthouse against a sham trial. This has cost New York millions and millions and millions of dollars. So he goes on, of course, with Mark Levin. President Trump drops this to let us know what he’s sharing.

And it’s amazing how he puts his words together. I just love this. The brag cases about law, fair run amok against a former president running again for president. It also represents the greatest effort to interfere with and steal a federal election in american political history. Never before has a president sought to imprison his political opponent. In Trump’s case, a former president running for president again and who holds leads in the most crucial battleground states. Donald Trump is, in fact, the most persecuted man in America, legally and politically. Here’s just some of it. Unconstitutional impeachments. Relentless Democrat party media tack attacks.

Attempts to bankrupt him and destroy his businesses with a preposterous statute. The criminalization of the law by Democrat prosecutors in four cases brought in four different jurisdictions, and totally 91 crooked, cooked up charges. The use of a criminal warrant in an FBI SWAT team to search his home. The denial of first, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th amendment rights, denying him free speech, due process, equal protection, attorney client privilege, competent representation, imposing hugely excessive fines and denying him a jury trial. Judges cutting corners in rushing cases before the election. Judges with obvious conflicts of interest, overseeing cases, and the effective suspension of judicial rules of professional conduct.

The leaking of his tax returns, multiple efforts to remove him from state presidential ballots, denying him executive privilege, protection, the use of grand juries in overwhelmingly hostile cities, bar and criminal attacks on his lawyers, etcetera. By terrorizing Trump, they hope to terrorize you. This is typical of an autocracy. So, as we move forward, is this working? Well, we’ve got those that are out there. Somebody actually went on Piers Morgan show. That’s right. We have an amazing stance from actors now making waves across the airwaves to ensure that they show their support for President Trump. Amazing. What do you think of Trump? I think I’m going to vote for him.

Really? Yeah. In the next election? Yes, I am. Are you ready for the blowback? Well, yeah. Well, you know, I think this election, everybody’s got to. I think they’re going to take a side or whatever, but. Okay. Again, this is Dennis Quaid. For those listening in, he’s been in a lot of movies. A lot of movies. Christian style movies also. It’s been interesting. It’s. It just seems to me, it just makes sense. I was ready not to vote for Trump until what I saw is more than politics. I see a weaponization of our justice system and a challenge to our constitution, us as Americans that I don’t think we’re gonna have.

And, you know, Trump is the most investigated person probably in the history of the world, and they haven’t been able to really get him. People might call. So as we continue to move forward, what other folks would be out there making sure that man on the street, like Hannity’s show actually went out there and showed you what folks think was going on. And how have you handled this trial? I’m a Trump fan 100%. I think what they’re doing to him is outrageous. Today’s a big day. I mean, Trump trial is wrapped up. What do you think’s going to happen? How do you feel? You know, I’m my husband.

I’m kind of in, like, a different place. He thinks he’s going to get convicted. I think it’s just a big nothing burger. Do you feel that this trial, he’s a target? Yeah, he is. They know that he has a chance to make America great again, and they just using that against him. That’s what it is. It’s just dirty politicians looking for a guilty verdict. Looking for a guilty verdict. Do you think it could happen? Could happen. I think ultimately he’ll be able to run even if he is convicted. I think it’s more of like a show.

And I try to stay away from the noise. So all of this playing out, folks are waking up, and of course, we’ve got even more. I don’t know if I showed this to you before, but this would be a comedian out there sharing his thoughts. Charleston White explains to black liberal why he’s a diehard Trump supporter, Democratic. I’m a die hard Trump supporter in my household. You got Martin Luther King, you got Jesus, and you got Donald Trump. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Not in that particular order, but, yeah, you got Martin Luther King, Jesus, and Donald Trump.

Why you got Donald Trump? You know, I’m a straight Democrat, but I’m for the best person. Oh, yes, sir. Well, now, why you got Donald Trump? Because I paid attention in school when I was a kid. And so I know the true history of both the Republican and Democratic Party. I know that they really didn’t switch during the Nixon southern strategy. That one became more clever than the other in dealing with black people. We, the Democrats, we got away. We were the Republicans friends. We were their friends, but we were the Democrats. When you look at the origins of the Ku Klux Klan, it originated out of the Democratic Party, the Ku Klux Klan.

It did. Every civil rights legislation that ever has been passed in this country was authored, written, sponsored, and voted on 100% by Republicans and not Democrats. Every civil rights legislation. What you gonna do? So let me feel the man about Trump. So as a kid, I remember being six, seven years old, and seeing Donald Trump receiving an award with Muhammad Ali or Rosa Parks from the NAACP. Not only that he engaged and interacted in our culture from the eighties, throughout the nineties, and even the two thousands, from rappers to Michael Jackson. So when we looked out into our culture, his face appeared many, many times.

So for me to grow up now and then hear the media, because before the media starts saying he was racist, I never heard a black leader say it. I never heard my grandmother say it. I never heard no one even mention anything bad about him, other than rappers giving him praise in over 300 to 600 rap song. So for the media to say, oh, he’s racist, I knew they were playing con on us. And I can remember when America was great. I can remember when black children could play outside all day long, and you didn’t hear about kids being kidnapped.

You didn’t hear about drive by shooting. Hmm? How about that, huh? The wake up call continues. And remember, we were just sharing about De Niro. I wanted to show you what ultra maga party put together. They’re brilliant at this type of work. Here we go. They are the true heroes. I’m honored to be with these two heroes today from former Capitol police officer Harry Dunn and former Metropolitan police officer Michael Fanon. Robert De Niro. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom with distinction to my brother, Joseph Robinette Biden junior. We the people, honor us.

Capitol Police private First Class Harry A. Dunn. Michael Fanon. He took an off duty call to the Capitol on January 6, 2021, helping to drive insurrectionists away from a key tunnel and facing vicious attack. He immediately became one of the day’s most outspoken truth seekers. Medal of Freedom. Yeah, something I noticed about this. I don’t know if you guys caught it, but look at this earlobe here. I always talk about this. I know of Biden. When I was looking at this particular video, I noticed something about his eyes look all watered up. He’s looking up into space, as if something’s about to happen to him.

After he gets this medal of freedom, maybe being exposed for all to see, and he realizes with that deep breath, he looks like he’s in fear. Does he not look like that to you? Like, oh, boy, this is it. It’s the end. And then you switch and you go to the new Biden, and what do you notice about his ear? Remember, we talk about this all the time. The earlobe is attached. Just to note, for all those that like to see things like that continuing on, I wanted to make sure before we move further that you guys know you can go to amwaynow.com.

that’s truth, hope, faith and freedom. All of the information you need about our channel, what we’re doing, latest news and more you can find there. You can contact us. You can send pictures of, use the contact button to send pictures of you wearing our gear. You can look at our Partners page and all of our videos and more. We also created a website with all of your daily news updated constantly. Thepatriotlight.com. it has politics, world news, markets, faith, social news, resources, all there for you to track what’s going on. Definitely a good thing for you to see.

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And you get a monthly newsletter. Now, my book reduced it in price to $6. In case you didn’t know. We dropped that all the way down for you. It’s available. Definitely want to make sure you know that we have plenty of sweatshirts, hoodies, accessories, hats, tees and tanks just for you. And we’ve got some new stuff coming out soon. Definitely want to stand by for that. So we’ve got shop dot am, we know.com. go to amwaynow.com. here’s more great pictures of patriots wearing her gear. President Trump’s strongest point, I think he said this publicly. He’s like, he’s going to have one of these offices or commissions that puts this stuff out and everyone can request information.

Be like, hey, I want the Bay of Pigs information out. I want the whatever documents out. The Epstein documents, right? Well, the Epstein Black book, like on day one, you’re on contra documents, the MkUltra. That’s why you’re gonna be the Viceroy declassification. Oh, yeah. So here we are. Ultra pepper lives Matter. Cash. Patel says he wants the Epstein Black book unveiled on day one after Trump’s public return to office. Trump’s closest allies want reveal, you know, they want the truth revealed about the pedophile elite to the world. And Epstein island was literally shut down under his tenure, yet people somehow delude themselves into thinking he has anything to be afraid of about this topic.

People are going to one day realize how much of an impact Trump and his allies had over politics, the cabal, and the world. The ripple effects will be reverberating for generations. Save the children. Declass everything. What is the first thing that you want to see declassed? The first thing. Now, with all this playing out, we know that they’re going to do all they can to rig the elections to ensure that President Trump loses, because that’s how they work. The enemy. And so here’s something for you just to see about the elections in DC. Non citizen voting education.

Virtual training. Did you guys know this is a thing? District of Columbia Board of Elections, April 10, 2024. Again, this is by the Board of Elections in the District of Columbia. Who are we? An independent agency of the district of Columbia government. Non partisan. No political affiliations. Non us citizen residents can vote in the District of Columbia. Future’s looking bright. Future is looking bright. Oh, but wait, there is more. Can I register to vote same day for early voting or primary election? Yes. Yes. Exclamation point. Yes. Here is your non citizen voter registration application. I have no words.

These documents were released to judicial watch via a FOIA request, which granted them 13 pages of records, which, like I just showed you, explained that illegal aliens and other non citizens can vote and how they can register to vote in local elections. The district’s action was opposed by congressional republicans, but they failed to overturn the measure. How about that? Always something, huh? Looking for ways to steal the election and more. They don’t want to be exposed for any of their crimes. And so the part of the crimes that were committed, of course, had to do with the jabs.

I wanted to show you this now. Yeah, I have friends who went to the hospital, and then their kidneys start shutting down. Unfortunately, that appeared to have harmed more than it helped. But it was all profitable. So who was going to ask any questions? The doctors have been. The really outspoken ones have been filtered now from the hospital system. So the ones that are left are the ones that are going to bow the knees and do what they’re told. It’s pretty eye opening. The Gates foundation was involved in all these studies. I mean, especially when you consider the Gates foundation has multiple billions of dollars of investments into research, and you’re gonna tell me this little tonic water based pill is gonna screw that up? No way.

When you have FDA calls about the development of new drugs, the banks are on the calls. That’s an interesting little detail. Not many people realize all this playing out is and more a disturbing new study has uncovered evidence from official government data showing that deaths among people jabbed for Covid have been recorded as being unvaccinated. The move apparently sought to make the COVID mRNA injections appear safe, while also stoking fear among the unvaxed by showing a false spike in deaths of people who purportedly hadn’t received the shots. Very disturbing, all this playing out. While we continue to show you what’s been happening, sudden and unexpected has been placed on x.

Many are waking up to what’s been going on. You’ve got these police officer passed away suddenly. They posted that 1128 01:00 a.m. a lovely, curious, compassionate wise 21 year old daughter passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack. 21 folks are posting these and you wonder, well, why are folks gone so early? Olivia, you’re looking at the screen, died of a swelling heart. A swelling in her heart known as acute myocarditis. Back in 2023, Harry Foster and his wife Rebecca lost their beautiful baby girl Olivia, suddenly, unexpectedly, age 15 months. It’s got many folks asking questions. And like this one here, check this out.

Over 40 years just hit me. I had a child that died of SIDS in 1984. For people that don’t know what SIDS is, it’s called sudden infant death syndrome, or crib death was another one. I’ve been saying this for 40 years. Over 40 years. I don’t understand this. He was just at the doctor’s two weeks before, got his shots, had the perfect health. Everything was great. And then last night I watched. Have you anybody watched misses g the medical exam examiner? I can’t say it now. Anyway, I watched her show and she says, what’s at rise right now is the adult.

Sudden adult syndrome. Same thing as SIDS, but it’s for adults. What happened lately that was forced upon people that they had to have. And all of a sudden the rise of these adults dying for no reason is happening. And it dawned on me, and I poisoned my kid two weeks before with a vaccine that I was totally safe. What if that’s the cause of sudden infant death syndrome? And they’ve been lying to us all this time? And they’ve been experimenting on our babies since 1984 and before. And it’s just come to light because we get more education now.

We can get reached education. We’re not just told whatever they want us to tell. We can look research online. What if that’s the cause of Sids? What if me doing what I thought was good killed my baby? And it’s just hitting me right now, because I never put two to two together until now. Tell me what you guys think. Do you think I’m kind of off my rocker? You think I’m just being stupid? I don’t know. Because his death shaped my whole adult life, changed it completely. And I just wonder where I would be, what kind of person I would be if he didn’t die.

So sad. And many of us have been waking up to this and more, all the different things that they put into our children right after they’re born. And it’s just, it’s heartbreaking. As we continue to learn more about this and how it plays out to all of us anyway, we want to move forward to something else. Here, check this out. My next guest used to work for the Coca Cola company, and he says he saw firsthand how the food and pharma industries rigged the system to their advantage. Haley means is now the founder of Trumet and joins me now.

But before we get started, we just reached out to Coca Cola a little while ago for comment, and we haven’t heard back. So what do you have to tell us about what’s going on inside Coca Cola? So, again, I’ll show you this, because they can’t get you by jabbing you like crazy once you’re born. Then they’re going to try to fill up our bodies with all kinds of nonsense from our food industry and more. And I’ve been sharing stuff like this for a long time. But this is interesting coming from a guy who was with Coca Cola, showing what’s happening on the side with us medically for all, each and every one of us.

It’s really a huge problem in our entire earth. Well, first, Jesse, God bless you for paying attention and drawing attention to the most important issue in the world, which is that we’re getting sicker, fatter, more depressed, more infertile because of food. Eight of the ten leading causes of Americans today are directly tied to food, reversible by food. But we really are gaslighted from that fact. And it’s because of a rigged system. And three particular levels I saw is that food companies directly pay medical groups. Coke has funneled millions of dollars. And the American Academy of Diabetes, the American Academy of Pediatrics, as you said, the American Nutrition association, they’ve accepted millions of dollars of coke.

And what does that buy when we have diabetes? Water. Sugar consumption going up among children 100 x in 100 years. We have silence from the American Diabetes association on sugary drinks. When 25% of teenagers now are pre diabetic, they’re also, as you’ve very aptly pointed out, research institutions. And what does that get? What is that eleven times more from food than the NIH does that get? It gets the doctors on the USDA nutrition guidelines right now, shamefully, I believe this is the most shameful, violent policy in America. The USDA, our own government says that a two year old, it’s okay for them to have 10% of their diet as added sugar.

It’s a systematic rigging of the institutions of trust. I mean, this is not complicated. And earlier in my career, I saw this, you know, unimpressive PR executives sit around conference rooms and ask, how do we rig, how do we gaslight people? You know, in a wellion way, from not believing what’s right in front of us. 80% of american adults are overweight or obese. 50% of adults have prediabetes or diabetes. We are being brought to our knees by preventable metabolic dysfunction. I think the real issue here, Jesse, as you alluded to, is pharma is standing silent. And the medical institutions are standing silent because they profit from people being sick, and they’re getting sick because of food.

So they start you out as a child born, they stick you with one chemical after another, and then as you grow up, they fill you up with soda pop and sugar, bringing a diabetes epidemic that we have never seen before. Autism is shooting through the roof thanks to all these jabs. If they don’t get you there, they said, well, let’s just spray stuff in the air and make sure that we have chemtrails to change the weather and put chemicals in everybody’s body. Through that, somebody actually went on. Tucker Carlson, a racing superstar Danica Patrick, tells Tucker that one of the factors to her first time interest in politics is chemtrails.

You can’t say what you want to say anymore. You get in trouble for having an opinion. I got in trouble for going to amfest and saying that I love this country. People were like, I hate you, your awful unfollow. And I’m like, how did we get to this point where you can’t say, I love this country, where I feel like you see chemtrails all over the sky, and they’re poisoning our air, they poison our food. And I’m like, this is really affecting me now. Yes. What are chemtrails? Well, it’s a little bit more conspiracy like, but I don’t know.

Most of those have turned out to be true. Exactly. Where they just spray different metals into the air, it controls geoengineering controls the weather. Every time I see them, I feel like, well, it’s sure to be a cloudy day tomorrow. You know where you see the big grid mark in the sky where it’s just all lines that don’t dissipate because, you know, it’s not vapor. I don’t think people look at the sky anymore because they have iPhones, so maybe they don’t notice. Do you know what I mean? No, I don’t. I think stargazing is extinct. But how did you learn about that? Conspiracies, for sure.

Just, like getting interested. Yeah. Yeah. Like noticing the things around you and wondering what they are. Yeah. Yeah. I was very spiritual. And then I dated someone that was a little bit more conspiracy based. Yes. We just got on the hot seat for calling Jimmy Kimmel out and you’re looking at chemtrails on your screen right now. I pulled it up as she was talking there. You can see how they spray and then they turn it off just like that. So a lot of folks will say, oh, it’s just contrails. It’s not really chem trails. Really? Then how are they able to spray like that and then just turn it off? Just watch them go outside and watch them do this.

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Again. Go in the description box below. Tnusa.com flesh and we know triple a says the majority of people, 90% of us are traveling by car. This is. Gas prices are skyrocketing in Illinois, up $0.19 just from last week. So folks are hurting. There’s a lot going on. I had a discussion with the money side doctor Elliot, if you guys missed it this Sunday, this past Sunday, some states are abolishing income taxes on gold and silver. Nebraska declares CBDC is not lawful and silver is rising. It is. It’s going up above $30 now. It’s 31, I think, 32 almost.

And we had this talk, this discussion about the bank, CBDC and more. And I wanted you to hear some of this from Doctor Kirk Elliott that ultimately can withhold money from you from well, back then just giving loans, but now in this new digital world that we’re going into, the ability to cut you off from buying or selling. And we have to understand that the Federal Reserve is neither federal nor a reserve. It’s seven cartel owning banking families basically, that actually duped the american congressmen and women or his men back then in 1913 into saying, hey, let’s have a central bank, we’ll do it.

And you can sell us bonds so the government can make money and we’ll buy them from you with money that we’re printing out of thin air and we’re just going to charge you interest on it, but you’re going to be able to make all the money that you need to run the country. So they said fine, that sounds great, but who makes all that interest? The owners of the Federal Reserve with money that they didn’t have to work for. That’s the sick part about it, because they just print money out of thin air. It’s not like they’re using a scarce resource to buy something.

Right? They’ve made money have no meaning, right? So all of this you can watch an we know.com gold, you can have the same conversation that I’m having with Doctor Kirk Elliott by reaching out to them and he will help you out with your precious metals in that complete area, folks. You definitely want to give them a call, reach out to them so you can see how they can support you. Especially for your IRA. Is absolutely amazing. Going on from there, we want to see some of the issues that we’re dealing with with the borders. Wanted to show you this.

Law enforcement in Baton Rouge uncovering an alleged human trafficking operation across multiple states. A federal complaint filed in the middle District of Louisiana alleges a venezuelan criminal organization organized this operation. Documents say back Baton Rouge deputies found two victims and a suspect located inside an apartment complex. They believe the suspect was a trafficker and a bookkeeper for the alleged gang. According to court documents, one woman says she was first smuggled across the southern border into Texas. She was told she would have to pay the smuggler $30,000 by having sex with clients of the gang. Oftentimes, we’ll see victims that are brought in from other states and other countries, and they can’t articulate to us how they got here, how long they’re staying here, where they’re going to lay their head at night, all of this and more on the borders.

Well, somebody actually went on Douglas Murray to talk about Sweden. You know, you get the situation where you have now. Sweden, the second largest number of bombings of any country not officially at war. Only after Mexico. Only after Mexico. And if I’d have said to you ten years ago, you know, what do you think about when you think about Sweden? Like me, you’d have probably said, well, you know, I know, hot drinks, overpriced food, but nice people, rather cold. You wouldn’t have said, oh, grenade attacks. You know, the traditional swedish grenade attack. Never forget the intrinsic importance to our culture of grenades.

But that’s the case because they just didn’t care about who they let in. And it meant that they were letting in military aged males who very often lied about their age. And, you know, none of this. There are legitimate asylum seekers in the world. Those people are completely stripped of their capabilities and their rights. When you allow, as I’ve seen this in Sweden myself, big bearded guys in their twenties who say, oh, I’m a child migrant, you know, allowed into a school and so on, and they just lose control of everything. So basically happening, other countries happening in the United States, like, I just showed you that news brief, these terrible things, and we need to definitely be on guard for our children and what’s going on throughout our entire nation.

President Trump is literally taking down the satanic cabal. These folks hate us. They want us gone. They want to destroy this world and take over and control all of us. And they’ll do it in any way that they can by weakening us, weakening our bodies, hurting our children, bringing in the criminals, and so much more. It’s a wake up call. I believe much of it was planned to take us to the precipice so that someday we can look back and say, man, what a relief. This horror show that we just witnessed was something that they planned for us, but it wasn’t taken to the nth degree, but it was allowed to play out to wake us up.

Don’t forget about that 16 year plan. Check this out. When President Trump spoke about it, speaker one a good thing. But look, you know, I’ve turned things up and I’ve turned them around. And this was not supposed to be the plan. The plan was that Hillary Clinton would win, that she’d go in and she’d, you know, do things that most people would not like to see done. And she, you know, she didn’t run a great campaign. I mean, the deplorables, who would have thought that was going to be so bad? The deplorables deal didn’t work, but Biden was much worse.

Look, 16 year plan to destroy America. The plan is that Hillary would win. She would go in and she would, you know, do things that would, most people would not like to see done. Interesting how he puts these words together. Kind of reminds me, somebody posted this meme, President Trump is the modern day David. Somebody said, there he is facing Goliath on the picture that you’re looking at in our, on our screen. And for those that don’t know this story, most of us do know when David walked up and he saw the fear in his people’s eyes, his brother, his own brothers were not willing to go out and fight against this giant Goliath.

They were scared of him. David was pretty shocked. And he said, hey, don’t you know, we serve a great God? And I can go out there and take this guy out with God’s support and all the training that he’s had, he could, he could take out bears and everything with a slingshot. He walks out, tries to put on all of the, the armor that saul the king gave David to fight against Goliath, and he ended up taking off, said, this is causing me, I’m not putting all this stuff on. I’m going to go out there and use what God’s given me.

Picked up the five stones, took one of them. This Goliath laughed at him. There was no way you’re going to beat me, this child. What happens? David throws that rock, ends up in the forehead, the forehead of Goliath, and then he takes the sword and he cuts the head off of Goliath with Goliath’s sword. The people, then the Philistines turn the enemy with Goliath. They turn and run in fear. In one moment, one small stone changed the course of history for them. Amazing. As we watch all of this play out, we noticed years ago, and I’m going to play this again because it’s something that we must remember.

We must remember when President Trump actually entered with his wife Melania to the Bush funeral. The moment that all the parasites, the evil ones that had their 16 year plan to destroy America, they realized that the funeral of the Bush pedos, the nazi members, that it was game over and all will go to tribunal. Land face execution. Remember when President Trump said, we have it all and everyone remembers as he walked in, the faces on all of the enemies sitting there inside of a building that’s supposed to be used for worship. He takes his coat off, hands it to the United States Marine, has a seat in home.

Only the Obamas turn and shake hands with President Trump. Hillary refused to look at him. Bill, take a quick, took a quick glance to look at this celebrity because that’s what he normally does. And it was about to play out and they got their envelopes and they knew. Game time. It’s over for you. Icebox was put out by common Sense IQ test. I want to read this as we come to a close today. Can you see the big picture? The puzzle is coming together from precedents being set and exposures about harp weather. The resignation list keeps growing.

Global leaders are stepping aside. Positions of power diminishing, exposing those corrupted who lied. Food plants engulfed in flames. Train trains derailing off the track. Bricks keeps growing in numbers. Shoot to kill. Mar a Lago attack icebox courtroom being stated almost daily, Trump uses this phrase. I searched and found a link. Icebox diamonds as a shopping craze. I recall hearing many times return the diamonds was clearly said. Remember Trump said return the diamonds. Is this the way they dispose their natural diamonds? Made from the dead? Icebox is also slaying for a prison cell of isolation. Corrupt legal systems in place needs total eradication to witness the unsettled souls living life as normal each day carrying about their business, unknowing the war against evils, decay.

It’s mind boggling to be alongside those who have no clue. We’re all living together on earth, yet with a different perspective view. I shudder with the thought of not knowing there’s an answer. Following the crowd’s opinions is like spreading anti morality cancer. Keep marching to the beat, the one which opened your eyes. The discernment ignited jolt which revealed the world’s disguise. Verily, verily, I say unto you, our shepherd’s voice was heard knock and the door will open. When trusting in his word. No need for validation not required. As wisdom keeps growing, my circle shrinking smaller, as introspection continues showing, this is how I gauge the pathway designed for me, as praying and receiving the gift to live spiritually free.

My mind is a vessel. What I consume defines my soul, alleviates the chronic confusion spewed forth for divisional control. Culmination time is arriving, all the moving parts aligning, unraveling this web of madness and all the intricate intertwining. Blessed does not adequately describe how fortunate we are to see in a world shrouded by secrecy. To be or not to be, vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. Their day of retribution is near vindication in God’s time assured, he’s made this absolutely and abundantly clear. Straddling the fence, no longer past time to make a choice. Who cares about others opinions? It’s time to raise your voice.

But nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hid that shall not be known and come abroad. Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, thank you once again for all that you continue to do in and through us, each and every day. We are so thankful how you have placed at such a time as this amazing information, amazing capabilities and instruments that we can use to share with each other how you are doing a mighty work in so many of our lives and others. This wake up to the evil that’s all around us is playing out in magnificent ways.

And you deserve all the praise and glory and honor for that. We ask for continued protection over all of those who are hurting, those that are dealing with very difficult issues at this time. You know, you hear their cries. You know exactly what is playing out in each one of our cries. We come to your throne boldly asking for protection, asking for peace, asking for the demolishing of this enemy that is seethed into our lives and into our country, into our politics, into our churches and more. Thank you for all that you continue to do for us.

We ask all this in the name of your son, Yeshua, Jesus Christ, our savior. Amen. Amen. Folks, thank you so much for tuning in. Thank you for your time, for your prayers and more. I want to let you know now that next week, Monday, we’ll probably not have a video news, but I will have a an interview that I’ve conducted, uploaded because I will be celebrating my 32nd year of marriage with my bride. So I’m just letting you know now, in case you don’t see a news update Monday, but an interview, that is what’s going on.

So I want to let you know now, okay? Again, please hit that subscribe button, the follow button if you would, the like button and share. We really appreciate your love and your support for now this is lt saying semper fi with m. We know. Signing out.

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