Is Q Real? – February 2, 2021 Update


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Daily Update #42 - Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Great day Patriot,  

And Happy Groundhog Day.

We’re going on about 330 days on this 15 days to slow the spread. 

But hopefully if you’re reading these words, you aren’t succumbing to these orders and the lockdowns.

Patriots realized this was a plannedemic a long time ago.

The way to end the orders and lockdowns is with nonviolent civil disobedience. 

When we don’t wear masks and we have valid reasons, we win. 

You probably already know that, but I wanted to share it again since today is Groundhog’s Day and that meme was quite relevant. 

Now onto what people really want to know…

Is Q real?

I will share my perspective in today’s main topic…


“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”

Is Q Real?

By Jared James

Ever since Biden was inaugurated on January 20, the division with the Patriots has seemed to increase as well.

One side says, 

“Q isn’t real! You were waiting for a plan that never happened. Now we’re all screwed!”

The other side says, 

“This IS part of the plan! Trump isn’t finished yet!” 

And various other opinions in between those two. 

So here’s my take on it.

First, I’m kind of late to the party.

I did not start paying attention to Q posts until around March 2020, when the shutdowns started.

I began reading the Q posts.

Then I found some people on Twitter talking about it, so I listened to what they were saying.

As I began to see more and more information, I continued to research further. I watched several videos and read dozens of different articles.

I then began seeing some really interesting “Q proofs”.

Without going into all the details, there are quite a few. 

You can research them if you want. 

But the point is, after months of research and critical thinking, my conclusion is…

I believe Q IS real! However, I act like it isn’t. 

Here’s what I mean… 

Let’s say Q is real and Trump and the military are in the middle of a mission to defeat the Deep State and return power to the people. 

If that were true, just think about this one question…

“Would President Trump and Q want you to just sit back and do nothing to save this country?”

Let’s play a game.

Imagine you are in a room with Donald J. Trump. 

In your mind, ask him this question first…

“Mr. President is there an active operation happening right now to defeat the Deep State?”

Pay attention to the answer you get.

Notice what sensation you become aware of an answer you get. 

Now here is the more important question.

Ask Trump, “Do you want me to sit and home and do nothing to help save our country?” 

Even as I type it, the answer is very clear to me. 

I can’t imagine why President Trump or any Patriot would say things like, “stay home” or “do nothing”.

In my opinion, a Patriot who tells you not to do anything and just back and wait does not understand the definition of the word Patriot. 

We got into this mess by doing nothing.  

So, the solution is we restore Liberty in this country by doing it locally, county by county. 

We do it with We The People. 

I believe We The People ARE part of “The Plan”.

To me, “Trust The Plan” doesn’t mean sit back and do nothing.

It means “We ARE The Plan”! 

Yes, Trump might be doing some incredible things with the military to defeat the Deep State around the world behind the scenes.  

That may be true.

But that does not mean it’s alright for us Patriots to just sit back and watch them fight.

America needs our help!! 

If we are going to take this country back from the corrupt people that have taken it over, it is up to We The People! 

And THAT is why exists. 

It is a platform we are building to help unite Patriots locally, so they can take action in their local areas and also work with their county sheriff to help ensure their rights are protected.

We will also be showing you more about how local government works and bring in experts to explain a variety of beneficial info for Patriots. 

If Q was a PsyOp, then it added tremendous value to humanity by uniting millions of Patriots and helping them think more critically, do their own research and begin thinking for themselves. 

We The People have grown up enough to learn how to walk on our own. 

It is time for We The People to let our local governments know that WE have the power. 

It is time to take action, Patriot.

We are working on many things behind the scenes for you and we will have some great updates very soon. 

For now, please make sure you’re a member of MyPatriotsNetwork here.

Connect and share with other Patriots in there.

And please share this message with others. 

It is up to each and every one of us to make a difference in our communities. 

Thank you for being part of this mission with us.

God Bless

Todays Tip

Tip of the day: Use pen and paper and write a list of things you could do in your local area. You don’t have to do anything on this list right now. This is just for you to begin thinking about ways you would want to change your local area.

You may find that just writing down ideas and solutions may inspire further ideas or actions.

Sharing Is Caring

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  1. I will be glad to do whatever.
    My daughter got me into this. I have hope again. He will always be my president. Get rid of Pelosi, biden, obama, clinton,etc. I used to be a democrat until I saw how crooked they are.

  2. Wow… I know I have been a follower of The Lord since I heard His voice and felt His peace at the age of 3 but with all the Lies in the world, I had to see. Oh, and how the Lord has protected me is such a Blessing. My husband is 24 years on Active duty, my father died in Vietnam Army, my son is a Marine. I have been lead by Christ fulling (learning the Truth ( Cause God is Truth) for about 2 years now. But He never leads me to people that think the way I do because He wanted me to keep my eye on Him. But when the Fake year of 2020 happen watching the news I broke orders and traveled 51 miles (cause the military couldn’t travel more than 50 miles away from their home. lol And where I live we have 5 hospitals within a few miles area. Chicago I drove down there scared thinking I was breaking the law. lol After I saw I heard Blessed are those who believe but don’t see. But I ignored the voice. Again in Aug/Sept time frame I was in the yard pulling weeds and once again I heard the Lord, They are going to cheat the election and instead of ignoring the voice, I said so what do you want me to do about it whos going to believe me?…. Well just about 8 months before the summer something fell in my lap on YouTube about the sex ring so I called the FBI, so The Lord knew if He told me something I would do it no matter how small (We The People are) I have NOTHING to Hide only Evil Hides… So back to the story I said What do you want me to do about it write a letter what? And The Lord said No I have put people in place That KNOW the TRUTH… But me being a Doubting Thomas. I went to Washington on the 6th… Blessed are they who believe without seeing. I will never want to change my life NOT ONE minute of it because it was my walk to see Truth… I know there are others like me out there. I found out last week I have DNA with William Bradford The Bradford guy from the Mayflower and I’m adopted. I had my niece call that side of the family to ask cause God told me before they did… Crazy but when I say Crazy The Lord said Yes They thought I was crazy too… I mean I just found Lin Wood yesterday and this network because I stoped Listening to the news back in the May/July time frame of 2020… The Lord told me to go speak to my pastor about a week ago and I did. I will speak the TRuth because I saw The TRUTH…

  3. Weather Q is real or not is really not that important.
    What is important is the messages of truth that is delivered.
    Q has been around long before JFK.
    Q is not A person, but many people and a Quantum Computor.
    Only people with true faith and are awake to our reality can understand Q.
    The amount of people that have no faith in God and humanity is unbelievable nowadays.
    We must share the truth, that’s all we can do.

  4. What makes Jared believe that Trump needs us to do something? In fact, Trump is saying just the opposite given his plan is unfolding with no need of help from us to do anything other than stay out of the way. Given you believe Q is real, has Q told everyone to not stay home, and to take to the streets with action? I don’t think so. So Jared needs to wake up and realize the force he his trying to create is really not needed.

  5. Thanks Jared, I believe you are 100% correct. I don’t know who Q is/are, but there are way too many coincidences for everything to just be a coincidence. And when you had GOD into the equation, yes I truly believe something amazing is happening. I believe it will be “biblical” as well. So I just keep the faith, share online what I can, that hopefully helps open peoples eyes to at least the fact that what the Media shows people on TV is not the truth, but propaganda. Thanks for the update, this is a great place for patriots to be.

  6. 4 years ago someone showed me how to get proof that something was going to happen, but it was all backdated. I’m sure Q is real.
    As patriots we must learn as much as we can, try to share our knowledge,be prepared to help those that need it when the TRUTH comes out

  7. Q is the IA super computer created using UFO technology has the ability to warp thru time and see future events. Area 51 built this decades ago and constantly upgrading it. Bbaahha just kidding 😂😂

  8. On our local news today I heard that 2 of our County Supervisors were censured (by 3 other Supervisors) because they opened the doors to citizens last month. The citizens were given a chance to complain about COVID restrictions and how it is ruining our economy. I wrote emails to complain about punishing our 2 county supervisors…but I wish there was more that could be done.

    1. JFK Jr and Trump are not on the same page! Trump rejected JFK Jr’s advice and listened to Gates instead. He fell for the lie of this virus hoax. Trump has no say on the Deep State. He hasn’t been able to drain them out of the swamp.

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