YIKES! Leaked Content From Hunter Biden Laptop Released

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Exclusive Content Being Released From Hunter Biden's Laptop

So that is an overview from Garrett Ziegler talking about the mission.

He has been leaking audios from the laptop recently on his Telegram channel here.

Here is just one of those audios.

Hunter Biden & Hallie Talking About Purchasing Cocaine

And of course, there is MUCH MORE coming out.

Be sure to follow Garrett on Telegram to see more.

And learn more about and support his work at https://marcopolo.guru 

In case you are wondering, “Why would Garrett be focusing on this? This has already been exposed and nothing happened!”

Garrett has already shown to be doing more thorough research than most other organizations and possibly even some intelligence agencies on the matter.

Plus, he has mentioned on his Telegram channel that he intends to give this information to local law enforcement where Hunter actually committed crimes, to actually pursue legal action.

So it is not just for fun. There is a noble purpose! 

And this is just the beginning.

Imagine what Garrett and his team will be able to investigate and expose next…

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