What REALLY Happened Between Lin Wood & General Flynn? WATCH THIS!

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New Video Exposes: What REALLY Happened Between Lin Wood & General Flynn?

I didn’t expect to make this video because I thought people would see the data for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

I have not seen one person talk about this situation in the way you will see in the video below. 

This isn’t a cut and dry simple to understand situation.

It is complex and hard to understand (if you don’t look at all the data presented)

Have a look to see what REALLY happened with Lin Wood & General Flynn

Additional Links:

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General Flynn on Telegram
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Canvass50.org – Liz Harris’ site to join the canvassing effort

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Flynn Was a Keystone in the CIA/Five-Eyes Plot to Frame Donald Trump

Do your own research, connect the dots and come to your own conclusions. 

After you do, share your thoughts in a comment below! 

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