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MyPatriotsNetwork.com (MPN) was created to Unite Patriots from around the Globe to Save Our World.

There has never been a more important time in history for Patriots to come together as ONE.

Far too long have we sat quietly by as very evil people took over the 7 Pillars of Society.

The 7 Pillars of Society are Government, Media, Education, Arts & Entertainment, Economy, Family, and Religion.

If we are going to be Victorious in our Fight we must work together to take back these 7 Pillars of Society.

In order to accomplish this we must start connecting with Patriots locally and work together to bring positive change in our own back yards first. Think Local Go National.

MPN is be building out Groups with Forums for each County and its territories as we locate Patriot Leaders to run those groups within those Countries and territories.

Since the founders of MPN reside in the United States we are starting with it first and will build out a model for the rest of the world to follow.

When you join MPN you are added to the Global Patriots Unite Group and from there you can request to join the Country Group your reside in if it currently exists.

If your Country does not exists help us find a patriot leader within it that has a social media presence and can help bring awareness to what we are doing together.

So, if you want to become a member of MyPatriotsNetwork.com then click here now to join for free.

Thank you for visiting us and hope to see you inside.

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  1. Thanks Jim, Charlie and all the CREW, for all that you doo.
    The passion for Truth and Justice engulfing the USA and the World is overwhelming.
    The interior “knowing” that the immense force of Love and Light that is shinning through the fog is “Biblical”

  2. Please please post instructions or a video for us regular non military Americans about how “specifically” to prepare if Trump issues the INSURRECTION ACT. Things like will we be able to get legitimate true updates on what’s happening after it starts and where? Will we have internet access or even electricity and if not what do we need to do to prepare for that. Ability to withdraw money from ATMS? Etc…

  3. Hi Jimmie
    Apologies for posting this here – but I cannot find anywhere to resolve technical issues. I can’t access my messages or notifications. The pages will not load. I’m using Safari via Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7.
    Error message is “too many page re-directs”. Can you please help? Many thanks, Sue

    1. I have turned off the messaging as it was crashing the site. You can still get messages under notifications which is the bell.

      When the vendor has it fix and not crashing our servers on the development site then I will turn it back on.

  4. Ciao cari patrioti di tutto il mondo,

    Sono entusiasta di questa rete di patrioti che sta nascendo e vorrei essere un punto di contatto per i patrioti tedeschi che sono impegnati nella liberazione della Germania e della sua sovranità. Vivo a Berlino, sono su Telegram con diversi gruppi dopo che Facebook mi ha rimosso da un giorno all’altro con 6000 likes all’anno e un bel po’ di followers da vari gruppi. Gestisco una galleria d’architettura a Berlino, dove si potrebbero fare incontri regolari faccia a faccia.
    Sarei felice se accettaste la mia offerta. Cordiali saluti, Jürgen Schmidt, Christstraße 32 A in 14059 Berlin- Tel.: +49 30 60401600- Email: artlantica@freenet.de, http://galeriephoenix.blogspot.com

  5. Help. I am NOT swift with computers. I would love to educate folks as to how to fight locally. It is more difficult now because there are so many more layers of “steps/folks” to go through. I am in the United States, Florida. I live in Clay County.

  6. I, RITA AKEN, would like to tell Trump and other people in charge not to push for people to be vaccinated! People have the right to do so especially to the fact that it is not really a tested vaccine. People who chose to do so is because are not trusting what is being said especially Dr. Fauci and gang they should be prosecuted on this matter.
    Mr. Trump to do not treat us as if we do not have any reason for refusing the vaccine, we have investigate this and do not like, so you should support our choice if you are not then you will not get our trust as you keep on saying that we have a choice as citizens and voters, thank you

  7. I was with COS , when it first started, it’s a great thing to do, but state houses were dragging their feet as if they didn’t comprehend English ! The same as they do in DC so hopefully once we get the original Constitution back , maybe we won’t need the COS , I don’t know , if it continues I will still be a part ! ❤️🇺🇸

  8. It’s a wonderful day because all of the wonderful people have showed up !

Great day Patriot!

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