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I recently became aware of Pam Popper and the great work she’s doing with Make Americans Free Again.

We will be sharing much more from Pam and her organization, but I wanted to share their website with you, so you can research them yourself as well. 

According to



We will assist in the development of state associations that can support these lawsuits; and help to recruit lawyers, to develop legal strategy, to identify and train expert witnesses, and to raise money.

How: By filing lawsuits like the landmark suit filed first in Ohio claiming that there is no emergency and that the government’s response and restrictions are unwarranted.


We will sort our database by state legislative district and work with state groups to make sure that each legislator is visited by representatives of our/your group. We will deliver lists of our registered voter members in each district and secure commitments for support based on both representation in the district and difficulty opposing InforMED consent.

How: By drafting model legislation to be introduced in each state demanding transparency/InforMED consent for all medical matters, and protecting individual rights to choose.


How: by focusing on two strategies:

    • providing excellent free education for economically disadvantaged children who have fallen behind as a result of failing schools AND school closures

    • developing teams of experienced businesspeople to rescue small businesses


How: with a base of tens of millions of members, we can start our own healthcare system with features like insurance plans that cover services that promote health; networks of practitioners trained to collaborate with patients in making InforMED decisions; and treatment protocols that address the cause of disease.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in a comment below! 

And please be sure to look more into and learn more about what they’re doing and how you can help!

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  1. One of the things I love about this movement is that it reinforces the tenacity and resourceful nature of humans when faced with a huge challenge. Thanks for being a central repository for community and solutions!

  2. Pam Popper makes me proud to be a woman in her 60’s! I have followed her through every “daily message” on and off u tube, and await the day when “Make Americans Free Again” is more than just a battle cry of We the People, but our way of life again. Thank You Pam.

  3. I was hoping that under COMMON LAW we would regain our sovereignty and thereby be rid of governments for good.
    Consultation with the people about what kind of country they want to live in, NOT allow governments to pass laws allowing murder at the point of birth. This is about going back to the beginning with everyone being Equal.

  4. Is this health care like the Americans For Prosperity Personal Option? Or can we coordinate them? WE THE PEOPLE are humming along and doing great and getting it together quick! As we ALL knew we could! PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! PRAYers and God’s Blessings in Jesus Christ!

  5. Holistic and alternative medicine MUST be legal and widely available via health insurance to anyone who desires it or has encountered life threatening circumstances through reliance on conventional medicine and big pharma poisons. After nearly dying from Kelsey-Seybold physician prescribed Cephalexin back in 1986 (my patient chart indicated in RED BOLD letters I’m highly allergic to penicillin of which Cephalexin is related) , I chose to begin exclusively using alternative/holistic treatments for handling health issues. Through researching homeopathic herbs, vitamins and supplements, I’ve now have regained most of my health with exception of seasonal allergic rhinitis. Anyone who pays genuine attention to television’s daily deluge of “new or improved” big pharma Rx’s has only to hear the rapid fire verbalized side effects to know …. it’s still POISON. No wonder the spokesperson speaks the side effects sooooo fast it’s impossible to comprehend the DANGER!!! Goes for “experimental injections” aka vaccines too!

  6. Good plan. Include lawsuits for businesses requiring masks. When a business opens to the public it is no longer “private”. We have a local grocery store: “Sprouts” that refuses to do business with anyone not wearing a mask. They claim that, even though the Governor signed a bill making it not legal to mandate masks, they don’t have to comply because they are a private business. Not according to the law.

  7. Sounds nice but the lady Living in a Dream World you all live in a dream world they own the court system the police system they own everything the only way you’re going to get it back is what a battle rifle in Boots on the ground and hardcore face-to-face fisticuffs they’re not going to let us go They’re not going to free us they’re not going to let anything happen to their power you’re going to have to break their grip physically. End of story

  8. Sign me up…
    I work for a HVAC company of, close to, if not over 5,000+ employees. We’ve been wearing masks now for OVER a year! I’m sick of it!!! Upon watching your video, I’ve wanted to stop this non-sense, for a LONG TIME! I loved your quotes, “I’ll fix this, or I’ll die trying.” And, “If I don’t stand up now, what will we be down the road.” You were talking about the Natzi’s and how they were helped by the “passive” people. Well, I know what’s going on and want to do my part to STOP this CRAP!! My forefathers died for my right to freedom! And not to mention, I’m a direct descendent to “John Adams” and will NOT let him down. Period. I’m curious if filing a “Civil Grand Jury” lawsuit would be my first step? I’m also going to look up our “Health Dept. Director” of Texas is. I hope to have a reply from you. Thank you for MAFA and your time.

  9. We are initiating a recall on the Democrat Governor, Gov. Cooper in North Carolina because he keeps trying to keep us down. My husband and I have refused to wear a mask for many months now. We are not getting the vaccine..99.8% cure and it does not prevent you from getting virus?? The thing is experimental and not FDA approved and the side effects of the vaccine are killers. My thing with the mask is it actually does cause you harm and doesn’t protect you anyway, so why are you wearing it? Thank you for making us understand there are others like us out there.

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