The Future Is Here: Second Wave of Covid Creates Mass Cremations In India


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The Second Wave Hits India & Sparks Mass Cremations

Harrowing scenes from India show the extent of the crisis gripping the nation as the second wave of coronavirus brings the death toll to over 200,000.

You can read more on BBC news on

And remember when Alex Jones talked about SPARS Pandemic in this video?

He said there would be a timed release effect in the vaccine, so 6-12 months after a person gets it, the effect would kick in.

Also, many health experts have mentioned the variant of a coronavirus is what would trigger the illness and death of the people who have received the vaccine. 

This may be why we’re seeing such massive death in India.

They did start rolling out massive vaccine centers in January, according to PBS.

And of course, they say it’s because of the ‘second round of covid’ when it’s really because of the vaccine, along with other hidden factors in play.

I predict we’ll start seeing massive death in the US in the late summer/early fall and then the deep state will make their move and attempt to do shutdowns even stronger.

We’ve only got a few months to unite and stand up for Liberty.

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  1. India, sadly has had millions of people die every year from Malaria, Leprosy, Tuberculosis, etc,
    those people were ignored, I visited India years ago, I was so sad to see the masses in the street,
    poor hygiene,young and old, now they need to boos numbers for this Corona, so, they are using
    all means to tell people lies, how do we know what they die from? The evil side will use anything
    to petrify people so that they will do as they are told, if I had to live like I saw, the exit pill looks
    very good. Of course, there are lots of rich, but the poor is sad to see. Even in the Bible it talks
    about leprosy, that has never changed.

  2. Your best bet for survival is NOT taking Gene therapy for a disease that needs testing to know if you have, and loading up on ammo. We’re under attack. Unfortunately, the people that read this already know. How do you wake up the zombies? Speaking of which, remember how popular zombie movies were the last few years? Predictive programming.

  3. Jared, would suggest you do a little more research into this “cremation” thing. First and foremost, the British Broadcasting Corporation is nothing more than the main British government “propaganda machine”, nothing but lies come from them and second, I have seen many reports from people who live there, that due to starvation and no healthcare or support the poor classes are dying in droves and that is how they get rid of the bodies. Just another way to get everyone to take the jab, probably the millions of unused ones from “this” country.
    Compare these reports, to the BBC propaganda.
    most of the ones I saw previously have been taken down. links:
    Keep up the good work.

  4. I believe you are right on with this article. DON’T TAKE THE VACCINE! and DON’T have any more covid-19 tests. The little swabs have tiny fibers that when inserted up your nose and close to the brain release tiny fibers that go into your body. All of it is deep state genocide! Agenda 21

  5. So everyone who took these vaxxes is going to die? I understand the mechanics of the makeup, but does anyone know if there’s going to be anything to kill the intrusion? I know we all have someone in our family who has taken one or the other. In my case, my daughter took it. I couldn’t stop her. What now?

  6. This really sad and disturbing we thought the cabal is being distroyed but yet still in full force against humanity genocide.dr Charlie gives hopes and of course God is in control but how do we supposed to believe you.i am all with you but I don’t like faulse hopes.

  7. Ok, I’m all over the uniting. And I know that the deep state is trying to control everything. And I’m a patriot with many close patriot friends and family. But we are waiting STILL, on something that we’ve all been waiting on for months. So I understand we’re running out of time. Do the key players understand that too? We are ready for them to make their move & expose everything. We are all standing behind them. My friend who is a Veteran says they are all ready to go too. We just need a sign.

    1. yes I’ve heard the same thing from Charlie, every video, since January- ‘everything is right as rain, everything is done, but i can’t tell you anymore cause only I’m allowed to know.’ really? I’m almost to the point of thinking this, us, the q-anons, the Charlie’s and Simon’s, are the distraction, the real pandamine. and i love Trump and what he has done for so many children but if they really are done then what the hell is the hold up? almost seems like they’re waiting for something, maybe to reach the depopulation number they needed??? it sucks that I’m even saying these things out loud because i want to believe. instead I’m going to stay with what I’ve believed all my life: keep my eyes on Jesus and His Word, pray without ceasing, be grateful and love one another and help anyone you can no matter how big or small it is. Trust Him Only!

      1. Thank you, Tracy. We are in God’s timing, not Man’s calendar. It is going to take just that-keeping our eyes on him, but also not succumbing to fear.
        However….I am ready! Let’s go! If it’s not real, tell us and we will figure something else out. If it is, tell us what the holdup is!

  8. I thought this site was supposed to be about truth… How can you promote a story from BBC? If you haven’t noticed, they are “mainstream media”! And that means EVERYTHING they publish is suspect! Have you personally verified this story and these photos? Even if the Indian culture prefers cremation, the story needs to be verified that all the supposed images (every heard of CGI?) are real corpses and that the deaths are actually due to covid. You might recall the CDC admitting that only 6% of the deaths reported as covid were actually covid?

    1. Yup I’m saying the same thing you are – I’m dumping their sorry asses. Just more fake news propaganda – traitors trying to take over America and the rest of the world. Expose them for what they are……

  9. Hi guys,
    Thanks for your new page. But I think you should know and dig a little deeper because the news we are currently seeing from India that you have featured above is actually from a huge gas explosion in India from a couple of years ago. Remember, the media exploits our fears constantly. There is no covid “second wave” or mass deaths from covid right now. There is however, mass vaccination going on with lots of deaths from that. Its important we know the truth about what’s really happening out there and America is the most censored nation on Earth. I hope this helps. Thanks.

    1. Its almost hard to understand when people are so afraid of covid, how can they not be more afraid of the vaccine. With all of the info out there. I wish people would stop and think instead of running to the fix so fast.

  10. Samuel King, my daughter, son, & their mother have taken the pfizer vaccines & booster! I did everthing I could to pursuade them not to take these vaccines provided infor of the unsafe, untested, not liable, if anything went wrong! Articles on the net of doctors, nurses, dying from the the vaccines, and this was before they chose to take these vaccines, but they were over come by this fear that defies all logic without, researching they chose the fake news, and this fear was overwhelming and wanting for things to get back to normal Not to have the patience to wait it out! The only treatment that might be helpful for this “intrusion” is IV vitamin C, minerals & Chelation therapy under supervision of a Doctor who has been trained in this field and experience in this form of treatment, not many around that know how to use this form of treatment? The other possible treatment is the Med beds, but it’s time to roll them out! They have been exposed now so what is this wainting time to do more damage of people dying, and haven serious side effects a lot suffering, at this point the evidence is out time to gather, roundup, these criminals, & psychopaths! I heard a statement from Charlie Ward which I disagree with, and statement was, this is a war, I do agree with this, but ” casualties of war” as he has said, my point is this, yes that is true to a certain point and we have passed that point long ago when I saw on the net back in early March of “caualties of war” in the thousands in Europe, and thousand or more in the U.S and throughout the world! and now we are into May how many more caualties must we endure already in the thousans the prove is here genocide and this didn’t start now but it goes back to the early 90’s in India, Africa, & Italy this same company Pfizer financed by this corrupted congress to give funds to Bill Gates, Fauci, and others Gates went to India to persuade the India goverment that these vaccines will help with illnesses that these people were going through and we know the results many children died, and very, very, serious side effects and this was genocide, and India, and other nations asked the world to prosecute Gates, Fauci, and the usual suspects for criminals against humanity! Never happened and we know why coverup from this country! So here we are people dying in the thousand and all I hear is “casualties of war” well not good enough and then we have the President “Trump saying go ahead and get the vaccines they are safe” sure right so now you play this game of chess with peoples lives who are living in fear all the time, who don’t know better, and do not do some research like us here, any many more! So I just don’t agree with this strategy at the beginning yeah, but not now at this time it has been proven, enough is enough it’s time to arrest all of these psychopaths now you can bypass the fake news and gather all the independent news outlets from here and all over the world overload the mass fake news media with conference of evidence, presentations from scientists, doctors, from all over the world especially doctors from India, Italy, and debunking all the claims made by Gates, Fauci, and put this evidence befor we the people, and stop this killing from the administering of these vaccines Now! All you folks know the story of Christ and the sheep right? So the sheep go astray with fear, and anxiety he doesn’t abandoned them, but he gathers them with compassion, love, and than the sheep (people) with his grace understantd he doesn’t let them ago astray and he doesn’t say Oh, I will just let you be a causality we are past this point enough people have died! Mr President its time, NOW to roll out the Med beds so the people who have taken these poisons vaccines can be healed!

  11. Theses “deaths” SCREAM for justice via the execution of Bill Gates, Antony Fauci and involved globalists & governments who have made FORTUNES off the misery, death & economic destruction of GOD’S PEOPLE!

  12. I have seen that picture before, If you got that from the mainstream it is just more propaganda trying to scare the people into taking the JAB!!! . If they are dead it’s more than likely they died from the JAB. We need to report facts. Unless you have proof positive don’t add to the fear. That’s not what we are here for.

  13. Since there was NO first wave, the second wave will be similar…Phony!
    It’s very easy to see what the globalists did. They used the normal FLU cycle to convince us we were facing a killer plague with a scary name! Ok, the flu is a killer…but not this season! There were virtually NO flu cases! What’s that tell you? And, this horrible virus killed the same number of people as the flu did last year…and the year before!
    We have been DUPED! The apparent desired result being…THE JAB! Now, we must learn why globalists and our government are so INSISTENT on getting every human to become a GMO. To take an injection the changes us FOREVER!
    Let’s learn WHY. Let’s learn WHO…
    and then act accordingly.

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