Smart Dust, Morgellons & COVID Test Nasal Swabs?

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Is There Smart Dust Inside The COVID Nasal Swab Tests? And What Are Morgellons??

Yesterday, I made an update about how COVID tests might be causing neurological damage.

Also, how there appears to be nano technology inside some of the COVID nasal swab tests.

That led to more research into “morgellons”.

From my understanding, morgellons are a fungi which also has smart technology in it that attaches itself to the human body and begin to grow inside humans.

Morgellons disease or morgellons syndrome has been around for decades now.

And yet most people have never heard of it!

It just happens to be a disease where people feel like their skin is crawling and they have  sores on their body.

Take a look…

People will literally scratch their skin off and have these “smart fibers” aka morgellons come out of their body.

Morgellons are inside most food, inside chemtrails, so they're in the air.

It's very likely that 90% or more of people in the United States and probably the same around the world have these in their body.

That's pretty crazy!

And the people who seem to be most affected by these are the people with compromised immune systems. (No surprise there)

But the good news is THERE IS A SOLUTION!

I'll share more, but first, take a look at these videos about the smart dust and these morgellons!


In my opinion, there is a safe & effective cure for just about everything.

Here's a website from a guy who has been helping people heal themselves of this issue for over 10 years!

That's just the beginning.

Please continue to research more. I will be.

In my opinion, I think everyone should be doing cleanses multiple times per year.

I will be doing more this year and I will be sharing more about it on this blog, so stay tuned!

We have to take back control of our country and our planet, but first our own bodies.

Please share this post to help get the word out about this!

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  • So I have breakouts from different kinds of food, or contact with public seating, or plants, especially tropical, etc. But I have no fibers coming out! So this is not morg.
    In my research, this comes from going barefoot in the rainforest, and I worked in lawn and garden with wet feet for about 2 years. It makes super itchy rashes and craters in your skin which bleed like puncture wounds before healing.
    Just thought I’d share that. God bless you and your work and trying to help so many!

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