Russia Opens ‘International Terrorism’ Investigation After Nord Stream Leaks

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Russia's FSB security service is investigating the damage sustained by the Nord Stream gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea as “international terrorism”, the Interfax news agency cited the general prosecutor's office as saying on Wednesday. 


Germany, Denmark and Sweden have said attacks caused gas from the two Russian-owned gas pipelines, at the center of an energy standoff, to pour into the sea.



The countries have not said who they suspect of carrying out the attacks.


In early February, before Russia invaded, Biden gave a direct threat towards the Nord Stream Pipeline, threatening to bring it to an end.



Also, news came out recently where allegedly the CIA warned Germany about possible attacks to the pipeline.


We don’t have all the facts, but you might have a good guess who was behind the attack. 


I’m sure we will hear more soon! 


Below is an update from ASB Military News on Telegram, which has a lot of updates from the Russia/Ukraine situation.

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