New Update On Electro Culture, Chemtrails, EMF Radiation & More!

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In this previous post, we showed that Jim Gale talked about how it appeared that electroculture was helping to eliminate chemtrails in the air.


He came out with a video today on Telegram to make a quick update. (seen below)


He said that it wasn't the electro culture that helped clear away the chemtrails. 


He mentions it is due to Tensor technology and also orgonite. 


But as you’ll see below, Tensor technology is made with copper also, so it could be a combination of those! 


Check out this video about the guy that created these Tensor rings and “re-discovered” this Tensor technology…


Tensor Rings and Cubit measurements explained by Slim Spurling



YouTube player



The “Whole House” Effect of Placing a Tensor Ring on the Electric Meter


YouTube player


I have not tested this myself. But it does look interesting! 


I will be getting some of these and doing some more testing with it. 


Check out some of these designs…








You can see more at


You can also learn more about this at 


Have you heard of or used Tensor technology or orgonite or electro culture to help reduce chemtrails and/or EMF radiation?

Let us know in a comment below!


One thing we do know for sure is THIS helps neutralize EMF radiation! 




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  • I used to live in Denver CO and checked out a book by Slim Spurling. He used his understandings to get rid of the smog that used to be thick over Denver (I remember that). Few Denverites have any clue at all what Slim has done for them.
    Now that I am over 1000 miles away, it is wonderful to run into Slim again.

  • I would like to learn more about this. I am a chemically sensitive person and have been sick for years. I am so sensitive to the ELF field and get so sick. Doctors do not know how to help me. I have mercury poisioning, bad parasites from Africa, and bad fungus from Africa. The radiaton makes me so sick.

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