Jovan Pulitzer & David Jose Talk Affidavits, Laughadavits & Did Lawyers Set Up Patriots To Fail?

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Lawyers Set-Up Patriots? Intentionally Fumble Election Lawsuits? AFFIDAVITS-LAUGHADAVITS



After the 2020 election, tens of thousands of Patriots from around the country noticed firsthand issues with the election.


To help bring about a cure, they filled out affidavits…or at least they thought they were affidavits.


What it appears is that the lawyers and others working behind the scenes set up the Patriots to fail on purpose! 


Watch this recent broadcast with Jovan Pulitzer and David Jose as they talk about what happened and how to do REAL affidavits that actually produce the desired results! 


You can see more of Jovan’s shows on Rumble here.


Here is the link to his private broadcasts on


And here is the link to see more of David Jose’s videos on Rumble.



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