Has The Great Reset Been Attempted Before? Have A Look At THIS!

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Has The Great Reset Been Attempted Before?


Yes. Yes, it has! 


In fact, it was in China and started in 1958 by Mao Zedong, the man who would later become known as the “architect of famine”.


It was an attempt to go into full blown communism.


Have a look…


China’s The Great Leap Forward



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The idea was to speed up China's industrialization and make it a world leader in a matter of just a few years. But it didn't quite work out as planned.


The peasants were forced to work longer hours, to melt down their pots and pans to build steel factories, and to turn their backyards into communes. 


The result? 


A huge famine that claimed the lives of tens of millions of people. 


Have a look at this video from Shine With Chanda to hear more about the similarities between The Great Leap Forward and The Great Reset…



Like they say, there’s nothing new under the sun! 




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