Global Protests Happening To Stop The Central Bank Digital Currency!

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Protests are happening in the Netherlands and England to put a stop to the central bank digital currency (CBDC).


Get more details in this video…



Here is a longer video showing more of the protest happening…


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And this lady in the video below seems to know a thing or two! 



We The People are waking up.


Will it be enough to set humanity free or will we be an enslaved society forever?


Time will tell! 


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  • all the current Governments now support d/g and the Big agenda a fast flow to slavery
    it won’t much if you own gold,don’t be deluded.
    this is a top down movement not a bottom up.
    Is sleepy Trump up to it?

  • I am 67 years old and all my life l have dealt with cash , l always said to my family and friends ,, If you don’t hold it you Don’t own it” l don’t trust government or banks We the people have to understand the bigger picture behind they DS agenda. Final call for rest of people to wake up for GODs sake’s WWG1WGA Blessings from🇦🇺

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