Gab CEO Explains How Trump Insiders Tried To Change His Free Speech Platform


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The CEO of Gab, Andrew Torba  explains his interactions with the Jared Kushner sphere during negotiations earlier this year.

“As we told Mr. Kushner’s aides, Gab has no plans to sell our business or to compromise in any way our mission to defend free speech online for all people,” Torba said. “We fully expect the president’s entry into the arena to accelerate alternative technology growth trends and wish the president and his tech team well.”

“They said that they were in ‘make money mode’ and were focused on how they could financially benefit from Gab and change our free speech stance,” he added. “All I wanted to do was give the president his voice back, but Kushner and others in the president’s orbit expected me to hand the keys to the kingdom over to them and change the core mission of Gab. I wasn’t going to let that happen.”

There is definitely more going on behind the scenes than we are aware of! 

Do you think Trump’s social media platform will ever launch?

Or do you think there’s another agenda behind it?

Share your thoughts in a comment below!

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    1. I agree considering he’s a member of a bloodline family.Mel K seems to question his loyalty and intentions.Which is very sad considering Trumps daughter is married to him and has his grandchildren if it comes out he’s a traitor,but I think Ivanka would kick him immediately to the curb.Now she’s loyal!!

    2. I agree with you Lisa, I too am questioning those around Pres. Trump. I feel the most loyal are those that are not his advisors, such as Mike Lindell, Sydney Powell, Gen Flynn, LinWood etc. Thank you Gab-Andrew Torba for standing up for your platform and no way should it be taken over by anyone else.

  1. I find Torba’s “explanation” of POTUS Trump’s team’s motivation for ever contacting “GAB” highly suspect to say the least! Will REFRAIN from using “GAB” in that it comes off as derogatory “GOSSIP” instead.

  2. I don’t trust Kushner with a 10ft. Pole. Definitely something not right about him. I believe him to be a snake. I would rather be proven wrong.. but would be surprised.

  3. Torba does not offer a truly free speech platform.

    I wish he did.
    If you criticize a popular account like Marjorie Taylor Greene or Laura Loomer, Lauren Beobart, etc….and someone reports you, then you get removed without warning and they wipe out your entire data base and the work you have put in.

    Torba is in it for the money only and He and his staff do not allow dissension against the GOP or other media favorites that draw the attraction.

    I have had two accounts blocked and removed in six months.

    To stay active on GAB, you must be willing to walk on eggshells.

    Otherwise GAB allows people to throw bricks at each other in exchanges which is refreshing as long as you don’t enter into forbidden territory.

    He has a block button, but that just isn’t enough for those that wish to be in control of everything they say.

  4. Look, the bottom line is no one, not one single person, is remotely ready for what’s coming. Additionally, as someone said, “You can’t stop what’s coming!” So combine that with changes not one single person is rmotely ready for, and the issues with Torba, Gab, Lindell, and DJT are of small consequence. It just doesn’t matter.

    So these two accounts of what’s taken place with Gab and Torba, seem more like an attempt to create drama that doesn’t seem to be in anyone’s favor. So Jared, I’m not sure if you created these two issues, but it has the appearance of pitting DJT and Lindell against Andrew. To his credit Andrew has taken the high ground which is to his credit.

    1. What’s interesting more so than a social platform is that Evergreen ship in the Suez Canal with allegedly Bill Gates’ Vegetation Virus spreader machine. If it was true he has lost billions of dollars with many years of planning this to be blamed on global warming. He has been investing greatly in thousands and thousands of acres across the US and even in Turkey. His plan was stopped by Russia, USA and Egypt. Allegedly, Bill Gates would of controlled the worlds economy by having pandemics every so many years – some are even saying that some will need a 3rd vaccine shot next year. I don’t know about you all but this guy will not be their guinea pig.

  5. As a Patriot I, like so many others, want results often too quickly. I’ve learned patients is best. It even prevents civil wars. A topic worth discussing on its own. Regarding Trump’s media presence requires a little more patience and he did say 2/3 months. I think it will be worth our wait.

    What likely upsets most of “we the people” the most is how the obvious treasonous politicians have remained free for so long. I’m patient here to as time has allowed all others involved to be known. It took this 2020 elections to help with this. The time for us to begin celebrating a swamp cleaning isn’t too far off.

    In the meantime do all you can to help others learn about the many media channels that are reporting the truth.

  6. Never trusted kushner from the start..i pray Trump has discernment and picks Righteous leaders to serve on his team..true men of God..Prophets that truly hear from God..Dutch sheets ,Chuck Pierce, Amanda Grace..Tim Sheets..etc..Kat Kerr..Hank of God who live by HIS WORD..

    1. Right on Roger! Wish Dr. Charlie could get the Sheets brothers on for a good discussion. Dutch has an excellent teaching on what Jesus referred to as His Church – it wasn’t just a building or certain group – it was the way the Romans worked as they took over a conquered land. Their two-pronged approach was to set up their government/laws, and to gradually introduce the Roman culture to help the people to become “Roman.” It seems that Jesus wanted us to use the same approach – God’s rules for a peaceful, fair and just government, and His culture of interaction based on love, not force or fear. What’s not to like about that?

    2. totally agree with you,that President Trump have” true” Righteous leaders around him when he sets foot back at the White House!! The first term were in it for themselves! Trump needs a “Nathan” to speak God’s Truth when he is going the wrong way. President Trump was always totally for Israel which is why God anointed Him to be President! Gab is NOT a Patriot social media app that is why I am NOT on it, ( I tried it but saw through them pretty fast.

  7. The world is spinning out of control. I don’t think there is any one story line or narrative that “nails” the truth about the reality of our times. The motivations of people still revolve around the ageless drivers…sex. greed, love, and power! It is hard to identify some of the actions of our elites without determining if they are grounded in a belief and deference to a higher order. The difficulty which is growing rapidly within our culture is that the people in charge have largely eschewed God and believe that they can be gods! Nothing good can come from this level of hubris!

  8. I think if your going to run a media platform, you have to let people have their way within reason, no clamping down on free speech, but that doesn’t mean foul language, digging into someone’s private life, as our Lord said ” he who is without sin cast the first stone. ” moderators must ensure that comments that are attributed to certain are correct.

  9. I thought Jared Kushner was no longer, I may be wrong but I read that he was loyal to the Cabal and sent to his maker. Ive also noticed that the man you see doesnt look like him. Can anyone comfirm?

  10. I gotta tell ya. The truth is out there somewhere I feel anyone asking for money in President Trumps name is not getting a dime from me. Trump has told us from the beginning to watch mail in ballots. And I also remember him saying the swamp is deep. Deeper than we thought. Read his book Art of the Comeback. He clearly understands more than we know. Ha. Can’t keep Americans down when their freedoms are being violated. I knew in March 2020 the whole virus thing was going to be bad. My advice ? Check everything with the spirit. I heard Charlie Ward and say now wait… what? I went and prayed and opened my bible! That’s the truth! I also believe a lot of traitors are already gone from this earth. Wish We The People would wake up faster!!!!

  11. I think it is none if our business. If they ” Trump” do that is ok ,if they go with someone else that is fine too. I personally have left ALL social media including yours, as I found all them were taking way too much time when I could and should be doing more uplifting activities and work.

  12. There’s supposed to be a platform by My Pillow Mike Lindel starting Monday. I have a feelings that will be it. Haven’t heard any more about Trump. My belief is that he was only trying to motivate Patriots, not take over, so to say.

  13. I hope Trump Does launch his own platform and I hope that he asks for ‘little guy investors’. It would be nice for us less fortunate that are not RICH to be able to invest in a free speech platform. But I think there’s always room for both a Trump platform and Gab! The more the merrier!

  14. I think Kushner is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and that President Trump is being “kept in check” by family just because he’s a kind man! How many of his decisions about routing the evil that’s overtaken our country have been thwarted or watered-down due to the (bad) advice of people like Kushner or even his daughter? Why? Because it gives them the feeling that they have “power”; that they’re the power behind the “throne”.
    President Trump needs to remove this grasping little climber and listen to the advisers that put him into the White House in the first place!

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