Free Documentary Exposes The Global Elite In MONOPOLY: Who Owns The World?

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Free Documentary Exposes The Deep State & Their Control Over Society. Please watch…

MONOPOLY: Who Owns The World?

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This documentary created by Tim Gielen was released recently.

This is a great documentary that shows exactly how the elite control almost every aspect of our lives.

You also see the private organizations that are the biggest shareholders in several industries, from the media to medicine to the environment, food and much more!

It Is A Great Illustration Of How Centralized We Have Become & Who Is Controlling The World.

This is a great documentary to watch to see who are some of the major players of the “Deep State”.

This is also a great documentary to share with others that may not be aware of what is really going on.

Thank you for sharing this with them to help educate them as well.

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