Electroculture: Suppressed Technology Revealed On How To Grow Bigger Crops & Eliminate Pesticides, Naturally!

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Have you heard of it? 


Many have not! (And that’s the way evil doers want it)


According to CultivateElevate.com


“Electroculture is the an ancient practice of increasing yields utilizing certain materials to harvest the earth's atmospheric energy. This was presented in 1749 by Abbe Nollett, in the 1920s by Justin Christofleau, and 1940s by Viktor Schauberger.”


Shout out to Shine With Chanda on Telegram for sharing about electroculture.


Well, researchers in China studied this method of growing crops and…


The researchers from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) found that electricity boosted the yield of vegetable crops by 20 – 30% and these results are based on 20% reduction in fertilizer used and 70 – 100% reduction in pesticide consumption. 


You can read more about that here.


Take a look at this science experiment with iron tools vs copper tools. (And some interesting history on electroculture too!)


Before and After Electroculture Gardening Techniques



YouTube player



Electroculture Magnetic Fertilization With a Magnetic Cylinder



YouTube player



You can also learn more about it in this Electroculture Gardening Techniques for Beginners.


Here is a link to the digital version of Electroculture by Justin Christofleau


And if you want to dive into more of the history of it, you can see more here…





Early Reading on Electroculture (1892 – 1922)


So why haven’t you heard more about this? 


Here’s a short video about it…

Electroculture Gardening and why it was not taught



YouTube player



And John D. Rockefeller may have had a big part in it. Here’s a video with some of his history…





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