Dr. Shiva & Dr. Jensen Talk About The Immune System & How Science Became Corrupted!

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Dr. Shiva posted this video on his YouTube channel yesterday with Dr. Scott Jensen.

They talk about the immune system and how the medical industry became so corrupt! 

This conversation is better and more real than any doctors you see on TV.

Also, they mention that…

Dr. Scott Jensen is running for governor of Minnesota.

Take a look at Dr. Scott Jensen’s campaign website here! 

This is the kind of information We The People should be hearing about and having been in political office.

Btw, Dr. Scott Jensen was one of the VERY few people telling the public about the covid death certificate scam and financial incentive for diagnosing deaths as covid-19. This video was from April 2020.

And be sure to learn more about Dr. Shiva and support his work at VAShiva.com

Also, please consider joining Dr. Shiva’s Truth, Freedom and Health movement. 

I am part of his Warrior program and his private member’s only webinars are AMAZING! 

Dr. Shiva is brilliant and is doing some really great work with Patriots all around the country and the world.

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