Dominion Voting Systems CEO Says Company “Ultimately Goes To Zero”

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Is Dominion Voting Systems Going Out of Business?



Recently, the CEO of the now infamous “Dominion Voting Systems (DVS)” basically says the company will go out of business.





 “We just know that our business ultimately goes to zero.” he told Time magazine. 


“It’s just easier for our customers to use something that’s not Dominion”


The mainstream narrative is they’re going out of business because of all the “2020 election misinformation”. 


This information came out recently after Dominion Voting Systems reached a legal settlement with Fox News, amounting to $787.5 million.


So Dominion will be going out of business, huh?


I wonder how they’ll be “rebranding” this time.

The link Between Dominion, Sequoia, Smartmatic, and the CCP



Remember when Smartmatic was exposed on CNN by Lou Dobbs back in 2006?



Lou Dobbs On CNN Exposes Smartmatic & Venezuela Connections







American Voting Systems Owned By Venezuela Businessmen




So, no matter what happens to “Dominion Voting Systems”, just realize that virtually nothing has improved with our voting systems since 2020.


So, whatever name the “new” voting system company name is, always look further into it.


Nothing is as it seems! 




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