DISTRACTION! They Don’t Want You To See Mentally Handicapped People Being Forced To Get Vaccinations

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I had to make this video to illustrate this point.

Please watch and see what I mean…

The Gateway Pundit

Email Jim Hoft via his email address here.

(It was available on the website)


Send in a contact form here.

The Epoch Times

Write a letter to their editor.

The media as a whole seems to not want to talk about this story, so…

It’s up to We The People to help put some pressure on them to do it! 

Thank you for helping to be a voice for the voiceless. 

And please share this post to help get the word out about this! 

Here’s a link to the Operation Homebound video, if you want to share only that part with people.

I embedded it here as well.

I saw it on this YouTube channel.

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