Arizona Senator Exposes DCS For Facilitating Global Child Sex Trafficking Ring

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Arizona Republican State Senator David Farnsworth is reportedly fearing for his life after accusing the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) of facilitating a global sex trafficking ring.



Farnsworth alleges the children are sold into sex slavery after being removed from negligent parents.



You can read more about it here on


Considering child sex trafficking is the REAL pandemic, I would say Mr. Farnsworth is likely right over the target! 


In fact, knowing what we know from Ally, it’s probably WAAAAY worse than he realizes. 


Also, the story says Senator Farnsworth accused Sen. Kate Brophy McGee, R-Phoenix, of threatening him if he didn’t stop investigating the alleged global sex trafficking ring.



Farnsworth says the Arizona Dept. of Child Safety is to blame for 550 children currently missing.



 Pray for his safety! 


You may or may not know about Nancy Schaefer. She was a Senator in Georgia who spoke out about CPS (Child Protective Services) and child trafficking…





Nancy Schaefer served in the Georgia State Senate from 2004 to 2008.


And on March 26, 2010, Nancy and her husband Bruce, were found dead. Nancy was shot in the back and Bruce had a gunshot wound to the chest. It was deemed a murder-suicide, with no full investigation.


The timing and circumstances were suspicious, considering Nancy was in the middle of working on a documentary about CPS corruption that featured families who were victimized by CPS.


It’s all about the children! 



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    Evergreen –
    Dear Friends & Patriots,
    while in America Child Trafficking, satanic Rituals and Corruption at the highest Level are being uncovered on a large Scale,
    so in the Port City of Koper, Slovenia, blatant satanic Art has been on Display for many Weeks (Luka Koper Gallery) The Issue here is clearly Pedophilia.
    Urgently needed now are investigative Journalists and appropriate Lawyers for the Right to start a public Trial – together with very necessary Military Operations!
    Obligatory here is a “Presumption of Innocence in Law” ad hoc:
    Politicians, Police, Members of Europol Ljubljana, Judges &
    the entire Senate of the Court of Inquiry in Koper and more are deeply involved in Pedophilia. In the Port Luka Koper there are always Container-Vessels to find from the Shipping Company EVERGREEN (originally owned by the Clintons) , MAERSK & more. The next major Destination of the loaded Containers by Rail is, among others, the Transshipment point in Graz, Austria.
    These “Dark Rabit Holes” are to be excavated now!
    It is imperative to bring Light on this.
    With kind and encouraging Greetings,

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