X22 Report – Trump Sends Message Inflation Is Picking Up Around The World And Will Not Stop

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X22 Report – Trump Sends Message Inflation Is Picking Up Around The World And Will Not Stop


➡ The narrative outlines the ongoing clash between global power players, particularly the Deep State, the World Economic Forum, and the Central Bank, against Trump and his supporters. As we approach the 2024 election, these entities are preparing to push their agenda, namely through the concept of the Great Reset, which they hoped to achieve during the pandemic. The expectations, however, have been disrupted as people have resumed normal life, revealing the entities’ plans. The narrative further discusses the misleading inflation rates and criticizes the implementation of the Green New Deal. The 2024 election could coincide with a system crash and reveal the unfeasibility of these plans.
➡ Extreme left-wing policies, focusing on promoting electric cars and increased cafe standards, have led to an increase in car costs and potential unemployment within the industry. The discussion asserts that these actions are causing financial strain for average American families and threatening the viability of US auto manufacturing, and encourages people to fight against these policies.
➡ The speaker argues that the current economic situation is worsening, with increasing inflation and high fuel prices causing financial instability for many. They express concern over the increasing reliance on credit cards due to lack of cash, leading to mounting debt and a potential economic crash.
➡ The text indicates an apparent mishandling of the economy by government officials, with false assurance to the public about economic stability. The speaker highlights the likelihood of an impending financial crisis, comparing it to what happened in 2008, and blames this on inefficiencies and lack of transparency within big government.
➡ The speaker criticises politicians for using fear tactics about a government shutdown, arguing that such an event would barely affect day-to-day life for most people. They contend that this is merely a propaganda tool to avoid reducing government spending and that the size and intrusiveness of the government are the real problems.
➡ The text ends with the speaker indicating that people are growing aware of the economic realities and the discrepancy with government narratives. The speaker insists that people are feeling the economic strain, contradicting statements from government officials like Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen who claims people are positive about their financial situations.
➡ The text critiques Biden’s handling of the economy, predicting a system crash and blaming him for the recession. It suggests Trump and ‘the Patriots’ might manipulate the timing of the economic crash for political gain, further arguing that Trump could leverage the situation during the 2024 elections. The text also argues for ditching the Central Bank and fiat currency, transitioning to sound money and being skeptical of the Green New Deal and central bank digital currency. It also highlights the bill to ban the Federal Reserve from issuing a central bank digital currency.
➡ The text suggests that strategies used in politics, specifically by Trump and the Patriots, relate to those of the deep state and central bank, with a readiness to implement plans when situations arise.


Now, the Deep State, the corrupt politicians, the private West Central Bank, the World Economic Forum, they are now prepared and ready to go all out because we are now approaching the 2024 election. And they know that they have this period of time to push everything that they have. And you could see that Trump and the Patriots, they have set them up because remember, the Deep state players, the Central to World Economic Forum, they thought they had it made.

They thought, wow, okay, we got the Pandemic and now we’re going to bring everyone into the great reset, the Cree New Deal. They won’t even know what we’re doing because they will be afraid in their homes. They’ll be scared and people will then die off over time, the supply chains will dry up and no one will know exactly what we’re doing. They’ll just hear that we’re going to make things a lot better because the entire economic system completely and utterly imploded because of the Pandemic.

Now, the problem with all this is that this didn’t happen. The entire pandemic was countered. The people went about their business, they went back to work, they went back to school. And now the Central Bank, the World Economic Forum, they’re having a problem because their entire economic system is imploding while everyone is watching and they don’t have the COVID story that they actually need. And I do believe Trump and the Patriots set this up from the very, very beginning where they’re going to expose those individuals that are responsible for bringing down the entire system.

Now remember, you’re going to have liars and you’re going to have truth errs. So the liars are going to continually tell you that everything is fantastic. It’s in your imagination. The economy is actually good. You’re just thinking it’s bad. And actually they already started that narrative. And you’re going to see inflation pick up, you’re going to see fuel prices move up. You’re going to see all of this play out until the very, very end.

And when you start to see what happens in 2024, especially when we get close to the elections, you’re going to see the entire system start to fall apart. And as we get into October, you might even see the entire system crash. And when I say crash, the last thing to recognize that the entire system is not functioning properly is the market’s going to come down. Even though we were in a recession, probably going into a depression, during this period of time, people don’t notice anything.

They feel, yeah, things are bad, but when the market comes down, that’s when people go, holy crap, what is going on here? And we can see we’re leading up to that. And I do believe Trump and the Patriots, they are prepared for this. They know a crisis is coming. Trump is going to continually tell everyone that we’re heading into a depression. The other side is going to tell you that everything is absolutely fantastic.

And we need to remember something very, very important. Timing is everything. Now, what’s very interesting is we see that inflation never went away. Remember, it’s cumulative. Just because they tell you it’s two or three or 4%, that is not the true inflation number. All you got to do is go back to 1970. You don’t even have to go back to 1913, just go back to 1970. Look how much food costs.

Look how much different products cost. Look at what the dollar was worth, or I should I say the Federal Reserve note right there. You can see that it is cumulative. And yesterday we explained that right now we have inflation and that’s reaching about 3000%. And out in Canada, we can see that inflation, well, it’s going right back up. And Genevieve Broke Decker, put this out on X and said, here we go again.

Inflation in Canada going back up from 2. 8% in June to 4% in August. This is a warning to America. Yes. Inflation never went away. Inflation has always been here and it’s going to get worse and worse as time goes on. Now, yes. Were they able to control it a little bit? Yes, they were. But this inflation has never gone away. And these numbers, they’re just a little snapshot in time.

The inflation is much, much worse. You could see the people out in Canada, they are completely noticing and they understand that, wow, yeah. You’re telling me inflation is two 8%, you’re telling me inflation 3%, you tell me inflation 4%. But why can’t I afford anything? Why can’t I live here? Why can’t I pay my bills? It’s completely impossible. And you could see the people are starting to notice and they’re starting to realize what’s happening.

And you could see the deep state players, they’re going all out now to push climate, to push the great reset, because they have to push everything that they have at this point because their plan didn’t work. They don’t have a cover story. So you could see they’re already ramping everything up, which means everyone’s going to see this play out. And if when you see it play out, you’ll start to understand where they want to bring us right now.

Biden has launched the American Climate Corps to mobilize young people for the front lines of clean energy and climate resilience. We have Michael Bloomberg. He will spend 500 million on the next phase of his energy transition lawsuit campaign. He aims to shutter every last coal plant in the US and cut natural gas energy production in half by 2030. How do you think the country is going to function when this happens? It’s going to be a complete and utter nightmare.

And this is what the people are going to notice as we move into 2024, because they’re going to really ramp this up during the election period of time. And they have no choice but to do this because they started the ball rolling back in 2020. They started to push the economy into a death spiral and now they can’t stop it. And I do believe Trump, the Patriots, they set all of this up because now they only have one path to follow.

They can’t backtrack on any of this. They can’t do anything but move forward. So they are trapped in all of this and the people are now seeing the truth. Actually they’re even calling out AOC because, AOC because she got fact checked in the middle of a hearing, know, the climate hoax. So she was out there and she was letting everyone know and she made an opening statement about oil and gas production on federal land, accounted for a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States and she was pushing the Green New Deal.

Now, what’s very interesting, an individual, Kathleen Sagma, she actually corrected her and says, I just want to start off by correcting something the ranking member said in her opening statement. She claimed that oil and gas production of federal lands is responsible for about a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. Now, Kathleen Sagma, who’s the president of the Western Energy Alliance, said that that is completely false in what she just said.

She said the study by the United States Geological Survey said that oil and gas production accounted for 23. 7% of carbon dioxide emissions over a ten year period and noted that the production accounted for far smaller percentages of methane and nitrogen. And that’s based on a misreading of the USGS study of greenhouse gas emissions. And if you actually look at the numbers, production on federal lands and waters account for 0.

6% of US. Greenhouse gas emissions, not nearly a quarter. Even the Interior Department stopped using that number after I simply pointed out the numbers from the USGS report. And she was fact check right in front of everyone and she was misleading the public. So the people are starting to realize that these people are either lying or they have no idea what they’re talking about. I’m going to go with lying because they know exactly what the numbers say.

They just want to use it to push their agenda. Now, what’s very interesting is we know the United Auto Workers, they’re going on strike. And the Biden administration. They were supposed to be sending White House senior advisor Gene Sperling enacting labor secretary Julie Sue to Detroit to help resolve the United auto worker strike. The trip was canceled after the White House and the UAW decided it was best for the parties to speak virtually using the video call platform Zoom.

Now, why wouldn’t they go there? Are they afraid to go there? It’s starting to seem that way. But Trump, he decided to respond to America’s auto industry and he’s letting everyone know that Joe Biden’s policies, they are going to be disastrous. They’re going to kill jobs and we cannot allow this to happen. Take a listen to what he said. Joe Biden is waging war in the US auto industry with a series of crippling mandates designed to force Americans into expensive electric cars.

That’s just what you want. Even as thousands of electric cars are piling up on car lots all unsold, this ridiculous Green New Deal crusade is causing car prices to skyrocket while setting the stage for the destruction of American auto production. These extreme left wing policies are a disaster for families and consumers and are one of the main reasons the average cost of a new car is now over $50,000.

Absolutely outrageous. And there’s never been such a price before. These exorbitant prices are despite the fact that Biden is spending billions and billions of taxpayer dollars subsidizing electric cars for rich people, while normal Americans can’t afford to use one, nor do they even want to, biden is killing American consumers, and he’s also killing US. Manufacturing. In an all out attack on American made pickup trucks, SUVs, and other automobiles, biden doubled Cafe standards, a move that is projected to cost automakers $200 billion.

By one estimate, Biden’s electric vehicle mandate will slaughter 117,000 US. Auto manufacturing jobs, with workers in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio among the hardest hit. And I hope United Auto Workers is listening to this because I think you better endorse Trump because I’m going to grow your business. And they are destroying your business. They are absolutely destroying your business. How people can vote for you just because it’s an automatic Democrat vote.

Look how they’ve decimated the car industry over the years. Mexico has 32% of the business that we used to have. It’s ridiculous, but they didn’t do it while I was president. I can tell you that if Biden’s assault is not stopped, american auto production will be totally dead. That’s why I’m going to terminate these Green New Deal atrocities. On day one in my first term, I fought for auto workers like never before, canceling TPP, which was a disaster, ending the NAFTA nightmare.

The NAFTA trade deal was the worst deal ever negotiated on trade and renegotiating Obama’s horrendous career trade deal made it a great deal from a horrible deal. I saved the American auto industry once, and now I will save it again. Every voter in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, needs to know if you want to have an auto industry, you need to defeat Joe Biden. He’s a corrupt president and reelect President Donald Trump.

Thank you very much. Now the people, they’re angry right now because they’re starting to realize that the Biden administration, as they push the electric vehicles, they’re going to have no jobs whatsoever. And they can see the economy falling apart. They want more money, and that’s because of inflation, fuel prices and everything else. But you can see that the people are getting angry. And Biden, he’s just having a video conference.

He’s not going up there to talk to people. He’s not reassuring people. He’s not doing any of that because why? He’s the cause of the problem, just like everything else that we’re seeing. He’s the cause of the high fuel prices, he’s the cause of inflation, he’s the cause of the economy completely imploding on self. He hasn’t created any new jobs, actually. Jobs are being lost every single day and people are going into debt and they’re having a very difficult time making ends meet.

Unusual. Wales put this out and said, debt payments are taking up large proportion of US. Household incomes. And yes, that is exactly what’s happening because what do people do? Okay, I don’t have enough of the cash on hand to pay for things, so I need to put everything on my credit card. And that makes it much more difficult moving forward because then you have very high credit card payments.

The interest rates are going up, the fees are going up, and it makes it very difficult to survive. And you eventually won’t have enough to pay for those minimum payments. And this whole thing is one gigantic death spiral and it’s not going to get better as time goes on. And I think the people are starting to realize this and they’re starting to realize that the Biden administration, they’re doing nothing about this.

Janet Yellen, she’s gaslighting the people. We’re talking about her in just a SEC. And the Fed, well, they’re letting you know that there might not be a soft landing. Certain things are out of their hands, which means we’re heading towards a crash. That’s the translation of that. Well, sorry about that. We thought it was going to be a soft landing. We thought everything was going to go back to normal.

We thought we’re going to have inflation under control. But you know something? There are certain things out of our hand. We can’t control everything. We only just raise and lower the interest rates and create as much currency as possible to put everyone into debt and enslave the people. Other than that, we don’t know what the hell’s going on and the crisis is approaching. This is the same thing that Bernacki did back in 2008.

He told everyone, we’re not predicting any type of recession. I don’t know what these crazy fools are talking about where they’re saying the economy is going to fall apart because everything looks great to us. And what happened in October, the whole thing completely imploded on itself. And we can see that now. The fake news is out there. They’re talking about the shutdown. And we can see that. The Uni Party, they’re all involved in this.

The patriots. They’re pushing back. And remember, the shutdown is that really scary what happens when the government shuts down? Nobody notices anything. We had it back in 2018. You know what people noticed? Absolutely nothing. They push fear to scare the people, period. Manu Raju put this out and said mitch McConnell warns GOP, tells reporters that shutdowns have always been a loser for Republicans. Translation, we don’t want to have a shutdown.

If the shutdown happens, you’re going to see that we don’t need big government and people are going to start to realize that nothing really happens. And Sean Davis responded to that and said, if there’s one person who knows what it takes to be politically popular, it’s the most unpopular political leader in the entire country, clearly an expert on politics. And when you start to look at Mitch McConnell’s favorable and unfavorable rating, it’s absolutely awful.

Right now, the RCP average is favorable, 21. 7%, unfavorable, 62%. It’s a disaster. But Emerald Robinson put this out and she said, what we learned from the last government shutdown in 2018 is that the federal government never really shuts down. It’s all propaganda to stop the GOP from forcing spending cuts when it has the leverage. That’s exactly right. And we can see that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Actually, Rasmussen Reports put this out and said a government shutdown to force a border closure and defund rogue federal agencies until they cease specific lawless activities. Voters last time spent 30 plus days without much notice of what DC fake panics over time to stop this horrendous invasion. Absolutely. And the people are going to notice. And if there is a shutdown, which there might be, they’re going to notice, or there might have a stopgap bill where the Republicans say, okay, we have a stopgap bill, we can go a little bit longer and we don’t have to worry about that, but we’ll have to see how that plays out.

But once again, the shutdown doesn’t really do anything. People don’t notice it and it really doesn’t stop anything. It’s all propaganda. And remember, the government wasn’t supposed to be running everything, having all these programs. The government was supposed to be very, very tiny. So if there was a government shutdown, you would notice, even with the government this big, most of these people, I’d say 90% of them, do absolutely nothing.

We don’t need them. It’s part of their swamp. That’s what they have done here. It’s a complete and utter disaster. And they don’t want people recognizing and realizing that shutdowns do absolutely nothing. And you can see that the deep state, the central bank, the World Economic Forum, they’re panicking right now. Remember, they can lie about a lot of things and people might believe them. But when you start gaslighting people and lying about the economy and everyone is trying to make it where they’re trying to pay their bills, they’re trying to live, they’re trying to pay for food, trying to fill up their car so they can go to work.

You can just lie so much or you can just gaslight them so much, because the people, they’re experiencing it every single day. When they say the economy is great and you say, well, how come I have less in my bank account? How come I can’t pay this bill this month? How come food went up? How come homeowners went up? How come auto went up? How come everything’s going up? And you’re telling me everything is fantastic.

How come I lost my job and I can’t find another one? See, the people, they’re actually living it. So no matter what these people say, the people see the truth. Actually, look what Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen she’s stating that there is a disconnect between how the economy’s doing and how people feel it’s doing, and that people are positive about their own financial situations. No, people see the economy and they’re saying, what the hell’s going on here? It’s getting worse and worse every single day.

I’m seeing higher fuel costs. It’s very difficult to make ends meet. I can’t pay my bills. That’s what people are noticing. But they’re trying to pretend that Biden is doing this incredible job with the economy. No, he is failing at it. And what’s very interesting is that unusual whales put this out and said, a recession will hit by the spring and the S and P 500 will crash by 25% or more.

David Rosenberg so they’re expecting a crash of the system. I do believe we are going to see a crash of the system. Now, when is that going to happen? It might happen in the spring. It might happen in the fall. I’m going to say it’s going to happen in the fall, because I do believe Trump and the Patriots, they would want the crash to happen very, very close to the elections, to say, holy crap, look what he just did.

He just destroyed the entire system. The market just came down. The economy is a complete and utter disaster. And who’s to blame? Oh, it’s these people over here. And I do believe that is what is being set up now. What’s very interesting, like I said from the very beginning, you’re going to have those people that continually lie, just like Janet Yellen’s, telling you that everything’s fine. Biden is out there telling you that everything is fine.

And I just want everyone to listen to this video and listen to Biden and then listen to the economic facts. And then you can see how he’s continually gaslighting the people. And the truth is that the economy is completely and utterly falling apart. Take a listen. Everybody deserves a shot of building the lives they deserve for their families. And we’ve done that. The nationwide credit card debt now tops $1 trillion.

For the first time we’ve climbed out of our great economic crisis. It’s beginning to work for working people. The average per household, $10,000. And folks, it’s not an accident. It’s not an accident. Inflation started ticking back up last month. It did it again. We were at 3. 2 as it rose from three. Now we’re at 3. 7. That literally is our economic plan in action. Bidenomics in action.

In August, gas prices increased nearly 11%. The cost of air travel car insurance, hotels, utility bills. Also spiking. The country should know the facts. Median household income last year fell to $74,000. The US poverty level saw its largest one year jump ever. They should know the choice between Bidenomics and Magnomics. Child poverty in this country more than doubled. The New York Post with this blaring headline it’s still the Economy, stupid.

They keep telling us America’s failing. Well, they’re wrong. America’s not failing. America’s winning. Now, that pretty much says it all. And I think people are starting to realize, because they’re living through it, what the economy is doing. But Trump, he put out a truth, and it says Trump versus Biden. And this is very interesting. He says, real median household income plummeted from 2019 through 2022. Donald Trump grew wages about 8000 before COVID Here are the facts.

In 2000, real median household income was $67,470. In 2008, after eight years of Bush Cheney, it was 66,280. In 2010, after two years of Obama and Democrat Congress, it was 64 300. In 2014, the year the GOP took both houses of Congress, it was 64 900. In 2016, the year Trump was elected, it was 70,840. By 2019, it was 78 250. That’s an increase of 7410, or 10.

5% in only three years. In 2020, the year of COVID it was still 76 660, significantly above 2016 levels. In 2021, it fell to 76,330. In 2022, it fell to 74,580. In other words, between 2019 and 2022, the median household in the United States saw its income fall by 3670, a 4. 7% decrease. And they wonder why people don’t like Bidenomics. The number for 2023 will be released in September 2024.

And that tells you everything you need to know, because that is going to be right before the elections. Do you think Trump is going to use that against Biden or Michelle Obama? Absolutely. And what do you think is going to happen during this period of time? Yes, the deep state, the Central Bank, they started the ball rolling. They were going to destroy their economy no matter what Trump decided.

You know something? You want to destroy the system, you’re going to be in charge of the system. Everyone’s going to be looking at you. You’re going to be responsible for everything. And when the system comes down and as we approach the 2024 election, I will use all of this against you and tell the people we can take this economy and turn it around in no time. And I do believe he can, because all you need to do is get rid of the Central Bank, remove the regulations, get rid of everything that they set up over the many, many years, get rid of the fiat currency, go back to sound money.

And you know what you have? You have an economy that’s doing absolutely fantastic. And I do believe timing is everything. And I do believe Trump is waiting for the right moment to strike. And he will have all the leverage during the latter part of 2024, he’s going to use it against the Biden administration or ever else is running for the election during that period of a time, which I do believe is going to be Michelle Obama.

And I do believe he’s going to be using this against them. And the people are going to be sitting there going, holy crap, the market came down. They’re telling us this entire time that everything was fine. Trump is telling us this entire time we’re heading towards a depression. We believe him right now. We don’t believe you. People are suffering. What are you going to do about it? Absolutely nothing.

They’re going to be trapped in all of this. And then Trump can use this leverage to transition everyone because everyone’s going to be behind him. He’s going to point out that it’s the Federal Reserve, that it’s the treasury, it’s the Biden administration that caused all of this. And the people are going to say, you know something, whatever you want, wherever you want us to go, let us know and we will follow.

And he’s going to explain to the people, listen, we need a better system. We can’t be under the federal Reserve. We can’t be going into the central bank digital currency. We can’t be going into the green new deal because it doesn’t work. Look what it did to the economy. It destroyed it. So we need to do something completely different. And I do believe the people are going to be behind them and the people are going to say, okay, what do we got to do? We got to get rid of the Federal Reserve.

No problem, let’s get rid of the Federal Reserve. Push Congress to get rid of the Federal Reserve. Let them audit the Federal Reserve. And I do believe at this point in time, trump will have the leverage that he will need to destroy the central bank system. And once it’s destroyed here in the United States, it’s going to be like a domino effect across the entire world. And you’re going to see country after country after country say, okay, you know what, we saw what the United States did.

They got rid of the central bank. Their economy is now picking up. Everything’s starting to get better. Now we need to do this in our country. And you’re going to see the central bank actually be removed from the world the way we know it. And it might be restructured, it might just be removed completely, but they will no longer have the control that they have. And the people will take back control of their economy.

And people are going to see an economy like they’ve never seen before, and it has already begun. The people, they’re seeing it all play out. They understand the central bank digital currency is not going to benefit them. They understand the great reset is not going to benefit them. They understand the Green new deal is not going to benefit them. And the only way they can understand this is if they see this play out, then they can push Congress.

They can push their elected, not the installed, but the elected people to do what they need them to do. And in the end the people, the majority can come out and push. And what’s very interesting is that the US congressman bill to ban the Federal Reserve from issuing a central bank digital currency has passed the Financial Services Committee. So it looks like this is going to be moving on and this is going to be a huge problem for the central bank system.

Remember, they just can’t release this. Yes, maybe in other countries, but here in the United States it’s very, very different because the central bank digital currency is a completely different currency. So they just can’t go ahead and just say, okay, let’s switch everyone. So this is going to be a problem for them. And there’s already a bill now where it’s no, no, we’re going to ban this. Just like there’s a bill to go back to the gold standard.

Remember when a crisis hits, all of a sudden those bills that are sitting on the sideline, all of a sudden those are brought out into the light and people say, hey look, we have this bill, it’s ready to go. I do believe the Patriots are using the same exact strategy as the deep state the central bank uses when there’s an event. Have everything ready to go. And I do believe Trump and the Patriots, they’re prepared and ready for.


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