The CSPOA Works To Prevent Politically Motivated Removal of Nebraska’s Sheriff

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The CSPOA Works To Prevent Politically Motivated Removal of Nebraska’s Sheriff

Sheriff CJ Smith joins Sam Bushman and Jack Mullen on this week’s live Posse intel webinar and gives us an update on his current situation in Dundy County, Nebraska.

A recall petition was filed with Dundy County Clerk Miles Preston on July 14th, 23 by former Dundy County Commissioner Jerry Fries after receiving a letter from the Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice by Interim Director Mark Stephenson.

The letter claimed Sheriff Smith was denied admission to the certification training because of misrepresentations in work history, criminal, and traffic history. However, it is coming to light that these statements in Stephenson’s letter are not accurate representations. One statement falsely claimed Sheriff Smith was never employed in Colorado as a Law Enforcement Officer. However, this statement is a lie because Sheriff Smith graduated from the Colorado POST in 2014, worked for the Logan County Sheriff’s Office, and was also part on the Sheriff’s Posse.

As far as accusations of criminal and traffic history, they were referring to Sheriff Smith missing a court case on a seat belt ticket he received when he was in the process of moving to another state at the time. They also claim his time ran out, referring to their Nebraska State Statute stating that Sheriff Smith must obtain a Nebraska Certification within eight months of taking office even though there is no Constitutional requirements that any Sheriff has to go through this formal training. The People voted for Sheriff Smith and the State does not have any jurisdiction over his required training. The Sheriff works for the People by the People.

“The statute states that unless a sheriff is able to show good cause for not complying or obtains a waiver of the training requirements from the council, any sheriff who violates this will be punished by a fine of equal to the sheriff’s monthly salary, each month the sheriff is in violation will constitute as a separate offense.”

This recall petition comes just after Sheriff Smith made public statements regarding the recent ATF’s Pistol Brace Rule stating, 

 “they won’t be enforcing the rule, do to it violating people’s due process rights, rights which guarantee that the government cannot take a person’s basic rights to life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”

“If they come to enforce this law on people without using due process, then we are going to do our job and we are going to stand between the government and the people.”

“Another name for a sheriff is ‘America’s Last Hope.’ We are the standing grown between the people and the government specially anytime the government tries to over reach their powers.”

He recently made it known publicly that he did not support New Mexico’s Governor’s recent unconstitutional executive order to ban the Second Amendment totally in her state for 30 days.

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