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➡ Judicial Watch talks about how the Supreme Court is considering whether the FDA broke its own rules when it approved an abortion pill, first under the Clinton administration and then expanded under Obama and Biden. This pill, known as mifepristone, is controversial and some believe its approval was politically motivated. The court’s decision could impact the future of abortion rights and the power of federal agencies.


Is the Supreme Court going to let them change all the health rules that the FDA requires for other drugs to advance an abortion agenda? Moving on to another hot topic, which is abortion. Now, the left suffered a major catastrophic defeat from their perspective, with the Supreme Court finally following the Constitution and overturning Roe v. Wade, which overrode the laws of most states in mandating abortion on demand, meaning throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy for any reason, as long as you get a doctor to do it, you could get an abortion.

And even after Roe was overturned, the left has continued to promote that extreme point of view, because most Americans, you know, I want abortion eliminated as best as the law is able to do that. But even Americans who don’t share my views that are, you know, don’t have that full, have that most, you know, that most broad view of the right to life for the unborn. They think there has to be some restrictions on abortion, right? But that’s not what the left believes.

They want abortion up until the nine months, up until birth with taxpayer funding. And I don’t, you know, my understanding is virtually no Americans support that, or very few Americans support it. And one of the ways they want to bypass states that have tried to extend the right to life to the unborn is by pushing this, an abortion pill, which is notoriously political in its approval process, which has been notorious, notoriously politicized by the left wing controlled FDA.

It first was legalized, so to speak, under the Biden administration, excuse me, the Clinton administration. Hillary was a big pusher of it. Judicial watch uncovered all of this. And despite the risk of it, back then, it was called RU 46. Today it’s popularly known as mifeprex, or mifeprestone, mifepristone. And then Obama came in kind of over, over wrote and changed the rules to expand its use in a way that put women, pregnant, mothers, at risk.

And then Biden doubled down on it. And so there have been challenges, a, to the initial approval way back when under Clinton, but then to the changes that expanded it to have an abortion pill looks like everywhere, even in violation, potentially federal law under Obama and Biden. And so that’s what the Supreme Court was considering this week. And we filed a Damicus brief on the case because we’ve been investigating RU 486 since the Clinton administration, and we highlighted how the FDA violated its own unambiguous regulations.

The judiciary’s default position of bestowing undue deference on federal agencies has led to the rise of an unelected fourth branch of government that touches every aspect of our lives. These federal agencies wield budgets in the hundreds of billions of dollars with little to no oversight. In 2000, the FDA harnessed the executive power from a political administration with a personal agenda bent on approving the drug mifepristone. Mifeprix, which I guess is the commercial name which intentionally ends the life of a prenatal human.

In approving the drug, the FDA violated its own unambiguous regulation and relied on pretext. The FDA’s actions, as I say, under Obama in 2016 and then Biden in 2021, were arbitrary and capricious and violated the Administrative Procedures act. And so, you know, I’m not a lawyer, so I’m on thinner ice here than I am already during most of these updates. I laughingly say it’s the law that governs administrative procedures and how regulations are issued and the public’s interactions with the agencies before they issue regulations.

So thats what the Administrative Procedures act is. Its a very important law in terms of allowing challenges under law to federal regulations and changes in, for instance, the FDAs case, the expansion of the availability of the drug in a way that place womens lives at risk and health at risk. The FDA significantly revised the labeling and risk evaluation and mitigation strategy in 2016 and reduced the safety requirements that was under Obama.

These changes included significantly altering dosage, removal of the follow up medical visit requirement, removal of the requirement to take the drug in a doctor’s office, and expansion of the use through 70 days gestation. 70 days gestation. I mean, the left has no problem with giving pregnant mothers this drug, and they’d suffer through the resulting chemical abortion at home. Look at the nightmare around that. In addition to the obvious health risks, just think of it.

Also of significance and concern, the FDA modified, as I say, the risk evaluation and mitigation strategy to require reporting of only deaths attributable to the drug. No longer would hospitalizations, transfusions, or other serious adverse events need to be reported. Boy, it sounds a lot like their approaches on vaccines, or at least the vaccine for COVID. It’s the same crowd, same contempt for health, same contempt for science. So they wanted to mask the adverse events associated with the abortion pill, saying anything short of death they don’t want to hear about.

I mean, that’s how crazed they are. The FDA’s asserted rationalization for these significant changes was that it was following the science. And as we note, they haven’t provided the science it followed that could reasonably explain the changes through Freedom of Information act lawsuit judicial Watch recently uncovered that at least six abortion pill related deaths between 2000 and 2002 were detailed in health and human services records. Make no mistake, as I say in the release, this is a dangerous drug.

We have known since its assumption that the abortion drug is potentially dangerous to the mothers as well as the intended victims, obviously the poor unborn babies. Extremist abortion politics in the Clinton, Obama and now Biden administration are putting pregnant mothers at risk. Lets hope the Supreme Court recognizes that an extremist abortion agenda has overcome the rule of law at the FDA. So I don’t know how the Supreme Court’s going to rule.

Obviously, we still have a lot of mifeprestone questions out there under FOIA and such. And we’ve gone through, we have extensive records about how that drug has been handled. And I encourage you to look at the records because they’re going to shock you and you’re going to wonder why it is they’re so desperate to have women kill their unborn babies at home using this kill pill, as I call it.

And is the Supreme Court going to let them change all the health rules that the FDA requires for other drugs to advance an abortion agenda? Now, I don’t know how the Supreme Court’s going to rule. There’s a big issue about the standing of the plaintiffs, whether they have sufficient harm. So that may be kind of one way for the court to avoid the underlying issue and, but either way, we have to kind of stand against this.

By the way, federal law prohibits mailing abortifaciency. That’s another inconvenient truth that the government is avoiding the Biden administration specifically. So you may be pro choice on abortion, but I suspect you might be suspicious of, even if you are pro choice, of the Biden administration’s extremism of promoting this pill that just take five minutes and look up how the pill operates and how chemical abortions are done through this method and you’d be thinking what, what this is? This is something that’s not good, not right and dangerous.

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