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➡ Jim Fetzer talks about a terror attack in Russia, where over 140 people were killed. The article suggests that the attack was planned by Western powers, including the US and UK, despite claims that it was carried out by an Islamic group. The article also discusses the possibility of this leading to a crisis similar to the Cuban missile crisis. Lastly, it mentions a change in Russian television’s tone, with more violent talk and demands for a quicker end to the conflict.
➡ The speaker believes that the West, including Britain and Scotland, has become morally corrupt and is on the brink of collapse, similar to the fall of Rome. He suggests that unless there’s a significant change, the country will face severe consequences. He also criticizes the Democrats and Zionists, but emphasizes that not all Americans share their views. The speaker also warns against potential false attacks to justify war and other measures, and encourages Americans to stand up against any infringement of their rights.
➡ Over the past few years, Americans have become more suspicious and questioning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has led to a growing independence from media and politicians, with a focus on local control. Meanwhile, Russia has increased its military conscription, calling up 150,000 for service, while Ukraine’s forces are struggling due to lack of ammunition and exhaustion. The situation has led to a power imbalance, with Russia outgunning Ukraine six to one.
➡ The article discusses a ship crash and its potential causes, including speculation about explosives and power loss. It also mentions political responses, with some suggesting the incident was used to justify increased spending and infrastructure. The article then shifts to discuss Mexico’s president demanding the U.S. pay billions to reduce illegal immigration, and the author’s belief that globalist institutions aim to erase national borders for a single economic and governmental system.
➡ The article discusses the issue of illegal immigration in the U.S. It suggests that the current administration and global organizations are encouraging mass immigration by offering benefits to asylum seekers. The article argues that this approach is not beneficial for the U.S. economy, as it increases government spending and puts pressure on the job market and housing sector. It also criticizes the media and certain institutions for portraying mass immigration as a positive economic force, arguing that this is misleading and harmful to the country’s economy and culture.
➡ This text discusses the idea that global powers are trying to create a one-world government by weakening individual cultures. It also criticizes President Biden’s decision to declare March 31 as Transgender Visibility Day, arguing that it’s an attack on Christian faith. The text also speculates about potential replacements for Biden in the 2024 presidential election, with Michelle Obama being a possible candidate. Lastly, it contains controversial claims about Michelle Obama’s gender identity.
➡ The speakers in this text are discussing their views on various topics, including their belief in a conspiracy theory about Michelle Obama, their opposition to what they perceive as a societal shift towards acceptance of homosexuality and transgender individuals, and their concerns about the influence of progressivism and humanism. They also express their religious beliefs and their hope for a return to traditional values, and they speculate about the future of American politics, including the possibility of a Trump presidency.


Welcome back, folks. This is truth versus news. And by golly, there is quite a contrast there. More opposed than ever. And right now we’ve got more trouble in Russia and other things that are happening that are a danger to the United States and to our well being. Right, Jim? Well, you got it right, Don. And in fact, it turns out, and I think this is accurate, NATO’s proxy war against Russia was always, in essence, terrorism.

The attempt by the US NATO partners create a false narrative about the Russia terror attack only underlines their culpability in the depth of their depravity. The terror attack in Moscow last week was indisputably orchestrated and enabled by western powers. In many ways, there should be no surprise about it, because the NATO proxy war against Russia was always essentially unconventional or more plainly terroristic. The timing of the move to deploy more outright acts of terrorism reflect the fact that the US led NATO proxy war is facing historic defeat.

And hence Russia’s enemies are, by necessity switching to unconventional terror tactics. Only a week after the atrocity in which more than 140 were shot dead by terrorists in a theater, it had been fairly well assessed who organized the mass murder. The triggermen may have been for individuals from Tajikistan, but it seems all but certain the masterminds behind the slaughter were CIA and other western intel agencies. Russian investigators have established a money trail from Kiev to the killers already known early.

The shooters were trying to escape to Ukraine by car across the russian border. Ukraine’s military intelligence chief, Karol Buddha, is an american asset, as is the whole Kiev regime. He liaisons closely with american british intel services. Budinhov pleasure over the Moscow atrocity implicates not only his involvement in this horrendous crime, but also his pup ambassadors in the CIA and Mi six. Washington, London. Strange, insistent Kiev had nothing to do with it.

That was solely by islamic terrorists is laughable, but also incriminating. The western propaganda media instantly took their cue to petal washing narrative that a terrible attack was carried out by Islamists affiliated with some obscure group based in Afghanistan. By concocting the COVID story, the West Knight evilly assumed that letting the Kiob regime and its NATO sponsors off the hook. What’s more, the US and european allies have mocked Russia for ignoring the superficial identity of the terrorists and attempting allegedly to smear the west.

Meanwhile, Paul Craig Roberts writes Gilbert, Doctor Roe now confirmed with his own analysis my prediction that Putin’s tolerance of provocations is spinning the Ukraine conflict out of control. Doctor Rowe is a careful analyst, never overstaying his situation. Here, he says the FSB statement implicating US and UK in the crocus attack had to have been approved by Putin, which implicates the US and UK. That has brought us to the level of danger of the cuban missile crisis.

Doctor L reports russian television has undergone a massive change following the attack. Commentators are unwilling to accept any longer Putin’s non response to attacks on Russians. Television talk is suddenly very violent, with talk of flattening Kharkov and Kiev and bringing a quick end to the conflict that was permitted to endure for far too long. It seems a fatal red line has been crossed here. He is addressing the director of Russia’s federal security service, the FSB.

Alexander Botnikov said on Tuesday that the US, UK and Ukraine were behind the Moscow concert hall attack that killed at least 139 people on Friday, despite repeated claims of responsibility by Islamic State and repeated claims by the west that Islamic State was behind this. This is the claim which comes from the russian FSB. Now, russian president has also insisted on an alleged ukrainian involvement here. No proof has been provided for these claims.

Then why is Russia insisting that there was a western hand behind those attacks? What is the FSB basing its remarks on? To discuss matters further, we’re being joined by Doctor Gilbert. Doctor, always a pleasure speaking with you, sir. He’s a political analyst, professional Russia watcher, author and historian, joining us from Brussels. So I want to get to it immediately. An IS affiliate claimed it carried out the attack on Moscow.

A US intelligence report said that it had information confirming the group was responsible. French President Emmanuel Macron said France also has intelligence pointing to an IS entity as responsible for the attack. And Ukraine obviously has claimed that it has no involvement in this. Why is Mister Putin insisting on an alleged ukrainian involvement? Why is the FSB saying that US UK and US Ukraine were involved here as well? First, I’d like to explain that Mister Botnikov is not a public figure on russian television.

He sits behind his desk at the FSB, unlike his counterpart in the international intelligence agency service of Russia. That is Mister Narishkin, who we see on television quite often. Mister Botnikov sits in his office, and for him to have come and taken an interview with a state television journalist, Pavel Zal Rubin, was extraordinary. What he said was still more extraordinary. And it’s amazing that major international media have not picked up on this.

I’m very pleased that you have. The fact is that Mister Botnikov is a close associate of Mister Putin. He has been in that position as head of the FSB for 15 years, and it is unthinkable that he would say what he said yesterday without the approval of his boss. Now, what does this mean? And why is this remarkable? Because going back two years to the bombing of the Nord stream pipelines, which was the most spectacular act of terrorism against civilian global infrastructure in 50 years, the Russians said nothing about.

They didn’t point a finger at anyone. There was innuendo. The United States was involved, Britain was involved, other countries, but never a direct accusation. What we had yesterday was a direct accusation. At the same time, Mister Botnikov explained, he was very, very calm. He had great poise, and he chose his words carefully. He said that he is not speaking out of emotion. He’s speaking on the basis of preliminary findings, and that when all the findings are ready, when he has solid facts, he will present them.

But he expects to find those. And this is in connection with something else which has been very little reported in western media. That is to say, the discovery that two of the assailants went to Istanbul in the last days of February, and they were there until the second of it, has also been been revealed on russian television that the objective of this terrorist attack had been for a strike against a major venue.

Probably the same crocus, but it’s not relevant. A major venue for 8 March, International Women’s Day, a day that is sacred in russian calendar and a day that is one week before the presidential elections. The whole logic of this operation would have been to devastate the preceding russian elections on the 15th or 17 March. However, the United States intelligence in this, according to the Russians, discovered that this was not feasible, that russian security was very tight for the 8 March and the mission would fail.

We note that several related facts. Madam Nuland, Victoria Nuland was fired on the 5 March. It’s highly interesting that this coincidence. I and others have spoken of her connection with the german generals plotting a strike on the Kerch bridge using their cruise missiles. However, it is more likely that she was fired because the mission that she had supervised to attack Russia’s terrorist attack using islamic extremists on the 8 March was no longer operable.

We are told. The Ukrainians are saying that the Russians are saying that the Ukrainians proceeded with that terror attack against the objections of the United States because it had lost its rationale. It was supposed to take place before the elections. Instead, the Ukrainians staged it one week after the elections. And there is a point of dispute. But when you say that the Russians are accusing Ukraine, I think it’s missing the bigger issue.

The Russians are accusing the United States and Great Britain. And that puts us in a situation as critical as we were in the worst days of the cuban missile crisis. Doctor. Doctor, I just. Scott, I think this guy is indeed very good. And a call I had during the break from colleague of mine says that we’re in a hair trigger, this cuban missile crisis. Parallel is exact that there’s outrage in Russia.

And the point he made that so telling is Americans won’t decide when the US launches its missile. It will be Israel who is running the shop. And that, frankly, I find unnerving, because Israel would like nothing better than for the US and Russia to destroy each other so Israel, in its fantasies at least, can emerge as the world’s leading super power. Your thoughts? Well, with Britain, too. Britain wants the United States and Russia to destroy itself so they could have a resurrection of their identity.

I think with the british United Kingdom, we’re falling apart, too. I’d like to see Scotland recover its manhood instead of the faggotosis that seems to be. Be afflicting the Scottish National Party and all these other fools that, you know, it really amazes me because I come from, you know, my family’s from Scotland, and I look at what my family represented, extraordinarily conservative to what we have now. It’s just shit all over Britain and Scotland in general, and I think it’s all over, you know, west.

The west, they have become so toxic and delusional in their materialism and their godlessness and their sexual depravity. It’s Sodom and Gomorrah and they’ve been turned over. The bell curve of the end of the empire, the fall of Rome is upon us. Unless there’s a Nineveh moment, which would be a miraculous repentance moment. Unless there’s that, this country is going to melt like an ice cube on a red hot frying pan.

It’s inevitable. It’s the laws of nature. In God’s name and vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, I shall repay. So that’s coming. The other thing that’s important, and it’s one of the reasons I’m animated and energized to be so participatory in the media conversation and press, tv and russian channels, is because we are the voices to impress upon the russian government and intel people and media people and civilians, that not all Americans are as depraved and psychotic as the democrats and the godless Zionists.

Regardless of the party. There are american traditional conservative christians that are standing up against this. And there is a rev. I’ve said it when I was over there. America is in its own civil war. America is in the beginning of its own revolution. America is in its own perestroika. How it ends, I don’t know. And I’ve said before, as long as we walk upon the earth, we are America.

We are the Constitution. We don’t surrender our rights. We don’t bow down to fascism or COVID-19 tyranny. The moment that they try and force that upon us is the moment they die. We don’t die. We live eternally. We have nothing to fear. We don’t fear death. I think this is the evolving sentiment in many of the christian patriots in this country. As you’ve said before, Jim, when they come to take your guns, it’s time to use them, and no one wants it.

But when your backs against the wall, when you’re on the edge of the cliff, when you’re about to be pushed into the fire, that’s when you push back. Regardless of the prophetic, oh, that’s what they want you to do. Well, you know, sometimes the duty of a responsible man is to restate the obvious, as Orwell said. So we’re restating the obvious that there are more Americans that don’t want war against Russia, don’t want America financing this ukrainian mafia, money laundering, bio weapons laboratory, human trafficking, pit of hell, nor do the majority of Americans want Israel to be given all the weapons and money to do its genocide.

So I think that is the restraint that Russia is not going to be provoked into any kind of an action. They’re not going to, I’ve said it, Russia is not going to bomb Florida or New York or take any aggressive action against any of these countries. It is always defensive. And this is rooted in their strategic posture. Russia’s military strategy is always rooted in defense, and that hasn’t changed.

So they are not going to be advancing in any sort of aggressive conquest mode. They may advance in a defensive mode, but they’re not going to be initiating conflict or destruction of the United States or Britain or these countries. And that’s why Biden and the rest of them are going to be setting off false flak attacks in the United States to try and justify a war against Russia, justify a draft, justify a police state, justify mandatory vaccines, justify everything evil under the sun that they have envisioned Americans need to be subjected to.

And the delusion of the Democrats is they think if they say it while wearing a lanyard and a government badge and claiming to be a Biden administration appointee, that somehow Americans will swallow the pill or take the suppository. I don’t think they’re going to. I think Americans are going to look them steely in the eye and say, you pass this line, you will die. And that line is any kind of a policy enforcement invasion, police action, suspension of rights.

We’ve learned this the hard way in the COVID-19 and all of us said the moment the COVID-19 thing broke out in spring of 2020, it was a lie. We were right. Everybody else was wrong. Or some of them finally caught up to where we were at the beginning. And I will never, ever apologize, and I will always sing like a rooster at the top of a hill how right we were and how dumb everybody else was, and that that conviction and confidence should carry us through to every equation that we solve on the geopolitical formula that everybody else is still learning basic, you know, addition and subtraction while we’re at the advanced level of the geopolitical calculus.

And I think the ultimate calculus is Russia is not going to take an aggressive, provoked action, but the west is going to implode and set off bombs in our own country. That will not galvanize support for Biden, but it will quicken the disintegration of the United States. Jim Ryan the powers that be have always controlled both sides of wars. And the best way to keep one side divided against the other is to keep the population hating the other population.

Everybody hates everybody. Everybody fears everybody. There’s now a new attack. Tomorrow’s attack, whatever attack it’s going to be is probably going to originate from Russia or from right wing extremists or the MAGA or whoever, and it’s going to inflame all of Americans. And we’re going to say, okay, we got to go borrow more money from the banking cartel to engage in our next war because we depleted all of our munitions over in Ukraine.

If they have the whole world divided against themselves, then or against each other, then they can accomplish their goals. Just think about how they’ve used war to advance their agenda. They’ve got us against everybody except for where we ought to be against. Swiss Policy Research Institute. Everything that’s at the top of the global banking cartel, the pure Zionists, the powers and the controllers are the ones that we ought to be after.

And I was really hoping that Donald Trump would at least make a move towards draining the swamp. He didn’t make a single move towards draining the swamp. There’s lots of talk about the senior executive service and cleaning them out cleaning up our institutions. But at this point in time, we don’t. We’re already in the water boiling, Scott. It’s already boiling. All it’s going to take is a match to light the fuel on fire and the whole thing breaks loose.

Think about that. Maybe it comes out of Baltimore this summer when it starts getting hot and everybody’s killing each other. Think about maybe they’ll raise another George Floyd type character up or they’re going to have a massive blackout and blame it on a high level electro nuke or whatever it happens to be. But they’re going to throw something at us that’s going to put us into a position where we’re begging our government to bail us out.

Our government will then do what, quote unquote, needs to be done, which goes to these powers. We’ve got to clean this problem out from the inside out. We need to start right at home. And we need to stop with allowing our politicians to be controlled in such a manner that they’re taking all this money, getting rich from all these different angles, and appointing all of these controlled opposition type characters to the tops of these agencies.

I don’t know if I’m going to ever see that happen in my life. But if there’s a problem and we’re going to avoid it and we’re going to survive as a society and as a nation, it starts at home. I don’t really even care what happens over in Russia. I don’t even really care what happens over in Europe. I know it’s a globalist agenda, but we’ve got to clean up our mess here at home.

And the best way to do this is to peacefully educate and inform using what’s left of our power, of freedom of speech. This is exactly what we’re doing and what we’re trying to do. Hopefully out of all this, a new breed of leaders raised up that just simply doesn’t buy into the globalist agenda and the globalist garbage. Let’s just, let’s figure out a way to do what needs to be done here at home.

Let me add one thing, Jim. The thing that’s interesting is a phenomenon is similar to what Fa Hayek described the human mind as. Fa Hayek and the road to serfdom is the austrian economist said, people are like a garden. They’re not like a piece of wood to be whittled and shaped. That’s the democrat, godless, atheistic, leftist mind. People are to be whittled and carved and we’ll just shape them.

We’ll control their minds with proper influence and we’ll stop tweets from influence them otherwise. So they think that, well, we can control and manipulate and carve. Where I and Hayek, and I’m sure many of us look at the american mind in particular in the subject of America, as you’re describing, and I agree, the american mind is like a garden, which means out of the soil of your mind, let’s say for the last three years, four years since COVID the sprouts, the green sprouts of suspicion, of questioning, of.

Wait a minute, that’s never been done before. COVID-19 this and that. The growth of suspicion and caution and questioning is the phenomenon of God’s quickening in people. Even if you’re not a Christian, this has got nothing to do with your religious disposition. This has got everything to do with the divine wind moving through the world and moving through american society. We are unique as Americans. We don’t have the historical mindset of the Italians or the Spanish or the French or the Germans or the British or all that.

We’re detached from that. We’ve got more of a. An independent spirit where your destiny is created by your pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps. Independence, ruggedness, whatever you want to call it, that mentality, that personality translates or is reflected into the green sprouts of questioning and suspicion. So my point is, over the last few years, the good people, the smart people, the ass kickers, whatever you want to call them, the Scott Bennett types, the Brian Davidson types, the don, the Jim types, we and many of us have grown with an addition.

Wait a minute, there’s something, and there’s an increase in aggression. I don’t mean crazy, violent aggression, a hostility and aggression that is alerting us to this, that’s never going to be tampered down. While the others, you’re right, they’re becoming more and more fearful, more and more schizophrenic. Well, I just need another shot. And you do too. And if you don’t get it, then you are bad. And I’m going to report you.

The hysteria, the unfrazzling of the mind, the COVID-19 darkening whatever’s happening to people, we’re seeing a great division. And aside from the lemmings and the diseased lepers of these idiots that go the other way, our people are becoming more and more independent and divorced from the media and divorced from politicians, and we’re entering a phase of you know what. The only way we’re going to solve this is on our local level.

We’re going to create our own local sheriffs and supervisors and school boards, and we’re going to go into our schools and make sure our kids aren’t raped with transgender this or all the other stuff. So it’s moving in a local control. But I don’t want to neglect the very real phenomenon that as people have been exposed to the propaganda and the lies, they have developed a resistance. They have developed a natural inoculation against it.

So what we may have been fooled with or questioning a little bit back in 2019, 2020, we’re now much more aggressive and militant, and I’ll say it advisedly hateful towards these sabotage, deception operations and lies. So I think that’s important. And I look at it from a military perspective. You want your men hateful, angry, hateful, full of aggression fury to be able to withstand the attacks of the enemy or his spies or things.

So I see that happening and developing is a very angry, aggressive, not in a crazy way, but an angry, aggressive, hostile positioning of good people against all of these information warfare tactics are coming. And perhaps Jim isn’t former marine could want to weigh into, but I’ll end it there. No, I get it, Scott. Essentially the direct Russia Putin signed a decree for spring military conscription. He’s got to move forward, calling up 150,000 for statutory military service.

All men in Russia are required to do a year long military service or equivalent during higher education from the age of 18. We should have that here. Russias lower house voted to raise a max age at which men can be conscripted to 30 from 27. Compulsory military service has long been sensitive in Russia, where many men go to great length to avoid being conscripted. They cannot legally be deployed to fight outside Russia, however, and were exempted from a limited mobilization in 2022 that gathered at least 300,000 with previous military train to fight in Ukraine, though some conscripts were sent to the front in error.

In September, he signed an order to call up 130,000 for the autumn campaign. In that spring. Flanagan script 147,000. Meanwhile, Zelenskyy warned Ukraine will have to retreat as the russian forces outgunned him. Six Taiwan Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has warned his troops may have to retreat. Hep’s soldiers are running low on ammo. Ukraine’s leaders are fearing the worst, Zelenskyy told the Washington Post. It means we will go back, retreat step by step in small steps.

We’re trying to find some way not to retreat. Ukraine’s recently appointed commander in chief, Aleksandr Sirsky, it should be taken into account that people are not robots. They are exhausted physically and psychologically, especially in the conditions of hostility at boot, look to capitalize on Ukraine’s vulnerability. While military aid for Kiev is held up in Washington, the russian president passed a conscription for 150,000 more to be mobilized. Skirtsky also warned russian artillery mortars are outgunning Ukrainian at a rate of six to one.

Until a few days ago, enemys advantage in terms of munition fire was about six to one. We learned to fight not by the amount of ammunition, but by the skill of using the weapons available. Recently, the number of position we regained exceeded the number of lost positions. The enemy did not manage to advance significantly his territorial gains, if any, being of tactical importance. The russian air force is also launching strikes on Ukraine’s energy and gas facilities.

Moscow defense confirmed it has used high precision long range air based weapons in these attacks. Let me continue after we finish with Ukraine. Any further thoughts, Scott? That we may have pretty much exhausted the topic? I just say that’s why Russia is like the hulk, as I said at the break, and America and Ukraine is like the little fat kid in the South park series, whatever his name is.

I can’t even remember. Go ahead, Ryan. Any further thoughts? Old school techniques create a problem, positive reaction. Propose a solution that’s already predetermined as to what you’re going to do. If the whole world is scared because there’s been a new attack on the crocus music theater, or there’s a new war that needs to be fought, or there’s some new fear campaign that’s taking place, you’re going to get a reaction from the public, which is going to drive the public into allowing their politicians to create the solution.

The solution is more spending. Surprise, surprise, surprise. So now Russia’s got to have a draft because of the Ukraine threat. Now Ukraine needs to have more money because of the Russia threat. It’s all problem reaction solution stuff. This is, this is old school. This stuff goes back centuries. And I think the recent bridge attack was extortion by Ukraine, that there’s going to be more of the same if we don’t come through with a big box.

Here’s John Lee explained. There’s no blossom account for the bridge strike, meaning that could possibly have been accidental. I’ve seen no plausible explanation why the Daly cargo ship did not simply hold its course in the channel and glide under the bridge even after losing power. This being the case, I wonder why the Biden admin immediately offered to foot the mill for the entire disaster without first determining if the Merskwine, the ship’s operator, the local pilot, or other actors bore responsibility.

Media reporting of the voltage data recorder shed zero light. CB’s news and the independent same account of the fragmentary VDR information released by federal investigators seemed to me these reports raised more questions than the answer we’re being told. 107 am the vessel entered the Fort McHenry channel. 124 numerous alarms were sounded. The voyage data recorder stopped recording the vessel system data but was able to continue taping audio from alternative power source.

126 the VDA resumed recording and captured steering commands. Author leakes notes, what were the steering commands to the rudder? An essential question. I repeat, ascertaining these captured steering commands should be a key focus of the investigation. That same minute, the pilot issued a very high frequency radio call to nearby tugboats requesting assistance. Data from the Maryland Transportation Authority showed the pilot association dispatcher called the duty officer about a blackout.

127 the pilot ordered the Dali to drop port anchor along with other steering commands, also issued another high frequency radio call. 129 Daly was moving just under 8 miles an hour. The VDR recorded 33 seconds of sound consistent with the vessel colliding into the bridge. As noted in my last post, ten knot breeze blowing on a vehicle port beam were false. The following statement of wind data revealed what was going on.

Note at 100 03:00 a. m. The wind was blowing at 4. 29 knots from 35 degrees and gusting to 5. 05. This four to five knot breeze could be largely canceled by the 8. 7 knot apparent wind on the vessel’s nose that it traveled 8. 7 knots on a southeast ending. Moreover, 4. 5 breezes hardly enough to move a weather vane or rustle a flag. Other commentators are asked to consider the factor of prop walk known to affect single prop vessels at slow speeds, especially in reverse.

This, however, would not be significant on a 95,000 ton vessel traveling at 8. 7 knots at the time it lost propulsion. In contemplating this report, consider the Dali is a neopanax container ship constructed by Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea in 2015, worth probably around $150 million. Hyundai whistles have a long history of top safety and performance ratings. As one expect of such a valuable vessel, it’s equipped with multiple layers of security to maintain steering control in the event of loss of the vessel’s primary power.

These multiple layers are mandated by the US Code of Federal Relations and International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea. Per subparagraph, a large vessel must be equipped with auxiliary steering gear and auxiliary power curious readers that take the time to read will understand why loss of primary power should not impede the pilot from maintaining course while streaming 8. 7 in the middle of a deep ship channel on a clear and windless night.

In addition to primary and emergency, many modern cargo ships are also equipped with uninterruptible power supplies. Battery powered, though I have yet to ascertain if Daly had such a. It’s important to note auxiliary steering gear and auxiliary power automatically available within 45 seconds of loss of power are not optional. They are required by us and international law. If Mersklein failed to maintain these systems or provide proper training to its crew, it raises the question of why Biden immediately declared the US federal government would fit the bill.

We do have the video of General Mike Flynn. Says the I don’t know exactly. I’ve been alive, so interesting. Cover it all. So the point I would make is mine’s rushing to judge it because he doesn’t want insurance companies to get in and investigate what really happened to make a proportional allocation because they were in on it. My take. Scott, yours? Well, yeah, it’s quite telling when Biden rushes in and says the federal government, essentially all the states will pay for something, that the shipping company is obviously responsible for crashing their own ship.

But there’s also tells of explosives going off. I remember seeing a video that was shown last week of apparent explosion at the top of the bridge. I mean, it’s very odd. And then they had another ship running into another bridge in the south somewhere. So there’s a lot of speculation. Is this part of the cutting off of America’s transit routes and food supplies and trade and all of that jazz? Perhaps the question is what does the sheriff of the county, what has he done? And in response to this crash into the bridge, my default is it’s always a false flag.

And General Flynn, allegedly on redacted, said it was a black swan event. And I think there’s something there that certainly is not kosher. Jim? Well, I’ve looked at the explosives about the top, and it was electrical cables that were breaking apart as a bridge collapsed, not explosives. Brian, your thoughts? Well, it looked similar to the World Trade centers coming down to me. I mean, it looked like a controlled demolition.

It came down in an instant, not what, exactly what you would expect from a well built bridge. Probably more of what you would expect from a very old bridge that needed to be demolished anyway. But there was no political will to do that. Additionally, supposedly the ship’s pilot dropped the port side anchor. How did the boat turn to the right if you dropped the port side anchor. And I don’t buy the idea that it lost power with those uninterruptible power supplies on those big ships.

I’m just not convinced. On top of that, the Baltimore strong advertisement started the very next day and all the gofundmes were up by eight or nine in the morning when it was even. The accident happened at 01:30 a. m. I mean, everybody’s sleeping. How do you have all these gofundmes up and running and all these Baltimore strong campaigns running around town on the, on the radio immediately after? It feels like Uvalde.

It feels like all the rest of the false flags to me. But what do I know? All I know is that what’s going to come out of this, more spending, more infrastructure, more money. We need more support and Baltimore is the perfect place to do it. It’ll turn the place into a madhouse when summertime comes around. And of course, you’ve got your open society foundation elected puppets that are in place managing the city of Baltimore.

So it’s sort of a perfect storm. Yeah. Mayor Baltimore apparently is a little kid. I don’t know if he’s a gang member, he’s a little black kid. I don’t know. It looks like he’s 19 years old and the whole thing looks like he’s, I think he’s 26. But still doesn’t change the fact that Baltimore is ill prepared from a leadership position to be able to handle this. So everybody that’s there is probably just like, hey, payday, cash out.

Come on, let’s get what we can. Yep, gonna be a lot of looting and arson and the whole bit. I think you’re right. Meanwhile, believe it or not, just as we had those tweets from Ukraine claiming that if we don’t come up with a big box, we’re going to have more of these catastrophes. The mexican press is demanding the US pay up or the flow of migrants will continue.

This is scurrilous. The president Mexico has confirmed what essentially appears to be his attempt to blackmail extortion United States that have paid billions routes the flow of migrants will continue. A report from Fox reveals that Andre Emmanuel Lopez Obrador demanded a series of action by the US in order for him to try to cut off some of the millions of illegals coming from Mexico into the US across our southern border.

Then just days ago on 60 minutes, he said if the US fails to meet his demands, the flow of migrants will continue. The report said. Obrador has demanded the US give 20 billion a year to latin american nations, lift sanctions on Venezuela, end the cuban embargo, give legal status in America to millions of Mexicans who already have entered illegally, Fox reported. The original demands, described by craigs as blackmail, came in January, when he made the demands regarding billions in cash, amnesty, and more.

Mexico has reportedly taken some state level action to curb mass migration, at Biden’s request, making crossings drop. However, the number of migrants began to rise again in February, border Patrol expecting another surge in the spring. Interviewing Sharon, Alfonse asked, everybody thinks you have the power in this moment to slow down migration. Do you plan to? He responded, the root causes must be addressed. Your Greeks have said what you’re doing, what you’re asking for, to help secure the border as diplomatic blackmail.

What do you say? He later seemed to contradict himself, confirming that even if those things don’t happen, he will continue to try to help secure the border because the relationship between the nations is important. Meanwhile, look at the masses. Globalists claim mass immigration helps the US economy. Here’s why that’s a lie. By Brandon Smith I’ve said many times in the past, if you want to understand why world events happen the way they do, you must understand the goals and influence of globalist institutions.

Yes, I know there are plenty of skeptics out there think all geopolitics and crisis events are random or a product of bureaucratic stupidity. They are wrong. They have no idea what they’re talking about. They’re basing their conclusion on assumptions other than facts and research. Make no mistake, there’s a good reason why it feels the whole world has gone crazy at once. The primary purpose of the globalist is to erase national borders and homogenize all countries and cultures under one economic and governmental system.

They’ve openly admitted this plan on numerous occasions. Among the most revealing quotes comes from Clinton administration deputy secretary of state trobe Talbot, who stated, in time, in the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete. All states will recognize a single global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all, he adds. A lesser known the free will formed multinational multilateral financial institution at bend on member state willingness to give up a degree of sovereignty.

The International Monetary Fund can virtually dictate fiscal policies, even including how much tax the government should levy on its own citizens. The general agreement on tariff and trade regulates how much duty a nation can charge on imports. These organizations can be seen as the proto ministries of trade, finance, and development for a united world the people who push this agenda tend to be members of globalist organization, Council on Foreign Relations, Tavistock Institute, World Economic Forum, IMF, World bank.

Not mention the bank for International Settlement or the Council for Inclusive Capitalism. These think tanks, however, only part of the bigger picture. They’re supported by some of the biggest banking and investment corporations in the world, including Goldman, Sach, JP Morris, HSBC, Vanguard, BlackRock. If you want to know why mass illegal immigration is a growing crisis, why the current government has been actively trying to enforce an open border in the US, simply look at the financial aspects of pro illegal immigration lobbying groups and think tanks pushing open border messaging into the mainstream.

For example, illicit companies backing the governor of New York plan to subsidize illegal centering the state is really revealing. If they’re allowed to continue offering incentives to illegals, then those people continue to try to come to the US. This isn’t complicated. The conspiracy is out. In the opening for the first few years of Biden presidency and his cohorts attempted to deny mass illegal migration was a problem. However, when media coverage began to expose the enormous caravans of illegals overwhelming border towns like El Paso, his force to ignite a crisis was real.

But if you thought forcing Biden to admit the disaster was going to force him to do something about it, you were solely mistaken. The reason mass immigration exists right now is exactly because the Biden admin and globalist institutions are offering free handouts to asylum seekers. All they have to do to stop the rising tide is stop offering them free stuff. Clearly the political elites have no intention of doing that.

Instead, government officials, think tanks and the media have decided since they’re now pressed to admit mass immigration and open wars are real, they’re going to spin the crisis as if it were actually a good thing for America. In a narrative like that used by EU officials to justify their support of the invasion of islamic fundamentalists from 2014 until now, american elites claim western nations are desperate for a younger population that can fill the needs of the labor market.

They claim mass migration into the west is good for the economy. That was a primary message of WEF conference held in March. The globalist organization discussed how open borders and mass immigration could be framed as a positive in terms of economic advantages. The talking point derived from WF always find their way into the corporate media. The main takeaway protectionism of national borders is bad, and that countries that engage will be at an economic disadvantage.

Since last month, there’s been a veritable hailstorm of established media articles and news suggesting mass immigration will boost DGP and make America stronger. They’re all built on a single line from a single report from the Congressional Budget Office that states in our projections, the deficit is also smaller than it was last year because economic output is greater, partly as a result of more people working. Labor force at 2023 is larger by 5.

2 million, mostly because of higher net immigration as a result of those changes in the labor force list. To me, from 2023 to 2034, GDP will be greater by about 7 trillion. Revenue is greater by about one than he would have been otherwise. We continue to assess the implication of immigration from revenue and spending. Bloomberg published an article boasting this line from CBO reports shows rising fears among Americans over illegal immigration are unfounded.

They question why the migration crisis is a top issue going into the 2024 election signed a number of major banking institutions that have adjusted their fiscal outlook to be positive because CBos data point Bloomberg quotes Immigration is not just a highly charged social and political issue, it’s also a big macroeconomic. Janet Henry, global chief economist at HSBC holdings, wrote in a note by clients. No advanced economy is benefiting from immigration quite like the US, and the impact of migration has been an important part of the US growth story over the past two years.

First, let’s clarify something in terms of CBO’s theory. The US deficit has fallen into recovery. Correlation to the Federal Reserve raising interest rates. It’s more expensive to borrow for everyone, including the government, which makes it more expensive to spend because of far higher interest payments. US is now adding over a trillion every 100 days to the national debt. That’s unprecedented. And he’s been eating cuts can be directly attributed to higher interest rate, not immigration.

CBO mentioned this fact quickly in the same report without elaboration why they think immigrants add value, but consider the GDP claim for a moment. Why would CBO expect higher immigration at 7 trillion to the GDP in the next ten years? They say it’s about more people working. Well, what about more people taking welfare in other subsidies? Neither the CBO nor the media make any distinction between legal and illegal immigrants when it comes to economic appearance.

Legal migrants usually have careers, business plans, skill sets, their own money coming into the US. Most illegals have nothing, little education, no substantial skillset, no money, no plans other than to get free handouts whenever possible. We have seen the proof in places like New York and Washington DC, where a tiny percentage of migrants bust into the cities have absolutely crushed their welfare infrastructure. It’s estimated the net lifetime cost of each illegal for the american taxpayer is over 68,000.

I suspect that is per american taxpayer. While some illegals do end up paying taxes, their overall cost is far, far higher than the amount they pay in the job market has been inflated by trillions in Federal Reserve stimulus. Most of the jobs created are low wage retail and service. They’ll disappear in a couple of years anyway. The CBO notes in the same report. Unemployment is set to increase in 2024.

But the media overlooked that little tidbit. Migrants are not needed to keep the labor market going anyway. In fact, as job numbers inevitably plummet that a higher interest rates, illegals only add to jobless levels and poverty in the US. Not to mention the american housing market has suffered an oppressive spike in prices, home costs and rents in many places doubling. This is caused in part by the millions of migrants serving the country each year looking for housing, getting help from the US government to secure that housing.

Get rid of the illegals. I guarantee rent costs will go down quickly. Almost all the projected GDP gained from illegals comes from wages which go into their pockets, the same wages they send back to their families in their home countries. There is no direct GDP gain from illegals in terms of benefit to the overall economy. That said, the CBO may also be accounting for another factor of which many Americans are unaware.

Government spending being added to GDP. A large portion of GDP calculated by state governments and federal government comes from spending. The more the government spends, the higher GDP climbs. It doesn’t matter if the money is wasted, it’s still counting as rising economic activity. So if the US is saying do the 3 million illegal per year and the government is spending thousand per year on each illegal, that will amount to billions per year in extra GDP.

And the more they allow illegal sander unchecked, the more GDP can grow exponentially. Is that good for the economy? No, it’s destroying the economy. We’re already seeing the effects. But the government and the media can spin it to look like it’s a positive. The head of the CBO is a republican, but he’s also a former member of the IMF. It’s not surprising he would paint mass immigration as a positive.

The globalists want to end national sovereignty. The fastest way to do that is to create open border conditions, kill domestic economies, erase western culture, and then swoop in with a global solution after the dust settles. That is the plan to destabilize the US economy, not save it. And illegal immigration is a useful tool for that. Ann scott well, I think you’re going to see all sorts of economic implosions, all sorts of economic and social rifts, as you’ve kind of described and Brian’s described, with the Baltimore Bridge collapsing, I think you’re going to see a lot of these derivative social explosions going off that are, are going to only quicken certain agents, certain provocateurs, certain people that are paid to be chaos agents.

But I think they’re also going to be extremely stunted because the one thing the left doesn’t appreciate is the learning curve and the advanced training that people have gone through since the summer of 2020 when they burn down Minneapolis and elsewhere. I think people have learned from that and are never going to allow it to be repeated. And I think you’re going to see that also manifest on the southern border when Mexico and its president tries to extort America into paying to stop migrants.

It’s time to use your sniper rifle and use any other means necessary to protect your family, your home, and your country from a foreign invasion and to declare that the states are independent of the traitor and traitors in Washington, DC that are facilitating this invasion, this violation of our constitutional republic, the violation of the constitution. And such violations make null and void any contracts of subservience or obedience or even recognition of a federal government as prescribed by the Declaration of Independence.

Jim, I think it’s fascinating that GDP increases with government spending. So the more they spend, even on freebies for immigrants, it looks like the GDP is growing. What an atrocity. Brian. Well, we can all feel it. And let’s, you know, we’ve got a series of articles there about the migrants that bring up the issue. What’s easier to control a nation and a culture that has its own independent spirit or one that’s boiled down into something else.

Let me remind you that if you take a look at the pattern of the last 30 to 40 years, you’re going to see that the globalists are always looking to get everybody shoved into an institution, a vertical group where they can control the uppermost power structure and drive policy down. What they’re hoping to achieve is a globalist institution, a one world government where their institution is the one that they can control and the power structure floats downhill.

You can’t do that when you have an independent culture thinking independently. You can do that when you have a boiled down, weak slave culture that has no power to resist the structures that come in and move everything. So, yes, they’re going to, they’re going to water us down. They watered Europe down. They’re going to continue to water other nations down. And it’s the holdouts. Remember, the big holdout in all this has always been Russia, a very key player in terms of a chess piece on the global board.

Russia has always thought and acted and moved and operated independently. They have to go down, which is why what’s happened in Ukraine is so very important for their global play, because they can’t have holdings if they’re going to reestablish a centralized one world government under a centralized digital bank currency that they can issue to obedient citizens and de issue to disobedience citizens. Very good. Very good. Here we are.

I regard that as perhaps actually the most important of the stories we’re covering today. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has issued a White House proclamation declaring March 31 as transgender visibility. This March 31, of course, is Easter now, whereby I, Joseph R. Biden, junior president of the United States, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, to hereby proclaim March 31, 2024 as transgender day of visibility.

I call upon all Americans who join us in lifting up the lives and voices of transgender people throughout our nation and to work toward eliminating violence and discrimination based on gender identity. In witness thereof, I have signed my hand, my Walt wheeze. I am as low enough winning a bind as you could possibly have, and yet this is so outrageously evil that had to check to make sure it was real.

It is. Our catholic president has chosen the highest holiday of the christian calendar to celebrate transgenderism. The man is a demon. Trump can’t Biden must apologize to Christians after declaring Easter Sunday Trans Day, inventing kids from religious egg designs at the White House. It’s appalling and insulting that Joe Biden White House prohibited children from submitting religious egg designs for their Easter art event and declaring Easter Sunday is trans Day of visibility, campaign spokeswoman Carolyn Leavitt told Breitbart.

Sadly, these are just two more examples of Biden admin years long assault on the christian faith. We call on Biden failing campaign in White House tuition apology to the millions of Catholics and Christians across America who believe tomorrow is for one celebration only, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Trump campaign move here comes after Biden issued an official proclamation as president United States declaring Easter Sunday will be transgender day of visibility.

In addition, Biden and the White House have been children from submitting overtly religious artwork as submissions at the annual White House Easter egg roll. The annual event is normally nonpartisan and uncontroversial, but Biden and his radical leftist White House employees, they’ve got their agenda, infiltrating even this yearly tradition. The event, hosted by first lady Jill Biden, sent out a flyer to participate, barring children from submitting any Easter eggs from containing religious content on their designs.

The submission must not include any questionable content, religious symbolism, overtly religious themes or partisan political statements, said the flyer. These latest development come after Biden skipped awake of a slain New York City Police Department officer, Jonathan Diller, to instead hold an all hands on deck, desperate fundraiser with former President Obama and Bill Clinton in New York. Trump actually went to Diller’s way and afterward delivered brief remarks in which he noted the nation he says he law and order restored after Biden and his allies have gutted police protection nationwide the Trump campaign.

Similarly, Biden over the mistake he made Biden came straight out of that Ritzy fundraiser hosted by actress Mindy Kaling on the stage of which late night comedian Stephen Colbert interviewed him, at which several elitist entertainers like Lizzo and Queen Latifah performed to Friday issuing this official proclamation. These overt cultural misstep by the Biden team to stop over Easter and on Thursday over law enforcement provide major contrast opportunities for the Trump campaign, which had been seizing them to show America how much better it was under Trump than it is under Biden and how much better it would be were Trump to return.

Let me continue vetting. Firm predicts Michelle is possible replacement for Biden in November election former first a Michelle Obama could be named as a replacement for Biden as a DNC nominee for the 2024 presidential election, according to a betting company. According to Newsweek, Betfair has predicted a 69% chance of Biden securing the nomination. The 81 year old no comment is already one party primaries in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada by concerns about Biden’s health, which recent gaps have only bolstered, have prompted speculation about potential personalities to replace him.

They were followed by a report by DOJ special counsel. Her centered on how Biden mishandled classified docs. The special counsel described him as an elderly man with a poor memory, which at present strongly denied. However, he failed to convince people his memory was fine after he dubbed egyptian president Abdel al Fat al Sisi as the president of Mexico. According to Betfair, Michelle has an 11% chance of replacing Biden.

Gavin Newsom, Brent Whitmore, Elizabeth Warren Hillary Clinton followed a bomb in that order. Interestingly, incumbent VP Kamala Harris didn’t come close to the former first lady’s chances. With only 6. 3% Ramaswami Michelle Obama will replace Biden whether she likes it or not. In January of this year, Michelle admitted she is terrified about what could possibly have in an appearance on Jay Shetty’s on purpose broadcast. But former republican presidential candidate Livek Ramaswami says she has no say in the matter as Democrats will push her to replace Biden whether she likes it or not.

I personally think it’s going to be Michelle Obama, Swami told Betty Johnson as an appearance on the Benny show. People say she doesn’t want to run, but she doesn’t have any choice in the matter. Really, the idea that her choice actually matters, it doesn’t. These people are puppets. They’re pawns. Most of them are coin operated, either directly or indirectly. How does it tie together with a transgender day of visibility here, Brock, with Michelle Yvonne Robinson noticeably bereft of any female enhancements because Michelle.

Michael turned himself into Michelle. Notice Michelle has a package most women do not have. And when your husband’s no longer present, she has let her beard grow. We know from a former physician who attended her that Michelle is not a woman who used to be a man. Michelle Obama is just a man with breast implants and a huge shaving pill. On the campaign trail, no medical staff was allowed to go near her other than to check her vitals.

I know what I know, he wrote, because I walked on her hymn while I was taking a leak standing up in a bathroom in Trenton. They raised me millions for my silence. But after seeing what they did to the country, I just can’t keep quiet. Let them sue me. I think we’re looking at bavamet the goat God, who also has female breasts but also male genitalia. We already have the first game president with Obama, so let’s just calm down.

You know, Michelle is a tranny, a transgender. We all know. Two months to the day of Joan Rivers outing of the Obamas, she was dead, having stopped breathing during a routine endoscopy. Meanwhile, check it out. Men and women of the finest military in the world, Michael and I. Michael and I. Does anything scary? You know, uh, well, when my, my. When Michelle’s mad. When my, my. When Michelle’s mad? When my.

Michelle’s man. Michelle Obama is a man. Oh, yeah. Her real name is Michael. She’s a trans. Oh, yeah. I would have thought you noticed the dick in her pants. Oh, yeah. Obama’s really a homo. His wife is a man. Oh, yeah. They had the country fooled with it. They really had us fooled. They had the whole world fooled with it. Yeah, they had us all fooled. Michelle Obama is a man.

Oh, yeah. The real name is my Michael. She’s a trans. Oh, yeah. I would have thought you noticed the dick in her pants. Oh, yeah. Obama’s really a homo. His wife is a man. Oh, yeah. They had the country fooled with it. They really had a school. They had the whole world fooled with it. Yeah, they had us all fooled they had the country fooled with it. They really had us fooled they had the whole world fooled with it.

Yeah, they had us all fooled. And do you think that the country will stay? The United States will see the first gay president or the first woman president? I have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down. Got it. No, Michelle is a tran. I’m sorry. She’s a what? A transgender. We all know. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Yep. Michelle Obama is a man. I’ve done the research.

I guarantee you all of that is accurate and authentic. Scott, your thoughts? Well, Jim, you’re. You’re exactly right, and I applaud you for bringing this up and playing it again and again. It harmonizes with my training in counterterrorism, that you always mock the enemy. You laugh at them, and it destroys their power and their threats and their authority. And let me read something that is far more profound than anything I could say in this closing of our show and in this Easter moment.

You know, God in heaven shall mock them and have them in derision. And far too many people have felt sorry and tolerated this whole homosexual tsunami that has overtaken our society and raped our classrooms and destroyed. Destroyed our children’s innocent. All of that is upon our own heads to have allowed this. But there is an awakening, a great awakening that’s happening. And let me just add to that in reading this for a couple minutes.

Let God arise. Let his enemies be scattered. Let them also that hate him flee before him. As smoke is driven away, so drive them away. As wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God. But let the righteous be glad. Let them rejoice before God. Yea, let them exceedingly rejoice. Sing unto God. Sing praises to his name. Extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name.

Yah. And rejoice before him. A father of the fatherless and a judge of the widows is God in his holy habitation. God setteth the solitary in families. He bringeth out those which are bound with chains. But the rebellious dwell in a dry land. O God, when thou wentest before thy people, when thou didst march through the wilderness, selah the earth shook. The heavens also dropped at the presence of God.

Even Sinai itself was moved at the presence of God, the God of Israel. Thou, O God, didst set a plentiful reign, whereby thou didst confirm thine inheritance when it was weary. Thy congregation hath dwelt therein. Thou, O God, has prepared of thy goodness for the poor. The Lord gave the word great was the company of those that published it. Kings of armies did flee apace, and she that tarried it home divided the spoil.

And I’ll say this, as offensive and disgusted as I am by these abominable sodomites, by these disgusting demoniacs, I rest and rejoice and sing praises and laugh, because I know God ultimately is going to have the final day in the cleansing of this country. But I think we have to feel the bite and the. The sores of fleas to finally get off our asses and scratch and disinfect ourselves from this evil that has come upon us.

And unless we rise up with the strength of Samson and overthrow their dagon pillars, we deserve the destruction that’s coming upon this nation. I’ll end it by saying that. Jimmy. Well, thank you, Scott. Bryan, your thoughts? Well, it seems that the White House, prior to Easter Sunday, issued a new directive, that we would now have a new nation, a new national religion. I thought there was something called separation of church and state, but I guess the new religion is what? Humanism? Leftism, progressivism.

But the problem with this new religion is that it invokes this feeling of progress. But what are we going toward? What are we progressing toward? What, a global depopulation agenda? A total annihilation of the concept of men and women? It speaks of progress, but it doesn’t tell us where we’re going. It’s designed to displace the old religious values that made America what it is. They infiltrate both church and state and institution, pressing this idea, the same idea that’s brought us gulags and dictators and human death on a mass scale in other, other nations.

Now they want to press it here just as well. We did have 209 founding fathers that all considered themselves to be christians of some sort. We do have, in a sense, religion. And where we came from and where we’re headed, that was built into our constitution, but it was obviously and carefully separated out from the role of government. So why is government now pressing this new humanist religion that takes us nowhere? I’m not sure that I understand it, except that these people think that they have achieved the objective, and the objective is to get rid of the old judeo christian mindset that there is a God that’s in control and in power, they’re going to find out that this is not going to end well for them when that God chooses to wake up, and I’ll say he’s sleeping, he’s not.

He’s paying attention, he’s there, but he’s just working very differently than what we would expect. And let me remind you that, you know, those that remain of us inside the christian church try to. We need to understand our role, that our. Our struggle is not against the flesh and blood, but against the rulers, the authorities, the powers of the dark world, and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

We’re called to be as wise as serpent and as innocent of doves. We don’t go out there and take life or vigilante justice into our own hands. Instead, we take to our knees and we call on our God to help us survive the coming catastrophe that that’s going to result from progressivism and humanism. Pray for the strength of Samson when those assholes surround us so the jawbone of an ass can be our delivery instrument.

I’ll just add a new story I saw today showed polling revealed that if Michelle were to run, she would be trumped by Trump overwhelmingly in the polls. Don Jim, let me just say one thing in closing. What do you think is going to happen in this presidential election? Because this really is the tip of the pencil. You got Trump and the mystery person, and then you got Biden and Kamala Harris.

How do you see things changing with that musical chair scenario? Well, I don’t think they can any longer steal the election the way they did in 2020. There’s too much awareness. I don’t think they can do it. Their only options, therefore, are to accede to a Trump presidency. And we do have a number of rhino in the Senate and House who are either not running or going to turn Democrat.

To give the control of the Senate in the House to the Democrats, if they possibly can, or to forfeit the election by having a martial law declared on one pretext or another, which would be easy to generate. I’m hopeful they’ll try the former rather than the latter, because martial law, I think, would lead to a revolution in this country and a lot of good people would lose their lives.

Those are the options as I see it. Oh, wow. What kind of options in this show? And by the way, Biden had that transgender day be Easter day. I think he missed it by a day. It should have been today. April Fool’s Day because they’re so foolish. This is just crazy. This is not the way it should be. Easter. All about precision and it takes another Easter. What do you left? Yeah.

And also on my phone here, there’s a discussion all about this transgender self, and it’s a crazy thing. It’s a hot topic, and it’s not supposed to be anything hot. It should be. It shouldn’t even be around. But anyway, we are around here on this April fool’s day, and we’re not fooling. Boy, it’s getting serious. It’s hot. And you guys share this, and I think I’m going to do it in four parts.

So you’ll be able to pick things apart and send them out as you like. But this has been a great, I guess, a great program, but exposing some awful things. So if you don’t mind, if you can handle it, send it out. And thank you again for your watching and your inspiration. So God bless, and we’ll see you next week, or hopefully we’ll have some things reconciled. God bless.


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