Sheriff Mack and Jack Discuss What Chase Bank Did to Dr. Mercola

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Sheriff Mack and Jack Mullen discuss what Chase Bank did to Dr. Joseph Mercola and more during the latest live weekly webinar. Get the Intel.

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Transcript: Sheriff Mack / Jack Mullen 

(Jack) What happened to Joseph Mercola and his company that was done to him by by the Chase Bank represents something that we’ve talked about before. We’re talking about the collapsing of the United States economy.

(Sheriff) That’s Dr. Mercola, right?

(Jack) Right, and what had happened was Chase Bank turned off his bank accounts and he used Chase Bank as his primary source of maintaining his capital and paying his employees and his working capital etc.

(Jack) And he wakes up and finds out that he’s been notified that they closed his accounts. And in the reasons that they gave were, you know, basically that they would tell him later. But the point being is that they made this decision to shut down his accounts based on social credits.

(Jack) And it has come to light that this was done because of Mercola’s stance against the vaccine and the announcement that this vaccine appears to be a genocidal tool. So we see that the people that are controlling our media and our lives also control the banks and we can then understand that if they were to get a central bank digital currency in place where everything that you own in the way of liquid assets and they’re talking about all your assets actually would be placed in their control, you can forget ever again the United States or anything that we’re talking about today.

(Sheriff Mack) Logistically, how would they do that, Jack? Because what would they do with all the cash I have on hand? Yeah, they’re going to offer you, first of all, they’re evaluating the dollar. They’re doing it through exponential increases and spending.

(Jack) And it takes a long time because the US dollar goes all over the world. And so to get enough in circulation to get hyperinflation took the mirrors. They’re raising interest rates so people can’t borrow money. And so they’re financially in trouble having to sell their properties to BlackRock and the Federal Reserve -based companies can scoop these up for next to nothing.

(Jack) The Federal Reserve, for example, the buyer and lender of last resort. And so in the end, the dollar will not buy food or water or any of the things we need. We know that they’re limiting supplies of food anyway, so the price goes up just from that.

(Jack) And so what they’re going to say to you is, oh, you have $250 ,000 in your account. We’ll give you $1 .2 for every one of your dollars and you can transfer that over to our CBDC. Now, saying that it’s a dollar inside of that thing is just a lie.

(Jack) It’s just some sort of fiction because it’s nothing. We don’t know what it is. It doesn’t have any value yet. We can’t decide if it’s a dollar or just a digget – some people are saying the word “digit” wrong. So at that point, people that are hungry and starving, the large block of masses that are in the cities, et cetera, running out, reverting to violence to feed themselves will say, okay, take my money and give me that and I can buy something.

(Jack) It’ll also be rewarded for doing that for some time. They’ll be given perks, low prices on food. I mean, they have every gimmick in the world. And it’s not going to go and happen overnight. But eventually, the businesses are not going to take your dollar anymore.

(Jack) They’ll not tell you that it’s illegal. You just won’t be able to spend it. And they just started this thing called Fed One, which is a system that allows them to transfer money quickly. It’s the concrete basis of the central bank digital currency. And businesses will be told, we can’t handle your cash anymore.

(Jack) We don’t have a system to do it. And so eventually they’ll push people in there. But this is just the signal that they’re telling you, we don’t even care now. We’re going to use social credits to tell Dr. Mercola we don’t like what he’s saying and doing, and make a big hardship for him.

(Jack) And if you read the article, you’ll see it was a big hardship. And he had-

(Sheriff Mack) I talked to him and he’s a good man.

(Jack) Oh, yeah.




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