Maui Coverup Trump Popularity Grows Many Tired Fog of War! Pray!

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– The text discusses the importance of respecting military service people, criticizes perceived corruption and bias within political and media establishments, calls for greater transparency in election procedures, and emphasizes the rise of alternative information sources like social media. Additionally, there’s a mention of specific political figures, like Donald Trump, being put under pressure, yet continuing to gather support and funds. The writer also suggests their discontentment with current societal trends related to gender and child safety, and encourages vigilance against potential abuses of power and censorship.

– The text provides an elaborate commentary on various socio-political topics such as the division within the society promoted by politics, Biden’s ties to questionable entities, general disillusionment towards mainstream media and Democratic governance, notable incidents like President Trump’s arrest and the situation in Atlanta including ghetto life and prison conditions, the conservative awakening, the fires in multiple regions (Canada, Washington and Hawaii) along with speculations of cover-ups and conspiracy theories about their causes, and skepticism towards FEMA and their provided emergency services during crises.

– The text discusses a variety of global crises such as FEMA’s response to fires in Hawaii, allegations of a media blackout, forest fires in Greece, a petroleum refinery fire in Louisiana, potential plans for banning meat in certain US cities by 2030, and other political and economic issues. Concerns and criticism over these events are expressed, suggesting a need for greater transparency, more effective disaster response, and skepticism towards climate policies.

– The discussion revolves around confusion over an uncertain video clip, suspicion around the appearance of a toy-like car, queries about the stability of the camera and the possible size distortion of objects in the clip. It segues into talk around the recent increase of COVID-19 cases and the subsequent reactions – school closures, re-enforced safety measures, vaccine mandates and possible adverse effects of vaccines are highlighted. It also mentions the fidelity of PCR tests, and expresses skepticism about media narratives, reminders of past pandemic response simulations, and predictions of future pandemics.

– The text discusses the rise in autism diagnoses, theories of its connection to vaccines, threats to free speech, political tensions regarding opinions and views, the fallout from the Afghanistan withdrawal, individual tributes to fallen soldiers, and a longing for peace amidst the tumult. It includes a detailed narration of a soldier’s recounting of a disastrous event in Afghanistan, followed by an expression of frustration from artist Oliver Anthony about the misuse and misinterpretation of his song and ends with an appeal to faith and prayer.

– Paul expresses his longing for a heavenly home, reminding listeners of their role as stewards and providers of truth amidst political deceit and global confusion. He stresses the need for strength, courage, and patience, encouraging audience unity online, and requests divine guidance and protection in all their endeavors.


You, the men and women and those that gave the ultimate sacrifice yesterday. I think it’s twelve Marines, one sailor, a Navy corpsman. So we should cherish the men and women that continue to serve our country and those that are still there fighting as well as the wounded, because there’s some seriously wounded Marines as well yesterday. We cannot thank them enough. I mean, we should offer our prayers. We should offer whatever it is that we need to offer to support the men and women in uniform.

Sam? Well, this video today touched me deeply as we were going through it. We’re going to be looking into more corruption in Maui correct? Who owns that place? Run through the Trump world, growth in the minority area and more. Watch how the evil ones are working overtime to burn us down, stop our speech, and more talk about the push forward for and look into the past of what they did to us by Jabbing, all of our children and us. We’re going to end today with a song by oliver Anthony. Want to go home? That I believe matches everything that we’re going to hear today. I’m going to try to brighten it up a little bit here and there, but after all is said and done, we need to cry out to our savior in terms of how iconic that photo is. We now have his supporters in Georgia photoshopping themselves into mugshots Fulton County mug shots, putting those on Twitter and calling them MAGA mugshots and saying, now it’s on. So he has galvanized his supporters even further. That’s going to be a huge problem if he makes it to a general campaign. But so far right now, his base is sticking with him more than they ever have. We can put one of those up. Marjorie Taylor Green, she tweeted out a Photoshopped mug shot with the hashtag MAGA mugshot. Jeremy, you’ve been shaking your head as that was described. What are you thinking? It’s deplorable. It’s a mockery of justice. It shows the insanity, or for lack of a better term, of people who are so lost in their obsession with Donald Trump. And this theory that the election was stolen and saying pathetic is not strong enough. It’s just really sad. Do you hear that? You’re insane. All of you Trump supporters that’s rising up to 70%, 80% of the country. You’re insane. We’re the sane ones. We’re the ones that sit around and love to make sure that the pronouns are changed. We’re the ones that sit around wanting children to be demolished forever and have their privates taken out, changed from male to female. Female. We’re the ones that don’t want to show you movies about trafficking of children. We’re the ones that protect all of the crimes these families commit. The Bidens, the Clintons, the Obamas, and more. Listen to us. We’re the ones because you’ll never hear on the Communist News Network any kind of bashing of this guy who admits that elections are tampered with. So I want to be honest. It’s not as if it’s just Republicans who have monkeyed around with elections in the past. Sometimes Democrats have, too. Whenever people are in power, they have this tendency to try to tilt things in their direction. How dare he say that? How come we never hear that from these guys? Because there’s an agenda. We talk about it all the time. Most folks are fully aware of the lamestream media. And I’ve talked to man just over and over again with my wife’s, family, other family members, friends, and more about these guys here that sit behind a monitor reading a teleprompter. And most of them are hired by the government to shift the thinking of people into one direction, in one direction only. And they’re paid a lot of money for it. They’re liars. They wear a suit and tie, a nice dress, and everybody watches the television. They say, oh, whatever he says must be the truth. Whatever she says must be the truth. Because they’re in a shiny studio with electronic devices turned on. They’re reading stuff that they must have worked hard on, and they found out it was the truth. So as long as it’s coming through my giant TV screen, I mean, the bigger they get, 70 inches, 80 inch screens, the more truth must be coming out of this thing. This black mirror is what they’re calling it in some of these shows. Evil so never surrender. President Donald J. Trump. You see these memes coming out? I believe that President Trump retrouthed this one. He’s got all these guns pointed at him. The Soros, the FBI, the Fake News, antifa Indictment, pedophiles Marxist Communists Indictment, fascist Swamp Deep State, Rhinos Globalists, DOJ you name it? While this is happening, you’d think that it would destroy him? No. Trump campaign reports raising more than $7 million after the Georgia booking. Other folks that complained about elections, nothing ever happened to them because they’re on the evil side. They belong to Satan himself. Would be Maxine Waters trying to overturn the 2016 election. Remember when she claimed she claimed that President Trump stole it. She told people not to accept the results. And she also instructed people to attack Republicans at restaurants, grocery stores, or wherever they are seen. When will she be booked and arrested? Then, if you head over to Georgia with old Kep, he was caught. He was videotaped. I’m going to show you this clip, and hopefully you can hear what he says. If not, we’ll talk about it. So he said, in case you missed it, if you give anybody a voting machine, they can hack it, says Kemp. So this guy gets excited next to him, and let’s see what he says. He said, GOP voter. What did you just say? If you give anybody a voting machine, they can hack it. As he talks to Kemp, Kemp nods yes. This guy looks at the camera and says, wow, grady county boy. Here Field Cersei. Hey, Grady. Good to see you. How you doing? Thanks for videoing. Yeah, we want to keep it on the record. We need transparency in our election. We don’t have transparency. Now. We got a secret box. It’s a secret box. It’s not worth it. Sir, just step back. Now, look at these faces. If you guys are looking at your screen. Old Kemp gives him a look because he realizes he was just Videotaped. Now he’s probably in fear. He remembers what happened, allegedly, to his daughter’s boyfriend, who was obliterated blown up into thin air on an interstate in Georgia. What it looked and appeared to be when he spoke up about the elections, oh, boy, that was bad. Now he’s caught on video, and he realized he’s Videotaped, and you can see their faces, folks. I’m looking at that face on the left, and I’m looking at his, and he looks like he’s angry. He’s given the piercing, darting eyes, and he says, yeah, these elections are basically weWillis is doing a great job raising money and spreading awareness about President Trump’s indictments. Isn’t that something? Look at that. He wants you divided by religion, race, sex, political affiliation, by class. When you’re divided and angry and controlled, you target those different from you, not those responsible. Divided, you’re weak. Divided, you pose no threat to their control.

Man who accidentally left 300,000 guns for Taliban gives lecture on gun control. Oh, that guy Biden. What are the chances that Biden’s brother James owned property on the island and visited there three times that we know of adjacent to Epstein Island? Even more interesting, perhaps, is that the island had an old underground subbase complete with underwater access. Oh, and it’s in related news, did you know that Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s BFF, and fellow pedo, groomer and pimp, had a submarine license? Because that’s totally normal. Weird, right? Probably just happenstance.

And you guys didn’t know Sound of Freedom was turned down by none other than Netflix and Amazon Prime. They don’t want you to know the truth about Pedalwood. Oh, no. And then Derek Evans says, my J six mugshot beside President Trump’s mugshot. I’m proud to have stood with him then, and I’m proud to stand with real Donald Trump today. Who else is proud to stand with real Donald Trump today? Well, if you go over to the Twitter world, we had the citizen Free press this guy right here, the hood is waking up. The Trump mugshot was the biggest steak the Democrats have ever made. Check this out. So I was watching these Trump videos of him getting arrested in Atlanta, and wow, it’s very interesting. What’s going on. One thing I wanted to point out is that the hood is waking up. And what I mean by that is the lower income blacks that the Democratic establishment has been holding on to, even they’re starting to see through the bull crap, and it’s very evident. I’m about to show you some videos here in a second of Trump rolling through the hood in Atlanta. I used to live in Atlanta for majority of my life, grew up there. One of the reasons I left and came out to the country is because of how these liberal cities are ran. Atlanta has gone downhill bad in the past ten years, but Rice Street rice street is the jail in Fulton County. That’s what they call it because it’s on Rice Street. Or it used to be called Rice Street. Terrible jail. I’ve actually been incarcerated there before. It is definitely one of the worst places you could ever go to in the United States. It’s a place where the cos in there may have, like, pink hair, gold teeth, tattoos everywhere. Just straight up ghetto. Like, everybody there is ghetto, even officers. Atlanta’s a very corrupt the feds actually raided Fulton County Jail, rice street, for those locally that know the name of it, because an inmate got shot inside the jail by another inmate, like, on the upper floors. How does that happen exactly? But after they raided it, they found, like, keys of cocaine. They found pounds of weed. I mean, it’s just a ratchet, ratchet place. I hate that place. It’s like definitely conservative in their thinking. Same thing with the Cubans in Miami. They came from a communist country. They understand what communism is and they’re conservative as well. So the Democratic Party, they’re imploding on themselves. But don’t get it twisted, but understand that a cornered, injured dog is the most dangerous. The Democratic Party is crumbling right before our eyes. No one believes their stupid mainstream media anymore. MSNBC, CNN, no one’s going for this BS anymore. People are waking up. There’s a mass awakening happening. So this is when they are the most dangerous. And this is what you have to understand. They are about to pull anything, any and everything. And I don’t say this because I’m telling anyone they need to be scared. We don’t operate in the spirit of fear. Absolutely not. What I’m saying is get ready. We don’t operate in the spirit of fear. The hood’s waking up. Got a lot more to show you.

Part of the wake up would be what we’re seeing in Maui. Now somebody wrote me and said, dear It. Many Canadians listen to your program and extremely grateful that you do. Let the world know the evil goings on in the country as well. Please know that Kelowna is in the Okanagan Valley. Sorry if I mispronounced that, which is beautiful wine country in south central British Columbia, not in Hawaii. Hope you can correct this. It is also prime real estate and it is burning. It is slated to become a 15 minutes city. I live in Vancouver Island where our air is extremely smoky due to the many fires all around, including the one in Tacoma, Washington, just to the south. Thank you for all you do and we pray with you. So I apologize that I just want to make sure that we get that correction and thank you for sending that in. Petra.

So a step further with that would be the Lahaina stuff that’s going on. Truth Hammer showed us the 2025 Lahaina students missing. Authorities don’t know how many died or were taken by families who fled the area or got snatched up by the traffickers. They are just gone without a trace as of right now. And the federal government hasn’t made finding them a priority. I put that in description box below to read the whole thing. And then you’ve got another video that was sent out. Something is strange going on. Hey guys. This is the last episode I’m going to do for a while, but it should be a pretty good one. It’s things that did not burn during the fire. I went through hours of footage and it was pretty interesting. What I found here are the famous umbrellas. These are actually Tommy Bahama umbrellas and I have pictures of these before the fire. So you can see what they actually used to look like. Not very different now and then. The soul surviving car on Front Street in front of the outlet mall. And I actually found another Soul Survivor car the other direction. That’s a little bit further south on Front Street, which I didn’t notice at the time. But here it is right here. You can see it on the left in this frame here. Anyway, I’m going to just roll some of this footage. Most of this is unreleased. It doesn’t really work that well with TikTok because this is all shot in 16 nine. But I’ve got hundreds of gigabytes, many, many hours of footage both on the so he goes through it and he shows you his footage over and over again. As he goes through it, all the footage, he wants the truth to get out. And he realize, man, there’s a lot of blue and meant to be political. I’m not that it’s a lot of blue. Stuff that’s left over hasn’t really been touched. Again, taking us into the Dews.

And then if you had there recently, they’re putting walls up to keep people from getting in. There seems to be a huge emphasis on ensuring that the media and anyone else can’t see what’s going on here. In Lahaina. West Maui, there are miles and miles of this black fence going up that was not here before. That is obscuring ground zero and making sure no one can see what’s going on inside of there from the road. No one can get in there. No one can take anyThe Department of Homeland Security says something very different, a strong response from the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees FEMA. And I want to read part of it. Quote, this is inexcusable and offensive. Inexcusable and offensive. They set up their own press conference with their own employees. Know, basically put a movie in front of everyone to make it look like FEMA’s doing their job. This was something that they commonly do.

Wall Street Apes says FEMA is ordered a complete media blackout in Maui due to the Lahaina Hawai fires. No pictures, no video. Can we trust FEMA? Well, let’s look back at the time. FEMA faked a media press conference, use their own employees as reporters. FEMA calls in an errant judgment. I understand the Department of Homeland Security says something very different. A strong response from the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees FEMA or Femur. Can we trust them? Here’s somebody who spoke up. Regular meeting, live testimony in Lahaina. And this is what we get. Nobody called us. Our phones didn’t work from five in the morning. The fire was not 10:00. When I went to work. The fire was still there. There was no water. Tell me if that’s coincidence. No water, no warning. And everybody talking about the satellite city before the fire. Lahain are going to be the first satellite city. Well. Hey, Jeff. Bezos. You got what you wanted. Oprah, you got what you wanted. And the guy who owns the nut, you got what you wanted. We need help in Lahaina. Who’s going to come now and ask us? Can I pray for you? Anti. Thank you. Can I help you with your paperwork? Because all we got so far was $700 and we don’t know who to call or anything. It’s culturally insensitive in that zone. That was posted August 22. It looks like that was when that happened. What else is going on around the Earth? Oh, Romania. One person dead, 46 injured after explosions at Romanian fueling station. Everyone running for their life. Huge explosion. Imagine the amount of pain from that fire burning their skin. Huge explosion there. What else do we have going on? Oh, 79 people started fires, says Communist News Network. Is that right? Say they’ve made 79 arrests for arson related crimes in Greece as the deadly wildfires continue to rage north of the capital, Athens. So far, 130,000 ha have been burnt through, and officials say the wildfires are the largest ever recorded in the European Union. CNN’s Eleni Jockos filed this report from near Athens. Greece has been battling hundreds of wildfires over the past week. Now I’m in Parnita. This is a beautiful forest now turned into coal and dust and ash and air that’s barely breathable. This is known as the lungs of Athens. This is what it’s supposed to look like. Virgin forest, untouched and absolutely beautifully green. This forest would help regulate temperatures in Athens and clean the air. We’ve seen fires raging across the mountain since Tuesday afternoon. A heroic effort by the men and the women on the ground working relentlessly. Boy, she can fill up some adjectives there. What? Reporting? So instead of talking about she should have started out with 79 arrests and talked about some of those that were arrested, who they were, how they planned this attack, talked to the police, see how the investigation is running and more. No, let’s talk about the Green Forest before and the unbreathable air now. And I think at the very end she says something like this let’s play it, I believe concerns when you see a forest like this going up in flames. Flooding and landslides, longer term flooding and landslides effects. Warming temperatures, warming temperatures. A much hotter city, much hotter city for Athenians and tourists alike. Eleni Jocka, CNN almost sounds like they’re going to blame no matter what. Even if the 79 people started it, who knows? There’s probably a lot more.

Let’s just talk about the heat and climate change because that’s what they do. Are you with me? You understand what I’m talking about? What else do we have? Louisiana Marathon Petroleum Refinery on Fire Newsletter we just sent out to your phone authorities in St. John the Baptist responding to a chemical release and storage tank fire at a Marathon Petroleum refinery in Garyville. In a company statement, Marathon saying that both the release and the fire are contained. No one has been hurt. These photos and videos sent into us recently in the newsroom. The release and the fire still under investigation, and I believe that happens to be the third largest. Yep. So imagine what’s going to happen with the gas prices this oil refinery shut down.

Folks, we’re at That’s where you can find us. Truth, hope, faith and freedom. You can find us there. Also, when you go to visit our website, you can sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and emails from us when we have new things that are going on, especially related to maybe some of the merch that you would like to buy. The am, we know hats, shirts, we’ve got the hoodies, we’ve got the Luke Egg 17 new shirt. We’ve got all kinds of goodies there and I just encourage you to grab it. You’ll be a part of the family and you’ll run into folks that are walking around with the gear and you can say, hey, I watched that show too. And also our book is still reduced in price with free shipping. And you can get my signed book by getting some AUC packs.

Wanted to read this to you real quick. Speaking of the book, I think it’s important that you hear how others react to this. Dear lt, I wanted to take the time to review your exceptional book. I bought it to read at the beach and I finished it in record time. I thoroughly enjoyed every single chapter. It painted such a wonderful picture of how you are a follower of Christ, and it shows in every aspect of your life. I love how you tie each chapter into a lesson and then tie it to a Bible verse. It is such a deep message, but such an easy and delightful read. The moment I finished it, I was on the beach, walked over to my husband’s chair and said, you have to read this. Now get this, folks. He set his tom, Clancy. Book aside. Oh, that’s hard to do temporarily and absolutely devoured your book. He finished it faster than I did. Highly recommend that everyone who follows you reads it. I loved you before the book, and I have even a higher regard for you after reading your book. God bless you and your team for all that you do. Much love, Terry.

And just want to thank you, Terry, for that note and hopefully that encourages you guys out there. Thank you so much for your support out there. Here’s more great pictures of patriots wearing our gear. Sam, go late and lick the world. We cheer for Muslim athletes like Kareem and Joan Shanghang. Shangha kawa ban on transistor Americans, transgender Americans. Mr. President. Thank you. Thank youYeah. Okay, so here’s the question, right? Okay, this is great. Okay. You’ll love this. So what happened to the camera? You son of a bitch. How is that happening yet? The camera is, like, totally stable and fine. Oh, my God. It was fine. The radiation didn’t cause any damage to the film. Oh, my God. By the way. Okay, we’ll do the loop one more time here. Where’s the cliff see the car? The car behind the house? It just showed up. Okay? Showed up. Wait a minute. First, it wasn’t there no car from no car. Second is, does it really look like car? Does that look like a real car? So what they’re talking about, if you pay attention. You’ll see before this blast, look right here, there’s no car. Then when they blast, all of a sudden a car shows up. Ready car out of nowhere. Like a real car. That’s insane. Doesn’t even look like a real car. It looks like a toy car. Is that a twelve inch scale model? Right? That does look fake. Also the camera didn’t move at all either. You know what it looks like? It looks like the smoke is too big. Watch when it hits the size of it, it looks small. You know what I’m saying? I mean, it looks like something we’re looking at something that’s like a few inches tall.

Yeah. So anyway, what’s real, what’s not, what they tell us seems to be constantly filled with strange things. And then they throw out this coronavirus again. Texas, here we go. COVID-19 forcing a school district to shut down. Rungay, ISD southeast of San Antonio is reporting 20% of its teachers and staff have COVID, including the superintendent. Tonight, as the school leader recovers, he spoke exclusively with Ken’s Vives Elisa Niaves on closing schools after starting just two weeks ago. Rungi, Texas, a town of fewer than 1000 people in Carnes County, quieter than usual this week. Saturday afternoon I began to receive calls. Rungi ISD superintendent Hector Dominguez says he’s been here before. A surge of COVID cases at the start of school. Oh my goodness. Everybody’s catching a cold and they’re freaking out. Then they send out the fake PCR tests and they’ll start telling everybody that they’ve got coronavirus. Oh no. Now they’re going to start throwing the numbers up again. 1965 new cases since last week. It’s 29% positive rate. What are we going to do about it? I don’t know. Maybe they’ll lock everybody down and make them wear masks again. What does old fake President Biden have to say? Can you say anything about the uptick of COVID cases and the new variant? Yes, I can. Matter of fact, I signed off this morning on a proposal we have to present to the Congress. A request for additional funding for new vaccine that is necessary, that works and tentatively not decide if I’m yet tentatively it is recommended, that would likely be recommended that everybody get matter what legal. Everybody’s going to get it no matter what they’ve had before. So all those folks that love to listen to the government that worship the ground that the demonic liars play on, they’re going to be running in there again going, oh no, I need another shot. And we’ll tell them again and warn them for the 50th time. Did it help you the first time? Did it help you the second time? How are you feeling now? How many folks do you know have now had terrible reactions following the shot? Do you know? Does anybody out there have friends, family, relatives, anybody that you know that all of a sudden they got cancer? All of a sudden they’ve got myocarditis or. All of a sudden they just passed away. Just healthy one day, gone the next. Well, I’ll show you all the time the COVID BC vaccine reactions on Telegram, and they have updates all the time of people that just 1 minute they’re there, the next minute they’re gone. Professional Santa Claus from Alabama took the COVID-19 Jab, then passed away from cancer a short time later. Folks, I can’t tell you the number of people, the number of people that I’ve talked to that all of a sudden they don’t want to talk about anything has to do with the vaccines that they received. But the next thing you know, you find out people have gotten some type of disease, some type of cancer, whatever is going on, or people are just passing out and gone. A Vanessa Batiste, 24, died while exercising in the water park last Tuesday. Yeah, videos are out there just showing you. One day they’re there, next second they pass out, they’re gone. You guys already know this. I show it to you all the time. Representative Clay Higgins said, do not comply. Reject the mask mandates. If they come again, refuse lockdowns. Stand your ground, preserve your freedom. Our nation is threatened from within, and we’re not complying with oppressive lockdowns ever again. Sheriff Das, stand with your citizenry. We the people. Hold steady. Which leads me to Ultra MJ truth showing a master thread he put together. He or she. The greatest trick the CDC ever pulled was convince everyone they were sick without any symptoms. Bookmark this thread. This master thread will be updated with everything I’ve accumulated over the last three years. And I’m going to go through a little bit of this thread before we move on. Scrolling down on Twitter. This is my very first post in this thread because I believe the greatest driver of the pandemic was the mainstream media. Here’s a reminder the sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media. More alarming, some media outlets publish these same fake stories without checking facts first. The sharing of bias and false news has become all too common on social media. Yeah, we remember that they all repeat the same thing because they wear the shiny, the nice studio, the nice tie, they’ve got the nice dress, the perfect hair. Or they just have a way of convincing you that they’re telling the truth, but they’re just fed all the information so they can give it to you. I know. I used to work in this industry when I was in the Marine Corps. I ran AFN. They give you what you’re supposed to say, you say it, and when you’re done with your work for the day, you go home. Okay? COVID surges were the cause of all Draconian. Lockdowns we experienced. Those surges were determined by something called a PCR test. Remember, the powers that be behind this pandemic knew that in order to maintain the constant fear of high cases, they decided to use the PCR test. Well, all types of videos we put out, folks, the experts. One of them, Kerry Mullis, the man who invented the PCR test, who was also a 1993 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, said himself, PCR, if you do it well, you can find almostFrom one in 10,000 to now one in 36 people. In what world is this not considered a pandemic? And the number one priority is in trying to find the cause. How can anyone deny the connection to vaccines when just looking at the timing, how can the government just continue to ignore the insanely? Fast growing rates on all of this should be the number one issue. Play the clip the people sport.

In 1988, the movie Rain Man would be the first to finally introduce the general public to the word autism. Is he crazy? No. Is he retarded? Not exactly. He’s not crazy. He’s not retarded, but he’s here. Well, he’s an autistic savant. I don’t know what that know? Some people like him used to be called idiot savants. They have certain deficiencies, certain abilities. He’s retarded. Autistic people were hearing the word autism for the first time and struggling to understand what it meant. Even though a child psychologist by the name of Leo Connor had discovered autism almost five decades earlier, it would remain so rare through this entire period that it was simply never talked about.

But that was about to change very quickly when thousands of families’ lives were soon to be turned upside down. To end our week of autism coverage, we’re going to tell you about one group of very young children being classified on the autism spectrum at what some say is an alarming rate by the end of this newscast. So we get it. You go all the way down to 2012, 2014, one in 68, and then you’ve got so many today starting to make more connections, aren’t we? Starting to become more and more alarming, isn’t it? The things that we discover, they’re trying to stop those.

In Ireland, the media minister under the Digital Services Act says that every state will designate a body to monitor misinformation on the internet. MJ Truth says under the guise of safety and protecting people, tyranny is taking place right under everyone’s noses. Whether or not someone is right or wrong about something, it is their right to feel how they want to feel about any given subject.

With all this going on, GH 17 made a post president Trump showing. When he posts this with all you guys, remember all the scouts waking up and supporting President Trump, the masses supporting him. He posted it at 16:44 P.m. Military time. 90% of the country is aware of you. It must happen. Conspiracy no more. Think of every post made. It would force us to prove everything. Started, stated to avoid looking crazy, correct? This is from the intel board. This 1644 post connects to these words. What do they fear the most? The enemy. What does the enemy fear the most? Public awakening. They know it is real. The build is near complete, growing exponentially. You are the frame. You are the support. People will need to be guided. Do not be afraid. We will succeed. Timing is everything. Think sex, child arrest news. Think resignations, loss of control. We are the majority growing. Think sheep. No more.

Together, all of this is playing out in front of us. They’re doing all they can to destroy our Earth, destroy our minds, take away everything that we’ve been given by God Almighty. Destroy the leaders who are destroying them, who are taking them out, trying to prevent the wake up of every one of those that are waking up. Punish us.

While we’re going through all this, we had a reminder. Two years ago today, 13 American heroes were killed in the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. Now, that today could have been yesterday. I’m just showing you the words that I pulled from this post. Afghanistan withdrawal had march of 2023. US marine sniper Sergeant Tyler Vargas testified to Congress in a heartbreaking testimony that he was denied permission to shoot and kill the Kabul airport suicide bomber, which resulted in him losing limbs and the death of 13 US. Service members.

Folks, this clip is nine minutes long. I can’t play the whole thing. He talks about what led up to the point where he looked across and he saw there was an opportunity to take out as a sniper, take out somebody who looked like he was going to blow everybody up. It was an identity of a person that they knew was a suicide bomber. And watch what he says, and then we’ll end this video about those things, the effect that it had on him, and then we’ll pray.

Batiste was disregarded. No one was held accountable for our safety. About 1730, Staff Sergeant Darren Hoover, friend and mentor, came to get me from the tower to go help find an Afghan interpreter in the crowd. Found the interpreter and his brother, born with American passports. They told us of five family members still in the canal. I stayed there waiting for the family members standing against a two foot canal wall. Ten minutes passed, then a flash and a massive wave of pressure. I’m throwing 12ft onto the ground, but instantly knew what had happened. I opened my eyes to marines dead or unconscious lying around me. A crowd of hundreds immediately vanished in front of me, and my body was catastrophically wounded with 100 to 150 ball bearings now in it.

Almost immediately, we started taking fire from the neighborhood, and I saw how injured I was with my right arm completely shredded and unusable. I saw my lower abdomen soaked in bloody. I crawled backwards roughly 7ft because I thought I was still in harm’s way. My body was overwhelmed from the trauma of the blast. My abdomen had been ripped open. Every inch of my exposed body, except for my face, took ball bearings and shrapnel.

I tried to get up, but could not. Laying there for a few minutes. I started to lose consciousness when I heard Chaz, my team leader, screaming my name as he ran to me. His voice calling to me kept me awake. Thank you, you. When he got to me, he dragged me to safety and immediately started triaging me, tying tourniquets on my limbs and doing anything he could to stop the bleeding and start plugging wounds. With the help of the other marines, I was awake through most of it, screaming, moaning and cursing.

Please ask I ask you to please ask me about getting shot at the tower in Abbey Gate and how no one wanted my report post blast. Even NCIS and the FBI failed to interview me. Ask me to elaborate on my ordeal post blast, and ask me about this one little girl and her family that I reunited. Our military members and veterans deserve our best because that is what we give to America. The withdrawal was a catastrophe, in my opinion, and there was an inexcusable lack of accountability and negligence. The eleven marines one sailor and one soldier that were murdered that day have not been answered for.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak. The withdrawal of Afghanistan was a cluster. Will the right folks be held accountable for it? How can these politicians sit here and watch him and not do anything about it? That’s the United States Marine. Thank you, Sergeant Vargas, for your service. I have the pictures up here. Marine Lance Corporal Kareem Decor. Navy Corpsman Maxton Soviet. Marine Lance Corporal Riley McCollum. Marine Lance Corporal Jared Schmitz. Marine Corporal Hunter Lopez. Army Staff Sergeant Ryan Knoss. Marine lands Corporal Dylan Morela. Marine staff Sergeant Taylor Hoover.Word, even Paul had a desire to go home. And we had a reminder that we’re here. We’re placed here at this moment in time to be a part of this battle, to not only bring the truth of what’s going on in politics in the world and the lies and the deceiver of these nations who will continue to deceive everyone, but we have a duty to bring joy to those that are hurting. Cry with those who are crying. Somehow, some way.

You’ve placed us here to be the only Bibles that other people would ever read. We need the strength for that. We need the courage for that. And probably the scariest thing to ask for is the patience for that. O Lord, thank you for bringing us together through this ability through the Internet to touch each other’s lives, but even more so to reach out and to run into folks who think the same, who worship Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior. And those that are searching, those that are hurting, that you’ve provided a place for them to find. Rest till we get home.

Lord, please protect us. Please. Guide us and direct us in everything we say and do. In the name of Jesus Christ our Savior. We pray. Amen.

Folks, this was a tough one to get through today. I know there’s so much more I could have shared with you today. I skipped over. We’ll get to that next time. For now, just thank you for your support. Hit that subscribe button, if you would, and share this video. And let’s continue to pray together, fight together in this battle that is before us.

For now, this is lt saying Separate with him. We know. Signing out.



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