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➡  Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton, expresses concern over the alarming political arrests of Biden’s opponents and talks about perceived threats to freedom under law and the First Amendment. He emphasizes that Judicial Watch will continue to seek truth and transparency, highlighting instances of alleged political manipulation and abuse of power.

– The text discusses the legal issues surrounding former federal officials, including Mark Meadows and Donald Trump, particularly the attempts at bringing them to trial for activities during their tenure. It also speaks to perceptions of political bias in these attempts, perceived political motivations for the interference in electoral processes, and the potential impact of these trials on upcoming elections. Furthermore, the text expresses concerns over the politicization of the Justice Department and dissatisfaction with the current administration. Lastly, it calls for immediate action from Congress, candidates, and citizens to rectify perceived abuses of power and protect the rule of law.

– Judicial Watch worked relentlessly to obtain 18 pages of records through the Massachusetts Public Records Law regarding the mysterious drowning of Obama’s personal chef, Tafari Campbell. The documents revealed that Secret Service reported Campbell missing, his body was located using sonar, his clothing was found separate from his body, and he was not wearing a life vest at the time of his death. Despite the conclusion of drowning, questions and suspicions remain about the circumstances of Campbell’s death due to the slow and seemingly obstructive response of the authorities to Judicial Watch’s requests for information.

– Judicial Watch reveals secret attempts by US government agencies and big tech companies to impose censorship on American citizens, particularly during the run-up to elections, potentially undermining the First Amendment. It filed lawsuits against the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and Office of Director of National Intelligence over their secretive efforts to influence social media platforms and suppress specific news stories, contributing to a broad attack on freedom of speech in America. Lawsuits also target departments and big tech to unearth potential ongoing censorship endeavors.

– Judicial Watch encourages public support for their mission against perceived danger from the left, by urging donations, sharing of their documentations and press releases, and promoting their content through subscribing and liking their video updates.


Everyone, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, here with our weekly update on social media. Thank you, as always, for joining us this week.

It’s been a tough week for America and the rule of law with the mass political arrests of Biden opponents in Georgia. I’ll give you latest on that. Obviously, President Trump himself was abused with a political arrest this week. I’ll talk about that. Plus, there are new documents about the chef, the Obama chef, the employee of the Obama family who died up at his home, his luxury home up in Massachusetts. And we’ve got the documents about what happened there. That just raises additional questions, raise additional questions.

And on top of that, Judicial Watch has two new lawsuits against three federal agencies of the Biden administration who are targeting you, dear viewer and listener, for censorship. So I’ll talk about that as well.

But first up is the current crisis, which is the coordinated conspiratorial attack on our republic by the Democratic Party Biden operatives. Biden appointees allied prosecutors in New York and in Fulton County, Georgia. Excuse me.

And the latest is, as I talked about earlier this week, the effort to jail almost 20 people in Georgia for exercising their rights under the law to dispute and challenge an election. And this was my kind of a preview of my response to the horrible week earlier this week. I’m wearing my Ford baseball cap.

So here we are, everyone, Judicial Watch President Tom Fit On. Here we are in a rule of law crisis with these mass political arrests down there in Georgia. Indeed, President Trump is set to be arrested as well. All these people, these 19 people, their crime was opposing Biden under state, federal, and constitutional law and daring to dispute an election. There’s never been anything like this in American history. And officials in Georgia, the federal courts, state courts can’t act soon enough to shut this down.

On top of that, we’ve got this crisis up here in Washington, D.C. With an out of control Justice Department abusing Trump while protecting Biden. And it’s also going on in New York City with the soros back prosecutor trying to jail Trump again on political charges. Congress can’t act soon enough to shut this down.

But you can be sure that Judicial Watch is taking this seriously. And we’ve got multiple investigations under FOIA lawsuits underway to uncover the truth about this terrible corruption. I like what that guy’s saying. I agree with him. It is a crisis.

Willis again, a Democrat Party politician elected as District attorney of Fulton County, a largely Republican state, controlled generally by Republicans at the state level, has abused her powers as a prosecutor to try to jail President Trump and others for doing something they’re allowed to do. And I think we should encourage Americans to do, which is to exercise their freedoms under law to challenge elections if they think the facts and circumstances warrant it, and to suggest that to do so is a crime, is a direct attack on the First Amendment.

And we know it’s a direct attack on the First Amendment for political purposes because of the political nature of these charges. The targeting of Republicans who challenged an election while in a state of Georgia, specifically, you had the entire left wing establishment not only in Georgia, but actually nationally, challenge elections previously, specifically the Georgia elections for Governor, where Stacey Abrams has infamously refused to acknowledge that she lost that campaign at least two elections ago. And she has a right to do that. I mean, people can mock her for doing that and disagree with her for doing it, but the idea that she would go to jail for holding a different opinion and acting on that opinion is absurd and an abuse.

And on top of that, you have the circus of mass arrests of Biden opponents resulting from this prosecution that is about politics and not about the law, forcing these individuals to come down, turn themselves in, put their safety in jeopardy. I don’t think the Secret Service should have allowed President Trump to be put in or process at the Fulton County Jail or wherever he was processed, given how dangerous that situation is down there. But they did. And certainly they didn’t need to take his mug shot or require him to post bond or frankly, anyone else to post bond. And here his mug shot. You can see he’s obviously not happy to be victimized like this and some other folks who are being maligned through this process.

America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who they want to send to jail for providing legal advice. Next up is Mark Meadows, the Chief of Staff to the President, who they want to send in jail for helping the President do his job as president. Sidney Powell, another lawyer who was challenging elections not only on Trump’s behalf, but others throughout the nation perfectly legitimate legal cases. She was bringing John Eastman, one of the country’s leading constitutional advocates and lawyers. He’s being jailed and targeted not only here in Georgia, but elsewhere for simply being a lawyer. And then Jenna Ellis, who also was a lawyer for President Trump during the election, again, who’s being jailed and targeted for being a lawyer. All of these individuals were arrested in an attack on the American way that we’ve never really seen before.

I mean, it’s one thing to have an arrest here or there, or to have Trump dragged in and arraigned three, four times as it now has happened, but to have now nearly two dozen people jailed for the crime of opposing biden’s election or disputing election. It’s just beyond comprehension in terms of how dangerous it is to the functioning of our government and our system of law under our Constitution. And if a local district attorney can change charge individuals engaged in national wide debates about policy and the outcomes of elections, all bets are off. Any one of you can be jailed if you say the wrong thing. And some prosecutor somewhere decides that you said it and you should have known it was a lie.

I was commenting in the office. I said, well, someone goes and says you should cut taxes because taxes are too high, and some left wing lunatic prosecutor says, oh, no, taxes are too low, and you should have known that you were lying and you were trying to obstruct government or do whatever, and we’re going to prosecute you. It challenges your core. I say God given right to petition your government under the First Amendment and obviously your free speech rights.

Now, Judicial Watch isn’t going to be coward and intimidated by this lawlessness down in Georgia. What we should do as citizens is use the tools entrusted to us under law and under the Constitution to expose and stop this abuse of power. And I’ve gone over some of those possibilities and how that could be done before, and I’ll repeat it shortly.

But you know, what Judicial Watch does mostly, or we’re well known for, is filing open records law requests, requests under open records laws at the state and federal level. Obviously, the federal law is called FOIA. I don’t know what it’s called in Georgia. Anyway, Georgia has an open record statute as well. So we filed as soon let’s put it this way. Willis when she announced the indictment of Trump, she was asked directly if she had been coordinating or colluding with the Biden Justice Department. And Jack Smith, the Biden Justice Department appointee who is acting as a cutout for the political operatives in the Justice Department, trying to jail Trump to help Biden win election again. And she declined to say one way or another whether she was. And obviously, when that happens, judicial Watches ears prick up, saying, well, what is she hiding? Why doesn’t she want to say it? So we asked for records about any collusion and cooperation and conspiracy with the Biden Justice Department about this unprecedented and malicious case being brought against President Trump. And as of today, they haven’t given us any records. And I tell you, if they don’t give us any records, we will pursue relief in court, or at least that’s what the plan is. So we’re not going to back away. We’re not going to back down.

And this was my Some other opinions on it. But generally speaking, federal officials, if they’re charged in criminal or civil cases over activities they did as a federal official, I mean, A, they potentially have immunity. But secondly, the issue has to be resolved at the federal courts.

So Mark Meadows has asked, and I think another defendant has asked, that the case be removed at the federal court because obviously he’s a federal official. He was the president’s chief of staff, another federal official. And the Justice Department has also been charged, Jeff Clark, for doing his job as a Justice Department of Attorney by asking questions about voter fraud and, of course, President Trump himself.

And so if that case is removed, it means that it won’t be before the state court judge there, and there’ll be issues about whether the case is thrown out against the federal officials, and that will be resolved at the federal level. And if they aren’t, then the trial will proceed in federal court, which might be a more favorable forum than Fulton County, Georgia, which is 95% Democrat. I don’t know literally if it’s 95% Democrat, but the concern generally is that these left-wing prosecutors, these Democratic prosecutors in Washington, DC, in New York and Fulton County are bringing these specious cases against Trump with the idea that the jury isn’t going to care because juries are going to be filled with Trump haters. And so the rule of law won’t matter.

It will be just vengeance and vindictiveness. And we kind of see that vindictiveness with requiring Trump to get a photo. I mean, I think one of the reasons he was so unhappy in that photo and I know Trump supporters, and I’m sure the Trump campaign is going to try to make the best of this photo, this mug shot, but it’s evidence of a crime, right? The crime is a corrupt conspiracy against that man you see on the screen and people around him. A corrupt conspiracy based on politics to use the laws, to use the office of the Justice Department or District Attorney’s offices in New York and New Jersey to jail people, not because they committed crimes, but because they are on the wrong side of the political aisle and because of their politics and policies.

So as far as I’m concerned, those mugshots are evidence of crimes. But for the left, they’re going to celebrate the mugshot, right? And partisans in campaigns are probably going to want to use this mugshot. Maybe even Republicans running against Trump will want to use this mugshot against him.

So in the long run, I know there are many who suggest and analyze these indictments as helping Trump. And that may be true in the short term in the sense that it may solidify his bid to be the nominee in this primary fight. But on the other hand, I don’t think you want to be indicted if you’re running for office you don’t want to face. And I do think it’s a much more significant likelihood than many would like to admit that Trump goes to jail as soon as next mean they’re setting him up to go to jail. And the only question is, are they going to figure out a way to do it in one of these four jurisdictions to get him in.

You know, obviously it’s going to be tougher to run for president if you’re in jail. This is such a wild interference in our I think we have a right to pick our election without corrupt public government officials trying to rig the game by indicting for no reason candidates, and in this case, Joe Biden’s people are doing it or their Democratic Party allies. So those mugshots are evidence of the Democratic Party conspiracy run out of the Joe Biden administration in league with Democratic Party allies in New York and in Georgia to rig an election and deprive U. S. Citizens of their civil rights under color of law.

See, those are kinds of charges that Trump are being that Biden’s throwing at Trump. It actually applies to the Biden administration and arguably these two district attorneys, alvin Bragg in New York and Miss Willis down in so what’s coming up?

So that argument about the federal removal question, there’s going to be a hearing next week on it. I don’t know if they may have witnesses, I guess Willis’s people want to bring in witnesses to the federal court, so we’ll see what happens there. The federal judge does.

My guess is they’ll remove the and the big question is, will the case be removed in its entirety? Meaning will all the defendants basically have their case moved upstairs to federal court? And I don’t know. I think there’s some discretion by the judge to do that. So it’ll be interesting to see that.

And the other big question, as we talked about last week is when is the trial in DC. Going to proceed? Now, the trial in Miami over their sham documents case is set for when? I think it’s April of 2024. So anyway, first few months of the year, next year, the government in DC. The Biden gang is seeking to try Trump on their sham charges related to disputing an election in January, I think January 2, with the jury selection to begin in December. And it’s absurd. And Trump’s team is seeking a April, I think, 2026 start date. So Judge Chutkin is going to have her hearing next week as well, I think on Monday, the same day. So we’ll see what she decides to know.

I suspect that Judge Chutkin is no fan of President Trump. Her conduct on the bench has suggested that she’s basically admitted it. And so I just hope she’s able to judge this case fairly. It doesn’t mean she won’t be able to, but I’m a little bit skeptical, to put it mildly, and gives him a fair shot to defend himself and resist and the invitation of the Justice Department under Joe Biden to intervene in the election by holding a trial in the middle of a primary campaign.

And before I move on to the next topic, I want to talk a little bit about the presidential campaign debate that took place this week among Republicans. I guess Trump didn’t participate, and many of the other Republican presidential candidates did participate on Fox News. And what was disappointing to me was I didn’t see much in the way of an understanding of the current crisis by the Republicans on the mean.

Right now, they’re trying to throw President Trump in jail on sham charges. Right now, they’re censoring, and I’ll talk about this later virtually half the country and then some through the Biden administration, colluding with big tech to censor people who say the wrong things on whatever topic Biden doesn’t want you talking about. You have the border invasion, you have this attack on the Supreme Court, kind of a constitution, what I would suggest is a communist totalitarian movement that’s seeking to blow up our Republican form of government.

And some of the candidates seem to talk about it or get it more so than others, but I don’t see anyone who’s willing to say, you know what? We can’t wait if you’re a candidate for president. For me to be elected President, we have to do something now. And this is what we need to do. And so what I want from these candidates, whether they be Republican or Democrat, because my expectation is everyone should have followed the rule of law and try to protect the republic from those who would destroy it.

What we need now is leadership. To stop now this abuse of Trump and other innocent Americans to stop now this censorship of you, dear citizen. To stop now the insane border invasion, 5 million plus to control now the Justice Department, which has been completely politicized, as you just see, they’re suing Elon Musk because his SpaceX won’t hire people who he’s being told he’s not allowed to hire because they’re foreign nationals who aren’t permanent residents. Crazed political lawsuit against Elon Musk.

So it’s not just Trump, it’s others who are Drowning, according to the official conclusion, and out on the property of Obama or the lake or pond in front of his home, near his home, up in his mansion up in Massachusetts. And so there were questions about whether they were home or not. There’s always confusion in the beginning, but we thought, well, how is it you clear up mysteries? How is it you answer questions? So when the staff member of a president dies in seemingly OD circumstances while paddleboarding with evidently someone else. People want to know what went on. And if they’re kind of given a run around, that’s when people get suspicious.

So Judicial Watch specializes in answering questions and trying to solve government mysteries. So we began asking questions of the various agencies involved, including the Massachusetts State Police and the local police in It’s edgartown up in Massachusetts. And so we didn’t sue. We just had been pushing for answers, and we pushed and pushed and pushed. And thanks to Judicial Watch, I know media had been requesting us, but Judicial Watch was actually got the secretary of State’s office to intervene to get us the records we ultimately got, because what had happened was you had the Massachusetts State Police conduct an investigation, but they came in after the call, right? So the local police and rescue personnel respond at the scene. So there’s reporting about what they were doing and who called who and to get it going. And then once the body was found, the Massachusetts State Police came in and conducted an investigation. So there’s two agencies that were involved in the investigation. We asked both for records, and the Eckertown Police Department essentially said, well, the Massachusetts State Police say their investigation is ongoing, so we’re not going to give you any records. Well, that’s not a reason not to give us records.

So, long story short, as we pushed, the Secretary of State agreed with us, and we finally were able to get 18 pages of records thanks to our intrepid investigators, who this is why it’s good to be with Judicial Watch when you’re asking for records. I know anyone can do them, but we know where the roadblocks are and how to overcome them. Sometimes you have to overcome them simply by filing a lawsuit, which Judicial Watch is well positioned to do. But sometimes you can overcome them by knowing how to use the administrative relief that’s available, meaning that Agency X doesn’t give you a document. Well, who else can you ask to get Agency X to give you the document, short of suing? And those are called administrative appeals. So we did get these records, and the records raise additional questions, none of which needed to be there or should still be there. But I guess people just can’t help themselves, and you’ll see that I’m probably being charitable here.

We received 18 pages of records through the Massachusetts Public Records Law from Edgarton, Massachusetts, that show the Secret Service reported Obama’s personal chef Tafari Campbell missing and that the body was found using sonar. The records also report that clothing was found separate from the body and that he was not wearing a life vest. Several other very important details were redacted regarding the drowning, which occurred back in late July of this year. And this is the report. The documents here include I don’t know if you can see it on screen, so it says here, CAD Incident Report. I guess. In a further iteration of the video, we’ll show you what the document looks like up close anyway. It gives you who called and what happened initially, and you’ll see I had an easier time looking at it on my release than in the document. It’s kind of hard to figure out what’s what.

Secret Service agent and the name is redacted at the request of the Massachusetts State Police, which I don’t believe is a lawful reason to redact the names, but that’s another fight. Advised swimmers unable to locate the party at this time. Party lay at last seen wearing all black on a paddleboard. African American male. Received a 911 call from the above noted reporting person, who identified as a Secret Service member. Reporting person is requesting at least an ambulance response. Ensure the exact service is needed. And then they talk about getting a rescue, a rescue swimmer and a Zodiac boat right now, but it’s unclear who was deploying the rescue swimmer. I suspect it was Edgartown. They were advised no life vest was worn. They had recovered the paddleboard and clothing. Still no contact with the missing party. They still have a boat and rescue swimmers in the area. So who the they? Is it’s not clear? No, it looked like it was local rescue swimmers, because there’s another document that further confirms it’s them. The police and fire departments make their base of operations at Wilson’s Landing, which is a popular boat launch in the area. And then the search and dive teams from three jurisdictions joined the case. They really looked hard for the poor man honor. About 11:00 p.m., the dive and land search was suspended. They had air wings conducting searches, and they had to return to base after the fuel supply got low. And then the next day, the dive team continued, and Mr. Campbell was located using sonar. Obviously, he was deceased. And the investigation, according to this Edgar Town document, will now be handled by the Massachusetts State Police and the Cape and Islands District Attorney’s office. No further action.

Now, as I noted, and I think I described some of these issues yesterday in a video, so let’s run the video. It’s a good little summary. Hey, everyone, Judicial Watch president Tom Fit On here. We got breaking news. We have new documents about the death of that Obama chef, Mr. Campbell. About a month ago, the local police department finally gave us documents about its investigation. It shows the Secret Service was involved. They called 911 once. A witness came forward and said this poor man was missing. Of course, they withheld the name of the witness, so we don’t know who she is. And plus, the Secret Service agent’s name is also hidden. I don’t know what other secrets are out there. The documents show the clothes were found separate from the body, and they found the body using sonar. I don’t understand why we weren’t told. Initially, the Secret Service was involved. It raises additional questions, questions we’re going to demand answers about. So let me come up to you and show you what the document looks like here. I’ll get closer to the camera. My colleague will zoom in on it a little bit. Can you see it? Is there enough light? Just zoom right on here. Reporting person. No Lifos vest was worn. They have recovered the paddle board and clothing. Still no contact with missing party. They still have a boat and rescue swimmers in the area. So those are the sorts of documents we show. Let me show you the other big longer report written it see honor about 11:00 p.m.. The dive and land search was suspended, et cetera, et cetera. The next morning they continued and a deceased Mr. Campbell was located using sonar.

So the reason I show these documents, because some lunatics online always get upset when we talk about these documents. Where are the documents? Well, these are the documents. I’m holding them and looking at them and of course they’re always available. But here my colleague suggested I just show you up front. So what’s important about this? Well, a there’s public interest. I mean, obviously it’s a tragedy for the family that this young man died. He’s 44, he’s younger than me, so he’s a young man. And who was he with when he died? We don’t know yet. The Massachusetts State see what records the Secret Service had or have and what records the Massachusetts State Police have and other relevant authorities here. But right now, we’ve exposed some secrets that they didn’t want you to know about the death of Obama chef. And now we know there are other secrets that they don’t want you to know about, and we are prepared to pursue them.

Next up, it’s just crisis after crisis in terms of the rule of law here. We have new lawsuits over the censorship of Americans, which I think is the other than really jailing Trump and other innocence over their First Amendment protected speech. Kind of the broadest attack on the First Amendment in the history of America, which is the embrace of the Biden administration, of the idea that they can get big tech companies to censor Americans. And we know during the last administration under Trump, these agencies thought they could get Americans to get censored, and they were secretly doing it to help Joe Biden win elections. With the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop, and of course the HHS and NIH and companies and agencies like that were also getting big tech to censor us on, of course. But the difference is, I think Trump would have shut it all down. I don’t know.

Did he know about it? I don’t think he knew about the censorship. He certainly wouldn’t have approved it. Of Hunter Biden’s laptop story being pushed by the FBI and the CIA, as we talked about earlier. But the Biden administration has openly embraced it. The president on down and Judicial Watch filed two new Freedom of Information Act lawsuits against three federal agencies, powerful federal agencies, the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security, and the Office of Director of National Intelligence, which is nominally the lead office for our intelligence community.

The first lawsuit was against the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security. So there are two agencies at once, and we sued after the FBI failed to respond to a November 2, 2022 request for all records related to the use of Facebook’s content request government reporting system by any official employee or contract employee, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. So essentially they were using this system to censor you, dear citizen. The FBI, the allegation is, was using this system to censor you. So Facebook had this special access. They granted the government to give them material on which Americans to censor, and over what. Same goes for the Department of Homeland Security, cyber and cybersecurity and information security agency, which was their election censorship bureau, and the National Security Division of the Justice Department. And they don’t want to give us any records about what they were doing with Facebook. It’s just incredibly brazen in terms of the lawlessness.

There was an October 31, 2022 report by The Intercept, which is a left-wing publication, by the way, which details how DHS was involved in an expansive effort to influence tech platforms. There was a formalized process for government officials to directly flag content on Facebook or Instagram and request that it be throttled or suppressed through a special Facebook portal that requires a government or law enforcement email to use. So we want to know what they were doing there, and they don’t want to tell us.

The second lawsuit is against the Department of Justice and the Office of Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security for all records concerning any meeting between any government official or employee of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and any of the following Twitter employees between June 1, 2020, and the present: Yol Roth, who formerly was basically the chief censor at Twitter; Vaye Gotte, who was one of the lead lawyers in terms of censorship there; and Jim Baker, the former FBI top lawyer who became top lawyer over at Twitter. The reports include, but is not limited to, all related agenda notes, summaries, reports, transcripts, and similar know and we basically want the same information from Department of Homeland Security and the Office of Director, National Intelligence.

Now, all three of those individuals, as I said, were prominent in internal discussions at Twitter about censoring the New York Post Hunter Biden laptop story. Journalist Matt Taibi revealed on December 2, 2022, in the first release of the Twitter files. So it’s been well established that the FBI and these other government agencies were regularly meeting with Twitter and trying to convince them to take stuff down, often successfully. So, which is a violation of the First Amendment and potentially other laws. So we want the details on it.

And as I noted in our press release, the Biden administration’s ongoing censorship schemes are a clear and present danger to the First Amendment. It is no surprise these Biden agencies would hide documents that could have further exposed their lawlessness. So they’ve never really stopped this conduct based on what they’ve been saying, because they’re proud of it. In fact, there was a federal judge who highlighted this type of conduct by the White House and the other agencies and tried to enjoin it, and the Biden administration said, no, you can’t stop us from doing it. And even though there were findings that they violated the First Amendment, unfortunately the appellate court said, no, you can’t enjoin them from doing it. So what does that mean? They’re doing it now?

And of course, a lot of this looks back on the effort to rig the 2020 election through censorship by these deep state agencies working secretly hand in glove with these big tech companies to keep information that would harm Joe Biden or Democratic Party partisan interests away from the American people by censoring people on social media like me. Like you. Dare I say it? I’m sure you’ve been censored. You know, how do I know you’ve been censored? Because if you follow me or Judicial Watch or anyone else who’ve been censored, and you would have been interested in this type of information that was being censored, you’re being censored, too. If people are withholding information from you, by censoring people, you follow the leading. Donald Trump, for instance, of course you’re being censored. You’re just as much of a victim as the person whose post is taken down.

And Judicial Watch has multiple lawsuits and investigations on this issue. Just a few months ago, we sued DHS for all their records as part of an election censorship operation called the Election Integrity Partnership. The Cybersecurity and Information Security Agency was the chief censor within the Department of Homeland Security. Censoring you. We have lawsuits on that, lawsuits on the FBI work with social media to suppress Hunter Biden’s laptop, specifically. And of course, we sued the Secretary of State, California, that’s on appeal now or shortly will be, because they went and asked YouTube to take down a video of Judicial Watch about election issues just before the election. And they did it.

We’re still getting censored, and there are different ways of censoring you. You can have your material suppressed. Vandalized. YouTube’s still doing it to Judicial Watch. Just last week, I think we had two videos that YouTube labeled. I talked about the January 6 issue because we had sued for the videos, right? And they labeled, like, “for the truth about this.” I forget the exact language they used. Maybe we can dig it up. We’ll go to YouTube, guys, maybe we can pull it up and show people how they’re mislabeling our material. And they tell people to go look at Wikipedia about January 6, and they also said, go look at Wikipedia about the January about the election disputes of 2020.

Wikipedia is a left-wing group. Well, I shouldn’t say it’s always left-wing, but on matters of public controversy, it’s controlled by the left. And by vandalizing our videos, in addition to taking them down outright with warnings or “oh, for more information because you can’t trust Judicial Watch, go here.” That clear and present danger from the left. And we only can do that with your support. If you’re not supporting Judicial Watch already, I encourage you to come and join our cause. Come and join our movement. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Go to JudicialWatch.org, make a donation now. Get the documents, get the press releases, share the information, share the wealth of our work and the materials we’ve been able to get for you. Plus, hopefully, you’ll share your wealth with us so we’re able to do more and better to defend the American way.

With that, I’ll see you here next time on the Judicial Watch Weekly Update. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and like our video down below.




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