Fox News Ditches Sheriff Mack and Washington Post Steals His Sign-up List!

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Fox News Ditches Sheriff Mack and Washington Post Steals His Sign-up List!

In this week’s Posse Webinar, Sheriff Mack discussed the sudden cancellation of an interview he was scheduled to appear on with Fox News last week. According to the Sheriff, Fox News cancelled the interview without giving any explanation as to why. Sheriff Mack expressed his disappointment over the sudden turn of events, citing that he was looking forward to being able to share his views on the topic he was to be discussing.

He was shocked and outraged when two reporters from The Washington Post came to his conference outside of Houston, TX and stole his Sign-Up List! He was determined to get the list back and threatened to get footage to prove they had stolen it, and miraculously, the list suddenly reappeared. He was relieved to have it back, but it left him feeling uneasy that his list was taken without his permission.

If you’re looking for an organization that is dedicated to improving lives and communities, then America’s growing Posse is the perfect fit for you. By listening to the real facts and joining the CSPOA, America’s growing Posse, you can help make a difference and learn how America can stop the government overreach.

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  • CSPOA is the single most productive thing I know of in terms of action and results toward actually taking back our country.
    Downsize DC is an org that is working toward Congressional reform. They are supported almost equally by Dems and Reps, which is very valuable towards undoing the divide and conquer.
    Another one is rather problematic: Tactical Civics is about a national repentance on having shirked all our civic DUTY and palmed it all off on a few elected people, who turned into criminals and set up endless Federal Agencies, nearly all unconstitutional and all Regulatory Captured. They have immense and detailed plans, most of which are indeed needed to restore the real power to we, the people. Unfortunately, they are against Freedom of Religion and you can’t get more anti-American than that. They do not allow Muslim members. I can understand that, but I found out a thing or two about Jewish sibling rivalry. There is a glory in Islam which has never been manifested because of an ugly twist in Genesis about Ishmael, from at least 3 centuries before Jesus. There are some hideously spiritually deformed Muslims who blaspheme their faith by committing murders in its name. But there are also many who condemn this and stand for righteousness.
    I have decided to join Tactical Civics on the principle that made IBM great: Ready. Fire. Aim. Tactical Civics needs to fix some things, but most of it is well thought out and we MUST have more than The. Great. Trump. or any other human idol, and more than CSPOA.

  • This is infuriating and alarming. To me, it appears that the left-wing media might be going on a witch hunt because they fear CSPOA and the power of the Sheriffs. Don’t be surprised that the people on your list may start to be investigated. This is so cowardly on their part. I have been a Posse member for three years and have taught many friends the power of a trained CSPOA Sheriff who know what his oath means.

  • Unbelievable how do we know what is going on with our life in our WORLD WIDE lies ? Truth please arrest all these Satanic people

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