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➡ Ron Partain and Mike King on the Untold History Channel discuss the current political climate, noting a shift towards the right and an increased interest in deeper truths. They believe this is due to the public’s growing skepticism towards mainstream narratives, sparked by the treatment of Donald Trump. They also discuss the parallels between the U.S. and Russia, suggesting that Russia’s past struggles and eventual triumph over corruption could be a blueprint for the U.S. They highlight Putin’s rise to power amidst economic and political chaos, and his strategic approach to dealing with oligarchs, as a key example.
➡ The text discusses the political and economic challenges faced by Russia, particularly under Putin’s leadership. It highlights the influence of foreign entities, such as non-governmental organizations and western powers, which have been accused of subverting Russia from within. The text also mentions Putin’s efforts to stabilize the economy and combat corruption, despite the ongoing internal and external pressures. Lastly, it touches on the geopolitical tensions between Russia and other nations, including incidents in Georgia and Ukraine.
➡ The text discusses the political and military strategies of Russia, particularly under Putin’s leadership. It highlights Russia’s conflicts with Georgia and Ukraine, and its alliance with China. The text also mentions Putin’s domestic policies, including his crackdown on oligarchs and his efforts to strengthen Russia’s economy and military. It ends with a discussion on the 2014 Ukrainian election and the subsequent political unrest.
➡ The text discusses a president who doesn’t want to join the European Union or NATO, preferring to maintain good relations with both the West and Russia. However, his decision led to protests and political unrest, with some accusing the U.S. of inciting the overthrow of the democratically elected government. The text also mentions the situation in Crimea, where the majority wanted to join Russia, and the conflict in Syria, where Russia and the U.S. had differing interests. The text ends by mentioning that President Trump cut off funding to certain rebel groups in Syria.
➡ The text discusses the political history and current state of Russia, focusing on the role of Putin. It suggests that Putin’s leadership has led to a resurgence of patriotism and stability in Russia, likening it to America in the 1950s. The text also mentions a shift in global power dynamics, with Russia gaining strength and influence. It ends by expressing hope for a similar patriotic resurgence in the United States.
➡ The text discusses the hope for a positive change in the United States, similar to transformations seen in other countries. It highlights the potential of digital assets and cryptocurrencies to decentralize money and liberate people from the control of corrupt systems. The text also mentions the possibility of the Federal Reserve being targeted for reform. Lastly, it expresses a desire for justice against corrupt individuals, and discusses some confusing events involving the Wagner group.
➡ The speaker discusses their confusion about a past event, expressing the importance of not forming an opinion without thorough understanding. They mention their influence and popularity, referencing a video that received over 10,000 views. They also discuss their changing opinion of Stu Peters, a person they now admire. The conversation ends with plans for a future discussion about Trump versus the Fed.


World History Channel. My name is Ron partain, and it is Tuesday night, everybody’s favorite night because we get to talk to Mister Mike King, who is like, becoming a rock star, if I understand it correctly. You know, it’s funny, I think I was telling you about the Twitter space that I was in last Tuesday night. And, you know, there’s so many people that are really hungry for this information. I mean, are you noticing that, too? Are you getting. Yeah, I think things have gotten so bad with regards to the whole, the whole Trump movement and all the forces and the propaganda raid against them.

At a certain point, people, you put two and two together, they have to begin to infer, you know, what else have we been lied to about? So they’re more open to it. So I think all the filth that they’ve slung at Donald Trump has done a lot to prepare the public mind for deeper truths. I agree with that. But I think it’s not just, and it’s not just trump, but it’s like everything, I mean, I mean, I think, I think people are coming to the realization that literally everything they’ve ever known has, is now basically a lie.

And it’s like, where do you, where do you start? Where do you even, like, get a foundation to start with, you know, and pre, you know, not to, you know, push your book or nothing, but, you know, the, the 911 or the, the, you know, the nwo book that you did, the, you know, the crash course. That’s a great place to start for people. Great starter. It’s a great one you can get on Amazon. It’ll help me jump up the rankings. Crash course, nwo, my guest king, because you can read it in 1 hour. And what that does is that just something like this.

Now, there’s no question I’ve noticed the difference just in the last few years as far as people on our side of the fence, not, not in libertaria and not so much in Normie them, but. Right. Mainstream conservatism, FOX NeWs type people, those types of people now are arc moving, for lack of a better phrase, to the far right. So that’s good. Yeah, it’s, I’m seeing a lot of people come to the right. And, you know, frankly, I, you know, I was, what was I listening to? I think it was, I was, it was Jim Willie. I had him on and he was talking about how he feels like Trump is basically going to run almost unopposed.

And he, he quantified that by saying, you know, and like, with maybe about six to eight weeks before the election that it will basically be over, that there’s no. There’s not going to be any, you know, pushback from the, from the left on this. There’s. There’s. There’s not going to be anybody to push back. So. And I mean, what. And the policies that they’re going to defend, it’s like, you know, and, you know, that kind of ties into what we’re talking about tonight with Putin, because the moment that we’re having in the United States right now, the Russians already had it.

Yeah. Putin was pretty much the dress rehearsal, and that was critical because if the eurasian giant fell, there’d be no recovery for Europe and the whole eurasian landmass. And, you know, I don’t know how to. Which way the United States would have went, but certainly the world would have been in a very dark place. Very dark place. So his story is quite remarkable, and it’s a. It’s really a parallel to what we’re going through with the Q operation. Russia already went through that, you know, perhaps not in this sort of secretive sense, but in, in terms of the struggle that took place between their good guys and bad guys, and now they finally gained the upper hand.

It’s. Yeah, definitely a parallel in so many ways. Yeah, yeah. It’s, you know, and I don’t think. I think last week, what I did talk about the. Did I. Did we talk about kind of like the overarching picture of how Russia got to where they are? I mean, we. I think we talked about how Afghanistan was a ploy. Yeah. And, yeah, that was Brzezinski thing where they were trying to get the Russians to come in and do that. And the whole point was to break down Russia. And then the Warsaw pact, which was the. The Russian NATO, if you will, that broke down.

And then those countries slowly, even though the United States and NATO agreed that they would never, you know, go eastwards, all those countries began to come into NATO. So, which, you know, basically just pissing Russia off because Russia. Russia couldn’t do anything to stop it. They had. They were. They were weak, correct? Well, that’s right. They were. They were. They were broke. They’re destitute. It was maybe not quite as bad as a Weimar republic, Germany. Right. But certainly very, very bad. Worse than we can imagine. Not just economically, you know, political corruption, moral degradation, a total collapse.

Really, really bad shape. I think we left off at the end of the Yeltsin regime. He only had 2% of the country approved of him, but he did one thing right. He essentially anointed Putin to be his successor, and that would have been New Year’s Eve going into the new. The new millennium. So when Putin walks into the situation very analogous to Hitler in 1933, he’s got an absolute mess on his hands, politically, economically, culturally, morally, geopolitically. Yep. And he’s not powerful either, just like Hitler in his first term or his first few months or Trump in his first term.

You have all these political forces arrayed against you. So he’s not in a position to just wave his hand and make all the bad guys go away. So. So he begins. And again, we go to these parallels with, with Trump. He actually has to sort of embrace these oligarchs who are raping the country and come to an understanding with them. Okay, you guys basically support the government. I’ll let you do what you do. Right. But all along, he was planning to take them out and take them down. So that’s a situation you had. You had, I mean, everything.

Inflation, hunger, declining birth rates, people couldn’t afford food, heating, shortages in the winter. It was. It was a horrible condition. And Russia was being raped. And it was. It was. It was an inside outside job from the outside. You had the Harvard Boys council on foreign relations went over there. They’re embedded in the russian government, and they were given advice. This is how you got to privatize. And they sold off all these vast state run enterprises for pennies on the dollar to these jewish oligarchs. And the oligarchs were mainly jewish. And then the pressure from the west, those were jewish globalist quarters.

So it was like a redo of what the Bolsheviks had done, only this time in a capitalistic sense. Well, it’s interesting that you say that, because we were talking just before we went live, and I was mentioning to you that article or the book review of kind of like basically talking about Operation Barbarossa and who was really responsible for the war between Russia and Germany. And basically, all of the. This. This revisionist historian from Russia really put this thing. Put the. Put all this stuff together. And one of the. One of the chapters or one of those things in there that he talked about, or the guy that was doing the review of the book, I think he was american, but he said basically that the people in Russia were.

Were actually worse off under a capitalist system than they were under a communist system. And. And at least at that point, Marx had been proven correct. That unbridled, you know, unbridled capitalism or unrestrained capitalism is actually worse than communism, because all of the people that were at the high positions within the government or, or, you know, business or whatever, they were the same, same people who were at high positions in the soviet government. So when everything collapsed, they were the ones that came in and filled the shoes of the void that had been created once the government collapsed.

But now they don’t have to take care of any people. So the people were the ones that suffered the most. And then that kind of lays the foundation for Putin to come on the scene. Right? Yeah. I mean, it was criminality, really. I mean, I wouldn’t agree with that thesis that it’s the Marx predicted that inevitably collapsed. Capitalism was unplowed. But it depends what you want to call capitalism. If you’re talking about free enterprise, free competition, and everybody’s got an equal shot and you have an honest currency and the government’s nothing, choosing sides, that’s free enterprise, and that that’s going to be a good thing.

That’s going to create abundance for everybody. What they. The straw man of Marx that he calls capitalism is just a bunch of gangsters, you know, taking over and doing whatever they want, right, in collusion with a criminal government and a corrupt monetary system. So that’s, like, unfortunate because, yes, a lot of the russian people at that point were like, communism is better. We need to go back. Exactly. But they never got a taste of a true market economy on. That’s right. It was criminality. It wasn’t any kind of economic system. They call it capitalism. Well, it’s like capitalism in our country right now.

It’s like capitalism in our country right now. We don’t really have, we don’t have a free market capitalism. We essentially have a very soft fascism in this country. Yeah. So, so, but anyway, I didn’t mean to interrupt you, but I mean, I’m just saying that’s what Putin walked into. That’s the economic issue and the corruption issue that he had to tackle. It was very entrenched. It was very vast. Simply not the sort of thing you could just come in in day one and clean house, because he’s. Nobody hasn’t consolidated that kind of power. He actually had to sit down and meet with people like Kodorovsky and listen to her advice.

Later on. He said, I eat. After I eat enough dirt from that man, I was able to deal with him. He ended up in prison. But in the beginning, what could you do? Very similar to how when Trump came into power and he’s, oh, Klaus Schwab, great guy. Oh, bibi Netanyahu. Love him. Right? That’s how you got to play the game, and that’s how Putin played it. But in addition to the political corruption, the economic rape that’s going on, the country is being subverted from within by the NGO’s, the non governmental organizations, the toxic sept, foundations, all from the west, the Soros groups, human rights, democracy.

They got all these high sounding names, and they’re going in there with Soros money, CIA money, and they’re cultivating their own legions of traitors within Russia. And to this day, Putin refers to them as the fifth column of scum and traitors. And they could turn out like a demonstration or rent a mob to destabilize the government. And they funded political parties, so he’s nothing. The government itself, the russian government itself is no longer able to run itself because its constitution was actually rewritten with the advice of these Harvard experts. So that’s how bad it was. So it’s almost like they’re under foreign occupation, literally.

Okay. You know, yeah. Government, elected officials, a president, but they’ve actually almost been colonized and subservient to the western powers. It’s interesting that you say that. I hadn’t never really considered that. But you know what? Now that you say it and the way that you say it and actually makes a lot of sense from the standpoint that, yeah, they were. We colonized them and, yeah, that. That makes a lot of sense. Really it does. Yeah. That was a big problem because now it’s not just a matter of, you know, let’s get rid of this foreign influence on the inside.

Just legions of libtards had been cultivated and criminals and quirks and their own party and the Duma and russian academia. And a lot of this was going on during the Cold War. This was being cultivated. Okay. Right. With the collapse of the Soviet Union and went into overdrive. So he’s got a massive fifth column. That’s what they refer to at that term comes from the spanish civil war. There was. There was a general saying, I’ve got four columns marching on Madrid and then a fifth one in the city, meaning that they’ll rise up when they arrive.

I wonder what that. Where the origin of that phrase was. Okay, that makes a lot of that. That makes sense. So it means that a foreign entity has a base of power within you that can rise up. Gotcha. Okay, so internal traders, essentially, is how it’s referred to in this context. So you hear that a lot over. Over the years in russian politics. They were talking about the fifth column. The fifth. What were they talking about? They’re talking about, you know, the Zelensky types. I mean, I know that’s Ukraine Zelensky. And what’s the name of those.

Those brothers? They were professional boxers. You know, those guys, Linko or something like that. Those types of characters. Russia was full of them. Putin’s got to deal with them, too. They’re in there in the Duma, then the Russian Central bank. If you guys, you don’t know what the Duma is. The Duma is basically like the parliament or the House of Representatives or whatever. So. So that’s something else he’s got. He’s got to contend with. Okay, so. And of course, as this is happening, you have all of the NATO country. Not only did the Warsaw. After the Warsaw Pact disbanded, not only did NATO stay in effect, we were told NATO was there to counteract the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact, a balance to protect Europe without their gone.

So the union’s gone, Warsaw Pact is gone. Why did NATO fade away? Not only did it not fade away, it be. It’s eventually swallowed up all these countries and even some former soviet republics, such as Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, that became independent. Right? So there’s no question now Russia’s being encircled. They’re still being subverted from within the situation. When you look at it retrospect, it looks helpless. And by the time Bush II went into Iraq in 2003, Putin could. He couldn’t say anything. Russia’s too weak. When they went into Serbia under Clinton, Russia didn’t do a thing.

They couldn’t, you know, their stuff was outdated. You know, it’s a miracle how what remained, the Soviet Union or Russia itself, didn’t just disintegrate and fall apart. So. But what Putin does is slowly but surely begins to bring the country back with economic reforms, cleaning up some of the corruption, but he proceeds slowly and methodically and again, like Trump, the whole time he’s doing this, he keeps talking about our western partners, and he meets with Bush and he meets with Merkel. He knows what these people are, but, you know, he doesn’t come at them overtly like he is now.

Now he talks about the satanic west, okay? And the scum and traitors within Russia. I mean, his rhetoric now, it is beautiful. It’s positively hitlerian. But 20 years ago, he couldn’t talk like that. He couldn’t act like that. So even in the foreign sphere, he’s rubbing elbows with these people. He’s meeting with Kissinger and Klaus Schwa and these kind of characters. That’s how you play the game. But slowly but surely, Rush is coming back. Coming back. Stabilize the economy. He’s originally an economist by trade. You know, they made some market reforms. They start to grow. You know, I would say by, you know, 0506, they’re no longer on their ass, starving.

Things are a lot better. There’s stabilization. Okay? The war continues. I think the next big overt offensive against Russia, and it may even have been an attempt to start the war, was in 2008 when there was a puppet in Georgia named Shakasvili. Oh, yeah, yeah. You know, Council on Foreign Relations. I mean, these guys were a dime a dozen. You got the. Our foreign policy boys, or CRA, CFR, NGO’s. They go into these countries, it’s like taking the shit on a sidewalk. The flies will come to you. And that’s how it is with the yankee dollar and the yankee power.

So these guys are a dime a dozen. They put him in power. So he was the puppet, and he starts provoking, provoking, just like Ukraine, there’s these two little russian speaking republics, and he’s bullying them, invades them. Finally Russia has to act. And search through your memory banks. You recall that big crisis in 2008? They launched it right during the Olympics. They did that on purpose. Bush did. That’s right. And what were the Olympics that it was? That was it. The Winter Olympics, I believe, was the Summer Olympics in China. That might have been a year.

Beijing. Yeah, Beijing was 2000. That’s right. And it said that Putin would have had the ceremony with Bush at the Olympic ceremony, and he got word of what happened, and he gave him, like, a dirty look. So they were probing. I don’t know if they’re probing or testing, see what they could get away with. Or maybe Cheney wanted to start a war figuring, let’s get Russia now, even though they’re getting back on their feet, they’re not. We could still take them easily. I don’t know what their intention was. But Putin made his movie, made a strong movie, went into these two republics, tiny russian enclaves, gazier or something like that.

Forget the names of the two. Georgia, Osesia. Okay, okay. Yeah, yeah. They weren’t republic nations. They were just kind of little provincial enclaves. And Georgia claimed they’re part of Georgia. So he went in, he put it into that, and the media starts screaming, he’s picking on little Georgia. They’re going to go into Georgia. Never even went into Georgia proper. Just a little bit pushed them out. You could have took the whole Georgia government down. But that was that. With Georgia, that government was imposed, was imposed upon the Georgia people by something called the Rose revolution. It was one of the early color revolutions.

Spontaneous uprising, because that’s when the CIA and the Soros, they put their money, they’d cultivate a rent a mob, destabilize a country, overthrow government. That’s what they did in Georgia. Just like they did in Ukraine years later. Yep. And just. Just for. For clarity, guys, so that you understand exactly where Georgia is on the map, because I know a lot of people, you know, they say Georgia, and you think it’s like the state of Georgia. No, it’s. Georgia is right here. Yeah, Georgia’s right here. So you can see it’s. It’s actually. It’s actually touching Russia. And, of course, this is the.

This is the border here, and then Ukraines right here. So, you know, you see how you see the proximity of where all this stuff was going on. And. And, of course, you’ve got Grosney and, um. Um, what’s the other. What’s with Chechnya? So, yeah, yeah, that was all. That was all deep state. Yeah. So, you know, there’s a. So they had all these little separatist movements, islamic terror, all. All of it. Just think of ISis or al Qaeda. Same template operating within the frontiers of Russia. So that’s kind of stuff goes on. But that was Putin’s first strong move against the west.

It was in Georgia in 2008, 2008. And so it took him, like, eight years to begin to push back. But now he’s feeling adults a little bit. He’s made. During this time, he’s made an alliance with China. So it’s clear by this time now, Russia’s getting stronger. They’re coming back. They’re not going to take the globalist bullshit anymore. They still got to proceed cautiously, though. It’s still a process, but they’re getting on their feet. And this was the great fear of big Neil Brzezinski when he wrote the grand chessboard in 1998. Okay? At a time when Russia was on its ass.

He’s talking about, we’ve got to take control of Central Asia before, because if Russia recovers trying to get strong, they’ll be the dominant force over there. He said that. And then he further added, unfortunately, the american people, you know, they’re not going to support something like this unless there’s another Pearl harbor. Right? Yeah, that. Exactly. That’s what that’s about. This feeds right into this. Right. Can I ask you a question? You didn’t mention anything about the 99 apartment bombings, apartment building bombings. There are some who think that that was basically, a russian false flag that was perpetrated by the government, by Russia, as a mechanism to be able to do the things that they wanted to do to get rid of all these oligarchs.

Yeah, there’s no way Putin would do such a thing, kill his own people. This is actually, to me, just a way to project and shift, because this. This is typical deep state behavior, destabilizing behavior. So the deep state did it, or maybe for all we know. I don’t. I don’t know. Maybe they did, like a Sandy hook type thing. Yeah, there was. There’s some pretty compelling evidence. Innocent people. No, there’s no way. I’m just saying there’s. There’s some pretty compelling evidence that Putin kind of maybe knew what was coming there and that that was FSB done.

But again, you know, I don’t. I can’t say for an absolute fact that that is the case. And I like you. I question whether or not he would, you know, harm his own people. But at the same time, you know, they look at life. You know, it’s. I find that people in Asia and in Eastern Europe, they look at life differently than we do in the west, specifically in the United States. They have a completely different philosophy about life. Not saying that it’s bad. It’s just. That’s just. It’s just the reality. But anyway, I just was curious if, you know, if you had any.

I don’t believe that. To me, that’s like the false charge that Hitler burned the Reichstag down. Okay. All right. I mean, this is what they do. This is what deep state. They kill people, mass murder people. So it’s right up their alley to then turn around and say, oh, Putin did that. You know, so. Because what they hope to do with their. With these. These terrorist attacks within Russia, against Russia, is kind of the destabilize the country. And. But, you know, the way Putin handled it, yeah, it backfired on them, but just because it backfired, you know, that in no way constitutes any evidence that, you know, did it.

We know what the deep state is. Then there was another incident. It was a massive school kidnapping and shooting incident. Yes, but. But these are, like, Isis type groups. We saw what they did in Syria with the mass murder, the rape, the killing, kidnapping of women, keeping them in sex slaves, and this is what their CIA proxy armies do. So that’s par for the course for them. But in time, they dealt with that. Fighting in Chechnya was ferocious. Ultimately, they put that down. That was a phony separatist. Movement. It was a deep state separatism. And, you know, when that was put down, a lot of people in Chechnya great.

Grateful for that. And he has very strong support in Chechnya. So this was something that was done over the. There’s so many ethnicities, once you get outside of Russia proper, that it’s very easy to start inciting, you know, because you’re a different religion, a different ethnicity, turning against Russia. But that’s not a deep state operated. So now. So, you know, at that point, it’s just a gradual. He’s getting stronger, and the russian economy is getting stronger. The russian military is being rebuilt. But most importantly, Putin himself, domestically, is getting stronger, and he’s building alliances. He’s going after a lot of these oligarchs.

Some of the worst ones were put in prison eventually. That’s where Khodorkovsky ended up. And it’s funny, there’s, like, Putin went in there. Khrutakovsky used to just walk into his office like he owned the place, and Putin just like, okay, okay. And then later on, Putin said, you know, I took enough dirt from that man. He locked him up. Remember pussy Riot, those women who were arrested? Oh, yeah, I remember that very well. Going into the cathedral of Christ the savior. Yep. Singing filthy lyrics. Shit. Shit. Put in your shit. Kuril yours. Kurila’s like their pope, but he’s russian orthodox church.

So they got prison sentence for that. And then the west portrayed them the fake news media. You remember, like. Like these. All these. These poor little girls. Put. Put them in jail. They had been warned repeatedly not to do this stuff, and they kept pushing and pushing. So there’s all this propaganda against Putin. Um, and he’s having to deal with that. You don’t remember that? This is, uh. This is the pussy riot. How do I. Where is it? There’s the pussy riot thing right there. This is. This is from cathedral. Yeah, that’s the christ the saving cathedral in Moscow.

And they’re going in there singing filthy lyrics. And in the background, they have guys that set up with, like, loudspeakers and electric guitars. This awful noise in there. You know, people going. People are in there praying, and they’re covered with this stuff. And they sing, you know, patriarch Kuril, your shit. They got other songs. You know, russian housewives. You need to use your vacuum cleaner hoses as dildos. Just vile is gross. Is absolutely despicable. They don’t tell you that in the fake news. No, no, no. They come in there. They come on the Charlie Rose show.

And Hillary Clinton met with them. I think Merkel met with that. So disgusting. They made martyrs out of these poor little activist girls. But there’s all deep state, all hooked up with the NGO’s. But again, slowly but surely, they’re cleaning up these ngO’s. They’re passing laws against the foreign interference, putting people in jail. So it’s a gradual process. I mean, you know, people are losing patience with this eight year cube plan, you know, well, Putin did this over 20 years. So by this time, they’re introducing morality, education in the russian schools, cleaning up some of the filth from their airwaves, continuing to rebuild their economy, forging alliances, both economic and militarily, with other countries.

So it’s just getting stronger and stronger and stronger, and his position gets stronger and stronger. So he’s waiting out his western globalist friends. And, of course, the whole time he’s doing this, he’s trying to at least keep the facade of a good relationship with these characters. First Bush, then Obama. But he knows what they are. But you got to play the game. And so, okay, so that’s the anti Putin propaganda blitz. Now, this builds up now to 2014. What happened in 2014? There was an election. Yep. In Ukraine. Right? And the one candidate was, they call, they say pro Russian.

Yashenko, Lukashenko, something like that. Not Lukashenko. These names are hard to stick in the edge. But it was pro Russian. I think it’s ush. Yushenko. Yeah. Yushenko. Yeah. You shank. The orange. Orange revolution. Yoshinko. Presidency. Petro. Petro. Or maybe it’s Petro Poroshenko. Well, the. Well, the first one was the Orange Revolution. That was years earlier. We put a puppet in there. Then this guy gets in there who’s pro Russian. This is 2014. In the east of Ukraine, he just, like, dominated. But even in the central, in the west, he got some votes. He elected president. He’s not hostile to the west in any way, but he feels European Union’s not for us.

And we certainly don’t want anything to do with NATO. His word was we’re a perfect bridge for east to west. So he wants good economic, diplomatic relations with the west as well as with Russia. But he announced early on he’s putting the kibosh on the process, which would have led to integration into the European Union. And at this point, what happens? Flick the switch. Remember those rent the mobs I tell you about? Spontaneous crowds come out of nowhere. Soros, the NGO’s the fifth column that gets activated. And if you could play the John McCain video clip.

Okay. John McStain, that evil, diabolical traitor that Trump had executed. Yes, he did. Yes, he did. Went, went, went to Kiev, and you’re going to see him here. What is he doing in Kiev? He’s an american senator, and they had a democratic election. Don’t we believe in democracy? Not, it doesn’t go our way. But we could not tolerate a government that was not going to integrate into the European Union. Do you have it up? Yeah. Let’s hear Ukraine. People of Ukraine, this is your moment. This is about you, no one else. Pravad, this is about the future you want for your country.

This is about the future you deserve. A future in Europe, a future of peace with all of your neighbors. The free world is with you. America is with you. I am with you. And the destiny you seek lies in Europe. Ukraine will make Europe better. And Europe will make Ukraine better. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, I wish, I wish we could dig them up and, and shoot him again. I know. And that’s not even including the one that he had where he, you know, that’s not even including when he went to, met with ISIS.

You know, because simultaneous to this, we’ll get into. That’s coming later. Russia is trying to save Syria, and that’s all on the agenda. So there he is, inciting the overthrow of a democratic elected insurrection, what they falsely accused Trump of on January 6. There’s John McStaine, his little girlfriend, Lindsey Graham was there, too. There were a couple other us senators and diplomats. Victoria Nuland. And he said it right there. Your futures were Europe. You got to get rid of this government and join the new world order. That’s the real message there. And what happens is days later, days later, the next clip, if you could play that one.

Okay, so you, you sent me one from today, and then there was one from last week that I didn’t play. So I’m gonna play the one that you sent me from today. Yeah, forget last week. I got this one in order. Yes. All right. So soon after that, they, they packed up and fled the democratically elected government. That’s democracy in action. Somebody, that somebody said that they heard that Ukraine was the center of all the Satan worshiping. I hadn’t, I’m not really familiar with that. I think the, I think that probably falls more onto the Kazakhstan Nursultan area.

But certainly there’s, there’s an element of it, at least from, I think, the western control of certain areas within Ukraine. That certainly was, they got, they have a trident on their fake flag. You know, that’s all good. As far as human trafficking and child sex traffic. Yeah, it’s definitely a hub for that. A lot of dirty stuff going on. Went on in Ukraine at the bio labs, and they got their own oligarchs, but that’s how the government fell. Right? And you got a pro western puppet, pro EU, pro NATO. That’s how it happened. And the spin of the western fake news.

This was so disgusting. It’s actually what prompted me to write the book, the war against Putin. I wrote that in 2014, then I updated it years later. But the spin was, it was. It was a corrupt regime. It was tyrannical. The people had to rise up. Do you know, I. I did this kind of on my own, but just in this. And with this, maybe thought that you might want to play some of this. But I actually downloaded the copy of the recording of Victoria Nuland talking to that guy who you sent me, the picture of, where it talks about how they’re trying to organize the government after this coup.

Yeah. Oh, if you want me to play any of that, let me know, but show miss. Well, Victoria Newland. Let me set this up. It’s noodleman. She’s the wife of Robert Kagan. PNAC 911 cover upper. Yes. And she was expected to be. A lot of people speculated that she was going to be the secretary of state under Hillary Clinton. There she is. She’s given out cookies and treats to the thoughts of Ukraine. Okay. Isn’t that special? When the government was over. That’s Vicki Newland. I think her official title was under secretary of state for eurasian affairs or something like that.

And then there’s her puppets. There’s that boxer behind her. Yeah, names. They’re all puppets. They’re all corrupt, they’re all criminals. And she’s the boss, the yenta, telling them what to do. Mm hmm. And again, just. Just for emphasis, her husband is the guy who wrote the p. The docket or the PNAC document, which is talked about. Outside of a catalyzing event like a new Pearl harbor, we will not be able to achieve basically our geopolitical aims in Central Asia without that. So her husband is the one who wrote that as a neocon or a republican, and she’s, like, hardcore lefty, but which they’re not.

They’re. Their belief system is the same. Yeah. So. So that’s how this current regime came into power. And they banned any parties that were pro Russian, and then they started their shit with the Russian. The russian majority in the east wanted nothing to do with it. They started provoking them. They made a move to ban Russia. It used to be a bilingual country and Ukraine is really just a dialect of Russian now, Crimea, the crimean peninsula, which is russian, 99% Russia. They said, we don’t want none of this. We don’t want to be in the EU, we don’t want be in NATO.

We don’t. We don’t want our naval base to go to NATO. We don’t want intermediate missiles on our soil pointing at our brothers in Moscow. Right? Crimea wanted. Begged for the russian takeover. Very similar to how the Sudetenland wanted Hitler to absorb them. Same thing. So that’s what the situation in Crimea. And you remember that biggest fake controversy very well. Putin stole Crimea. Yeah, yeah. They voted like, 95% to go. I mean, the crimean peninsula voted 99. 99 or 95% to go. Russia, basically the same thing as the eastern provinces of Ukraine right now, which was, you know, Donetsk.

And I forget all the, you know, with Luhansk. Some of those. All those provinces, they. Those were the ones that were. That were heavily voting pro Poroshenko back in 2014 when he literally won, genuinely. Right. So that’s. That’s some very important context that the fake news leaves out. Okay? Russia did nothing, steal or conquer eastern provinces of Ukraine or Crimea. To the contrary, the villain, the bully, was the Kiev government in Ukraine installed by these globalists. Russia liberated Crimea and these four provinces in the east, but it’s a total inversion of reality. They make Putin seem like the aggressor.

Right, so that’s it. And. And now concurrent with this is the situation in Syria, which. That dates back to the same time period. This was a major program of the globalists and the Zionists. We got to get rid of Assad, we got Saddam, they got Gaddafi. They were able to pull that off while Russia was still weak. Now, this was Russia’s line in the sand. Putin says, you will not take Syria. They would have went to war over that. And Hillary and noodleman, we’re talking about the no fly zones, which means we’re going to shoot down russian planes.

So. And then you have ISIS. What is ISIS? ISIS is a mercenary army. CIA, Mossad. Just like the chechen rebels. Correct. You know, whenever you see these spontaneous rebels pop up and they’re targeting a government that is on the. On the globalist or zionist hit list. It’s all fake ISIS. Correct. But. And this is when the tide really began to turn, I would say, with the victory in Crimea and then the successful saving of Syria. And it is Putin that did that. But we got to give a big assist to Donald J. Trump. That’s right. 2017.

Early on, I’ll show you the headline. Watch the boss, New York Times. This. This is open news. Trump terminates CIA program funding the moderate rebels. Ain’t no moderate rebels. It’s. It’s all one. It’s like Putin said. How do you. How do you all distinguish between a moderate rebel and an immoderate rebel in Syria? It’s all ISIS. ISIS is CIA Mossad. And that’s a factor funded by San. So Trump cut off their official funding and also their unofficial funding, CIA ISIS, begin to wither up and die. There you go, right here. Trump and his covert program to arm anti assad rebels in Syria, a move sought by Moscow.

And this is from July 19. No, the irony is, you know, they. They accused Trump of colluding with Putin. In actuality, they’re right about. He was. He has been all along. Back general communications. But they’re colluding for the good. Correct. And that’s how ISIS ended. That’s how Syria was saved. Syria’s rebuilding. They’re getting recognized. It’s over. The zionist expansion project, the globalist expansion, it’s all. It’s over because of Putin and Trump. But before Trump came on the scene, just like we reviewed today, it was Putin kept us in the game until the cavalry arrived. And now going back, because there was.

There was a short period of time, I want to say it was like four years when Putin was either two or four years when Putin was kind of. He was in the background. He wasn’t really. He wasn’t the president. He was the president in Russia for, like, I think he got two terms, and then he, uh. He backed off and then he ran again, prime minister. Okay. Because I couldn’t remember exactly what. How. What, you know, what. Whose titles were what. But then he. He became the russian president again. And then wasn’t it in, like, 2018 or 2019 when he.

They. I guess. Who was it that Dmitry Medvedev, like, resigned and then they. The entire government resigned to? Yeah, well, they. They had to abide by this cockamamie constitution that was imposed upon them by the globalists. So he couldn’t serve all these concurrent terms. So he was president two terms. Then he became prime minister, probably their equivalent of House speaker, but he was the power behind the throne while Medvedev served as president. Then he comes back as president, and if not mistaken, I think they changed the law so he could. That’s what they did. Yeah. They changed the law.

And. And that was. I think that was one of the reasons why the government resigned. Uh, was because that was part of the. That was part of the changing the law process. Yeah. But I don’t. With the so called invasion of Ukraine two years ago, this was the final consolidation because he smoked out the remaining traders in Russia who right away said, oh, we’re against the war, against the war. And they miscalculated badly because the war is extremely popular with the russian people, as is Putin, because they under. They understand now they’ve been red pilled by now.

Okay. They see what the west is about. Mm hmm. So these people miscalculated. I mean, 1015 years ago, to come out against your country is one thing, but to do that now, they. Out of themselves as traitors. And then Putin pounced on that. He said, right on national tv, he says, the russian people will always be able to recognize scum and traitors. His words within our midst, and we will spit them out. They start flying in droves. Where do they go? Israel. Surprise, surprise. Dubai. A lot of them end up at Dubai or Britain. And now there’s a lot of lower level professional type, a lot of them jewish, who are leaving because they’re libtards.

They don’t feel comfortable there. So it’s almost like what started happening in Germany in 1933. People like Einstein and Marlene Dietrich and the Frankfurt school and Magnus Hirschfeld, these communists and perverts. They were not expelled from Germany. No, they left willingly. They just saw the writing on the wall and they said, we can’t live in a country like this. You know, a country that’s stable, prosperous, moral of horrors. And that’s what’s happening in Russia now. You can see the headlines. The rats are leaving the ship. It’s a beautiful thing. And Putin pulled it off over a 20 year period.

More than 20 years, 24 years. And a big part of the program was the old adage, keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. Right now, he doesn’t have to play their game no more. He comes right out, calls people scum, traitors, the western elites or satanists. The stuff he says, he’s unplugged. He’s unchained, much like Trump is, too, if you post. So there was a, you know, I’ve. I’ve had. I’ve played this on my channel before, and I don’t think I’m going to play it tonight, but there’s a couple of songs out there. The. The patriotic movement, the nationalistic movement within Russia is extraordinarily strong, especially with the young generation.

They are a, they are, they are extremely patriotic, and they love Russia. It’s, it’s, you know, it’s. When I watched the, there’s this, this young kid who sings a song, and then there was like an older kind of a. Probably a pop singer from yesteryear, you know, maybe from like, the nineties or whatever, who kind of stayed popular anyways, probably in his mid to late forties. But, you know, he had a really popular song that was very, you know, was about Russia, you know, very, you know. And you, you watch these things, you know, you watch the videos of them, and, man, it’s like, I don’t know about you, but I tear up when I see stuff like that because I want that for us.

You know, I want that United States. And it just. It’s a whole generation now has been raised. This is, these are Putin’s kids who, from the age of five, six, seven, they were, they were taught morality in school, patriotism. So now is bearing fruit. These are young people in their late teens, early twenties, entering the professions. They’re starting to have babies again in Russia. They’re almost stable. If you could pull up one of those videos I think you’re talking about. I think it’s titled racia mama, ros I ya, ros I ya, mama should be close enough.

Is it. It’s a song. Okay. I haven’t seen this yet. Did you find it? I did. Let me see here. It’s beautiful. It’s militaristic, it’s patriotic, it’s religious. Let me go ahead and I will. I mean, to stop this because I need to present it with the audio. The only thing that’s a little unfortunate, but understandable, it’s heavy on the world war two symbolism, the great patriotic war, you know, that’s so embedded in your culture that it’s gonna be hard to get that out. So let me if, guys, let me know if there’s a. Let me know if there’s an echo in here, because I’m playing this a little bit different.

So if there’s an echo, let me know. Is this the video or the song? It should be a young girl. It’s both. Okay. I think. Yeah, there it is. Like, you know, system. Now that you. I see, I see. I feel you. I’m going to pause it there just because our time is getting a little bit short, but that’s actually really good. I’m glad you. I’m going to go back and watch that finish it up. And there’s a couple others that are, that are really good that I’ve played in the past and maybe I’ll put links to those in the, the comment section.

You know, it’s just when you, when you look at the things that are coming out of Russia now, you know, there was an article written by James Perloff back in like 20 1516 timeframe and he said the unthinkable has happened. The United States and Russia have changed places. Yeah. Yeah. And they’re like, you know, american 1950s. Mm hmm. Yeah. It’s funny that you, it’s so funny that you say that. You know, I was, I was doing a gun show one time and this is probably 20 1718 time frame. And there was, you know, every time you do a gun show, there’s always like, you’re always next to somebody different.

You know, there’s like your new neighbors for the weekend, right. And then you just strike up conversations. You get to talk to people. Well, this guy actually, he had his son there and he was, he was an American who was living in Russia and his son didn’t speak any English. He actually was, he was a Russian. He spoke Russian and he taught English in Russia. And he told me, he said, you know, he’s like, I love it over there because I asked him, I was like, is you like it over there? He says, oh, I love it.

It’s like, it’s like, it’s like America in the 1950s. Those were his words. He said, yeah, he’s like, we don’t have to lock our houses. It’s like, it’s, you know, there’s no crime. It’s like, it’s like, I don’t want to say it’s utopia, but you know, that was essentially what he was kind of saying. Yeah, no, it’s a remarkable, remarkable turnabout from, from two, from two decades ago. And it’s, you know, much like Germany under Hitler, it’s economic that actually, GDP wise, they have a larger economy than Germany now, right? Economic revival, political, the social, the cultural.

They don’t got to take shit from the globalists anymore. And then the final piece of the puzzle for the world was Trump coming on the scene. So, you know, NATO’s gone, european, all that’s gone. It’s never going to rise again. So that’s a beautiful thing. It really is. You know, I mean, I, you know, I hope it doesn’t rise again. You know, I mean, you look past, you look back at the, but the course of history and I mean, these people, they, you know, they, they get reined in from time to time, but they always come back.

They are relentless. Even you go back to the illuminati when that was broken up, it just reconstituted, you know, but it seems this time like it’s a deep cleaning that they’re really pulling up the roots. Right? So. And I just hope that here in the United States, it’s not just going to be a political restructuring in any economic recovery. That’s all critical. But Russia made a very concerted, deliberate, thought out effort to repair the moral degradation, and you’re seeing the fruits of that now in a video like that. All those kids talking about, got to get up early.

You got to say my prayers. Faith, God, country, you know, all the. All the pillars that they said that in order to destroy the west, we have to take God out of God out, we have to destroy the nuclear family, and we have to destroy the patriotism. All three of those things have been reconstituted under the. Basically the director and the direction of Vladimir Putin. And no. No queer parades and no queer adoptions. They clean that up, too. Right? So all that. All that. Yeah, so that’s. We’ll see. So, well, man, this is. This is like, this is really good stuff.

It really is. And, you know, you know, I get from this, I get hope. This, to me, is. Gives me hope that, you know what? If it can be done there, it could be done here. If it could be done in Germany, it could be done here. You know, I. And I love to say that, you know, we have a historical precedent of how things can. Can turn on a dime for the positive. Because if you look at the example of what happened in Germany in 1933 to 1935 when, you know, it took them, like, two years to kind of get on their feet.

But in that short time frame, that ain’t that four years from there. By the time World War two broke out, the. They had the highest quality standard of living in the world. I mean, they went from being basically destitute, 35% unemployment, you know, suicides, just, you know, rampant, to the. To the highest quality of life on the planet in five years. You know, and, you know, that’s one of the reasons why I kind of look at the. I look at the things that are happening now from a geopolitical standpoint. That’s one of the reasons why I so strongly believe in a lot of the digital assets and the cryptos and things like that.

Because I look at that, we are on the cusp of changing the way the monetary system works and that removes the control of all these evil box because they’re the ones that are controlling the money. And if the money, if money is decentralized and it’s removed from their control, then we, the people basically of the world, get liberated. Your thoughts on that? You know, I actually just did a show on the, about the Fed with a big emphasis on some of the clues, which really aren’t even that subtle. They’re pretty in your face. That Trump and the Q operation has provided to indicate that the Fed is going to be dealt with.

The whole corrupt monetary system, probably gold will be back in the mix. So there’s very strong indicators of that if we believe Trump and we believe Q. So, but naturally, that’s, that’s got to be addressed. Well, you know, it’s, it’s interesting. You talk about, you talk about the velocity of money and how, how quick it is to send money around the world. Well, you heard Trump talking at the, when he kind of crashed the libertarian National Convention. And I mean, he was very open about, look, I’m going to let you keep your bitcoin, and we’re going to make it here in the United States and it’s going to be the best.

And, you know, we’re not going to have a CBDC and we’re gonna, I’m gonna cut loose. We’re gonna protect the crypto people from the government and we’re gonna make it so that everybody wants to do it here in the country. And, but you look at, you look at the blockchain technology and how it’s going to revolutionize the way business is transacted, where you can send money over crop. I mean, it’s faster, Mike, you mean, I don’t know if you know this or not, but if you wanted to send money to India, you could put, you could put like a hundred thousand dollars of cash in a briefcase and fly it to India on a plane and get it there faster than if it went through the Swift network.

It takes five days to transition trend transit money across Internet international lines. And the, and the Swift system is basically created by the United States. And it’s what has, that’s, that’s what they use to protect with, within the banking system. They, they restrict places like Russia. Oh, we’re gonna put sanctions on that country. So, and they use the Swift system so that you can’t use the swift system in those countries or you have to, they have to obey your rules in order for you to put them on their system or on the system. So that they can receive money and, you know, that is not a very good thing.

And, you know, but, but you look at what’s happened in Russia and their, their economy has actually grown as a result of the sanctions. So, you know, it’s backfired in a big way. So anyway, we’re kind of over time, guys, again, just a little bit. Not too bad this time, but last week we were like 15 minutes over. But you know, this is just, this is a, this is a really cool topic. And I hope you guys, I didn’t see any, any questions in here other than the one that I, that I addressed early, earlier about Satan.

Satanism. But, but anyway, that, that is it. What, what do you want to talk about next week or you want to just like. Yeah, I think we’ll play it by here. I’m just a lot going on. I don’t know if we’ll go maybe something historical like this or maybe something current event wise. Okay, well, you know, I kind of like the idea, the thing you talked about, the Fed, that might not be a nice segue. Yeah. You know, you know what, I really got like notes for that and some exhibits. So maybe because the show I did was with, who did I do that show? It, I think it was with Dave Washington, Trump in Q versus the Fed.

Okay. But I like that it’s a crash course on the history of the Fed and why. I believe we’ll talk, talk about some of these indicators that Trump has got the Federal Reserve in his crosshairs. And that’s really exciting. I think so, too, actually. I think the Fed has already been rolled into the treasury. Oh, yeah, yeah. That, that was, there was an article came out. When I say, when I say Trump’s going to do this or do that for me, we’re talking about what’s going to be replayed for the public. You know, all these gangsters are dead already.

It’s a shame that, you know, McCain’s death will be official, but I know he had that son of a bitch whacked. Beautiful thing. Same thing with GHW Bush. Yeah, I mean, some of these people, you know, I know we talk about that. There’s, you know, that there’s a actors out there and some of these guys, you know, they’ve been probably executed long ago or they’re incarcerated now, you know, in holding cells or whatever. I don’t know. But I just, and I want to, I don’t know about you, but I want to, I want to see them executed.

I literally, I want to watch it I want to see it from. With my own eyes. I just. I don’t know. I don’t know about you, but that’s. Oh, I did have one. I have one small question. Not. Not depth. Not to go in depth, but what happened with the Wagner group? What. What was all that with the Wagner group? The Wagner group, when. When they were going to rush, they were going to march on. On the Moscow. And then there was like a short period of time where that didn’t happen. And then the next thing you know, the.

The russian army was up in, like, Belarus or something like that. And then there was. And then. Then that guy, like, died in a plane crash. Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know too much. And it’s just a strange thing. And sometimes you says something and you don’t know what’s real and what’s play acted, what’s drama. It’s almost impossible to assess. Yeah, I know. You had any insight on that or not? That was, like really murky, weird. I. It was. It was really bizarre, wasn’t it? Because I was like. I was like, I can’t figure this out.

You know, at first I thought it was like a fake that during the day was. It was a fake out to make. To allow them to, you know, move militarily. But then after that, when he died, I was like, okay, well, that doesn’t really make sense. I don’t. I don’t get that. So anyway, I was looking for your expert analysis on that, but you failed me, sir. Well, I always refrain from commenting on something unless I’ve really dove deeply into it. You know, I’m totally. I’m totally teasing too many people who for some reason, they feel that they have to have an opinion on something.

I think the best course oftentimes is unless you’ve achieved mastery on a subject, is not that even express an opinion. I agree. When I say something like about Hitler or Putin, you know, you take that to the bank and it’s funny. No one ever challenges me. Like, they’ll say, even on some of these videos, I’ll say, he loves Hitler. He’s Nazi. What did I say? What if I said that it’s mistaken anybody, never prove me wrong. But, you know, I will say that I think I’d mentioned to you that space that I was on, there was almost 800 people in that space.

And the recording of it got like over, like 10,000 views, so. And, you know, do you watch Stu Peters at all? I’ve never really been a big Stu Peters fan. Lately he’s been outstanding. I mean, I almost wonder, I almost wonder if he’s been swapped out. He’s so good. Yeah. And he’s doing this, he’s doing this video coming up and what, uncontrolled or something like that, or I don’t remember what exactly what the name of it is, but it’s basically he’s like, when I get done playing this movie, you are gonna, there’s gonna be no doubt as to what is going on in our country.

And to me it’s like, yeah, you go, boy. So. But anyway, on that note, well, Mister King, thank you for another riveting Tuesday night and appreciate your time. I see the sun has gone down in your background, so I can’t see the trees anymore. It’s just dark glass. Yeah. So we’ll let you get to your evening and we’ll see you next Tuesday talking about Trump versus the Fed. I’ll be in touch. Awesome. Thank you, sir. Have a great night. Good night, everybody.

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