Truth vs. NEW$ Inc with Donald Grahn Scott Bennett and Brian Davidson

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Truth vs. NEW$ Inc with Donald Grahn Scott Bennett and Brian Davidson


➡ On the show “Truth versus News” aired on 24 September, the host and guests thoroughly discuss the ongoing political tension between liberal leftists and conservatives, highlighting the resultant public unrest due to disagreements on numerous issues such as climate change, educational agendas, and the perceived forceful imposition of leftist ideologies. Further, they share practical survival strategies in anticipation of any potential societal collapse, including skills like gardening, maintaining fuel reserves, having a seed bank, establishing reliable local networks, and preparing for self-defense.
➡ The text discusses potential threats to the nation, emphasizing the importance of having a fresh water plan over ammunition. It also discusses the influx of gangs from Venezuela into US cities and the disruptive issues they may cause. It covers a conspiracy regarding the disappearance of an F 35, suggesting potential foul play or a false flag event and the likelihood of impending war instigated by a false flag event. Furthermore, it questions America’s readiness to respond, citing societal degradation and a weak military, and foresees the fragmentation of NATO. Lastly, it raises suspicion about an unidentified F 35’s mysterious landing in Havana, and debate over artificial intelligence controlling stealth jets.
➡ The text introduces various conspiracy theories about a missing F 35 aircraft, hinting at a cover-up and criticizing media and military transparency. It also discusses the growing support for Trump and diminishing trust in Biden, underscored by a recent Washington Post ABC poll. Finally, it terrifies about current immigration situations, particularly from Venezuela, denouncing the Biden administration’s handling of the situation and predicting a dramatic demographic shift in the U.S. due to high immigration rates.
➡ The text discusses perceived violation of the constitution by the Federal government in the handling of the border situation, with suggestions of States declaring war on invaders and employing harsh anti-immigrant tactics. Concerns of weakening national identity and the need for strong leadership to resist the incoming migration are raised. There is criticism against politicians and the media, with claims of them gaslighting the public about the situation. Trump’s legal issues, his claim of being politically targeted, and his increasing support among minority voters are also referenced.
➡ The text discusses Trump’s rising approval among minority voters, which has elicited concern among Democrats. His strength in key battleground states despite facing legal allegations, and the recent dip in Biden’s popularity, have brought uncertainty in the political landscape. The text also debates and criticizes the current government’s actions and projects possible political shifts, suggesting a potential emergence of a third major party, possibly with RFK Jr. leading as the Libertarian candidate.
➡ The Democrat primary candidate is supposedly trailing Biden by a significant margin, considered less competitive against the incumbent and is arguing against Biden’s allies’ seemingly manipulative strategies. A new discordant revelation has found traces of vaccine mRNA in breastfeeding women’s milk despite previous claims that it wouldn’t travel throughout the body. There are increasing dissenting viewpoints against governmental and media narratives regarding COVID-19, with calls for open dialogues on the risks and benefits of vaccination especially for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Claims of government malpractice towards its citizens have surfaced, with accusations of irresponsible vaccine administration and subsequent health repercussions. The Democrat party has allegedly become corrupt and rigged, with oppressive influences that promote unnecessary division. The CDC and COVID-19 narratives have been deemed manipulative and untruthful, leading to a mistrust of the official narratives. Trump’s past alleged failures and discrepancies with his supporters are being discussed, with the hope of a reorientation towards pro-democracy values.
➡ The text discusses the politicization of climate change, questioning commonly accepted notions like CO2 being harmful and the consensus in the scientific community. It also explores the economic and political motivations behind climate change debates, arguing that these interests often override the essence of scientific discourses, resulting in distortion of facts. Critics of climate change are likened to Galileo, facing persecution for challenging the mainstream ideas. The text also deplores the embrace of climate change as a type of religious fanaticism.
➡ The text criticizes the concept of anthropomorphic climate change, arguing that natural processes keep the Earth clean and that the current climate crisis is overstated, with misrepresentation of sea level rise and CO2 levels. Furthermore, the speaker accuses those promoting such ideas of being naive or dishonest, with the ulterior motive to destroy the world financially. The speaker closes by expressing gratitude to listeners on a program held in September 2023.


Folks, this is Truth versus News here on the 24 September. Oh what a hot show we’re having now. This is one that is vital to our existence which could be coming to an end, can you believe that? Anyway, we got a hot discussion. Go ahead Jim. Well yes, we were just reviewing the plan to eat bogs. It’s as ridiculous as it gets. Scott, your thoughts? Well, what is becoming increasingly intolerable to people is the dismissive arrogance that the liberal leftist, climate worshipping, homosexual, rainbow flag wielding morons are trying to inflict upon their conservative non believing people.

I mean, this is where the friction is going to explode. And people are sensing that this is no longer an argument for tolerance, this is an agenda to brainwash forcibly. And they’re doing that to children in schools. They’re doing it through these sort of policies, these tests. And quite frankly, I’m amazed people like that. Mayor of Phoenix the woman hasn’t been shot, hasn’t been executed, hasn’t been killed, hasn’t been run over, hasn’t something done to her.

This is coming to that level because people are looking at these sort of actions and false political leaders and they’re saying I understand everything that you’re saying and I don’t believe any of it. I understand your argument to eat bugs but I’m not going to do it ever. Neither is anyone in my family ever. I understand your theories on climate change but I’m not buying into it. I don’t believe it.

It’s all lies and you are speaking nothing but lies and you’re trying to do it with the transgender movement on. You have to recognize little boys wanting to be little girls after they’ve been brainwashed by crazy teachers. I understand your agenda and I’m not buying it, I’m not accepting it but the liberal leftist thinks that they can push harder and the Conservative is going to bow and buckle and break and they’re not.

They’re going to respond and push back with lethal force. That’s where this inevitably leads to lethal force to defend one’s body and one’s property and one’s rights. This is what triggered the American Revolution. Were the British inflicting and engaging in all sorts of tyrannical activity against the American colonialists because they thought they could oh, we’ll just impose attacks in Britain against them and that’s what these people are trying to do.

Oh you’re not going to be able know, have this or that or we’re going to cut down this because it’s all in worship of the environment and you just don’t understand and people are going to say I do understand and you are going to wind up dead if you try and push past this boundary. If you cross this line you’re going to get shot. That’s what happens in history, that’s what happens in the Boston was it the shooting of the shot heard around the world? I think it was in Boston or whatever.

They’re going in this direction and the American people are slow to anger. They’re slow to rise up. But once it starts, jim once a mob mentality kicks in, and I don’t mean a rabble mob or a Black Lives Matter chimpanzees on cocaine or a bunch know wildlings like we’ve seen in the Martin Luther King or the beating of George Floyd, or all the episodes where blacks and antifa have risen up.

No, that’s child’s play. What the real conservative patriotic mob did in 1776 is what they’ll do again today. And you already see that, too, in Muslims protesting the brainwashing of their children. So you see an assembly of more conservative people, and I’m just waiting to see how their kinetic revenge is translated, how their defense against these encroaching, tyrannical policies and agenda and forces are going to be met.

And again, I keep coming back to it’s going to be bloody, and people are not going to apologize for it. They’re not going to explain. There’s a great scene in Braveheart, I think I mentioned it before, where William Wallace grabs the magistrate who had killed his wife, throws him down the hill, puts him against the wood stalk, and just cuts his throat. That day is coming to these sort of politicians.

If they try to stuff bugs down your children’s throat and come into your house and take what you have and enlist you into the army against Russia, that’s when you’re going to see a bloodshed like you haven’t seen since 1776. Jim I think that since Obama through FirstNet could affect the vote down to the precinct level, you got about 1% of these idiots who buy into this horseshit, and he made the move to put them all into these positions in office.

So you got this fringe element that are in these key positions like in Seattle and Portland and Phoenix, that are promoting absolute unacceptable rubbish that no ordinary American would buy into, and they’re trying to cram it down our throats from their positions of authority. I think it’s going to generate a very powerful backlash. Too scott brian, your thoughts? Well, I have a lot of them on this particular issue, but it’s always in the name of public safety that they take away your rights, and in this case, climate change.

Bloomberg’s organization has obviously paid off the Democrat mayor of Phoenix. My problem with this is that our academic institutions are currently turning out an army of these lefty libtards that have no idea how the Earth actually works, and that we’ve got a whole generation of new world climate leadership people that are rising up that think they’re somehow born to rule. There’s going to be a reckoning on that day.

Now, practical things number one, start out with a small greenhouse. Learn to turn seeds into plants. Number two, I like the MIT lighter method for gardening. And I can guarantee you that if that day comes, it’s going to be the local farmers market that’s going to be king of Trade, because everything’s going to be hunted out within a matter of months, weeks. It’s not going to last through any significant season, winter, fall, summer.

It’s going to be the guy who knows how to work the garden, who knows how to work the ground that’s going to end up being prosperous and surviving through this. I have my family provided with old atlases and maps so at least that they can get to my place. I’ve cut deals with the guys that have properties surrounding mine to provide night watch in exchange for fresh well water or protection of the garden.

We’ve done some basic things to try to control the situation, but most importantly, you’ve got to have a reserve of fuel that you recycle every couple of years so that you can at least get to your bug out property. Secondarily, you’ve got to have enough ammunition to be able to protect yourself. And remember, you’re not always going to have the capability to put every bullet exactly where you want it, when you want it sometimes.

It’s going to be a very intensive, very expensive firefight. Third thing, you’re going to want to watch out for the Roving gangs because I guarantee you that they’re going to form up and they’re going to start taking over neighborhoods one at a time and taking out everything that happens to be inside the pantry. So if you can figure out how to isolate yourself by blowing some of the local bridges, that might be an important thing to do and think about just to keep the cretans like, we have to think about the cretans from Houston coming out over our bridges and over our channels into our side of the woods.

Number four, keep a great relationship with your local sheriff. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s unlikely that these people are paid off and bought out. Make sure that they understand who you are and what you’re willing to do and try to keep them up to date on what you’re thinking in terms of some of these local developments. I can guarantee you at the sheriff’s association meetings, they don’t sit down and talk about what’s going to happen to our citizens and constituents when the shit hits the fan.

It’s just something that they’re not as concerned about as they probably ought to be. But transportation, you’re going to need a lot of water to be able to move your body from place to place and to build whatever structures you need to build. And then preparation, you need to be sure to have a fresh seed bank on hand. I promote Texas Ready as a seed bank company. I think for something like $400 a year, you can have fresh seeds, and remember, those have a shelf life on them.

But one seed, you’d be shocked how much food you can get out of a seed if you’re growing squash or you’re growing tomatoes or anything like that. I ran 468 tomato plants, about 60 Okra plants, about 20 squash plants, and about 250, maybe 300 pepper plants, as well as some experiments with corn and potatoes. But it’s going to be the guy that has the knowledge that can turn a seed into something to actually eat that’s going to be the one that makes it through it when that day comes.

As for finding land, there’ll be land. Your neighbors will die, people will die off, and there’ll be opportunities to go and work that particular area. But most importantly, it’s water. Water. You have to have a plan for being capable of having fresh water to drink all the time. And that’s more important to me than ammunition, because you never know when the night marauder is going to come. But you do know that thirst is going to come, and it’s going to come fast and it’s going to come hard and it’s going to mess with your mind.

So that’s add. Jim you see the gangs that Brian is talking about coming across the border now, into Texas, into Phoenix, into these areas from Venezuela, all military age young men. They’re coming into this country, they will go into gangs, they will cause disruption, they will engage in all sorts of criminality human trafficking. These are savage, violent, demoniacs for the most part that are coming to salute and pillage.

They’re going to turn this country into third world because they are completely incapable of understanding and respecting anything that’s the inevitability. What is coming into this country is going to totally degenerate and degradate everything that it touches. They have absolutely no standards of hygiene or any sort of respect. And perhaps that’s why Biden is bringing them in. Of course, the Biden administration to cause the chaos and the disruptions to justify more of a police lockdown as a cat’s paw.

Jim, excellent from both of you. Just simply excellent. Meanwhile, crews start recovered debris from an F 35 worth about 100 mil, actually, I think 120, as investigators broke the mishap. Now, you’ll notice there’s no debris there. This is like Shanksville, where the two reporters on the scene said the eerie aspect of the crash site was there was no sign, any blanket crash there. Now something’s going on. It’s very different than we’re being told here’s.

One thought about it. Sunday, the Marine Corps style fighter bomber was down. That much I believe is certain. Actually, I’m not so sure. Everything else, however, is very curious indeed. For example, why were location transponder and black box sensing devices all turned off, making it impossible to locate the down jet? Why was it flying only 1000ft above the ground? Why did the government provide a 1800 number and ask the public to help find it? Didn’t the Marine Corps knew its flight path? Obviously they did, but for some reason are withholding the information to help.

Why hasn’t the Marine Corps informed the public of the flight path? Moreover, even granting the dubious allegation. It was merely on a training mission. Yep. 35 B fighter bomb. It is an extremely expensive jet, well over 100 mil. And fellow reporter, the cost of the gold plated jet? As I say, around 120. Finally, since the pilot who ejected was being trained out of fly, why did his wingman, the pilot of the other jet accompanying him in a separate stealth fighter, immediately abandon the pilot in distress? He’s pointing out none of this makes any sense.

Here is his speculation. Given that the plane can carry nuclear weapons, not all F 35 A’s or B’s in the Air Force fleet will become nuclear capable. Only fighters and units with nuclear mission will receive those upgrades. F 35s in the Nevada test, we’re armed with a dummy version of the B 60 112 gravity nuclear weapon. What can we adduce? The down fighter bomber was likely carrying a tactical nuclear weapon.

Its mission was to drop it somewhere on its flight path. The military not providing the flight path would enable Skeptics to surmise what the target was. In other words, he’s talking about a false flag attack on the US. For anyone who doesn’t believe an American administration would be this machiavellian and evil, just check out Operation Northwoods, for example. The nuclear declination would then be taken up by the Jewish controlled media that immediately trot out and blamed the usual suspects president Putin white supremacists orwellian Brotherhood Trump supporters.

It explains why the wingman hurriedly and abruptly abandoned the alleged student pilot who ejected. He didn’t want to be a victim of the loose, uncontrolled, possibly armed nuclear weapon detonating and destroying the plane in himself. Anyone got a better explanation? This came from Vaughn Klingenberg. Well, I think actually there is a better explanation here. We have an unidentified F 35 cell fighter that landed in Havana, left the territory of Water to Cuba, presumably on a Chinese cargo ship.

We’re using chip provided by China. They’re going to have black doors. If they want to take control of an F 35, they can do it. I believe they remotely controlled the plane to Cuba so they could inspect it. But if you want a different theory on a lighter note, hunter has just taken it for a little joyride, his way to sell it to the Chinese for a nas payoff for him and his dad.

That’s about equally good and sensible. Scott, your thoughts? Well, I’ve said for a while, and I’m going to continue to say it, they’re going to initiate a false flag event in the United States and blame it on Russia to trigger a war. What they think they’re going to be able to do is trigger a war and a draft and a conflict and martial law. And I think we will see the acceleration of that with either right after they move Gavin Newsom, I think, into the Vice President position, either by killing Kamala Harris or removing her by any means necessary.

But I do think Gavin Newsom is going to be prepositioned to take over and then Biden will be taken out. They’ve already been sowing the seeds of his assassination claims, claiming some old veteran was going to kill him and all the rest of it. I’ve seen that writing on the wall for a long time and I keep coming back to it. This is their plan. They’re going to move in their takeover team and get rid of Biden, probably in a Manchurian Candidate scenario, because they believe their own lies and they think the American public will too.

Even the Jewish media promoting it, fox News promoting it again. The American people are done, disconnected, are turned off to all of this stuff. So they won’t be buying it. They won’t suddenly turn into automatons marching down to the draft board to put on uniforms to go fight Russia and Ukraine or anywhere else. They’re incapable. The American military and the American public are at the lowest degraded point in the history of our nation.

Never before have we had such a pathetic population, over vaccinated, psychologically schizophrenic, broke from broken families, without any identity, totally confused, like Brian had said, pumped out of universities that teach them nothing, that are so narcissistic and arrogant. They’re incapable of functioning in any military kinetic operation. The only military people that are worth a damn are those over 50 and usually veterans, retired, not in the forces. So I think they’re going to be initiating false flag attacks.

They’re already preparing for a Gulf of Tonkin and the Black Sea, as we’ve talked about in the very beginning of the first segment. And I think Russia knows this and all the other nations know this too. The other thing they’re not counting on is if they initiate a false flag and engage in war against Russia, they’re not just going to be fighting Russia, they’re going to be fighting China, north Korea and Iran and Syria and parts of Africa.

Central Command will be gone, qatar and gone. All of the resources that Petraeus tries to say, we’re going to turn things around, it’s all based on invisible armies with invisible capabilities, like Hitler was in World War II. And the other thing is the worthless American dollar and paper money is going to totally burn up any of their plans. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the US embassies from the majority of the world’s countries are kicked out and ostracized like the Burkina Faso and Niger and Mali have done to the French.

And their forming of a three country military alliance is very telling. Jim, I think you’re going to see a lot more of that to come. And that’s when Europe, of course, and NATO is just going to completely fragment and they’re going to say, no, we’re not going to be joining any of these military operations. Very nice, Brian. I’ve got no problem coming up with conspiracy theories. The problem is that with this F 35 jet, we have to come up with conspiracy facts.

There’s a lot about this whole story that doesn’t make any sense. First of all, how do you lose an airplane? $35 billion airplane? There’s no tracking devices on it. Okay, all right. Bad weather. Sure. Okay. Second of all, why would a pilot eject from an aircraft that’s previously that’s just simply operating on autopilot? That doesn’t make any sense. Supposedly, they landed somebody’s yard and make a 911 call.

Second, why would the Pentagon come out and say, hey, has anybody seen our missing $35 billion F 35? Maybe a Chinese weather balloon intercepted it. It seems to me that it’s more likely that it was a tech project gone bad. Maybe they let artificial intelligence loose on one of their stealth style jets, and maybe it didn’t have a pilot in it at all, so they had to fabricate the whole entire thing, and maybe they didn’t want to admit that it’s gone.

Or maybe they wanted to use the F 35 itself as some sort of false flag event, like it had been intercepted or somebody had defected and gone to the bad guys and now it’s being launched on the American people. Whatever it’s going to be into the Jeffrey Epstein archives of nobody will ever know. Although the speculation will continue for a long, long time, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we know they’re lying to us.

They’re lying to us about everything all the time. So what do you believe? Anything that they say anywhere, anytime, anymore? I mean, it’s only the independent journalists that come up with anything, anytime. So believing that you’re going to get some sort of truth from some sort of media source on this missing F 35, I mean, I’d trust Monkey Works running his flight path operations more than I’d trust the military to tell me what happened to their missing $35 billion F 35 aircraft.

Nothing makes any sense. There’s obviously something that stinks to high heaven, and my instinct is that there was no pilot at all. It was artificial intelligence. Something got screwy and it crashed. Very interesting, Brian. Meanwhile, Washington Post ABC poll shows Trump with a ten point lead over Joe Biden. I remarked Trump had gained about 20% more support amid the average voting base for 2024 than he had in 2020, putting the margin of voter fraud needed to defend Trump in 2024 on a level that cannot be achieved.

This is from Sundance. The visible scale of support is also one of the baseline data points explaining why Obama is slowly exiting when the Biden influence off obama knows when to exit and avoid the collateral damage. I’ll drive home the point check alerts and news. A new Washington Post ABC poll shows Trump with a ten point lead over Biden, 52 to 42. Washington Post spend most of the article trying to reconcile their polling result as an outlier, meaning not actually representative.

However, all the underlying results on favorability top issues even preferred Republican primary are identical to all the other polling. The top line result is not an outlier. It is the reality has broadened. His base appeal expanded. The aligned mega support group dominates in younger voters in every demographic. Massive gains in Latino and black voter support. The Trump voting block is statistically too large for voter fraud to bury.

These are excellent results. Conversely, Biden is responsible for the chaos represented by the collapse of his support. The Biden economy is throwing the average working class voter the borders in a state of crisis. They throw everything into the racial policy mix. It’s created widespread trouble for Americans. Biden cannot win in 2024 period. Washington Post the poll shows Biden trailing dropped by 10% points at this early stage though a sizable margin is significantly at odd with other public votes show the general election a virtual dead heat.

The pressure is mounting to get rid of Biden. The Washington Post is assisting in that effort. Meanwhile White House livestream cuts Biden mid sentence as it goes off strip an official White Housetream of my remark was probably cut off mid sentence on Monday. This is a week ago just days after Hart revealed some White House staffords had stopped listening to him speak in public for fear he’ll veer wildly off message.

He was meeting with officials in Boise, Idaho to discuss wildfires raging across the western U. S when he turns his attention to george gessler. The national association of state foresters. Can I ask you a question, Biden? Of course, Gessler said. One of the things I’ve been working on with some others is and then it was all caught. They put up a message. Thank you for joining. This is the latest example white House cutting short online coverage of Biden at 78 who’s publicly admitted to being a gaff machine.

Official livestream were interrupted last month as he was about to answer a burning question on the decision to withdraw the military from Afghanistan and back in March. He said be happy to take questions during a virtual meet with Democrat lawmakers. Biden, who has a habit of responding sometimes angrily to shouted questions has repeatedly acknowledged his hate that told him to stick to his prepared remarks. I’m not supposed to be answering all these questions, he told reporters at a news conference about the Coronavirus back in May.

Meanwhile, and if you want even more reasons why his popularity is polls are in the toilet. Migrants hoping to reach us continue north through Mexico by train amid historic migration levels. As a train roared in the distance, some 5000 mostly Venezuelan immigrants hoping to make it to the US. Snapped into action families with young children sleeping on top of cardboard boxes. Young men and women tucked away in tents scrambled to pick up their things after the train arrived at the outskirts of the central Mexican city of Avatar some swung their bodies over the metal trailer with ease others tossing up bags and handed their small children swaddled in winter coats.

Come up, come up. Migrants atop the train urge those middle. Others yelled God bless Mexico. After three days of waiting for the train, many in the group worried would never come. This was their ticket north to Mexico’s border with the United States. Thousands of other migrants were straddled in other parts of the country after Mexico’s biggest railroad said it halted 60 freight trains. The company said so many migrants were hitching rides on trains that became unsafe to move them.

Gummy said seen half a dozen regrettable cases of injury or death in a span of days. When the train arrived Saturday, feral mix was painted on many of the gondolas. Local police were stationed around the improvised camp where the migrants had been waiting. But when the train stopped for about 30 minutes there was no attempt to stop migrants from climbing aboard despite violence from drug cartels and the danger to come with riding atop the train cars.

Such freight trains, known collectively as the Beast, have long been used by migrants that travel north. The closure temporarily cut off one of the most transitive migratory routes in the country at a time of surging migration and left families like Mila Villigas in Limbo Villagus, her partner in their six children, and spent three days sleeping on the concrete ground surrounded by masses of other migrants. Before boarding the train, the Venezuelan family said they had packed food for only a few days of train rides and struggled to feed their kids.

The more days we are here, the less food we have. Thankfully, people who have helped us have given us bread. We’re sleeping here because we don’t have anything to pay for a room or a hotel. We don’t have the funds. The halting of the train routes also underscored the historic number of people headed north in search of a new life and the dilemma poses for countries across the Americas as they cope with a sheer quantity of migrants traversing their territory.

When several thousand crossed into Eagle Pass, Texas, over a few days, the border town declared an emergency in August. The Border withdraw 181,509 arrests at the border, up 37% from July but little change from August of 2022 and blowed the high of more than 220,000 in December. It reversed a plunge in the numbers after new asylum restrictions were introduced in May. That comes after years of steadily rising migration levels bruised by economic crisis and political and social turmoil in many of the countries people are fleeing.

Once, just dozens of migrants from Central American countries would pass through a rabblato by train each day, said a 73 year old who spent more than a decade providing aid to those who travel the tracks running through her town. Now that number often reaches the thousands. We once thought 50 or 60 was massive now it’s normal. It’s grown a lot, a lot. Migrants come from all over. She know Venezuelan migrants fleeing economic crisis in their country are in the overwhelming majority.

But she’s seen people from around the world, including African nations, even Russia and Ukraine. Most travel through the Darien Gap. A days long trek across a rugged Colombia panama border crossing was once so dangerous, few dared to attempt it. But now, so many migrants flood through its dense jungles, it’s rapidly become a migratory highway, similar to the trains winding through Mexico. And get this, joe Biden, back in 2015, said, an unrelenting stream of immigration will make white people a minority in the United States.

That’s a source of our strength. Sitting beside him is a man currently in charge of the border, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayoricas. Disgusting beyond belief. Scott, your thoughts? Well, it’s an invasion. And how do you handle an invasion? You kill the invaders by any means necessary, in all means necessary, and at all times. That’s how you stop an invasion, is by killing the invaders. When is the guard and the military and the marshals and every police force and the veterans and all of these civilian groups going to be deputized to handle the border? To manage the border? The Federal government is a treasonous regime that is violating the Constitution.

It is violating the republic. It is violating everything that the federal government was created to do. Therefore, it is up to the state to act. And if Abbot won’t man up and do it, then he needs to be removed, and strong men need to be reestablished who will treat this like war. And it is war. And the states have the right to declare war against invaders. It’s very simple.

I mean, I have no mercy when it comes to war, and that’s what this is. Now, there are certain films and such that I think capture this very well from Sicario to Clear and Present Danger, where military covert, clandestine operations are deployed to engage hostile enemies of the United States. And that’s what this is. So the Darien Gap should be detonated, bombed, made uninhabitable. There should be mines and all sorts of barriers, lethal barriers designed all across the border.

There should be snipers. That is what you do in war, and it’s not a time for gentleness. And that’s what this is. If we do not stand up and go to war and kill invaders, they will continue to come and overwhelm the United States and transform us into a third world country and worse and worse and worse and worse. So it needs to be met with a great deal of hostility.

That also includes psychological warfare. It includes all sorts of laying of blockades and other materials and other forces from South America through Central America, up through Mexico, all of these segments. You don’t just fight it at the border. You fight it at all your key position points. You have. To shut down the train, shut it down. The entire continental United States should be shut down. No vehicle of any kind should be allowed transforming migrants up into this country.

So it’s very simple. But the sad part is this country has lost its sense of identity and there’s no real leaders. I keep hoping that something is going to rise up, but we’ll see. Jim, I keep thinking the sheriff should just deputize a mass law abiding, gun carrying to go down to the border and stop it. That’s right. But we haven’t seen it happen. I gather Sheriff Mack actually is setting a splendid example of the role of sheriffs to know uphold the Constitution.

But I do think know because Obama enabled them to manipulate down to the precinct level. They got people like this idiot mayor of Phoenix. They got people like Katie Hobbes as the governor of Texas. They put the people they wanted in place. In place by manipulating a vote, I have no doubt. Well, look at Italy. Let’s look at Italy, for example, that Italian island that was just overwhelmed by thousands and thousands of black migrants.

Right now, these are knuckle dragging, subhuman, unable to communicate, totally uneducated, untrained, swamping Italy. What is going to happen? And they’re taking over parts of Italy. They’re taking over parts of that island, creating blockades so the police and the natural indigenous people of that island can’t go to they’re creating no go zones. What happens next? Well, the Italian people on the island either rise up with arms and drive them into the sea, or they get the Mafia to do it.

And I think that’s where this is going to. If the people don’t have the stomach to fight these invaders, then they’re going to hopefully get the people who do have the stomach. And I think the Mafia are the only ones that would step in with the ruthlessness necessary to go to war with these people. And that’s where this is going, and I’m looking to see how it happens in the near future.

Jim, that’s fascinating because Scott Atwood earned the eternal gratitude of the people for the Mafia that they should perform this vital function on behalf of the society. That would be splendid. Brian, your thoughts? Well, I don’t see how we even pretend that we still have a functional government when we have a border that’s this wide open. Okay. The amount of gaslighting that’s taking place has got me beginning to believe that Carl Herman is correct and that there is a group of white hats that are really in charge and it’s all just a show.

I hate to say it, but let’s take a look at the colossal, megalithic level of gaslighting that’s taking place. Last week we saw a video of a Biden actor walking out the back door of the White House without Secret Service protection. Last week, they rolled out this terrible John Fetterman fake lookalike, and they’ve had the mainstream media gaslighting us that this is the real Fetterman. Along the lines.

Our polls are coming out saying that Trump can’t beat Biden or that he may be ahead in the mainstream media. Give me a break. Nobody is voting for is not this election is not Trump versus Biden at all. This is Trump versus deep state, trump versus mainstream media, trump versus all journalistic, unethical assassin sources that go after everybody, trump versus a corrupt FBI, trump versus the majorcas machine.

And how can we possibly think that our government is even functional when the Republicans in Congress haven’t even gotten the balls to impeach either Biden or Majorcas at this point in time? It’s an absolute joke. And those of us with our heads screwed on straight, we’re just wondering what the clown show is going to bring. Mean. This this Fetterman guy, this is the worst example of gaslighting I have ever seen.

For the mainstream media to show a quote from this obvious actor and try to convince us that this is the real John Fetterman. I’ve seen six or seven different versions of whatever this guy looks like, and that John Fetterman was elected over Dr. Oz. Give me a break. Give me a break. Give me a break. Carrie Lake wasn’t elected over Katie Hobbs by the people of Phoenix. Look at what’s happening.

Even in New York City, like the Sodom and Gomorrah of the USA, even in New York City, the people are coming out, fists in hand, pitchforks fire, ready to go against this border invasion. Even in New York City, we have a corrupt, broken, and unfunctional government, and the only thing that’s going to fix it are the states reinstituting the Civil War against the Feds. Yep, that’s right. Great comments, you guys just spot on.

Meanwhile, we have biden’s show trial exposed. Trump Striking Back in a stunning court filing, trump’s lawyers pulled no punches accusing Biden of attempting to take out his political rival. They’re seeking the recusal of the biased Judge Tanya Chutkin, whom they claim is overturning the 2020 election. And boy, do they have a point. She made some rather interesting comments in a previous case. She wondered aloud why Trump hadn’t been charged over the events at January 6.

Any reasonable person would think maybe she’s shown some bias there, but not the Democrats. The prosecutor, Jack Smith, had the audacity to argue her comments were being taken out of context. Please. Trump’s team rightfully called him gratuitous and blatantly Hawthorne hostile. It’s crystal clear she has it out for Trump. Here’s the real kicker. Trump lawyers are slamming the whole trial as a show trial orchestrated by Biden himself.

They believe he’s using the power of the presidency to take out his most significant political opponent. And come on, who can argue with that logic? Trump has been a thorn in the Democrat side since day one. They’ll do anything to eliminate him. And it’s not just Chucken’s biased comments that raise eyebrows. In another case, she compared Trump to an aspiring tyrant. Can you believe it? But his lawyers hit back with a spot on argument no president is a king, but every president is a United States citizen of the protection and rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

The bias doesn’t end there. The Democrats are insisting that the four indictments against him are not politically motivated. Yeah, right. He wants to believe they just happen to file those indictments at the same time. Give me a break. And it gets more absurd. Smith even had the nerve to request a gag order to prevent Trump from speaking out against his political sham. They’re worried Trump’s comments could influence a jury pool.

News flash, Smith. The majority of DC. Voters were for biden. It’s safe to say the jury pool is already stacked against Trump. Being his unfiltered and outspoken self. Trump eloquently responded to the gag order, rightfully pointing out he’s campaigning against any competent person who’s weaponized the DOJ and the FBI. Yet he’s not allowed to comment. It’s a clear imprint on his right of re speech. But the Democrats don’t care about that, do they? Here’s a tweet the high stake bush by Trump to remove Judge Tanya chetkin comes even as the same judge will rule on a gag order that could mute the former president online and on the campaign trail.

Meanwhile, Trump shakes up DNC minority backing skyrockets to a 50 year GOP High in a shocking turn of events, former President Trump has gained support from minority voters at a level never seen before. This is worrying the Democrats. The Washington Post said Trump’s approval ratings among blacks and Hispanics have gone up a lot, even though his presidency has been divisive and the political environment is tense. The Western Journal says DNC is in panic mode because the support among minorities is greater than that of any Republican.

In the past 50 years, this new data has made Democrats worried and set off alarm bells. Political experts are trying to figure out what change in the minds of minority voters. Some say it’s because of his economic policies before the pandemic. Black and Hispanics have the lowest unemployment rates in history. Other thing is because people are unhappy with how the current government is handling important problems, such as the open border, such as all the talk about transgender and anal and oral sex in kindergarten.

That offends the minority groups profoundly. Recent polls show his support is also growing key battleground states, which could hurt Biden’s chance of being reelected in a made up election in 2024. Both Biden and Trump get 39% of the vote. That means 20% are still not sure they want to vote for. But Trump seems to in a better position in the seven states important to the 2020 race georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada and Michigan, where Trump has 41%, Biden 35, leaving 24 uncertain.

This race might come down to the last second. He’s still a strong political contender, even though he’s facing federal and state charges for trying to change the result of the election, really, for challenging its authenticity and for allegedly mishandling classified docs after he left office. People think he’ll spend a lot of time in court running for office. At the same time, Trump has a support. Of 32% of Independence Biden, only 30, 38% haven’t made up their mind yet.

In a surprising turn, Reuters found 77% of the respondents, including 65% of Democrats, think Biden is too old to be president. This opinion has grown a lot in the past few months. 56% feel the same about Trump. Only 39% think Biden is the right mind to be president. 54% think Trump can do the job. Voters also make decisions on how they feel about the economy, even though the White House says the economy is strong.

73% responding said the economy is worse since the COVID pandemic began. Only 35% are hopeful their finances will get better in the next year. Trump even bypassed Boyden in the average Real Clear Politics poll, 44. 8 to 44. 4. The only difference was 0. 4 points. People usually trust the Real Clear Politics average as a good measure of how the public feels because of the average of many polls.

Those from Wall Street journals, CNN and New York Post show trump popularity on the rise again. This raises an important question about how the American people feel about the Biden administration. If Biden doesn’t get back this Dwindling support by November of 2024, it will continue a trend that’s been going on for a decade, which is that usually Democrat friendly groups are getting weaker. Scott, your thoughts? Declaration of Independence says when a government becomes tyrannical and destructive, has open borders when it captures elections and changes elections, when it begins engaging in war without congressional approval when it does all sorts of shutting off of your ability to have a life and property and engages in these actions of tyranny.

It is the right and the duty of the people to overthrow such government and reconstitute one. Not ask it politely, not have a debate. Overthrow. It like Christ. Overthrowing the money, changers tables. And I think people are on that level. There’s not going to be an election in 2024, I don’t believe. I think they’re going to be trying to put in Gavin Newsom to engage in a state of martial law.

We are approaching dictatorship by the delusional Democrats, and they don’t understand just how explosive the American public have the potential of becoming, and I think they’re about to become explosive. Jim, it occurs to me another reason for the January 6 treating the protesters so severely was it set an example. This is what happens to you if you protest a government and try to overthrow it, no matter how justified that action might be.

I believe this was also in their mind at the time bryant yeah, insurrection is a big word. Was January 6. An insurrection. No, it was a set up. It was a fraud. And the problem that we’re going to have going forward is that whenever we try to organize and exercise our First Amendment rights to free speech, talking about our position against this corrupt and rotten government, we’re going to be infiltrated by the FBI and the Department of justice.

And they’re going to find the leaders, and then they’re going to do what corrupt regimes have done since the beginning of time, which is, find the man and I’ll show you the crime. And I’ll put you away. Because you’re involved in fighting against our corrupt machine. These people know that the clock is ticking. Time is short. Before the insurrection arises from the genuinely grassroots nature of America, before the people begin to grow.

This isn’t going to be a Tea Party this time around. This isn’t going to be an Occupy from the left. And trust me, these people are frustrated too. I mean, even they’re beginning to realize that they’re being gaslighted by the mainstream media. On, for instance, the Biden charges related to his $20 million and Hunter’s Soft gun charges and spectacular deal. Even they are beginning to be able to recognize it.

So I have a feeling that what’s happening is that MAGA is going to continue getting the walk away Democrats that have grown out of their academic conditioning and grown into being capable of thinking on their own. And these people are going to say, I don’t want to be a part of the cult anymore. It’s time for me to join the real America and maybe reread my Constitution in the process.

And the only guy I see that’s standing up against it is the one that’s being persecuted more than anybody else anywhere, anyhow. And this is Donald J. Trump. So I have a feeling that whatever this new party looks like that causes the next real insurrection, it’s going to probably have a very red nature to it. It’s going to probably be a lot of very red blooded Americans who are sick and tired of the gaslighting and the garbage.

The problem that they have is that not enough people watch us to figure out what’s going on behind the scenes and setting up the entire fraud in the program. And if you watch us long enough and hard enough, you’ll start to figure out who the apparatus is that’s behind the entire corruption of our governmental system. One other point, Jim, to say is every black person that voted for Biden, how’s that working out for you? All these immigrants from South America, Central America, they’re taking all your jobs.

They’ll do something for a quarter of the price, then they’re going to pay you. So all these blacks are the ones who are going to suffer. The union workers at the automotive unions and stuff, you’re all dumb and stupid too, because you will be replaced by slaves. The third world slave market that is coming into this country are going to replace all of the blacks, all of the blue collar workers, and they have nothing but themselves to blame for allowing and voting for Democrats and Biden.

Remember? Actually, Scott, they were supporting Trump. We had rasmussen poll. 40% of blacks were going to vote for Trump because he’d made a difference to them as the lowest earning wage earners. They were seeing their wages rise at the highest. It was all the theft of the election. The American people know Trump is right for the country and Biden is wrong, but they manipulated. We have Barack Obama among others, that thank for that disgrace for sabotaging democracy deliberately.

Meanwhile, RFK Jr flirts with the Libertarian Party. This is pretty damn interesting. For months, RFK Jr. Say blends a continuous challenge against Biden in the Democrat primary rather than dropping out to launch a third party, Bid. But lately his message seemed to shift, including saying he’s keeping his options open. If he were to decide to leave the party of his famous father and uncles to run in the general, a potential landing spot might be the Libertarian Party, which at the moment lacks a widely known candidate but has excelled at securing ballot access.

In July, he met privately with Angela McCarthy, the chair of the Libertarian Party, at a conference there, both attending in Memphis. A meeting not previously reported emphasized he was committed reign a Democrat, but say he considers himself very libertarian, Mrs. McCardle said in an interview, adding they agreed on several positions, including the threat of the deep state and the need for populist messaging relied on a lot of issues.

My perspective is that we’re going to stay in touch because if he does decide to run, he can contact me at any time. Mr. Kennedy, perhaps best known for his conspiracy theories about the safety of vaccines, would likely become a favorite to win the Libertarian nomination, giving his national name recognition in the Democrat primary, he’s trailing Biden by roughly 50 points, going to five three eight national polling average.

His vid against the incumbent is not seen as competitive, he’s argued. Biden’s allies at the DNC are trying to squeeze him out, including by moving to hold a party for his primary in the Biden friendly state of South Carolina. In bass comments, he committed as sticking with a party long identified with the Kennedy Klan. Late last month, he says Mushin was to summon the Democrat Party back to its traditional ideals.

But get this it’s a conspiracy theory. Wrong bombshell COVID revelation the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology fact checkers said vax wouldn’t reach breast tissue, but it turns out trace amounts of mRNA were detected up to 45 hours after vaccine the breast milk of ten women. A study of lactating women contradicting the government at vaccine enthusiasts official narrative mRNA was safer breastfeeding moms and their infants because it did not travel throughout the body.

Our findings suggest the COVID vaccine mRNA administered elactane mothers can spread systematically to breast milk in the first two days after maternal vaccination. Published in the British journal Hansen, a 2022 Gemma study was the first to discover traces of mRNA in women’s breast milk. The paper’s authors remain provax, stating that the COVID vaccine play a vital role in the fight against Sarbi’s COVID sarvis two infection that we believe breastfeeding post vaccine is safe, especially 48 hours after vaccine.

But now they add a cautionary caveat although we believe breastfeeding after vax is safe, a dialogue between a breastfeeding mother and her healthcare provider should address a benefit risk consideration. I tell you, it’s all downside. COVID dissident journalists question government and media narratives and denounced ongoing release effort to bar critical reform viewpoints and misinformation were quick to respond to the new study. The US. Government said it was safe for pregnant women to get the COVID vaccine because he injected mRNA state in the arm and didn’t travel through the body.

But the new Lancet study where Lancet, by the way, is the oldest medical journal in the world, which found mRNA and breast milk, shows a government lie. Schellenberger posted the opening segment of the article by Alex Gutentag on the Lancet study in his public substac under the headline Could COVID mRNA and breast milk shows COVID vaccine mRNA and breast milk shows CDC lied about safety. The subhead us.

Government lacked scientific evidence before recommending mRNA vaccine pregnant and breastfeeding women facebook censored those sharing accurate information. In her piece, Gutendag writes it’s safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women to get vaccines going to the center for Disease Control. In fact, according to the CDC, vaccine during pregnancy benefits the baby. The CDC was alone. The American College of Obstructivity and Gynecology repeatedly urged pregnant and breastfeeding women to get vaccinated.

There’s no reason to worry injected RNA stays in the arm and doesn’t travel through the body. What bullshit. Utah quotes the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine assuring Meadows in a December 2020 statement it’s unlikely the vaccine LIBID would enter the bloodstream and reach breast tissue. If it does, it’s even less likely that either the intact nanoparticles or mRNA transfer into milk. But a bubbly pivotal new study reveals this was always a lie.

So John B. Wells tweets what happened to Doug Brignell tribute pour in as a bodybuilder and fitness author died at age 62. What had he himself tweeted? I have enough confidence in the vaccine, based on my research to get it done. Those of you who think the vaccine kills people can use me as a test. If I die, you were right. If I don’t die and have no ill effects, you were wrong.

Well, he died. We were right. Scott, your thoughts? The greatest crime against humanity, the greatest example of government waging war against its own citizens, firing people, threatening people, closing down businesses, shutting down schools, forbidding Americans their fundamental rights, using this vaccine that every doctor that’s honest has shown causes blood clots, brain fog. All sorts of myocarditis young people infertility this staggers the imagination. And I can only explain it as God’s curse upon this country.

And I’m waiting to see when you’re going to have more videos like we’ve seen in Australia where doctors are being punched through the glass of their cars and dragged out and killed, nurses dragged out and killed, heads put on pikes, being hung because they’ve killed children and parents and spouses and all of that. The wrath that is coming, I think, is inevitable. Of course, the stupefication of the people using this vaccine causing brain fog, and they’re going to launch it again.

They’re already preparing and pushing for another COVID lockdown. I suspect it’s going to come right at the tip of flu season. They may be triggering it on October 4 through an emergency signal, through the phones, which could be 5G. So you could see again another claim. Like 10,000 people suddenly died of the new COVID strain, so everything needs to be shut down, or in fact, it was an engineered 5G related operation.

So they’re going to try and do it again what they did in 2020 and again, only a revolution, a civil war, seems to be the language that these tyrants understand. Jim and to promote mail in balloting with no voter ID. Scott. Brian Kennedy. Join Trump. I can make that about as short as I need to make it. Look, the Democrat Party that your parents and grandparents and uncles all believed in is not the Democrat Party that we have today.

What you have today, obviously, is a very sold out, very corrupt, very corporatized system which just simply gaslights the American people into believing that we white people are racist against all the minorities. Even the minorities don’t believe that anymore. The only ones that still stick to the party lines are the ones that want or feel like they need something for free. So they continue to vote for the Democrat platform even though they know how toxic it is for their people to have all these handouts and all these embellishments and admonishments for not having parents, for all their children.

So that they can get more money and more food at the local food bank, which is obviously the most unhealthy stuff in the world anyway. Kennedy what are you doing? I’d like to see you go Libertarian. Name the last Libertarian that’s won an actual seat. I’d like to see you be more effective robert F. Kennedy Jr. In terms of what you can do for this country. And therefore I’d like to see you line yourself up with a MAGA type organization at least, or at least with some of these Republicans that are inside the white or inside the House right now that are doing a very good job, like Grassley and Jim Jordan and Matt Gates and Marjorie Taylor Green.

If you can just get yourself aligned with a few of the ones that are truth errs in there, you might be able to actually do something for us rather than just talk. And I think that’s what you’re here to do is to do something for us rather than just talk. But you’re never going to get the support from the Democrat Party because it’s run by Nancy Pelosi, BlackRock, and all the other machine operations that are in place that drive the Democrat narrative into the insanity that it’s become.

As for the CDC, as for COVID, on the final article, I’m just going to say this. I think that dying, hating the people that built this lie will be a big victory for me. It was RFK Jr. Who said he couldn’t run with Trump. Trump never said he couldn’t run with RFK Jr. I think there’s still the prospect you could have a Trump Kennedy ticket that would sweep the nation like no other.

Well, you know, Jim Denis Kusinich, his campaign guy, Dennis Kusinich was on RT’s going underground with Ashton Ratanzi, who broadcasts out of Dubai. And Kusinich said, all of the government surveillance and tyrannical operations stops when Kennedy is elected, julian Assange is pardoned when Kennedy’s elected, and on and on. And he sounded very so it was it was very interesting and hopeful. And again, Trump, one of the biggest failures, acts of stupidity or cowardice or betrayal was Trump did not pardon Julian Assange, who gave him the election.

He did not pardon Snowden. He didn’t pardon me, and I sent a pardon request. Not that I need it. It’s a badge of honor, as far as I’m concerned, to go with scars against the deep state. But Trump failed and he screwed up. And Candace Owen said, how could you not pardon? Well, you know, one was kind of a spy thing. Bullshit. So Trump has been lied to, or he’s believed to lie willingly by not pardoning Assange.

And he has a lot to also explain. A lot of people don’t like his COVID-19 shutdown. They don’t like that. He said, well, we’ll just take the guns and let the courts work it out. You don’t take people’s guns ever. That’s the constitution. And if you’re a free man, you have a right to keep and bear arms, and no one can block it. So Trump had better reorient himself to address these matters in a political way while the coast is clear and he remains popular.

If he were to run with RFK Jr. Scott, it would be an implicit concession that he was wrong on the Vax. That would go a long way. I’m a huge fan of Dennis Kasinich, who might regard as smartest member of Congress. At the time he was there, he was too good. They had to get him out, and they redistricted to get rid of him. I could see him coming around to bobby Jr.

Running with Trump. I think it’s now, perhaps more than ever, a live possibility. Here we have the final story of the day. We know exactly what de development means. Climate change offers a potent pretext for the consolidation of governmental power. The climate crisis at Al Gore, at the UN a couple days ago is a fossil fuel crisis. What climate crisis? You may be asking. And you would be right to do so.

Deep down, you know it’s all hooey. Mark Plain was right when he observed it’s not so much the things we don’t know that get us into trouble. It’s the things we think we know that ain’t so. For example, we all know carbon dioxide is bad for the environment. In fact, it’s a prerequisite for life. We know the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is reaching historically unprecedented and dangerous levels.

In fact, we have these past centuries, been living through a CO2 famine. We know that global warming, or since there has been no warming in more than two decades, that climate change has caused a sudden rise in disease. In fact, disease have been rising for the past 20,000 years, since the end of the last all Ice Age. We know that when it comes to the subject of climate change as science is settled, that 97% of scientists agree that global warming is anthropogenic, which is Greek, caused by greedy corporate interests and the combustion of fossil fuels.

It’s really quite extraordinary how much we do know that ain’t so. When I was growing up in the robustness of the moderately great state of Maine, adults were always talking about the weather. The conversation were led by an Admiral Stoicism. If you don’t like the weather, they said, just wait. Too bad Al Gordon spent more time in Maine. He might have learned an awesome secret. What I shall now impart to you the weather changes.

Sure, there are long term trends, for those trends are not nearly so alarming as a climate hysteric claim. In fact, they are not alarming at all. A few decades ago, a Harvard philosopher, Harvey Mansfield, made the observation environmentalism is school prayer for liberals. I remember tittering when I first read that it was an observation had had a dual advantage. It was both. True environmental really did seem like a religion for the lefties.

But it was also amusing how deliciously wicked to put a bunch of white, elite, college educated folks under the same rhetorical light as a Bible thumpers. They abominated. I thought to myself, well, I’m not laughing now. In their intervening years, the eco nuts went from being a lunatic fringe to being lunatics at the center of power. Galileo would know just how those climate center feel. In 1633, he was held up before the Inquisition, not for the first time, for broadcasting the heterodox opinion that the Earth revolves around the sun 97% even more of those in charge in the 17th century.

Knew that Galileo had it wrong. Earth was the center of the universe, and the sun traveled around it. Everyone knew that Galileo was threatened with torture and prison. He recanted. The authorities settled on house arrest for the rest of his life. Tradition tells us on his way out of court, he muttered mutinously. And yet it moves. We should go without saying that contention scientists settle with respect to climate change is ludicrous for multiple reasons.

For one, science, an inductive process is never finally settled. For another, even if it were a fact, which it is not, that 97% of climate scientists believe there’s a climate emergency, the proper response would be, so what? At least that many astronomers in Galileo’s time thought sun revolved around Earth. They were wrong. As Steve Kuhnan, who’s served as an undersecretary for science in the Obama admin, noted the idea that science is settled on climate change has not only distorted our public and policy debate on issues related to energy, greenhouse gas emissions and the environment, but has also inhibited the scientific and policy discussion we need to have about our climate future.

But of course, science is only part of the issue. You cannot read far into the literature on climate change before you realize science is often dragged in as window dressing for the real issues, which are political on the one hand and economic on the other. The two hands, it’s worth pointing out, belong to the same body working to feed the same moth. Considered as a political movement, the radical environmentalism may, as Henry Manfield said, betray a religious or cult like aspect.

But for every true believer in the religion of Gaia, there’s a cyclical opportunist eagle to exploit the new paganism of Earth warship for decidedly secular ants. We’ve heard a lot about the radical community organizer Saul Alinsky since its protege Barack Obama burst on the scene in 2008. A fundamental rule of thumb for a paid up Alinsky radical is the issue is never the real issue. In the present context, that means climate change is largely a pretax.

For some, it’s a pretax for personal enrichment. Consider to take one egregious example. Al Gore, who builds a philosophy of Chicken Little, on the one hand, is managing to rake in millions of dollars by exploiting various government subsidized green energy initiatives. On the other, climate alarmism can also be a pretax for redistribution of wealth on a global scale. You can never be green enough, comrade. Climate change offers a potent pretax for the consolidation of government power.

It is, as one wag put it, a killer app for extending governmental control. Like the house of the Lord, governmental control is a domicile of many mansions, from intrusive prosperity, sabbing regulation to silencing, intimidation, dismissal, and even legal prosecution of critics. Indeed, in its transformation of critics into heretics we see once again the religious or cult like aspect of radical environmentalism. One argues with a critic, one must silence or destroy a heretic.

Galileo would have understood exactly how this new inquisition would proceed. Scott, your thoughts? Well, this whole religion of climate change needs to be rejected and ostracized in the people tarred and feathered, essentially similar to those who believe in pedophilia. Those who are pushing the pedophilia would be soundly rejected and violently rejected among decent citizens. And that same attitude needs to be cultivated towards this climate change religion because it’s inhuman, it’s God hating, it’s family hating, it’s self loathing, and there’s nothing truthful about it whatsoever.

It’s not keeping the air and the water clean. It’s about bending man to their knees, worshipping the environment as an antagonism against God and all sorts of other layers in this. So people need to really rhetorically be violent against these priests and these liars and these fools trying to advance this religion. That doesn’t necessarily be physical violence, although that’s not beyond the pale, but rhetorically violent and shaming these people as the disgusting fools and liars and low brow retards that they are.

And that’s why another reason they’re trying to bring in this third world invasion is because they’re all stupid retarded, can’t speak English, have no skills, are completely unhygienic, and they are easy docile slaves to be governed by these environmental woke priests. So again, rhetorical violence needs to be applied to these false religious philosophies. Jim, Brian, Burning Man 2023 in the desert out there, and I think they’re in Nevada or maybe Utah or something like that.

They all went out there with all their globalism and all their gods and all their drugs and all their things and the weather turned bad. Boy, do their principles go out the door pretty fast as a result of bad weather. It got muddy. They couldn’t get in and out, they abandoned all their crap in the middle of the desert and God’s great planet, Mother Earth, was left absolutely littered to no end.

It’s all a fraud. It’s all a fraud. It’s all just simply replacing the vacuum, the emptiness, the disconnection with some sort of god or some sort of new connection or some sort of new religion back into the midst. From the economical perspective, these are just the guys trying to get the contracts because they know that the academics have gone into the government and now they’re going to be influencing where the money is going to be spent.

And so they’re just opportunists out there trying to make a buck hitting or make some big company hitting on the money. Remember Cylindro Obama’s baby? Remember all these greenhouse gas companies that have tried to replace fossil fuels and all this exciting wind farm technology that has resulted in the absolute littering of our environment with old used fiberglass windmills? Remember project after project after project after project? All of it founded in what I believe to be bad pseudoscience garbage.

It is not an anthropomorphic program. One volcano does more than we could do and damaged in ten years. The Earth cleans itself, the oceans clean as itself evaporation, clouds condensation. The system works very well the way it was designed. I’m not saying we don’t keep it clean. We do. But we don’t have to spend 30% of the government’s resources to fight the future problem that’s going to arise as a result of the rising sea levels, which haven’t risen since the day the Statue of Liberty was set place.

That photograph still looks today exactly the same as it looked back then. Climate change is a siren song of a death cult. CO2 and carbon are indispensable to life. Historically, over 600 million years, there’s been no correlation between the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and the temperature of Earth. The Democrats who are promoting this agenda are either gullible SAPS or scurulous swine who are profiting off of a fabricated hoax to destroy the world.

Once again, gentlemen, I cannot thank you enough. Your comments today throughout were simply of the highest quality. And we’re very glad everyone could join us today for this program, truth versus News on this glorious day of September, 2023. Thank you for being here. Back next week. .



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