Trump Enters The LIONS DEN! – Goes Where No Republican Candidate Has Gone Before

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➡ Donald Trump recently spoke at a libertarian convention, a move that was met with mixed reactions. Despite some negative responses, Trump urged the libertarians to nominate him for president, arguing that their votes for a third party are wasted and could lead to a Democrat victory. He emphasized that libertarians share more common ground with Republicans than Democrats, and urged them to join forces to defeat communism, Marxism, and Joe Biden. The author of the article criticizes the libertarian party, suggesting that it’s impractical and that aligning with Trump and the Republicans is a better choice.


On Saturday, Donald Trump walked into the lion’s den, speaking in person at the libertarian convention in one of the third party political groups like the Green Party that has, you know, just a tiny, tiny fraction of people who are disaffected and just not satisfied with the Republicans or the Democrats. And while the liberal media is celebrating this and trying to make fun of him, because at times he did get booed by some of the attendees. I’ll play you some of the clips in a moment. This was actually a brilliant and bold move. Trump met with booze, asking libertarians for nomination and votes at chaotic convention.

Reports ABC, always broadcasting crap. Matt Drudge probably came up with this headline when he was hanging out at a gay bathhouse in Thailand somewhere. Booed heckled at libertarian convention. The don loses control. The video magga doesn’t want you to see. Oh, really? Well, let’s take a look at this clip then, shall we? The full clip in its full context, not just the first half, which is the only part that’s being circulated by the liberal media and Matt Drudge. The libertarian party should nominate Trump for president of the United States. It’s a mix of cheers and boos to be expected.

So that’s the part that the liberal media is circulating. That’s the part they clipped and are trying to make go viral on social media. But here is the second half. They don’t want you to see. Thank you. No, only do that if you want to win. If you want to lose, don’t do that. Keep getting your 3% every four years. The reasons for doing so. Keep getting your 3%. He says that wasn’t in the script. That was him pushing back. And again, this hostility was to be expected. And the sad truth that libertarian voters don’t want to know is they are throwing their vote away.

As this very basic comic illustrates, today, I will vote for third party. And then the Democrat wins by that margin. And then they take away your guns. Libertarians are a very unique bunch. Generally, they believe in maximum freedom or individual sovereignty, which also usually means like no taxes because in their view, the government taxing people is forcing them to engage in a behavior that they’re not volunteering into. And that’s a violation of the non aggressive principle and the free market. And they come up with all of these convoluted rabbit hole philosophical arguments about how they believe society would still somehow function under their worldview.

When in reality, they mean well, and they’re nice people, but they are just pipe dreaming. Now, that’s not to say I don’t agree with all of their points that could actually practically be applied. They have a lot more in common with us than they do with the Democrats. They believe in the Second Amendment. They don’t believe in foreign intervention and giving our tax dollars to foreign countries. And so there’s definitely way more overlap with traditional conservatives or Republicans than there are with the Marxist Democrats and libertarians, which is why Donald Trump went there to try to convince them not to throw their vote away this election.

Our rights and freedoms have never been more in danger than they are right now. That is why I have come to extend a hand of friendship to ask for your partnership to defeat communism defeat Marxism and defeat crooked Joe Biden, who is destroying our country is destroying our country. Nobody certainly disagrees with that. So what’s it going to be libertarians? And remember, perfect is the enemy of good Donald Trump. Perfect. No, even if you don’t think he’s good, you certainly got to admit that he is at least okay, especially compared to the alternative. I mean, what are you gonna do vote for this guy? This is actually the libertarian convention.

And this is not a protest for this happened a few years ago. But this is an official member of the libertarian party, one of the delegates, okay, by running for libertarian parties nomination for president. And this is him exercising his freedom. Like I said, the libertarian party is a joke. And you don’t have to agree with everything that the Republican Party or Donald Trump stands for. But when this is your alternative, I think the choice is clear. And this is who the libertarian party nominated over the weekend as their presidential nominee. Of course, he’s gay, quadruple vaxxed and proud to wear his mask.

I’m sorry. But if you vote for this clown or the libertarian party, you are just as bad as the Marxist Democrats. And a lot of libertarians are into Bitcoin, because like I said, they don’t like the government having their hand involved in anything. And so they see Bitcoin as a independent decentralized form of currency or medium of exchange, even though it’s not really a currency, because the Bitcoin digital white paper said that it’s supposed to be digital cash, but it’s too slow and too expensive to actually use as cash. The Lightning Network seems to be vaporware.

It’s a whole big can of worms that’s far beyond the scope of this video. I think it’s personally a digital roulette wheel at this point. It’s just gambling. It has a lot of pitfalls. It’s too unstable to actually function as a store of value as digital gold. But libertarians love it. Philosophically, it does seem like a brilliant idea. Practically, not so much. But Donald Trump knows the audience. And since a lot of Democrats want to ban Bitcoin, like Elizabeth Warren, Donald Trump made this pitch to the libertarian party. I can already see some of the Bitcoin bugs are getting upset and are sounding off in the comments.

You just don’t understand Bitcoin. I thought that you were smarter than this. Bitcoin has failed as a peer-to-peer currency. The white paper says it was supposed to be digital cash. It’s too expensive. It’s too slow to send peer-to-peer cash. Transaction fee is too high. And then they changed it to, well, it’s a store of value. Then it’s digital gold. Gold doesn’t drop 50% of its value in the course of just a few months. And then take three or four or five years to finally get back up to that level. It’s a whole other conversation. But anyway, Donald Trump knows the audience.

And he pulled an ace out of his sleeve when he said this. And if you vote for me on day one, I will commute the sentence of Ross Ulbrich, who was sentenced of time served. A lot of people may not know who Ross Ulbrich is in the Bitcoin community, in the libertarian community. They love him. He’s the guy who started Silk Road. The online Amazon of drugs, basically, where people use Bitcoin to then buy drugs. And it did like a billion dollars worth of business. There was over 140,000 people who used it. And so he eventually got caught sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Also, adding on top of those charges was he allegedly tried to hire a hit man to kill someone. Somebody who was going to rat him out. And he denies that. And all the Bitcoin bugs and libertarian people say that he was framed for that. That wasn’t really him. I didn’t follow the case very closely. So I’m not sure about that. But he definitely was the founder of the Silk Road on the dark web. And one of the biggest drug dealers in the history of the world. And don’t give me the mental gymnastics that he wasn’t really selling them.

So he wasn’t the dealer. He was just facilitating the free, voluntaristic exchange of money for products. He was one of the biggest drug dealers in the world. But the Bitcoiners and libertarians love Ross Ulbrich. He’s like a folk hero to them. So by Donald Trump, saying that he would commute his sentence, if they vote for him is absolutely brilliant. I on the other end sell t shirts, which you can get free shipping on from through today by using the promo code backfire at the checkout. So order your Christ is King shirt. You’re sorry. No vacant seat.

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