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➡ Dr. Steve Turley discusses the political landscape, highlighting former President Trump’s rising popularity and President Biden’s declining approval ratings. It suggests that Trump’s supporters are becoming more vocal, while Biden’s approval ratings are at a two-year low. The article also mentions the ousting of a Soros-backed district attorney in Portland and the potential recall of another in California. Lastly, it promotes a free training on legal and ethical insider trading.
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I am saying is, he’s the president of the United States, the former president of the United States. You talk to us about Russian collusion. You talk to us about a bevy of things over the years. Man’s still running. Four indictments, 91 counts, and the man gets more kitty-pitty dogs. Climbing in the polls, okay? And last time I checked, he still ain’t been in cuffs. He still ain’t been put behind bars. And he’s the presumptive GOP nominee. You can’t stop him. You cannot stop him. And so for me, I find myself ashamed of the Democratic party for their lack of a competitive fervor.

You had since 2016 to come into somebody. And you still can’t do it. That is pathetic. It is pathetic. And it is no excuse for whatsoever. It is 2024. In eight years, you should have been able to find somebody that could compete with this man other than a soon to be 82-year-old incumbent. No one says it quite like Steven Smith, and he’s absolutely right. President Trump is indeed unstoppable. More and more polls are coming out showing that Trump is absolutely running away with this. All his Biden’s numbers continue to completely implode. Also, another Soros-backed ultra-left DA has been voted out of office in a landslide.

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Ross is a master of the insider trading world and he’s seen returns upwards of 200%. Some have even hit as high as 1500%. So don’t wait. This is an amazing opportunity to transform your financial future the same way the politicians in DC do it, but legally and ethically. Click on that link below and grab one of the final seats with me at Ross’s free training. You won’t regret it. More and more polls continue to come out showing the exact same thing. Bumlin Biden is getting absolutely crushed. Look at these numbers coming from the latest Harvard Harris poll gang.

This is crazy. Head to head, Trump is beating Biden by six and he wins handily the popular vote. With RFK Jr. in the race, he beats him by seven and with all five declared candidates in the race, it’s Trump up by eight. Again, according to Harvard Harris, Trump is posting a double-digit lead among independents. He’s leading Biden 56 to 44 12 point lead among independents. A full 70% of those surveyed claim they’ve absolutely made their minds up. In other words, there’s no swaying them one way or the other. That’s 70% of these respondents.

They are set on their decision for who they are going to vote for. That, of course, is reflective of the uniqueness of this particular race. Both candidates are incumbents. That’s what makes trying to compare this race to any previous ones so problematic. Both of these candidates are basically incumbents. They both have presidential records. Everyone has an opinion on them and the vast majority of the country appears to be on the side of Trump when asked who they think the better president was. We’re seeing that when it comes to the swing state polling.

Look at this. Trump is leading in every single one of the swing poll averages. You take all the polls that have been conducted over the last several months and Trump is leading in every single one of them in all seven battleground states. Then it gets even better. You may have seen this. This dropped yesterday. Trump and Biden are tied in New Hampshire. They’re tied in a state that Biden won by eight points in 2020. Again, it’s simply unreal. That said, there appears to be two overall dynamics pushing these numbers, two dynamics that are pushing Trump’s numbers up and Biden’s numbers down.

The first, according to the Epoch Times, is that those who are always supportive of Trump but who were thus far hesitant to admit that to pollsters are becoming more vocal. Pollsters are finding that not only is Trump rising in the polls but his support appears to be more enthusiastic and more entrenched. That suggested that those who always supported him but were hesitant to voice that support are now getting increasingly emboldened. So that would mean that we can actually expect his polls to climb even higher. So that’s one dynamic. The other dynamic operative here is Biden’s falling approval ratings.

According to the latest Reuters Ipsos poll, Biden’s approval rating in May has fallen to its lowest level in two years. Now, gang, when you have an election right around the corner, that’s fatal. I mean, the last thing you want in election season as an incumbent is for your approval rating to hit a two-year low. Just ask Jimmy Carter. Just ask the first George Bush. This is a nightmare scenario. Historically, presidents need to be around the 50% approval mark to win reelection. Obama did it with 45%. But again, even that is within the margin of 50%.

Right now, as we speak, Biden is in the mid-30s. He’s polling at 36% approval. I mean, outside of the single most outlandish election shenanigans in history that would make 2020 look tame by comparison, outside of that, this is shaping up to be a total wipeout. And to make matters even worse, there’s the issue of Biden’s cognitive decline. Here’s Democrat strategist James Carville, old serpent and himself sounding the alarm on the ongoing problem of Biden’s age. It’s so frustrating. And I do think the president has to deal, the age issue is suffocating him.

And he needs to bring up that he’s only four years older than Trump. And Trump and his goons steal his medical records out of his internist’s office in January 2017. So I’ve released all my medical records. Why don’t you release the records that you had he should steal from the interns? I mean, he’s got to turn that around and need to quit by logging and complaining about the times covering his age and the polling is so good. That’s a waste of time. Don’t do that. Talk about how you’re going to change people’s lives and make it better and how you’re building a record to build on.

And you understand costs of living and you understand what families are going through. High insurance rates. It’s pedestrian, but it’s the stuff that wins elections. No, sorry, James, that ain’t going to work. Sorry. Joe Biden’s oatmeal crusted lips are not going to, they’re going to have a very hard time convincing anyone that Trump is somehow more cognitively declined than he is. Nice try, but it’s just, it ain’t going to work. So again, as always, this is no time to get complacent. Even though Trump is posting these kinds of numbers, this is going to be the hardest fought election ever for Patriots.

We need to get out there and vote and volunteer, vote and volunteer. And let’s do this. Speaking of in the failing city of Portland, Antifa Stan, voters have risen up and ousted yet another Soros back ultra leftist da from office. Nathan Vasquez has defeated Soros back Mike Schmidt for the da position in Multnomah County, which contains Portland. Schmidt is an ultra leftist to refuse to prosecute violent Antifa thugs. And he’s about the latest Soros back da to get the ax back in June of 2022. San Francisco voters went to the polls and overwhelmingly voted in favor of recalling the ultra woke San Francisco prosecutor, Chase of Bodine was also bankrolled by Soros.

Bodine implemented what he called restorative justice, which sought to end mass incarceration by finding alternatives to locking up criminals. Well, voters in woke San Francisco didn’t take too kindly to that effort and ended up finding an alternative to him. And as we speak another Soros back da is on the block as well in California. Proponents of an effort to recall Alameda County’s radically woke district attorney Pamela Price have been gathering signatures for months to place a recall election on the ballot. And as of just a few weeks back, they gathered far more signatures than necessary.

So it does look like we’re finally seeing some real blowback against these ultra leftist das who are ultimately responsible for unleashing this epidemic of violent crime across our nation’s cities. What remains to be seen is that their Democrat successors are any better. Here’s your opportunity to tell big tech tyrants where they can stick it. Click on that link below and download our brand new cancel proof Turley talks app. And you can sign our special declaration of restoration. That’s our petition to big tech that declares a new day is dawn. They are no longer in control and we are taking our nation back.

We’ve already got over a thousand signatures of courageous patriots and yours is next. Click on that link below or go to fight.turley right now. [tr:trw].

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