The Daily Wire is SPYING On Candace Owens Now!

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➡ Turning Point USA recently held their annual Young Women’s Leadership Summit, featuring speakers like Megyn Kelly and Candace Owens. The event, criticized by some as promoting outdated gender roles, was attended by thousands of young women. Candace Owens, a former Daily Wire employee, was asked about censorship at the event and hinted at a conflict with Ben Shapiro, the Daily Wire’s founder. This has sparked discussions about the role of conservative media and the potential for internal conflicts within it.


Over the weekend, Turning Point USA held their annual Young Women’s Leadership Summit, which is geared towards high school and college girls to help protect them from feminism. It’s a very popular event, usually several thousand girls attend, to hear speakers like this year Megyn Kelly, Candace Owens, Laura Trump, Donald Trump’s attorney, Elena Habba, and many others. Or, as MSNBC calls it, a far right conference that’s promoting the outdated conception of womanhood. Seriously, they say the far right group, Turning Point USA is holding their Women’s Leadership Summit as conservatives try to promote the idea of women serving primarily as homemakers and child rearers.

Well, that would be ideal. Unfortunately, that’s virtually impossible these days, largely in part to the Federal Reserve, creating money out of nothing, and then hyperinflating it, devaluating the dollar, and basically ruining the standard of living for every American. But that’s a whole other story. Go watch my in-depth report on the Federal Reserve, in case you missed it. But Candace Owens was there this year, and during the Q&A portion, was asked a very interesting question and had a, well, a very interesting answer, let’s just say. After being let go from the Daily Wire and being able to speak firsthand, do you think that the Daily Wire is complicit in censorship of certain people slash topics similar to that of left-wing institutions? I cannot talk about that.

That’s what happens when you sign that contract for millions and millions of dollars with the major media company, sell part of your soul, and then you’re never allowed to criticize them ever again. But some people have a difficult time keeping their mouth shut, even when they’ve been paid very well to do so. And to Candace’s credit, she mentioned this very strange situation. The last thing that I am going to say, strangely, this is such a crazy story, but as I was headed in here, I got a frantic call from somebody. They did.

They called me and they said, Candace, something very weird is happening. The Daily Wire has sent somebody secretly to record you, an intern, a PR intern, to secretly record you, to catch you in a bad moment, in a bad light. Apparently, she got an email at 10 p.m. hopped on a plane as pretending to be a student. And so I do just want to say to Ben Shapiro, come on, let it out. Enough. Come out into the lights. Really. Come on. Let’s do this debate. Stop sending interns to do your dirty work.

Wow. Listen to that cheer. I don’t fight. I’m down for the debate. Charlie Kirk says he will fly you out. Ben Shapiro has done irreparable damage, not only to his personal brand, but to the brand of the Daily Wire because of firing Candace Owens and the Daily Wire’s bizarre response to the whole situation. It caused the unwritten rule in conservative media to, well, be openly talked about by pretty much everyone. Maybe the Daily Wire didn’t know that this was going to be live streamed or maybe they wanted to have somebody close to her after the event during a sort of informal Q&A or in a VIP meet and greet to then secretly record what Candace was talking about, just to make sure that she wasn’t violating that non-disparishment clause in that contract she signed with them.

Let’s not forget last month after Candace Owens challenged Ben Shapiro to a debate about Israel and America’s foreign policy in the Middle East. Ben claimed to have accepted with one caveat that it had to take place in his studio at five o’clock on Monday evening. Otherwise he would never talk about it, never talked to Candace ever again. But Daily Wire and Ben Shapiro knew that Candace Owens was not only out of the city, she was out of the country. She was over halfway around the world in England where her husband is from.

Then with the arbiter, which is sort of a secret court proceeding that’s not public like most civil proceedings. Arbitration is private court proceedings. They got a gag order against her because just challenging Ben to a debate and liking certain tweets that were criticizing Ben and the Daily Wire was considered to be a breach of her contract. And I’m not going to rehash the dozens of reasons why Ben Shapiro was a Rhino, a Neocon, a phony conservative. I will remind you however that he did have a secret dinner with Mark Zuckerberg at one of Mark Zuckerberg’s homes a few years ago to discuss how the Daily Wire could be promoted through Facebook of course.

And I’m not going to pull up little Ben’s countless tweets calling Ron Paul of all people anti-Semitic because Ron Paul is a non-interventionalist and is against sending foreign aid or tax dollars to Israel and to every other foreign country around the world. That’s anti-Semitic to Ben. I mean what’s next? Is little Ben going to say that asking questions is anti-Semitic too? Oh wait what’s this? You blame society you don’t have an answer so must be conspiracy. There must be some sort and you’re just asking questions. You don’t know right this is the game that is played by so many corrupt commentators just asking questions.

I don’t have to show you evidence that something terrible is happening. I don’t have to actually demonstrate how the thing is happening. I don’t have to tell you who the problem is wink wink but I can just tell you right now that there is but even if I’m asked about it hey I’m just asking questions. Asking questions is one of the primary jobs of a journalist so that it hopefully leads them to the truth so that they can gather information and evidence and then put those pieces together into a comprehensive picture of what it is that’s going on in our world.

Congressman Thomas Massey from Kentucky has been asking too many questions and the answers to those questions he discussed on a recent interview with Tucker Carlson which are definitely going to get him into trouble. There’s a foreign interest group called APAC that’s you know got the ear of this current speaker and demanded 16 votes in April on on Israel or the Middle East. We haven’t had 16 votes in April on the United States in Congress. So what’s APAC? Tucker knows he’s just playing dumb he’s setting up the congressman so that he can explain it to the audience because things like this that you’ll never hear on Fox News.

APAC is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and they didn’t start out as a pack in in the sense of a political action committee. It’s a foreign lobbyist group basically. But now they have a political action committee. Ostensibly it’s a group of Americans who lobby on behalf of Israel. They’re for anything Israel. A foreign lobbying group and they’re a very effective lobbying group. That isn’t registered as a foreign agent under the law. By the way everybody but me has an APAC person. What does that mean an APAC person? It’s like your babysitter your APAC babysitter who is always talking to you for APAC.

They’re probably a constituent in your district but they are you know firmly embedded in APAC and every member has something like this every I don’t know how it works on the Democrat side but that’s how it works on the Republican side and when they and when they come to DC you go have lunch with them and they’ve got your cell number and you have conversations with them. So I’ve had like that’s absolutely crazy. I’ve had four members of Congress say I’ll talk to my APAC person and it’s literally what we call them my APAC guy.

This is going to be why Thomas Massey is going to be if not already enemy number one among his fellow Republicans and why Breitbart dot com Breitbart News labeled him anti-Semitic for posting a meme criticizing funding is real. Here is the meme which I present to you without comment. So it’s going to be interesting to see what Candace Owens does next and what the machine does to try to smear her and stop her and to Charlie Kirk’s credit who runs Turning Point USA and I’ve been a big critic of Charlie and he deserves a lot of criticism because as a member of conservative Inc which he sort of distanced himself from he really was the leading voice in trying to normalize LGBTQism and same-sex adoption in the conservative movement but he is on somewhat of a redemption arc and he didn’t turn his back on Candace Owens after the whole daily wired debacle and brought her on stage at one of his events.

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