There Are No Friends In Content Creation Only Snakes… Anton Says Trust No One As An Influencer

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➡ The speaker, an experienced content creator, advises new creators to avoid collaborations as they often lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. He mentions that many established creators charge for collaborations, which he disagrees with. He emphasizes the importance of building one’s platform independently, despite the challenges, and warns against getting emotionally involved with others in the industry.


Before we get started with the show, let me give some people some advice. As a person that has been doing content creation and I got into content creation and social media influencing for the sake of conversation. Shout out to Connie. I got into it early, you know, when most people didn’t really even know what it was. They didn’t even know that you can make money from it. It wasn’t a big thing, but nowadays everybody got a platformer, so everybody all of a sudden turn out to be important. Even though they haven’t really done anything, we don’t know anything about them.

We don’t know their real names. We don’t know anything, and that’s not a shot at anybody, but you know everybody come on here with aliases. They don’t have no receipts. We don’t know how real they are, even though they’re real in the streets or whatever hood that they’re from, because everybody is real in the hood and everybody from the hood, right? But let me give some advice to new content creators, considering that I have been through the ups and the downs of every part of what you would consider the content creation phase.

Is it cool to collaborate with people? It could be beneficial, absolutely. Would I advise it? Absolutely not. Most people connect with other people and collaborate with other people. Well, let me say this. Most content creators that have a significant platform usually collaborate with other content creators that have the same level of significance or higher, right? Meaning that very rarely you never, and I will absolutely say you absolutely never ever see content creators go back and reach out and help people out and shout out other people’s channel. As a matter of fact, what I’ve seen is whenever somebody else connect with another content creator, they set a rule when they say, listen, you shouldn’t even promote nobody else’s channel on your channel.

I had a content or some content creators reach out to me, and I was telling them about this on after hours last night, and they was telling me that, hey, I want you to come on the platform, but I want to charge you. So a lot of content creators that have built themselves up justifiably, the way that they make money online in a lot of ways is to make sure that they charge other people for the visibility that they’ve been able to build up. But I give it a willingly away for free.

And so as a result, you know, a lot of people feel like they have an entitlement to be able to say, do and operate like we friends in real life. And it’s a wild thing. I mean, so much so. I remember at one point, probably like three, three or four years ago, it was a whole group that was dedicated to the anti Daniels reject crew. You know what I’m saying? And as usually we go ahead and snuff out that that movement. And so they imploded exploded and, you know, plowed it, whatever it is that they was doing.

And now you have a new one. Right. And so you got a new reject group of a group of people that, you know, obviously felt like they had some level of entitlement to my visibility, my bag, something that me, I by myself built with no help whatsoever out the mud and all of that. Right. And so I would say to new content creators that are looking to build a platform. One of the things that a lot of people like to do in order to get more visibility, because they don’t want to go through the process of building it from scratch is they look to collaborate with other people in order to get visibility.

I would say that that is absolutely positively one of the biggest mistakes that you’re ever going to make, because anybody that wind up collaborating with other people in most instances, in most instances, not all, but in most instances at some point develop some kind of animosity because somebody miscommunicated with somebody and the rules of engagement by which you decide to handle the process is much different than wherever it is that they come from. You from one part of the country, you got one set of rules with your family. They from another part of the country, they got another set of rules.

And so what defines you as a real one changes from person to person. And so if you miss a text message or something like that, then they automatically are going to start talking about your family or your wife online, and then they’re going to justify it and then find a little posse of a group of people, a smaller group of people that all too feel the same way, and they’re going to posse up. It’s unfortunate. It really is unfortunate. It really is. And all of this can be mitigated. I’m already knee deep in this game.

I’m already knee deep in all of the different people that I’ve worked with and collaborated in. Thankfully, luckily, thankfully, I’ve been in a position to where I do have some real ones around me. I got some real ones around me. Shout out to Slimmy, Quentin, Q, Mika, all of y’all inside of the chat, Pho Brown. Shout out to the people because throughout it all, through the ups and the downs, I’ve been fortunate enough to actually align myself with people that’s dope. But do you know, I’m going to just tell you, it’s kind of like going to the casino.

The losses feel much worse than the wins feel great. The losses feel much worse than the wins feel great. When you win, it’s almost like, yeah, yeah, yeah, OK, I’m good. When you lose, it’s like, oh, what the? Like, my life is over. You see what I’m saying? And so a lot of times you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs in order to get over to whoever it is that you’re supposed to be rocking with. And it’s going to be some people that show up, and it’s going to be some people that don’t, and you just got to go with the ebbs and the flows.

But I think that the most productive way for you to do it in the best people, ultimately, they just stay to themselves. They just cook. They stay to themselves. They don’t get emotionally involved. They’re not linking up with people in real life, and they stay out the fray. Honest to God, they just the content creators that seem like they have the most piece, even when you want to look at rappers, right? Because rappers, essentially, are content creators. I look at content creators that used to be football players. I see them guys over there on the pivot, and they had fell out with I am athlete.

They was all friends. They were all friends, and they were all cool. And so they started creating content together. You look at these rappers, a lot of them came into the game together. Dre was doing collabs and working with Kendrick Lamar, and Jake Cole was a part of the whole crew, and they was all working together, and they were supposed to be the big three. And fast forward, the only person that got peace nowadays is Jake Cole, and his only misstep was to continue to participate in the process at all. Next thing you know, people’s wives get thrown into it, kids and all of this, and now it’s a civil war.

And I’m telling you, I’m telling you, the minute that you start playing this game of making new friends that ain’t really friends in real life, you gonna start to find yourself at odds with people. And of course, it doesn’t matter how much you steady yourself, it’s always gonna be people that throw shots or react to your content and stuff. If you were smart, not like me, I’m a C student. So, you know, a lot of times I get involved in the BS and I continue to participate. And so I go ahead and deep down into it.

But if you smart, then you would just stay out of the way. Stay out the way, stay in your lane. Don’t get emotionally involved. Don’t get to a point to where you start giving people all of the tea. You know what I’m saying? I’m very careful about the things that I say and the stuff that I text and the stuff that I communicate with people offline, because it all can’t come back to burn you. And I’m telling you, you have to stay out the way. That is the number one thing. Consistency and no new friends.

Keep your people out the way. Rock out with your real friends and real life. Don’t go through the process again, even when it comes to dating. It’s like, I see it nowadays and it’s just a messed up environment because I see more women going on dates so that they can go on TikTok and tell all of the experiences of the guy that they got with. Q was telling me on after hours one time that it’s a whole group of people or a group of women in different cities. Literally, tens and hundreds of thousands of women that got a group to collaborate and talk about the different men that they did.

Hey, are you dating this guy? They take a picture of him or they screenshot his profile that they get with him on Tinder or something like that. And then they post it inside of these Facebook groups. Then it’s like, are you dating this guy? Because I’m dating them too. And I’m like, what type of game are we playing? This is a new terrain that is un… You know what I’m saying? You figuring it out as you go. Everybody figuring it out as they go. And so as I learn the lessons, I bring them back to you.

And I want you guys to be productive and fruitful. And I want you to not have to go through some of the stuff that I’ve went through. There’s people in the chat right now. You know what I’m saying? That came through with good intentions and all they wanted to do. Britney B. Britney B. One of the original people that I was on Fight Club that helped put it together. I remember before long, I woke up one morning and people was talking negative about Britney because they didn’t like something that she said or something like that.

And I’m like, Britney ain’t never did nothing to nobody. All Britney do is go to work. And then Britney was like, enough for the organics. See, enough for the organics. People start making her pick alliances and pick sides and stuff. And it’s like, what? I thought we was just all having a good time on the end. You will see. Listen, no matter how big, no matter how small, it’s stupid. It’s dumb. It’s absolutely stupid. Next thing you know, you know what I’m saying? People will be talking about your family and your wife and all of that stuff.

And I’m like, what is going on? What’s happening in these streets? But I’m telling you, as a content creator, as a content creator, if this is something that you’re looking to get into, and this is something that you’re looking to participate in, stay out the way. Stay out the way. It is not good for your mental health. It is not conducive for your life. People be linked, man. It is crazy. And that’s why I put a barrier to entry in order to be a part of the bag chasers. Yeah, she’ll tell you.

She in the chat right now. I put a barrier to entry before I even decide to get into the bag. If you look and listen, it’s just great, great content. Let people rock out with you based off of the content that you create. Let them know you for that. And then live your regular life like J. Cole. Be peaceful. Stay out the way. You may not make as much money as a result of it, but you absolutely are going to be successful. And if you great at what you do, then people gonna find you based off of your talent and what it is that you’re good at.

People are not gonna be able to rock with you based off of gossip girl content. So that’s my advice for people that are looking to be content creators. If this is what you wanna do, or if you wind up creating a channel, or you wind up rocking out or something like that, just stay to yourself. Luckily, I found great groups of people, but then at the same time, it was a lot of missteps on my part. I should have kept it 100% business, but it is what it is.

Let me go. [tr:trw].

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