Speeding Towards Assassination?

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➡ Host Dan Bongino warns about potential looters in Florida after a hurricane, asserting that citizens, backed by their second amendment rights, will not tolerate such behavior. Bongino also touches on the current political climate, believing it’s a police state targeting conservatives, accuses a debt cycle frustrating citizens, and promotes mortgage aid from a company, American Financing. He further claims the existing U.S. system is not a constitutional republic, voicing concerns about potential danger to Donald Trump’s life due to political targeting and warning that the current U.S. state is dead.
➡ The speaker heavily criticizes the political ecosystem and the media’s portrayal of Donald Trump, predicting intense unrest ahead of the next election cycle. They assert Democrats are desperate to prevent Trump from returning to power, going as far as weaponizing the government against him. The speaker also vehemently criticizes Joe Biden, accusing him of lies, corruption, and selfishness, particularly regarding natural disasters and climate change.
➡ The text discusses controversy surrounding an individual’s story of lightning striking their home and the subsequent debate. It criticizes his egoism and public ridicule, referring to this controversy as a reflection of the ongoing culture war. The text mentions controversy involving inappropriate literature in children’s sections of libraries and a man’s subsequent arrest. The issue of political partisanship within a coffee company is also touched upon. Further controversy discussed includes the upcoming elections, apparent bias in a CNN report, and the backlash to Pride month stickers in a school district. A call for civil disobedience is mentioned within the text as a response to these issues.
➡ The text is about the cultural rebellion taking place regarding the issue of biological males participating in women’s sports and arguing that men and women should have separate sports categories. It emphasizes the importance of becoming involved in local clubs or political groups to influence change and also criticizes certain political figures for avoiding giving direct answers to questions on the topic.
➡ The speaker criticizes American political leaders, regardless of the party, highlighting their cognitive and physical impairments. The focus is on Mitch McConnell’s recent problematic public appearance, speculated as a neurological seizure, along with Joe Biden’s cognitive decline, with the suggestion that they need to leave the office due to health issues. The speaker also comments on the current state of the American economy, noting the rise in inflation, decline in real wages, and overall disastrous Bidenomics. Additionally, concerns about increasing governmental censorship and potential plans for a central bank digital currency are expressed, indicating an impending, alarming future for civil liberties.
➡ The text discusses the potential dangers of central bank digital currencies (CBDC) and the loss of freedom it may cause. It also touches on the concept of universal basic income and how it may be used as a selling point for CBDCs. The discussion then shifts to current political and societal issues, urging listeners to get involved in their local communities and fight against narratives they disagree with.
➡ Dan Bongino hosts a daily show starting at 11:00, emphasizing the importance of public participation in preserving the nation.


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino. Listen, I live down here in Florida, so a lot of people watching the show today live down here in Florida. It just got banged up pretty good. Well, not me. I’m on the east side, but the west coast of Florida. But my fellow floridians, my heart’s with you up in the Big Bend area. I’m just going to tell you, don’t F around down here. I’m serious. Any liberals watching this show or criminals or MutS or scumbags who want to come down here and think they’re going to loot property and come in, the sheriffs and the citizens down here, they’re not effing around, man. They call this place the Gunshine State for a reason. And I’m just doing this as a sincere public service. I don’t want to see anybody get hurt. Do not go breaking in and looting people’s property because you’re not going to like it. It is not going to end well. I’m really trying to help you. You’ll see what I mean? Coming up in a second big show today, including this plot, this police state plot that Trump is he’s just a symptom of the police state? Going after all of us is metastasizing into a full blown cancer now. And Joe Biden did it again. He did it again. Making the story about him.

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All right, Joseph, let’s go. Yes, it is Thursday. I love Thursday. You know why? It’s the day before Friday and Friday’s date night, which leads to the Monday morning update, which has gotten increasingly more fun over time.

So I’m not kidding. I’m trying to do you all a public service. It may come off sarcastic or fake tough guys. I’m not being a fake tough guy at all. I’m legitimately trying to save your life. Do not come down to Florida to loot the people down here don’t mess around. They’re the same as just you never know what’s behind that door. So you try to kick a door in, you may find yourself not kicking anymore ever anything because you’ll be in someone’s body bag somewhere. Don’t do it here’s DeSantis yesterday. He’s not kidding. I mean, this guy’s really trying to help people out and save their lives. Talking about this post hurricane response and human scumbags, trying to take advantage. Take a look.

There are reports of people trying to loot down in Steen Hatchie. And I’ve told all of our personnel at the state level, you protect people’s property and we are not going to tolerate any looting in the aftermath of a natural disaster. I mean, it’s just ridiculous that you would try to do something like that on the heels of an almost category four hurricane hitting this community. I’d also just remind potential looters that people, you never know what you’re walking into. People have a right to defend their property. This part of Florida, you got a lot of advocates and some proponents of the second Amendment, and I’ve seen signs in different people’s yards in the past after these disasters. And I would say it’s probably here. You loot, we shoot. You never know what’s behind that door. If you go break into somebody’s house and you’re trying to loot, these are people that are going to be able to defend themselves and their families. So I would not do it. I’m just saying you’ve been warned. If something bad happens to you because you’re a mutt and a piece of garbage and you want to loot people’s property, don’t say it and warn you. It’s a public service, right, fellas? That’s all we’re doing here. It’s like a PSA kind of thing. Don’t get dead. That’s the number one rule. You want to get dead fast in Florida, go loot someone’s property.

All right, moving on. Good job by the governor, letting them know. By the way, folks, they’re not stopping. They’re not stopping. I keep getting a lot I was in the chat this morning, a lot of questions in the chat. I think I answered a few of them, gave a few shout outs. Always good to see you here. I got in about 1015 this morning. But into the chat room, I’m getting a lot of questions on Facebook and Truth and Twitter and elsewhere. Damn. What do you think’s coming next, folks? The answer is, I don’t really know. They are so deranged that when Tucker Carlson gave this interview the other day in a podcast and said, we are quickly speeding towards assassination. Sounds like something I told you before, right? Trump’s life is in danger. These people will not stop, folks. I put it out on Truth and Twitter this morning. All of this stuff is here right now. The police, state, censorship, all of this stuff. Political targeting, weaponization of government, arresting political opponents. I doubt you all in the chat. You’re all pretty smart. People are under an illusion. We still live in a constitutional republic. We don’t. But the people out there who are not persuadable, I want to warn you right now, listen to me. The country you know is dead. There’s a shot to save it. There’s a small window to save it, but that’s it. The country you know is dead, it should inspire you. It should make you a little bit anxious to get out there and take it back in this election. NBC News this movement’s growing and metastasizing. This is just the other day secretaries of state. Now get ready for challenges to Trump’s ballot access, long and short. I told you they were going to use the 14th amendment, which has this insurrection provision, 14th amendment of the constitution. I’m sorry. Some dumb ass liberals are listening, right, to keep Trump off the ballot? No, they’re not going to do that. It’s going to wind up in court. A lot of things wound up in court. The court system is broken too. Again, you’re falling into the trap of thinking we live in a constitutional republic where you still have legal rights as a conservative. You do not ask the pro lifers that got locked up on this face act violation looking at 30 years in prison. Ask the jan, six people that have been sitting in jail for two years. No, you do not. Ask Trump, who has no right to an attorney anymore. The country you knew is dead. What is going to stop them? Folks, I don’t know. Sadly, probably only Trump in a coffin. Listen, I’m not going to be lectured by anyone on this. I’ve told you this repeatedly. I’ll tell you again, I’ll tell you tomorrow and I’ll remind you the day after that. I did this for a living. For twelve years I sat in a protective intelligence squad in the busiest field office in the secret service in New York. I ran out. We call investigations run out. I would run out probably one or two protective intelligence cases a week between my time in Long Island and Manhattan. Threat cases. Donald Trump’s life is in absolute danger. Anyone telling you otherwise is full of crap. They are making it up. I talk to people all the time. Donald Trump’s life is in danger. I can’t say this enough. Here’s Tucker Carlson on a show the other day, folks, on a podcast saying the exact same thing I’ve told you. Where do you think he’s do you think he’s just making this know? Me and him are both former Fox people, right? We both kind of know some of the same people. He’s not making this up. Listen to him talk about how they’re speeding towards assassination and there’s no emergency break whatsoever on the left behavior anymore. Trump broke these people. Listen to this.

What do you think the future it? I don’t mean are they going to let Trump be? You know, they protested him. They called him names. He won anyway. They impeached him twice on ridiculous pretenses. They fabricated a lot about what happened on January 6 in order to impeach himBack then, they indicted him. It didn’t work. He became more popular, then they indicted him three more times, and every single time his popularity rose. So if you begin with criticism, then you go to protest, then you go to impeachment. Now you go to indictment, and none of them work. What’s next? Graph it out, man. We’re speeding toward assassination, obviously, and no one will say that, but I don’t know how you can’t reach that conclusion. Well, not no one. I don’t think he meant that literally, because we’ve been saying it, too. But I agree with the man wholeheartedly. There hasn’t been a better analyst of the political ecosystem and environment for the last five years in Tucker. There hasn’t, me included. Some of the stuff he’s been off on, but most of the stuff, everybody has it. There’s no one in the political talking headspace who’s right on everything. He’s been right about a lot of it. A lot more than most.

You think he’s joking around, folks? They want this guy in a body bag. This is insane. The Constitutional Republic and any moorings to sanity are gone. You need to start thickening up your skin and hardening up right now to what’s coming. Any chaos you thought wouldn’t happen here is coming here. This next election cycle is going to be like something you have never seen in American history. You mark this date, you marked this show, you marked this with a second. Everything you never thought was going to happen is about to happen in the next year. Get ready for it right now. Start physically preparing yourself and mentally preparing yourself for some tough times ahead, because this next year, we’re in September. As of tomorrow, we are in election season now, full blown election season. You are never going to see anything like you see in the next year. Prepare yourself for everything and what it only took a day. Here we go.

Joe, you can unflag this one already. Jim, you too. Get ahead of it. The guardian unflagged already. Only a couple days. What did I tell you? Thank you. Take it. He’s got a whole team. Joe monitoring the flagged list. So there we go. We got one less. What did I tell you was going to happen? The Democrats are so terrified of another Trump administration, all emergency brakes are off. Anything is on the table. They want this guy dead. They cannot have this guy in the White House. So one of the things they’re going to do is they’re going to weaponize the government to target him, and then they’re going to do the dipsy do flipperoo like they colluded with the Russians and then blamed him for it. The dipsy doo flipperoo.

I told you the other day, you remember this show? Folks in the Chat? You remember this? Put a Y in there if you remember. I want to make sure you guys don’t think I’m blowing smoke up your ass here, right? I said, they’re going to say Donald Trump is going to do that. That’s why we got to keep him. No, no. Donald Trump’s going to weaponize the government come for, which is exactly what they’re doing for him. Here it is. The guardian. August 30. Yesterday, Donald Trump vows to lock up political enemies if he returns to the White House. Oh, my God. You mean like they’re doing him? You see, The Guardian already seeding the playing field. You remember that cool, man. Thank you, Chasters. I told you this is going to be their thing now. Weaponize the government to lock up Donald Trump and then say we can’t have Donald Trump back in office because he’s going to weaponize the government to lock up his political opponents. It only took a couple days.

Thank you, Martin Pangeli. Thank you so much. You make my job very easy, you liberal dipshits. You really do. It’s so simple with you guys around, folks. We’re running against a slob, too, in the White House. I’m not doing the cutesy time stuff. You had that dude in the Chat the other day. You’re always welcome here. But, hey, we got to stop calling these people name. I don’t have to stop doing anything, all right? We got a mut in the White House, a guy I absolutely can’t stand. The guy’s a felon. He’s a kid sniffing, woman feeling, lying, plagiarizing, bribe taking loser, and I’m going to call him exactly what he is. He’s also a sociopathic liar. It didn’t even take a day for the kid sniffer in the White House. It didn’t even take a day after the Hawaii and Florida disasters. They got banged up pretty good over in Cedar Key up there in Florida. It didn’t even take a day for this jerk wad in the White House to politicize a natural occurrence, a hurricane, which happens pretty much every year. Some hurricane hits the east coast or the Gulf coast of Florida or some area in the United States, Texas or elsewhere It took him less than a day to blame it on what? Climate change. Why? Because he’s a sociopathic, bribe taking, kid sniffing loser, woman feeling zero, that’s why.

Joe Biden is human garbage. He doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t care about Florida. What he cares about is appeasing a bunch of liberal donors who are pushing him to not run again. Because he’s a senile, crazy loser. That’s why. Here it is. Here’s Biden yesterday again, coughing all the time. He’s got some phlegm issue going on. Always coughing all over everyone like a lunatic. Here he is talking about climate causing this stuff like a typical dipwad. That he is. Check this out. I don’t think anybody can deny the impact of the climate crisis anymore. Just look around. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I put this out the other day, but if you just check the Wall Street Journal article, you would see that Biden’s own NOAA, National Oceanographic Administration. They put out a release saying that there is no quote. There is no quote. There is no quote. There is no strong evidence of century scale increasing trends in US landfalling, hurricanes, and major hurricanes. Let me read that again for liberal dipshits out there. This is from Noah. Noah, the government entity. There is no strong evidence of century scale increasing trends in U. S. Landfalling, hurricanes, or major hurricanes. But that means Biden’s lying. Of course it means Biden’s lying. Biden’s always lying. He is a sociopathic, kid sniffing woman feeler. The guy doesn’t have a shred of human dignity at all. He’s a bribe taking loser. Why would Joe Biden ever tell you the truth? He’s incapable of telling you the truth. Joe Biden doesn’t have an ounce of human character whatsoever. This is the loser we’re running against. You see, folks, I get it. Some of you may not like the tone of the show, and that’s cool. But the show actually does present facts and data to back up its assertions, even though it may be emotionally strong and we may go after people here. This is the NOAA report. You can read it there yourself. Go to Freeman’s. Article. You can read the links. Trust the science. I thought that’s what they said. Don’t worry though, corrine John Pierre guy said she’s not going to engage in hyper theoreticals. Check this out. Be okay with that is something I’m not going to get into. Hyper theoreticals? What the what’s a hyper you mean a hypothetical? I’m not really sure what a hypotheical is. Now again, showing you what a sociopathic piece of human waste joe Biden really is. You have this tragedy in Florida and just abomination going on in Maui. Thousands of people missing, hundreds already declared dead, an entire portion of Maui wiped out in a catastrophic fire, a failed government response. And what does Joe Biden do yesterday during the hurricane response yesterday. Here he is yesterday again making it about him because he’s a sociopathic, egomaniac loser. Making it about him and telling the debunked story again that his house was nearly burned down in a fire, even though the story’s been debunked, including again today and even the Washington Post, it was a small kitchen fire, as was reported repeatedly. Here he is making the story about him after the disaster yesterday in Florida, telling you, oh, he knows what it’s like to lose the house. He almost had his house burned down or something with lightning. Here, listen to this jerk. Anything like that but lightning struck my house. We had to be out of that house for about seven months. I was repaired because so much damage is done to the house and half the house almost collapsed. Just not true. That’s just not true. And even though you keep telling the story over and over, despite the fact that your staff has asked you to stop lying about it, he is such a sociopath moron, this guy, that he just can’t stop. Here he is last year during Hurricane Ian hurricane Ian, that disaster down in Florida again telling the exact same debunked story to a bunch of people who just lost everything because the story always has to be about what about Joe Biden, the kid sniffer? Take a listen. I know from experience how muchThere are in the people. We didn’t lose our whole home, but lightning struck and we lost an awful lot of it about 15 years ago. Bullshit. Bullshit. That did not happen. You’re making it up, dude. Please stop telling this story. That did not happen. This guy is human garbage. He does this to make every single story about him because he is such an egomaniac and he is such a sociopath that he’s unaware of the fact that the entire world is laughing at him. The Washington Post this morning said this story’s not true. Not the Washington Times. It’s not true, bro. He doesn’t care. He is completely immune to he is that guy at a Christmas party, and it annoys everyone talking in a group of dudes. Everybody’s quietly laughing at him, and he’s the only one that doesn’t know it. That’s why he sniffs. Kids, folks.

Speaking of kids, you got a clear choice going forward, by the way. This culture war is doubling down, and your kids are their prize. And you better make sure, man, you are on the right side of this. We did that segment yesterday about Pope Francis who it elicited a big response. A lot of people got upset about that’s. Fine. I have an opinion, and I’m entitled to it. You don’t understand who is on the right side who is on the right side of this fight, which is conservatives fighting for these kids. And you’re attacking conservatives. And I’m sorry, I need to reevaluate what side you’re on.

Let me get to this quick break first, and I want to play a video of a man nearly arrested and hauled out by police officers in Indian River County because he dared to read pornographic material that they’re allowing in the libraries for libraries for kids to read. This is the fight we’re in right now. They show. Brought to you by still sniffs left blackout. Coffee. Gosh, that stuff smells good, folks. Honestly, just buy a bag. You don’t even have to open it. Just buy it to get a good sniff every morning. It smells like good, strong, powerful coffee. This is great coffee. Go with a coffee option that loves this country, loves America, and loves amazing coffee. It’s the only coffee I drink. It’s one of the reasons I don’t like being on the road. I love my coffee. In the morning. I drink blackout coffee. Proud to personally recommend it. It’s a coffee company, 100% committed to conservative values. They love this country. They’re not shy about it. But listen, that’s important. We all get that. Got to love the country, man. Country gave us everything, people. But from sourcing the beans to the roasting process, their customer support, they care about the coffee, too. They’re also capitalists, meaning, produce a good product. They accept no compromise whatsoever on taste or quality. Try it. Send me your reviews. You’re going to love it. It’s a vibrant coffee taste. Check them out@blackoutcoffee.com. Bongino. Use coupon code Bongino for 20% off your first order. Give it a shot. It is really, really, genuinely delicious coffee. Ditch those other guys. Blackout coffee remains true to American values, and they’re proud of it. Great coffee in a great country. They love it. The website blackoutcoffee.com. Bongino. Or use coupon code Bongino for 20% off your first order.

Folks, give it a shot. The owner of the company, John’s, a really great guy, really cares about this place and cares about coffee. Blackoutcoffee.com bongino. All right, you got a clear choice in this coming election right now. I already told you what they’re doing to try to take out Trump. You’ve got a kid sniffing woman feeling loser in the White House, an absolute sociopath. You’ve also, if you lose this next election if we lose, it’s me, too. It’s my country, too. If we lose this next election, ladies and gentlemen, there’s way too much on the line. It may be really difficult to save you from what’s coming, and your kids are the prize.

I want you to watch this video if you haven’t seen it yet. This is a man in Indian River County. He objects to pornographic material being put in kids libraries where kids can have access to it. So to prove a point and of course, some of the school board people think this is okay. He says this is okay. Well, if it’s okay for kids to read, let me read it to you. I want you to watch what happens as these school board dip wads have this guy escorted out by the police and nearly arrested. Look at this.

Now, on the topic of these pornographic books that you keep calling these point of contacts on as relates to whether they should be read or not, 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher, currently in Storm Grove Middle School and Freshman Learning Center. Page 265. As if letting him finger me was going to cure all my problems. Sir, I’ll stop, but in the end and then we will continue gently along my way. Microphone your pinky made its way under the top of my roll back and forth thank you. Yes, sir. I asked you to stop. And you’re going to have to leave if you don’t continue with that. Yes, sir. No, sir. I ask you to stop. I ask you to stop. Sir, I’m asking you to stop. If you don’t do it, we’re going to have you removed. Thank you. Please. I’ve asked you to stop. Yes, sir. I’ve asked you to stop. Sir, I’m asking you to stop. Yes. When I stop, it’s removed better than you and I’ve asked you to stop. So they were removed. Okay, sir. Mr. Tesky, would you remove him, please? Three warnings. Three warnings. I’ve asked you please, to remove. Yes, sir. If you won’t stop, you won’t stop. I’ve asked you to stop. Allow the world to see me removed for reading the pornographic book. Okay, sir. I just said I’ve stopped you from reading. It’s going to be removed. So I’m going to ask you to go. It’s not right that you’re not listening. Am I right, sir? He needs to be removed. Thank you. Amen, brother. Join the rebellion. It’s happening right now. I expect you to do these things too. Peaceful civil disobedience is the very hallmark of a constitutional republic. I fully expect you to join as well. I know you will. We should all be doing this. Hat tip to that gentleman John. Sorry I’ve mispronounced his last name, but thank you, John. Personally, we should all be doing this.

Folks, I’m as involved locally as you are. I’m not just a national host. It’s not just a podcast. You can ask anyone in my town where I live. I live in a small town. They tried a tax hike here a while ago. That didn’t work out either. They’re trying it again in my county, in Martin County. I’m all over that, too. Don’t think I speak with fork tongue. Oh, you’re asking us to do something you wouldn’t do. I ran for office three times, knocked on close to 10,000 doors over three campaigns. I show up whenever we need something done locally. I’m the one there testifying. I need to respectfully expect that you do the same thing. And I know you will. You’re the leaders we’ve been waiting for. Join the rebellion today. It’s never too late. There’s no membership card required. It’s happening right now, folks, because your kids are their prize.

This culture war going on has gotten increasingly grotesque. Did you see this CNN tweet that got just ratioed into the ecosystem and community noted. CNN two men in Uganda are facing separate charges of aggravated homosexuality punishable by death under the country’s controversial new anti gay laws. Yeah, they left something out. That one of the men is accused of having sex with a disabled man, the other one of a sexual act with a twelve year old child. Kind of interesting how they left the details out on that one. CNN just the kind of a small little detail. As Geese said, there see how they left that out. And the rebellion started in the community notes and they got ratioed and humiliated into the ecosystem. That’s your job. That’s your job. It’s not just us, ladies and gentlemen. Kids are rebelling too. Everyone has a God given right, civil liberties to God given rights. Peacefully assemble, speak out, practice your religion, your faith. We all have that. But you have no right to force your ideology down our throats, especially in public schools. There’s a rebellion with the kids going on now too. Join it. Join it. Pride Month hasn’t worked out well for those folks. Hasn’t really worked out at all. Do you see this local news report from a local school district because they tried to jam Pride stickers down all these kids throLike that. Your phone’s connected to the Internet. Boom. Your money’s gone. Doesn’t even have to be connected to the Internet. All the bank has to be connected. That’s it. Your money’s gone. Taxed away, taken away. The central bank digital currency will be the end of everybody’s freedom as we know it. Here’s this whistleblower talking about how these world governments are already planning this.

And here I want you to pay very close attention on how they’re going to sell it because a lot of you are like, we’d never allow that in the United States. People aren’t going to want to be monitored. Oh, really? What if I told you you could have a universal basic income? The government would give you a, say, $30,000 a year salary, but you have to sign on to the CBDC. Interesting, all of this stuff is already being discussed. You can just put it in a search engine. UBI. CBDC read for yourself. We always bring receipts. Watch yourself.

But you can lose your card. Somebody can steal your card and then you’re just waving. That’s kind of risky. Well, wouldn’t it be nice if you couldn’t lose it and nobody could steal it? But it’s clear that it is almost a step too far for a lot of people, because it is a violation of human dignity to actually inject something like that under the skin. So that’s where you need some more persuasion.

Yeah. And it’s interesting that this concept of universal basic income has been around for around a century, where everyone should get some kind of citizens payment, but the billionaire elites have so far not liked that. But since 2015, they’ve all come out. I mean, all the big billionaires and World Economic Forum have come out. Oh, this is a good idea. Universal basic income. Well, why suddenly now? Because now we have the technology for the microchip implant, microchip CBDCs. Now we are what on this show, fellas? 96 and on conspiracy theories.

I can hear the liberals already. Maybe even some in the chat. Are there any liberals in the chat or they all left. We drove them all up. I can hear them now. There’s a conspiracy. I can already I can already hear it. Save yourself the oxygen. Expelled carbon dioxide. We’re about 96.5 and 96.5 and on conspiracy theories. Microchips under the skin, CBDCs, universal basic income. Remember the show, folks. Remember the show. Everything we told you was going to happen.

Is that’s why I started in the beginning, telling you exactly that anything you think isn’t going to happen, I promise you, is right around the corner if we lose.

All right, I got a couple of quick news stories I want to get to to end the show today, and I always appreciate you hanging out. Gosh 77,400, people. What an honor. That’s a big college football game right there. I think Florida is playing tonight, right? The Gators playing Utah. I think the quarterback’s out, so the Gators may have a shot. I’m a Florida guy myself.

So there was a tragic shooting on the University of North Carolina campus, and it took all of about, what, a couple hours for the Associated Press to have the narrative ready to go. They did this, Joe, right out. Narrative shooting. They’re like, Was the shooter white? Because the narrative’s got to be white supremacy. No, he’s not white. Oh, okay. Put that back in. What’s the narrative then? The narrative then is gun control. Gun control, here we go. Yeah, I know that’s X John chart. We do. We need that. The narrative is already ready to go. Here we go. Shooting left the faculty member dead. Frightened students has galvanized gun safety advocates and Democrats who rallied the grieving campus community to fight for stricter state gun laws. You see how the Democrats are already ready to go every time the narrative is there, every single time. If the individual was white, it would be white supremacy. If not, it’s gun control. It doesn’t matter. The circumstances was the gun obtained legally? It doesn’t matter. Ignore these people. Ignore them and fight against them.

Jets in. Don’t try to. They’re crazy, they’re lunatics. They are doubling down on the police state and the central component of police state is a disarmed populace. Oh yeah, we had this chart. You got to dig that up, man. We got to put that in tomorrow. There’s a chart, folks, for you. Hardcore P ones, you may remember. It’s not ours. I think it was X John’s on Twitter and he had this narrative chart like black on white, white on white, black on black, non black, Hispanic, and all of the narratives that are pre packaged and it was like a black on black shooting. Talk about the Kardashians or something. The media is so predictable, right? Exactly. It’s already ready to go, Joe. They just have it like pre written in the computer.

Send that’s it return. But folks, by the way, no one’s safe here. Even the richest man in the world. The police state has gone absolutely nuclear over Elon elon musk says he wants to move Twitter towards a more free speech platform. We’ll see where that goes. I’m not that optimistic, but doesn’t matter. Even every implication that he’s going to do it. Oh look, now the SEC is investigating Tesla Elon’s company over some house glass project. It’s crazy how that happens. Folks, the police state is here right now.

Here’s another one. Bunch of pro lifers looking at decades in prison, convicted of what? Trying to defend human light of human life outside of a light term abortion clinic. This is where we are folks. And by the way, they are panicking right now. The left over the fact that the rebellion is happening right in front of their face. That article I talked about yesterday about these conservative groups that are planning a roster of tens of thousands of people to move into the federal government on day one. If we take back the White House from the Democrats. The La times is already panicking about this story. Conservative groups draw up a plan to dismantle the US government and replace it with Trump’s vision. Is it? Notice the dismantle line. This is this AP story I was talking about. They already are rolling with this thing, the La times and all their people are going to get all ginned up. There’s the same piece yesterday. But notice how they’re already ginning it up. Dismantle the US government, not dismantling anything. The conservative group, it’s a plan to rebuild the United States government. We’re not obligated to rebuild it with your people.

Here’s another way to fight back for some of you out there who have been asking questions about what can I do, you can show up like that gentleman John who showed up at the school board meeting and read that pornographic material. You can vote, you can volunteer. You can be an activist. You can start now. You’re the leaders we’ve been waiting for. You can run, you can donate. Also, you can sue. The left has made the process punishment forever. It’s time we paid back the favor. Fox News California school district gets the double barreled middle finger and has to settle with a mother after the school quote, transitioned the daughter without her consent. Oh, really? Folks, if any of this is happening, sue. Sue everyone. Sue any single, any person involved. The teacher. Sue the janitor if they were involved, sue the principal, the assistant principal. Sue the school district. Sue everyone. When people have to start coming out of pocket for screwing over people’s kids, you’re going to see a big, bold change in this thing. Until then, nothing’s going to happen.

I want you to remember, final note for today’s show the do matters. The talk is cheap. We’ve got to do stuff. I’ve been there. I do not speak to you with fork tongue. I’m going through this now in Martin County, my own county. In Florida, we’ve got five Republican commissioners. Unfortunately, four of them are rhinos. They want a tax hike. There’s only one holding out. I’m the one out there. I’m going to be the one out there on local radio exposing these people. You got my word on it. I do what I can. Locally, too. You need to get involved locally. We need to start making our own beds at home. If you’re not registered to vote, register. If you’re registered, find out when the primary is. Start to plan how you’re going to get ten more people to the polls. We cannot afford to lose this next election. There is way too much at stake. You are the leaders we’ve been waiting for. No one else. Please. This is not a golf game where you can quit in the middle of the match and the guy plays through. It’s a boxing match. If you give up, the other guy’s still whooping your ass. There is no giving up. You got one country to save and you live in it. Right now it is yours. It is not theirs. Take it back. Appreciate you all tuning in. Maybe a couple too many cups of blackout coffee today, but it was worth it. PleaseChat every day. I get in there early, about 10-15. I get on the air at 11:00. We’d love to see you here. It’s your country.

It’s not going to save itself. I’ll see you back here tomorrow. You just heard the Dan Bongino Show.

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