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Need to Know News with Carl Herman and Brian Davidson

– Engineers discover nationwide cellular network, connects election equipment and gives federal government access to election systems at precinct level. I believe that they’re controlling it. This is a problem that needs to go back to good old fashioned biological people. We have to fix it.
– Ottawa police detective Helen Grew is on trial for failing to properly investigate sudden infant deaths. She was investigating whether the experimental mRNA COVID injections of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers could be a factor. Data destroys their arguments, and hence the dark to light. And that all we need to do is tell the truth.
– The American Medical Association has for a long time driven away natural tested solutions. If we cut out the middlemen, the health insurance or health care companies just move them. You’re never going to get universal health care from these people. But we need a breakthrough until we have our Emperor’s New Clothes moment.
– Mike Adams has compiled a list of 14 timeless truths that can defeat the demonic globalists trying to exterminate humanity. He believes that we’re being placed into this world as sort of a test to grow character and to show that grace and love works to bring people around.
– Life is pushing people to choose a side. It really is good versus evil. The way to overcome this evil is not going to be with evil. It’s repentance and love and empathy for your neighbor. That’s the way out.


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You, Carl Herman, and Mission Viejo. Brian Davidson, Houston, Texas. This is need to know news. And this is Thursday, the 17 August. Jim Fetzer. He’ll have his final show if things continue to work out well for his taking Mike Rivera spot in RBN Radio. And that’ll be beginning next week. There’ll be a slightly different need to know news format.

So for today, we do have some stories to talk about. First one up. So I like this one. Massive brainwashing operation reaction to Trump’s fourth jam indictment reveals the death spiral of the US. So it’s simply to me, Brian, I like all of the moves towards this endgame and the idea that it’s your First Amendment right. Our opponents would suggest otherwise, and these indictments are just ridiculous. And we’ll go into more detail here, see if I can play this for you, see if we can have sound.

Well, she thinks it’s funny for this indictment, Jonathan Turley is, of course, stepping up to try to speak to the rule of apparent law, or at least the written promised law. And the Georgia case, just with a couple of stories and the same yeah, yeah. As part of the evidence. So it would seem that asking for the phone numbers, that this is not beneficial to our opponents or it is a fast race to the conclusion of this, of whether people submit to this type of dictatorship completely against reality.

Well, I think jump in here. In America, we basically have about 525 federal level politicians versus the entire population of the United States of America. It shouldn’t be that hard to replace 525 people up there in Capitol Hill. But when they rig the machines and gaslight and then use their power to create a structure to protect themselves from the American people, when they rig up false flags like January 6, and then drive and cajole the media into not reporting on the truth, you’ll find a large gap that’s growing between politicians and the people.

Now, what I see developing is a large it’s becoming very clear that the uniparty is the uniparty. I think a lot of American people are beginning to understand that there’s MAGA movement and uniparty, and they’re beginning to recognize that Mitt Romney is nothing more than a Democrat dressed in Republican garb. And I doubt anybody’s even paying attention. But you’ve got Lindsey Graham. You’ve got Mitch McConnell. All these guys appear to be working for the other team. And all these indictments, obviously, are putting a real sharp focus on the difference between the federal government bureaucrats and the American people. And I think what’s happening is a really good thing. It’s the type of thing that drove the Declaration of Independence originally. Taxation without representation overplaying their hand, wanting us to serve the king and the lords and the American people just aren’t going to have it.

What I fear, though, however, is that out of this scenario, mentally ill people will begin to decide that the only way to deliver themselves from this darkness is to take matters into their own hands. And I do think it’s going to be a real problem at some point in time. I think the Trump supporters and the MAGA movement has been incredibly well disciplined in terms of their ability to hold things back. But they’re breaking through our barriers, and there’s just too much going on for them to hide it anymore until we start to see perp walks, actual treason, actual punishment of crimes, until we see this Joe Biden thing play out. I think the American people are just going to get hotter under the collar every single day, and sooner or later, something’s going to break, and hopefully the police force that’s caught in the middle is going to recognize that we’ve just been pushed too far.

Well said, brother. Those rich men north of Richmond. It seems to be that life is pushing people to choose a side, and I think that’s very well, it’s on one side. You can generalize it as MAGA, and I think that that is the most appropriate characterization, or the inclusive, fascist, dictatorial, China hugging Democrats, the left, those seem to be the two sides. And this is, I think, heading to the place where people are going to conclude on their own that this farce isn’t going to end unless the military steps in. Now, that’s exactly what Q had said as well, that military is the only way. And I don’t know what type of an end game is going to evolve naturally or if there has been a group of white hat military leaders in the background awaiting the most opportune movement to take the exit strategy of the secret war and the entrance strategy for the overt recognition of the war. Forward. We shall see. But I’m exactly with you. I’m surprised that nothing has broken so far, but it hasn’t.

Well, I don’t have a lot of confidence in the idea of a military solution because I see the military intervention as the beginning of the great reset. And I think that the military has largely been gutted of patriots and replaced with bureaucrats yes men and tortured souls that are lost in a very confusing world of obey my commander in chief and obey and take seriously my oath. I hope that there is a group within the military that’s willing to do this.

Brian, keep going. I think that in reality, we’re going to have to get the legal system to do something on its own in terms of the Department of Justice. So I just don’t have a lot of hope, I think, about the idea of the white hats and all the work that I did trying to figure out what Q was and how it worked and how it would deliver itself. And I just don’t tend to believe that some group of patriots could exist within this bureaucratic machine that hasn’t been identified and flushed out already. I just don’t see the military as being the delivering force, matter of fact. And I watch everything that happens very carefully. I mean, it’s basically what I dedicate my days to when I’m not handling my files is just figuring out what’s going on. And I got to tell you that I’m no longer of the opinion that there’s going to be some sort of violent way out. I’m of the personal opinion that it’s so dark and Satanic, and I mean literally Satanic, that the real way to escape is with peace and love. I hate to say that because that makes me sound so weak in a sense, in that I’m not going to take action, but the truth is you’d be shocked at the real power of peace and love and forgiveness in terms of what it is capable of doing to change other people. And I think that if there’s going to be a revolution, it’s not going to be a violent one. I think it’s going to have to be a peaceful one. And I don’t think that justice served up in the form of an electric chair or a noose is going to be the right way out of this. I think we have to figure out a way to reset the system, fix the voting machines and replace the 525 people that are in Congress that are running the show. That’s the problem. They’re the ones that need to go and who’s ever pulling their strings with whatever corruption. Man, I’d love to see something come out of this Joe Biden thing. I’d love to see, hey, we are now going to police your investments, Mr. Politician. We are now going to police your income, Mr. Politician. We are now going to police who’s pulling your strings, Mr. Politician. And if that’s all that comes out of it, then we’ve done something right. Because I sure would like to see these elected people acting for the people of the people and by the people. I can’t think of more than ten people that I can think of that have that attitude towards their service. I mean, I like Matt Gates. I like Marjorie Taylor Green. I like Lauren Boebert. There’s a lot of guys out there that I really like that I think are doing a good job. But they’re acting too quietly. They need to have more power and I think MAGA can give them that power.

To your first point, with love being the way forward, I do agree. And that last time I was in Hawaii, I did see a license plate bumper sticker from a local and it said, do not confuse aloha spirit with weakness. And that is true. And we certainly did take that land from idea, the idea of who is.Managing the actor Biden. Now we can demonstrate that it is an actor with the shape of the earlobes and the breadth of the forehead and the scratching, the non skin surface of the exterior of whatever is over that actor’s head. So somebody is managing that script, and the optics have driven his approval rating. Now, Jim was saying that it’s down to 9% in some counting, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that would be a genuine reflection. So whoever is driving the script here is Tanking Biden.

And with the evidence released from the FBI’s own documents from the IRS whistleblowers of I think we’re up to $20 million given to the Biden. So they’re already toast. But it’s not just them. If it’s the President, then it’s the whole system. So I have to think that unless our opponents want the Civil War where their side is going to lose, it seems plausible to me that this is going in the right direction.

You know who I think is pulling the strings? I think it’s Victoria Newland. Now, right now, she doesn’t have a really big flashy title. She’s assistant Deputy Secretary of State after blinken. But if you look at Victoria Newland and you put her under a microscope, you’re going to find the swampiest creature you’ve ever seen in your life. Victoria Newland was an ambassador to Europe, basically, and then she worked under Cheney, designing the Iraq War and pushing the Iraq War. She’s always been a warmonger, like the worst of them. And then when Obama got elected, she was gladly placed into position under Obama. So you’ve got theoretically, the Republicans versus the Democrats with Cheney. And now here comes Bush or Cheney and Bush, and now here comes Obama Biden, and Victoria Newland seamlessly makes the move from left to right.

Now, I think about back to February of 2018, there was a political article that basically launched the whole Russia gate investigation, and that was Victoria Newland. That was basically behind setting up a lot of this false flag, and she’s always been behind it. Now, also, what’s become clear is that Barack Obama has had way more visits to the White House than I had thought. I don’t remember the entire number, but some people said it’s way up. There like weekly meetings at the White House. And I tend to think that there’s something very dark and swampy about Victoria Newland. She’s like Dick Cheney 2.0 combined with Mitt Romney, combined with John McCain, combined with Harry Reed, combined with, I mean, just the swampiest. Swamp things are sort of all encapsulated in this woman, and everybody up there in Virginia just thinks she hung the moon, but she’s always been an enemy of the state as far as I can tell. And I do think that she’s probably the one that’s running the show now. I’m glad to see her back so that the American public have the reminder that you so expertly gave the highlights of for her career. Let’s go on for more.

All right. Need to get away from that. There we go. Yeah, the gaslighting. This article is a lot of gaslighting. Know, people just making fun of us. Yeah.

All right. Chris. Chris. Ray strikes again. Georgia election workers. What’s this one about? Oh, that’s right. Georgia election workers caught jamming stacks of ballots through machines multiple times. Yeah, that’s an old story. I remember when all this stuff happened, and of course, the media just buried it, swept it under the rug. Nothing to see here, folks, nothing to deal with. And of course, now that Trump has this opportunity with this new indictment, he’s bringing it all out, and all those old dusty ghosts of ballot fraud are beginning to rise up again. And so I do think there is something to the idea that we just had to give him a platform to drag all this evidence into court so that he could show it to the American people and remind them prior to an election. And I think that’s what’s going on here is that the more they prosecute or persecute Trump, the more this evidence about what happened in Michigan, what happened in Pennsylvania, what happened in Georgia, the more this evidence. And Arizona is getting back into the spotlight. And of course, now, as people are waking up to the Biden corruption, they’re beginning to wait. I never dreamed it could have been that bad before. Maybe these people were right. So I think that’s what’s going on with this, and I’m glad to see it coming back out. Yeah, it’s great. The more light, the better.

What was that one? Engineers. Okay, you want to talk about this one, too? I’ll get into that one. Yeah, but I want to see this one.

Engineers discover nationwide cellular network, connects election equipment and gives federal government access to election systems at precinct level. Okay, so the swamp sort of vomits out those that are good. I tend to think of what happened in Freemasonry after the assassination of as a, as a neat little story, but basically, Captain Morgan came along and these Freemasons all had their secret handshakes. And so a couple of zealots within the Freemason community decided that they were going to get together and assassinate Captain Morgan. And then the story broke. The media got a hold of it, they told the truth about what happened, and the next thing you know, all the Christians that thought it was okay to be a Christian and a Freemason are jumping ship, leaving behind the Freemason ship with no captain and no Christians. Basically, all the good guys scurried off the ship, leaving behind nothing but the rats.

Well, why do I bring that up in context with this voting machine system? I believe that they’re controlling it. Of course I believe that they have control. Maybe they might not be able to control the whole thing all the time, but to get a guy like Mitch McConnell in Kentucky over and over and over again and to get guys like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi over and over and over again. My point is, I think that they absolutely have control, and I think that they absolutely want to select people that are in on the gig, in on the corruption, in on the money laundering, in on the child trafficking, in on the insider trading, in on the corruption. They want to make sure those people are sat next to them in the halls of Congress. And so it does not surprise me at all that engineers discover a nationwide cellular network, connects all the election equipment, and that there is a group of bad dudes that are engineering all these elections to make sure that the swampiest of the swampy remain inside the swamp. We’ve got to clean it up. It’s got to be shut down. We have to fix it.

And I like what Vivek Ramswani has to say about how to fix the elections. I really like what he’s saying about Know. We got to go back to an ID based paper ballot system. We can’t have these overnight mail in ballots and we’ve got to have signature based and signature authentication. There’s no reason that we can’t do that, no reason in the world that we can’t do that. And I think people are beginning to realize that they can’t trust their computers, they can’t trust their artificial intelligence. Look at how WikiLeaks gaslights, look at how Chat GPT gaslights. Look at how all these computer structures gaslight to go along with the mainstream narrative. Look at how heavy they weight information that comes off of WikiLeaks. We cannot trust these computers that are engineered by humans to help us with these problems. This is a problem that needs to go back to good old fashioned biological people and hard work and counting and oversight. That’s what it’s got to go back to. And until then, the computers will continue to run the world.

Yeah, we have adequate solutions and we’re still this breakthrough away from the public recognition, but I do see that it could happen at any time and it really is. Our opponents have a top down control system that is well depicted with that all seeing eye and that also leaves the vulnerability of that a lack of loyalty. It’s a very tight, evil system. And the historian in me always points out the context that no matter what breaks in the present, we already have enough damning evidence in the history of a lying, looting, illegal assassinating, rogue state, criminal empire to withdraw consent.

Let’s go back.

Okay, lead off with this one. Yeah, I wanted to cover this one because I thought this one was pretty important and nobody’s talking about.Here is the reformatted text:

This is a Twitter post by a guy named Donald Best who is covering the Ottawa police detective’s trial. The police detective, Helen Grew, suggested that the children who were dying were dying as a result of the vaccines and started investigating it. So they put her on trial and it’s all been a big mess.

On Monday, August 14, there was a pretrial hearing where the defense and prosecution debated the adequacy and disclosure of witnesses. The prosecution played a three-hour recording of the Professional Standards interview of Detective Grooves, which caused an uproar. Detective Grew had informed her superiors, including then Chief of Police Slowly, about the growing medical and scientific reports concerning COVID vaccine injuries and deaths, including to babies. She also revealed revelations contained in Pfizer documents. She sent an open letter to Chief Slowly in September 2021, in which her supervisor instructed her not to talk about COVID or the vaccines.

During the three-hour recording, Detective Gruce related how she had informed her superiors, including then Chief of Police Slowly, of the growing medical and scientific reports concerning COVID vaccine injuries and deaths, including to babies in the womb and newborns. And she’s heard in the recording explaining revelations contained in Pfizer documents, including that only one newborn baby survived. Of the 33 reported in the initial trial, detective Groove sent an open letter to Chief Slowly in September of 2021, in which her supervisor in a sexual assault and child abuse unit sent an email instructing her not to talk about COVID or the vaccines.

At this revelation, gasps could be heard throughout the gallery. The sergeants running the unit responsible for investigating SIDS had eliminated the COVID vaccine as a potential factor for all infant deaths. The suspension and charges against Detective ended any investigations by Ottawa Police into the potential connection between COVID vaccinated mothers and sudden infant deaths.

Detective Frank Serpico is following the GRU case and previously declared that Ottawa Police are engaged in a cover-up of police failure to investigate the potential connection between COVID vaccinated mothers and sudden infant deaths. The trial is expected to go dark, preventing the information from coming to light.

This is an example of a hero police detective who is doing the right thing by looking into the deaths of these children. It is important to call out the gaslighting and psychological operations that have been happening with the vaccines. The truth is powerful and we should continue to tell it.

There is evidence showing that more people are dying after the vaccines. Life insurance payouts have increased, and medical insurance costs have doubled in the past years. Employers are struggling to afford the rising costs, and a solution must be found. It is necessary to educate people about resisting overprescribing and overbilling. The impact of the vaccines is evident with the increase in deaths and health issues in athletes and young kids. Funeral directors and post mortems also reveal concerning findings. It is clear that there is something unhealthy and wicked related to these pharmaceutical companies.

In conclusion, the truth needs to be known, and the attempts to control and lie about reality must be resisted.Your advertising on television and take a look at your politicians. I mean, Pfizer probably controls more politicians than anybody else around. Merck pfizer is actually owned by Vanguard, I believe with some Vanguard, some BlackRock and some of others. But this machine is simply a money machine. And I’ve recognized that about health and life and death for a long, long time, is that there is way too much money floating around in that business and everybody wants a piece of the action.

Yeah, great points. If the liars can be removed, the parasites can be identified and removed, and then we have some commitment to the actual data. Then human beings have an opportunity to have a life rather than to serve those psychopathic parasites. As somebody with published economics research, I did look at the universal health care option and I read through about a dozen cost benefit analyses and all of them showed that we would save money. And the mechanics of it, of how you would structure it, should be able to solve anybody’s concern. But the savings of it would be the last one that I read was friend and colleague Ellen Brown of an annual 600 billion dollar savings. Okay? So if we divide that up into a little more than 100 million US. Households, that means that the average household would save about $5,000 a year. If we cut out the middlemen, the health insurance or health care companies just move them. And every other developed country has done that. And for our opponents with Big Pharma and Pfizer, I read something, I wasn’t curious enough to check it out, but something like corporate media receives two thirds of their funding by Big Pharma. So that would be an interesting thing if that were true. But I do know that Marcia Angle of Harvard’s Medical School and the former chief editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, the most prestigious medical journal in the US. That she is just on fire by pointing out that, yeah, about half of research appears fraudulent. And she says, you know what? The top ten big pharma companies in the US. Their combined profits are more than the bottom 490 on that list of 500 combined. You’re never going to get universal health care from these people. So the data will damn them. But we need a breakthrough until we have our Emperor’s New Clothes moment.

Well, the fundamental problem, if you just keep digging and digging and digging and digging, you’re going to find that at the very bottom of this hole is the American Medical Association. They own the CPT codes, they own the medical billing codes that allow conversational transactions to take place between payers and physicians. That code is so complex and so ridiculous, it’s almost like a legalese, you know, how you have to be a lawyer to go into court to really understand a lot of the things that are going on. Well, with the medical business, it’s much, much worse than that. And the American Medical Association also drives how the doctors get their training, what qualifies for their training, and who is going to basically be able to become and be a doctor in terms of what educational requirements are going to look like. And so the American Medical Association has for a long time driven away natural tested, low cost solutions such as hydroxychloroquine and ivomectin, and instead have promoted and replaced it with this new mRNA theory. And all this new advanced theory that drives. All sorts of spending in terms of large hospital hubs. And remember, you’re talking pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals get a bad rap in terms of the expense load. They’re 19% of the overall costs. The rest of the overall costs are administrative fees, financing fees, and hospital and doctor fees. So you’ve got a major fundamental problem, and your largest of all of them is not your pharmacy, it’s your hospital and doctor fees. Now over at, like in Houston, we have Memorial Herman Medical system. You know, that they have on average, I think, nine staff members per bed. Nine staff members per bed. You’ve got to pay for the staff of nine people to fill up one bed in that hospital. Now tell me that’s not driving spending. Nine people to take care of one bed. And so you look at these massive hospital systems that are driven by the American Hospital Association that have these huge payrolls, huge overhead, huge legal liabilities everywhere you look. And this is what’s causing the problem.

Now, people come along and say, well, yeah, if we had a universal solution. But let me ask you one simple question. Has the government ever done anything? Well, I mean, they do some policing on a local level. Well, but it always gets corrupted and it always turns. Look at Obamacare, what a mess. 50 bazillion dollars for a stupid web page that didn’t even work. The 8000 page Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that had every stupid idea in the world, all designed to coagulate all the companies into one big universal payer like a Canadian style system. Absolutely foolish and stupid. In a competitive economy, what we need is more competition. The problem is this industry, just like the rest of them, is the big players drive out all the small players. And the small players, guys with creative ideas and good ideas cannot come in and play because they cannot afford the cost of entry because it’s been driven so high up. Which is why you have a medical system that’s so far out of control. It’s all a big boy, big expense, big cost game where the politicians and the lobbyists will never be motivated to break loose from the system that they’re in if they can’t break loose from the contributions that they’re getting from the lobbyists that are driving the American Hospital Association and the American Medical Association and the others. Those lobbies are crazy powerful and those politicians are all beholden to those companies. So this system’s not going to break until it’s an absolute collapse. And out of pure necessity of life and death, creative solutions begin to emerge against the law and against the rule. I mean, real people are going to have to go out there and put their neck on the line to start getting these creative solutions driven through in America. There’s not going to be any solutions till then. It’s just going to continue to be a bloated, bureaucratic spending machine nightmare.

Yeah, agreed. We need to have some sort of a breakthrough. And then the kind of order of events is that the criminals have to be arrested and there has to be a breakthrough where the American public finally see that they’ve been lied to about everything and that these are puppetician script readers and that everything is a narrative. And then false flags and just their bluster fuel, along with celebrities that they pay, along with polls that they rig, along with elections that they buy, that it’s all a false narrative. Then we can begin to introduce some of the data that would be helpful to point us in the direction. And I don’t think that there would be much argument among the American public to unleash creativity. And we’ll also discover once the parasites are arrested, these free energy devices will be made public. So we’ll find out what other technological breakthroughs will be available. But you’re right, as of now, everything, all the agencies are captured, the media is still captured. We’ll see what develops. Let’s go on.

All right, this was the last one that I was interested in talking about and this is Mike Adams. And one of the ideas about being a revolution is to set yourself free. And to see that, well, let’s just go into this. So these are 14 timeless truths that can defeat the demonic globalists trying to exterminate humanity. And I don’t think that that is an overstatement. So one is the idea that there is a creator and deep topic, of course, but the idea that people need to choose a side and we were talking about it the MAGA instead of the bidenomic looters, but if people choose a side, one side is going to be interested in being connected in. This concept of love is a connection of a loving society. Not that you got to do anything with it, but human beings are going to be naturally caring for each other and that’s going to be a choice of being connected. And one of the things that you’re connected to is the truth. Any comments on that one, brother?

Yeah, no. I’ve listened to a lot of debates recently, sort of atheist versus Christian debates. And I got to tell you, I’m beginning toI think that the atheists just are missing the boat here. Their argument for how something came to be rather than nothing is absolutely empty. And of course, I’m one of these guys that believes in an intelligent person, creator that is all powerful, omniscient, immutable, simultaneously present throughout all time in history with exactly the same characteristics that he had yesterday, he still has today, and he will have forevermore. And that we’re being placed into this world as sort of a test to grow character and to show that grace and love works to bring people around.

If you think about it, the accuser could have come along and said to God, who, by the way, God allowed the accuser could have come along and said, of course they love you, God. They’re programmed to love you. So he showed them. He allowed sin into the world. He separated himself from the world and made it salvation by faith. Now, when people come and they choose to love God, that’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to anybody anywhere in this world because they’re choosing to love by faith that which they cannot see, proving that God has not obligated them to love Him. So I think there’s a lot to be said for this, and I think this world is all the great sciences, your oceanography, I mean, you can go through them. All the great lines of science all started out with somebody who believed in the Bible, who went into observation and documentation mode to observe how God had built it, to look for the patterns, to find the patterns and follow where they led. And that really was what the basis of science really was.

I like Mike Adams’ perspective on this stuff. I like everything that Mike Adams stands for. I think he gets a lot of stuff wrong here and but and he sure does get people riled up with some real speculation. But other than that, I appreciate the fact that he’s out there doing the best that he can, and I appreciate that he’s out there slinging these solutions for better health. I think it’s a good thing for society. I wish it wasn’t so much of the sky is falling and there was a lot more analysis that took place. But, hey, different strokes for different folks. And who am I to bash on Mike Adams? The guy’s doing well. Yeah, he sure is.

I like the list and the specificity of this, and I just thought it was so great. Just I’d want to share it, to be able to connect to nature and to balance and discover the natural human health that we’ve been denied, that our opponents are poisoning us, they’re torturing us, and they mind control us. Anytime you want to jump into it. Yeah, they’re just trying to make money. I think that there’s some nefarious stuff that takes place. There’s no doubt about it. But whose fault is it? It’s our fault.

I mean, if you think about it, did we learn from our parents? Did our parents learn from their parents and their parents from their parents? How to move seeds from one generation to the next, how to plant, how to harvest a crop, how to bring this stuff along? You want the healthiest food in the world? Go out and grow it in your backyard and do it properly and do it well. You’ll find that that’s the healthiest food in the world. But we’re too lazy. We don’t want to do it. We don’t like to do it. But I can guarantee you that one squash grown in my backyard has more nutritional value than 50 meals at Taco Bell or the local Mexican restaurant or anything else like that, because it comes straight out of the ground and it’s loaded up with living nutrients, living enzymes, living bacterias that are all good for us, that are all good for our health.

And so if you want to be healthy there’s nothing keeping you from it. And you certainly can’t blame the man and blame the system. If you’re not healthy, if you’re not healthy, it’s because you haven’t stepped in and done it. Because anybody who wants it can have. True. True.

Here on BitChute. On the notes I’ll share a link to the documentary Cancer the Forbidden Cures. I have a colleague at Stanford and she teaches in the medical school department and this is a documentary that she shows to her students. She also does research for cannabis regarding its effect on cancer. And she says that the university suppresses that type of research based on federal pressures. But the documentary Cancer the Forbidden Cures, I have seen that twice and there is extensive documentation that our opponents in the official captured agencies are keeping us toxic. And that can also be demonstrated by the prevalence of cancer increasing over time.

Free energy. We mentioned that. I’ll give a link to that from Wanttonode Info friend and colleague Fred Burke’s, former State Department official. The idea that there have been other civilizations, yeah, it’s in the megalithic evidence. There are thousand-ton building blocks from the past and these are cut with greater precision than we can do today. And we can’t move and place items that heavy in what we build. And there’s a lot of other evidence. I’ll put a link in the BitChute Notes.

How many times do you think we’ve been great reset, Brian? Oh, I don’t know. I tend to lean towards the Bible on that stuff. So in the Bible, let’s see, you’ve got one new beginning with Abraham. You’ve got one new beginning with Noah. You’ve got one new beginning with Egypt, you’ve got one new beginning kind of with Elijah that was sort of a but you’ve got cycles. I think that the first eleven chapters of Genesis just give us an insight into something that existed prior to the Great Flood. And a lot of people in the Christian circles believe that what the Great Flood really was was some sort of separation of the firmament allowing the waters to come in and flood it all out. But whatever happened to be there prior to the flood, some of it still remains. It’s called anti diluvian type architecture, anti diluvian generations. And I think that all of these generations, all these ancient peoples were all part of this anti diluvian machine.

And one thing I also want to point out to the atheists, the people that don’t believe in God, they’ve always got to have this sort of big bang that leads to this. And then they’ve got their primordial ooze and then they’ve got their amphibians cats becoming dogs and dogs becoming dinosaurs and dinosaurs becoming monkeys and all of that, that ridiculous concept. Let me just point one thing out. When the Bible says that God created Adam, he created Adam as a full-grown man. He had the appearance of age when he created him. He didn’t create him as an embryo. He created Adam as a full-blown man. So what would prevent him from creating this world with the appearance of age? In exactly the same way, age drives a lot of this beauty. So I have no problem with God having created this whole thing with the appearance of age. And I have no problem with the fact that he created Adam and Eve and went forward with that. And I have no problem with the anti diluvian cultures being a hell of a lot smarter in different ways than us. But also with all that smarts came a great level of wickedness and child sacrifice and transvestites and all sorts of garbage that came along with those old cultures. So God washed them out, started fresh under Noah. That’s a new beginning.

As a historian, it seems that the great resets that we can demonstrate I’m confident that this Tartarian empire existed, demonstrated by almost every major city, the architecture that was said to be attributed to the mid to late 18 hundreds, pretechnology of these beautifully designed buildings with populations that wouldn’t support the ability to construct such buildings. And these world fairs all over the world with tremendous buildings that we were told were temporary. And then they were all destroyed, and narratives of fires. There was a civilization there. And I think that the architectural evidence is sufficient to make that case as at least reasonable. And I’ll put what I got for the interest that drove my making that statement in the notes here at BitChute. And that the megalithic architecture. Yeah, I’ll put a link to that, too, that is telling. And Native Americans say that this is, I believe, the fourth time that human beings have been around with the resets and that, yeah, our opponentsThey appear to be Satanic, this adrenochrome. Yeah, it seems like that’s what they do. They’re hyper intelligent, and they are attempting to have us be some sort of a Borg slave race to them. A type of food, vaccines is one of the ways that they’re shaping the genetically modified organism of a human being as their human resource.

Bucky Fuller was one of my mentors, and this was kind of the main theme, is that we now have sufficient technology to meet the economic needs of everyone, and we could have an abundance if we wanted to. And that was technologically capable. And it is. And it’s still true. And the media is just division. It is provable propaganda. And I’ll put a link to part of my one published paper here on the part that we could demonstrate that the media, they sold the war formerly known as on tariff with lies know to be false as they were told. And the media is pushing these divisions.

Yes, we’re being poisoned in so many ways. Yeah. I do think there is something to it. They want to depopulate. They’re scared of us, they’re scared we’re going to figure it out and that’s what’s making them so scared right now. But there’s not a lot we can do about it. If we’re not willing to learn to take care of ourselves and take care of our neighbors, we’re just going to have to continue to give what they feed us unless we decide that we’re going to step out of it.

Yeah. The global warming and the climate change, jim and Joe also have done a great job demonstrating that that is just a ridiculously false. Yeah, yeah. This is part of the research I have published, the economic system. I’ll put an article with my best explanation about how it’s rigged and this is taught in every economics course. But it’s nice to be able to take a look at it and have the obvious conclusion that the textbooks never say, you know, if they create what we use for money as a debt owed back to the system with interest, that’s like adding negative numbers forever. And that’s going to create an exponential total debt curve. Which it does though. They know that they have to have a great reset. It’s designed that way. And when you say that we have a monetary system, when it’s actually a debt system, the orwellian opposite, that’s fraud to the value of the entire debt plus the potential that we’ve lost. So it’s really the most valuable thing you could pay attention to.

ETS. Yeah, well, I probably have some sort of thing to say about that statement. I don’t believe in aliens extraterrestrials, whatever that means. Yeah, but I think whatever’s here is created by the same hand that created mankind. It’s just something different. And of course, like I said, the Bible has a lot to say about that stuff in terms of the heavens and the earth and the different realms and the different dimensions that exist. I got no problem with different dimensions. I do have a problem with the idea that somehow there’s some other being that flew in here from 60 bazillion miles away and comes rolling on up and he’s just sitting back waiting. Hey, you humans be good or we’re going to have to stop your nuclear bombs because we’re watching over you. Because we might want your earth because it’s got the water. Now I have a real problem with that. I don’t think that breed of extraterrestrial exists. I think what is out there is just simply capitalizing on the conspiracy, the alien conspiracy concept. I do think that there are obviously new technologies and ships, things that move fast that we can’t explain. I think there’s a lot of stuff out there that’s like that. But if we knew. I don’t think we know anything about who these extra types of beings really are. But I’m not going to go with Mike Adams here on extraterrestrials because people think of the little men from Mars with their little zapper guns. That’s not something I buy.

Yeah, I’ll give the best evidence that I have as to the origin of these beings. There’s a lot of fascinating interpretation of art that seems to show these flying vessels. Now who knows if that’s real or not, but we can demonstrate the megalithic architecture had technology that we don’t know of, and the idea that there are flying saucer type crafts that we could have, that’s not very far from the imagination as well. That stuff’s in the Bible too, by the way. That stuff’s all in the Bible. There’s no doubt that Ezekiel was describing what appears to be very much a sort of spaceship by our standards. And there’s no doubt that there’s things that we don’t understand, things that come from another dimension and another realm. There’s no doubt. I’m just saying that the same God that created all of it and there ain’t nothing new under the sun and he’s perfectly aware of all of it. And he’s made certain promises to this world which he’s going to live up to, and one of them is that he’s not going to destroy us that way again.

And the final part is that this is about all that I see that human beings have control over is what we think and what we say and what we do, and that’s it. And the direction that we’re walking, that’s where we’re headed and we are building something, as meager as it may be, of one’s character. But that’s all that we got, so make it count. And I thought that that was an excellent point for Mike to end on.

So let’s talk about Hawai. Probably everybody wanting to talk about that. I’ll just lay it I think it was a directed energy weapon. I don’t think there’s anything natural that I’ve been able to surmise about this particular set of fires at all. I think everybody’s right on this one with the whole idea that they needed to burn it out, create a smart city. The fact that none of those rich, wealthy elites like Oprah and all of her buddies, that their estates weren’t burnt up, the fact that that tree was left alone when everything else was basically pulverized to dust is ridiculous. The fact that it came in, I watched video of it coming in. It came in fast. Within a minute it was there. The fact that all this stuff is burnt out and then now there’s this big cover up. Nobody can go in the area because they might step on remains. Media is locked out. Something’s wrong with this. And I’m convinced now that they have the capability of burning this out whenever they want, however they want. And God help us if they choose to come after us. Because if they can do this, I have no idea how far they’d be willing to go. But burning up all those poor people and burning up that place, it’s just too much. It’s just too much that they’d be willing to do it. Of course, then again, they took down the twin Towers. Theoretically 3000 people in there, nobody gave a damn about that. So I think they’re a bunch of psychopaths and I think they’ve got technology and they’re willing to use it, which is another reason why I don’t trust the military. The military salvation option. If the military really was, they wouldn’t have let this happen. Who knows though? Maybe there’s things I don’t understand.

Yeah, well, my understanding is that there is a type of civil war going on within the military at all levels and you would think that the good guys wouldn’t do that. So let’s go ahead and run with the apparently, obviously cause is that the bad guys had some due technology and there is an AV base on Maui with apparently that exact technology. And yeah, the forensic evidence demonstrates that these buildings were blown up. Okay, so 2019 when I was living in San Ramon, we had fires about 50 miles away from us. And after that I had an article and I’ll put it here on BitChute on the notes of two retired fire captains who live in the Sonoma region where these fires occurred. And they made for damn sure that they looked at the evidence and they filmed it and they’re chatting with each other. And the long story short of their conclusion is that what had happened here does not match any of the known characteristics in their career as firefighters and fire captains. Therefore, this was not a fire. This was some sort of other energy source producing the damage that is inconsistent with all known fires.I thought that that was very professional of them. So our opponents took a calculated risk. And from what I’m hearing from people on the ground, the locals will see there may be a civil type war situation that is soon to occur there. We shall see.

Well, they’re not going to have a chance. If you ever watch a YouTube channel called Monkey Works, the guy did a good series on weather modification a couple of weeks ago and I was shocked at his technology. He’s doing such a great job tracking the balloons and the overhead, tracking the chemtrailing and tracking these flights and looking at he’s done a great job. He’s put together a really nice intelligence platform and he has a real good sort of balanced approach to life and conspiracy and daily politics. So I like what I hear from Monkey Works, but he did a series the other day or at least had a snippet within one of his videos on weather modification. And I got to tell you, I’m convinced that the guy knows what he’s talking about that they’re capable of doing it. And so I think what happened there are a lot of reports in this Hawaii thing that the day before there was sort of a heavy mist that existed in the area and that it could have very well been. Some sort of aluminum barium strontium, some sort of Chemtrail mix that was sort of heavy in the atmosphere that they used to ignite and stoke the fires. I think there’s probably something to it. I’m not there, I don’t have any evidence. I haven’t spoken to any scientists. I’ve just been listening to a lot of the chatter about the entire event. But I’m convinced that it stinks to high heaven.

There are so many different conspiracies and when you take the time to just index mean you’re going to find terabyte after terabyte after terabyte on any given subject you could use a word like the atomic bomb or architecture, anarchy, Albania, airplane hoaxes, AIDS, Africa, just any word. There’s just a sitting on my desk, terabytes and terabytes of research on all this stuff and I’m convinced that there are conspiracies all over the place yep. Regarding the evidence that Monkey Works presented and it was pretty damning evidence.

So when you see the chemtrails with these lines and this pattern on the sky, monkey showed the flight data of the elevated airplanes making that back and forth pattern over a period where that would be consistent with what we observed from the ground. Okay. So we can safely conclude that that was some kind of a leak and there are two possibilities with a leak is that one, it was intentional. It was, hey, heads up bitches, what do you see here? Or it was an oopsie. Now I would hope that let me turn off Sirius. I was trying to adjust that. I would hope it would be the good guys, but we shall see.

I don’t know. I think you’re going to get a smart city out of it. And I think this is one of the ways that they get all these people, like in Nashville or Charlotesville or Sandy Hook or this is one of the ways that they get everybody and all the neighbors involved is they say, yeah, coming down the know, if you’re part of this, this is going to be part of the new society. This is going to be the new generation. We’re going to spend all this money, do all this stuff and you’re going to be protected. You’ll never have to worry about the consequences of these particular decisions you’re making to be involved in this and you’re going to be rich and you’re going to be a part of the new society and the new order. And I think that sells a lot of people. But I think what they don’t realize is that every time you go out there and tell a lie so large and so public that it’s going to take a toll on your soul and they’ve got to live with that and try to sleep every night with the fact that they did what they did. Now, some people don’t have much of a conscience and didn’t get over it in a day or two, but other people, it’s a real big deal and sooner or later they find themselves wanting to repent and confess. And I hope that’s what happens with lots of these actors.

Yeah, I think that life is definitely pushing people to choose a side. And I’ve characterized it in the Amara of 2.0 series that I wrote, that I’ll share below on the notes, is that it really is good versus evil. And I say that as a professional historian is that that’s the best label that I have for it, with the definition of good having some connection, some sort of care, some sort of respect for the truth versus evil. Our opponents have new regard for the truth. They kill and they lie and they loot, they torture kids. So I don’t think that when the data is laid out clearly that you can come up with a better label than it’s good versus evil.

And it seems that whatever is driving this show, life, god, whatever you want to call that, it seems to be forcing some sort of a choice. And nothing has broken yet. It’s increasing. I don’t know how long it’s going to take until it breaks, but it’s getting closer and closer. Brother, we’ve been talking for that goes back to what I said when I first got on the show today. I think that the way to overcome this evil is not going to be with evil. I think a lot of ill advised people are going to try to think that they can take matters in their own hands. But I’m telling you that I think that the way out of this mess is literally like repentance and love and empathy for your neighbor and like one person at a time change this world. And I think that’s the way out. I think the Jesus way is the right way. And if we want to get out of this mess and we want our nation restored to what it ought to have been, we need to go back to what the founding fathers studied, what books they read. We need to understand their mentality. They didn’t have any of this garbage related to atheism. They were all people that were very well versed in the idea of an immutable creator simultaneously present, created the whole entire universe, a single mind of a single loving God. Yeah, that is a frame that I like a lot and use often to point out a way to hold the context, to hold all this damning data. Wars, crimes against children, all this dark stuff. And all that is apparently allowed. There it is. It’s allowed.

So whoever is operating this game one is pretty badass intolerance to. Allow such a wide and wild display of evil and to capture an entire system like this, that’s quite the story. And yes, when it comes down to it, again, all that you’re in charge of is what you think and what you say and what you do. And for me, like, the choice is easy. Is that, wow, that stuff is really super dark. I think I want the best. I think I want the highest virtues. I’m going to go for leadership, doing things first where important, to do things first. Love a connection to a connection rather than being disconnected. To be as intelligent as I can, as harmonious as I can be, as knowledgeable, as faithful, as trusting that we’re all connected and as efficient as so all I want is just virtues and this only and always connected to all of it. God, love, life, whatever it is that you want to say. So I’m with you with that, brother. All right. Any final thoughts that you would like to offer? My dog is telling me that she wants yeah, we’re going to have dinner in just a few minutes. Yeah.

Our struggle is not against the flesh and blood. It’s not when you really think about it, it’s against the powers and the principalities and the rulers of the dark world. It’s not against the flesh and blood. And if you start looking at life like that, you can find yourself getting over a lots of things that make you really angry about the way this world is working right now. But it’s not against the flesh and blood. Man we want to help people. We want to help people out of the confusion. We want to help them into the light. And II don’t care how dark the darkness is in you, you’re still somebody that I can come along and work with and hopefully take you in a better direction. So this is about of people. All right, thank you. Brian Jim will be back for need to know news tomorrow.”



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