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➡ The speaker is celebrating his channel’s growth by inviting subscribers to join him and his team on a seven-day Mediterranean cruise in August. The trip includes personal tours, special excursions, and daily training sessions aimed at personal development and celebrating the rise of conservative culture.


You know, I’ve been teasing you all week that I got something big coming up here, and now I get to share it with you. You ready? Sit back. Earlier this year to celebrate my channel reaching a million subscribers, that wonderful milestone that you made possible. You might remember that I took my team on a cruise to the Caribbean, and it was amazing. We were the Bahamas. We were.

We were in St. Martin’s. We were all look at that. You see all this beautiful stuff? We were in St. Thomas. So I’ve been planning to go on another trip with my team this summer to celebrate some other big milestones that we’ve been hitting as a company. But I thought we wouldn’t hit these milestones without you. Wouldn’t it be better if the people who enabled us to have this platform in the first place and supported me over the years, would it be better if you came with us? So, gang, we’re going to make that happen.

I just put down a deposit on a seven day Mediterranean cruise coming up this August. All right, that’s I believe it’s the first week of August. We’re talking Spain, France, Italy, and you are invited on that cruise. I’d love to have you sail with me around the old world as we celebrate the rise of conservative culture and the fall of globalists I seriously cannot I can’t wait for this.

My team has made arrangements for you to go on private tours with me in these historical cities and special excursions. Plus, I’m going to do daily training throughout the trip, along with some special guests on how to ultimately help you think better so you can feel better, especially going into the 2024 election, which promises to be utterly epic. Now, I know you have many questions about what this might look like, so I’m holding a little Q and A about this trip coming up on November 29 at 04:00 p.

m. . Eastern. And all you have to do is just click on the link below and register for that live Q and A. So just click on that link and learn how you can join us for this incredible journey and how I’m even you ready? Gets even better. I’m even giving away a cabin on this ship. So come and learn about how you might be able to come on this amazing trip to Spain and France and Italy for free.

I kid you not. It’s that cool. It’s that amazing. We’ve got about 30 cabins available, so if you’re interested at all, just make sure to click on that link below and come to that live Q and A to learn more. Seriously game. This is going to be the trip of a lifetime, and I’m so excited to share more of it with you. So make sure to sign up for the cruise Q and A.

Click on that link below if you can’t make it to the Q A live. I’ll make sure to send you a recording. Just make sure to register by clicking on the link below. And it’s going to be a perfect if you think it through, this will be a perfect Christmas gift to surprise your family with. I did that with my wife a couple of years back with our Verona trip I gave her as a Christmas trip Christmas gift.

And so I can’t wait to see you guys there. It’s going to be utterly epic. .


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