Massive Voter Fraud Exposed?

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– Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts. I’m getting that eerie feeling that the world’s about to change. There’s some serious stuff going down, and I think we’re going to come out of it for the better on the other side.
– Joe Biden is a foreign agent, and Joe Biden is there’s an actual criminal sitting in the White House. Take a screenshot of that and send it to all your liberal friends who are confused about what Joe Biden may have done. I got another police state revelation for you coming up.
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– The FBI lied again. Turns out that this memo about Catholics being associated with white supremacy and all this stuff yeah. It was in multiple field offices out west. Because they do that. They target American citizens politically. They cover up for the administration. That’s why the next President acts, the FBI, the entire upper level of the FBI walking papers.
– Dan Bongino: You want questions tomorrow, folks? Yes or no? If you want questions, just submit questions in the chat tomorrow. Justin will pull some good ones. And if you guys want it, we’ll do Questions for Dan tomorrow.


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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts. With your host, Dan Bongino.

Folks, something happened yesterday, and it’s contributing to that eerie feeling I’ve been discussing over the past few episodes. I’m getting that eerie feeling that the world’s about to change, and not necessarily for the better. I don’t know if you have it too. It’s, I don’t know, a gut feeling instinct. And I don’t think that’s all crazy.

I mean, I want to get into all this crazy stuff about time and this mass hallucination we’re living and all this other stuff. However, I am genuinely convinced that that kind of gut feeling, that something’s about to go really bad, there’s something there.

Something happened yesterday in Ecuador that may seem like a foreign policy thing, but trust me, it’s not. It relates to Trump, Bolsonaro, and what happened to Abe. There’s some serious stuff going down, and I think we’re going to come out of it for the better on the other side, to not sound too macabre. But we’re going to go through some stuff. Coming up quick. The signs are just everywhere.

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Thanks, Omax Health. Joseph, big show today. A little bit heavy, so everybody needs to kind of get ready, sit down, strap in, have a cup of tired, have your blackout coffee cup, and get ready to rock and roll.

So something happened yesterday in Ecuador, something serious. One of the leading campaigns for the presidency there, Fernando Villa Vincencio, was assassinated. He was shot dead outside of an event. Ladies and gentlemen, we are seeing chaos like this all over the globe with the targeting of political leaders right now, political prosecutions of Bolsonaro, what’s happening with Netanyahu, the assassination of Abe, you are seeing it all over the planet.

Even people who are not assassinated but are targeted. Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, the list goes on and on and on. But Bolsonaro’s not. He’s still alive, but being politically targeted. It’s leading to this eerie feeling right now that the new populist leaders out there are becoming the target of an entrenched, swamp deep state that’s starting to realize the tick is being pulled out of the skin and they’re clinging on for dear life.

This is why I say to you, this extinction burst of behavior we talk about all the time, the deep state is not going to give up easily. An extinction burst is about of unexplainably irrational behavior you go through when you’re not satisfied. You put a dollar in a Coke machine, a Coke doesn’t come out. You start shaking the machine. I talk about it all the time. It’s a common term used in the psychology field. You’re going to see an extinction burst. On the other side of that, though, I think we’re going to come out of this and see some sunlight, but we are going to go through some stuff.

First, let me show you some video of what happened in Ecuador. Again, the assassination. If you don’t want to watch this, don’t watch it. It’s not a lot of blood, but it’s really disturbing to see. Play this video. You’re going to see the presidential candidate coming out, gets into a car, and then you’re going to hear the gunshots. Take a look at this.

Now, I want to talk about this, given obviously this story I let off with first, not just because in my prior line of work, this is actually what I did, executive protection, but because of the I’m sensing something here. This extinction burst of behavior and this targeting of populist leaders all around the globe. It’s like they’re holding on for dear life here.

I want to just show you quickly some other video taken at the scene. You’ll see this from the inside of the event. A little bit of panic breaks out. Nobody knows what to do. Everybody gets down on the ground. It’s short. This goes on a little bit, but I had to cut it short. Check this out. You’ll see what chaos looks like when one of these things goes down?

Take a look when it I need you to listen to me here for a minute. This show is typically like a high energy run from start to finish, but I need you to listen closely.

You see what that looks like? You want that here on American soil? At a Trump event. Folks, I am genuinely concerned that this man’s life, Donald Trump, is at risk. I said it before, I’m going to repeat it. The language surrounding Donald Trump and his supporters has gotten so insanely hysterical by the left that, listen to me, it is only a matter of time before someone tries that here. It’s not a matter of if. It is not, it is a matter of when.

I still keep very good sources on the inside. The threat level to Donald Trump is so bad that the Secret Service doesn’t even have the personnel to continue to investigate all the social media threats the way they should be. It is insane.

The targeting of these populist leaders around the world by this swamp that is holding on to the end is going to get worse. I just went through a list of names: Bolsonaro, Trump, Farage, Abe. You may want to include him in that. Now, Villa Vincencio in Ecuador.

The Democrats’ insane calls for violence. And just so we’re clear that I’m on the record, because I’ve said it over and over and over to the point where I could just stamp it, I do not in any way support political violence. Once you go down that road, politics is over. There’s no such thing as political violence because after that, it’s just violence. After that, there’s no voting. After that, there’s just death. And unless you’re willing to forfeit away your kids’ future because you want to be sitting down the block engaged in trench warfare with people, I don’t support that.

We’re going to do everything we can to stop this because we need to. But the Democrats aren’t stopping. And this is what has me concerned. Because you can’t attack people endlessly, call for their deaths, and expect them not to fight back. They are calling for violence against people. You are going to see this stuff happen here.

You doubt me? Was this Wall Street apes? Ski hat tip Wall Street apes who put this together? This is just 60 seconds because it’s only an hour show. This is just 60 seconds of Democrats either implying or calling for violence and unrest against the streets. There is no emergency break on their behavior. There’s only an emergency break on yours because you are conservatives who believe in God-given rights. They believe in none of that.

Something bad is going to happen if this does not stop and stop soon. Watch yourself. There aren’t uprisings all over the country, and maybe there will be. People need to start taking to the streets. This is a dictator. There needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives. Enemies of the state. Show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful.Do something about your dad’s immigration practices, you feckless. If they go low, we kick. How do you resist the temptation to run up and ring her neck. Biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized up to the right. White men on the escalator and called Mexicans rapists emerged. He said, well, what do you think I should have done? I said, I think you should have punched him in the face and then gotten out of the race. You would have been a hero. I’d like to punch him in the face. I said, if we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. Punch some people in the face. When was the last time an act or assassinated a president? They’re still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump, and that’s a fact.

Folks, you understand? There’s no emergency break on these people. The left, they believe in the collective use and abuse of power. They don’t care about emergency break items like God given liberties and freedoms. You care about that, they don’t. It’s asymmetric warfare. These are very dangerous people. We see them as people with bad ideas. They see you as bad people with ideas. We are in a really dangerous spot. I tell you this with sincerity and candor. Donald Trump’s life is in real danger with these maniacs. And if something happens, it could be a spark. It could send us down a road nobody wants to go. Nobody wants to go.

And one more thing about this assassination, this tragic assassination of presidential candidate Villa Vincencio in Ecuador, folks, not that you need to know this. You’re not in the executive protective space. Many of you some of you may be. Give me a yes if you are. This happens all the time. Every time. Almost every single time you see an assassination or assassination attempt. Ronald Reagan, this one, it almost always happens at the arrival departure area. Almost always. Why? Because we call it the deadly diamond. If you think of a diamond, like two triangles back to back, the deadly diamond, you marry them up. Here’s the arrival point. Here’s the departure point. Here’s the departure point. Here’s the arrival point. That’s the one place you know the body you want to shoot at is going to be you don’t know what he’s going to do inside the event. Is he going to go to the stage? Is he going to go here? Is he going to shake some hands? Maybe you don’t know the time. The one place you know they’re going to be all the time is at the arrival point, because if they don’t arrive, there’s no event.

Now, I don’t have to remind my Secret Service colleagues, there’s some excellent people in charge of Donald Trump’s detail who care about him and safety and his safety. A lot people. I’m sure many of you are concerned. In the chat, someone sent a $5 tip and asked that question. If they take over the venue when they go in there? Yes. And if you’re asking me, are the people around Donald Trump good people? I can 100% personally, my entire reputation say, yes, they are. Can I guarantee you nothing’s going to happen? No. Good people cannot overcome a good assassination plot. They can’t, because if someone’s willing to give their life, they have the tactical advantage. You’re always responding to them. They know what they’re going to do. You don’t. That’s what’s got me so worried. These arrival departure areas have to be buttoned up and buttoned up tight every single time because it’s the one place that killer knows you’re going to be every single time. Didn’t Reagan have some kind of shroud or a curtain around him at one point? No. This is what we talked about. I know what you’re talking about. After the Reagan shooting, we used to address this with Joe all the time. Yes, we do. Covered arrivals and departures. Now you’ll never see the President anymore. Rarely. If ever arrive at a location, you think you’re seeing him arriving, but you’re not. He arrives typically in a tent or underground because it’s very difficult to shoot what you can’t see. So, yeah, Joe’s remembering from when we talked about this deadly diamond before, many times, but that’s what he’s referring to with the shroud. But it’s a good point. Arrivals and departures, man. Anyone listening to the show overseas, it’s got to protect e. If something’s going to go down, that’s typically where it’s going to happen, folks.

Their propensity for violence on the left. You’ve just seen their insane talk, talking about get up in their face, punch them. Everybody wants to punch. Everybody wants to punch. Then you got rotting SpaghettiO’s brains Joe Biden. I’d like to take him in the back of the gym and beat the hell up. You couldn’t beat the hell out of your dog. You’re a dementia ridden, grotesque, kid sniffing loser. You couldn’t beat a redheaded 13 year old in a fight. Give me a break with your the hell was that? Give me a break with your BS. What was that? No, I swear I just heard something. Am I hallucinating or something like that? It was, like, the weirdest thing. The language by them is toxic. It’s insane.

Now, combine it with their police state maneuvers and their weaponization of government, and we have a serious trifecta of issues. You have police being weaponized. You have police being weaponized to target conservatives, silence political beliefs, and then you have the same police being removed from a policing function to target conservatives. This is like a triple disaster happening at the same time. Now do you see why I have this kind of eerie gut instinct feeling? I can get into a whole lot of stuff about that, but I’m going to have to do another time, maybe on, like, a rough cut show where it’s not so much going on in a newsday. But I’m convinced people’s gut instinct is not just instinct that there’s really something there. And I’ve got a really bad feeling about some earthquake coming. And you have no one to protect you in the court system, either.

Look at what’s happening to Donald Trump right now. Yesterday, it was uncovered that in the DC court system unbelievably that Jack Smith put in a filing to get a hold of Trump’s Twitter records. And I’ll get into why they wanted him in a second. It’s not what you think. It’s not his tweets. But why would they subpoena Twitter, then? Stand easy. I’ll tell you why his tweets are public. They don’t need any of that. Why did they really want his Twitter files and his Twitter information? Stand by. This is important. First, they didn’t want Trump to know about it. Why? Because Jack Smith is effectively a tyrant at this point. He is an extra judicial tyrant who is doing everything he can to interfere in this election. It’s the grossest thing I ever seen. The man has apparently no human dignity left. He doesn’t sincerely treat his oath to the Constitution seriously. They put in a filing. The District Court found reason to believe the former President Trump would flee from prosecution. So he was a flight risk, and that’s the reason they didn’t want to tell him. They were looking into his Twitter information because they were afraid he was going to flee. Where the is he going to go? Man? This is the dumbest freaking thing I’ve ever seen. Where’s he going to go? He’s got a Secret Service detail. You aholes. He’s got a bunch of federal law enforcement agents around him all the time. How the hell is he going to sneak into a foreign country? I don’t know where he got this. He was fooling around with Jim on the Dark Web or something like that. But apparently, Donald Trump has hatched this plot to flee a long time ago. And Joe, the idea is he’s going to disguise himself. And amazingly, I was in the picture, too, so this happened at bedminster when I took a photo with him. You’ll see this photo here? I thought he was being funny when we took this picture, but no, I didn’t know. I thought it was Ronald Stump. I had no idea. And then he took the disguise. I said, oh, my gosh, Mr. President. Holy shit. I didn’t know that was you. I thought it was Ronald Stump, so I didn’t know he was practicing to flee the country. Imagine what kind of a dipshit you have to be to be a pathetic, failed lawyer like Jack Smith to actually put in writing. You thoughtReformatted Text:

Donald Trump was going to flee the country? That’s a real picture. Not the misguided, of course. Looks like Justin put that in with, like, five minutes to go in the show. I’m like, you got to put a picture in a Trump. Where’s he going to go, man? Where the hell is Trump going to go? He’s a flight risk, folks. You expect us to take the court system seriously? To the liberal a-holes out there court system? Justice is blind.

Someone actually put in writing Donald Trump was a flight risk. Do you have any idea how freaking stupid that is to any sane person as a reason to fleece his Twitter data and not tell him about it? Any idea how ridiculous you sound? It gets even worse. Here’s the other court filing. In order to make sure Twitter handed over the information, they added a sliding geometric scale of fines. Folks, I never see anything like this. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. I’ve never seen anything like it. Meaning the fine is, say, 10,000 10,0000. A million dollars every day to make sure Twitter gave this information over under seal, by the way, I believe Beryl Howell, who’s a total embarrassment to the judicial system, was involved in this, too. In DC. You think the judicial system is going to save you if you’re a conservative? Folks, the police state’s here, you have nowhere to run. We got to run to the courts and sue them. They’re part of the problem. You’d have to sue them, too. Good luck. It’s a total embarrassment. What’s going on? The Constitutional Republic is dead. It is dead.

We have an opportunity in this election if we can clean up this damn election system. I’ll get to that Michigan story, too. Don’t think I forgot. I was just applying the Bongino rule. We have a limited window to fix this, but believe me, it’s small. I’m not here to pump sunshine up your rumps either. It’s going to take a long time. The Democrats have successfully finally decimated what’s left of the Constitutional Republic. You have nowhere to run anymore.

The court system Donald Trump’s going to flee? Are you shitting me, bro? You actually signed your name to that thinking it wouldn’t get out now. Why are they going after Trump’s Twitter account? It’s not his tweets, folks. His tweets are public. Anybody can pull Donald Trump. So you don’t need a subpoena. Why? There’s a reason. I’ll explain that to you after this quick break here.

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Why are they going for Trump’s Twitter account? His tweets are public. You can go find every one of his tweets. There’s legions of people doing it. Here’s a little bit of a hint. This was on Newsmax yesterday. Alan Dershowitz was on. He’s a liberal lawyer, but he believes in free speech. He was on with the Newsmax folks, and they kind of hint around about what this could really be about. I’m going to explain it to you on the other side, but check this out first.

“What do you think the strategy is here to get Donald Trump’s Twitter account? It seems like wouldn’t everything already be out there as public knowledge, professor?”

“I would think so. I would think that if he tweeted, it’s admissible evidence against him, and I can’t imagine there’d be anything in his Twitter account which isn’t public. But if there is something they should have to justify that. Government can’t just go rummaging through people’s First Amendment statements. But this is a First Amendment case. This is a case all about what Donald Trump said, what he believed, even the things he did, he did according to him, because he honestly believed and still believes the election was stolen. He was wrong, in my view. But my view doesn’t matter under the First Amendment. Under the First Amendment, there’s no such thing as a false idea or false opinion. The remedy for false ideas and false opinions is to respond to them and write better ideas and better opinions.”

“Yes, they kind of teeter around the edge, but they never actually get to what it’s about. Alan Dershowitz is absolutely correct. Trump’s opinions are absolutely protected by the First Amendment. Now, given that we don’t have a functioning court system anymore, you don’t have any First Amendment rights anymore. That’s all open for dispute in the courts because they’re not acting as courts or acting as liberal activists. However, they’re not after Trump with Trump’s tweets. They’re not? No. They’re after the metadata. And who logged in? Watch anyone who logged into Trump’s account right now or has ever logged into Trump’s account, where they logged in, where the tweets were sent from. That’s what they want. They want to scare off anyone from giving any kind of messaging advice to Donald Trump. They don’t want Trump. Anybody who says anything to Donald Trump let me just sum it up for you. They love Trump tweeting. They want Trump tweeting out there because they think Trump is going to help indict himself with all this stuff. They don’t want anybody intervening with any messaging. They want to know who logged into Trump’s account so that everyone is afraid in the future so Trump can’t get any messaging advice. That’s what’s going on. You can take that check to the bank and cash it. Why the hell else do you think they’d want his Twitter account? They can get all his tweets. It’s out there now. They want to scare the living daylights out of anybody who would assist him on social media. Anywhere you logged in to post an ad, you could be subpoenaed, too. If you’re saying to yourself, can Jack Smith get any worse, the answer is yes. The man has no decency and no allegiance to the Constitution at all. He is a straight up purebred tyrant. That is it. It is absolutely, crystal clear. His only goal right now is to get Trump in jail by any means necessary to interfere in this election. Dignity, respect for the law. It’s out. It’s over. Forget it.

Now the media is supposed to be a firewall to all this. They were given a specific freaking carve out in the Constitution as the Fourth estate to stop this stuff. The problem is the Republic is dead, and the media shived everyone with a double-edged bladed knife with a blood gutter in the middle to make sure it died. The media are part of the problem. Instead of becoming firemen to Tyranny, they become arsonists for Tyranny. Pouring gasoline on the Tyranny fire. Do you see what happened yesterday with Politico? Otherwise known as Bullshitico? I mean, a disgraced outlet. Politico is the outlet where that guy Dan Lippman wrote the BS story about me getting thrown out of a bar and neglected to include what actually happened. No one’s ever retracted that story, by the way, despite not a shred ofEvidence that their story is actually true. None of that. That’s politico, by the way. Politico sent this embarrassing tweet out yesterday. Again.

Arsonist for tyranny. You’re seeing it right here. They deleted the tweet later. No one knows why.

GOP, House Oversight Chair Comer rolled out a new memo identifying over 20 million in payments from entities or individuals in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan to Biden family members, but the memo doesn’t show a direct payment to Joe Biden.

Ice clean. It’s all good. The tweet was deleted.

Now, this is a new low for Politico. Politico knows full well bullshitico. Understands that there’s a tweet out there from Hunter Biden saying that he’s been paying for the family for years. That unlike you. You won’t have to give half your salary to Pop like he did. There’s a WhatsApp message out there? That I’m sitting next to him talking about his dad when he’s shaking people down. Tony Babelinsky, the business partner, called him the chairman. Devin Archer. The business partner called. Joe biden the brand. So he’s the chairman. The brand. Half the salary has been given to him and Hunter Biden’s sitting right next to him. But you’re right. Bullshitico. There is zero evidence whatsoever that Joe Biden got anything from this. That’s great journalism right there.

Now, here’s biden yesterday.

Biden, who is absolutely nailed to the wall on this. The most corrupt, disgusting, kid sniffing perv we have ever seen in the White House. A grotesque human being and who is absolutely a foreign agent. There is no doubt Joe Biden is a foreign agent. No. As I said before, not James Bond. He is a legal foreign agent. And I heard on Fox this morning an argument breaking out over what law he broke. He broke the farah laws. I’ll read them to you.

Joe Biden is a foreign agent. The evidence is beyond any reasonable doubt. Watch him get angry when Peter Ducey confronts him on the phone calls he took with his son there at business meetings where they were shaking people down.

Listen to this bullshit. There’s this testimony now where one of your son’s former business associates is claiming that you were on speakerphone a lot with them, talking business. Is that what never talked to this man? And I knew you’d have a lousy question. Well, why is that a lousy question? Because it’s not true. What law did he break?

Here’s the Department of justice own website, ladies and gentlemen. Your friends might ask you this question if they’re imbecile liberals. And here’s how you’re going to learn them. And you’re going to learn them fast.

It is not illegal to be a foreign agent in the United States. It is not. Diplomats of Uzbekistan at the embassy in the United States are foreign agents. Everybody agree? Can we take it a consensus here with the show? Those are foreign agents. They’re agents for a foreign government. Why are they not being arrested? Because everybody knows they’re diplomats and they’re not breaking any laws.

It is not illegal to lobby on behalf of a foreign government as a US. Citizen or anyone else. It is illegal to do it without registering because the government wants to know who the hell you’re speaking on behalf of if you’re acting on behalf of a foreign government. Makes sense, right?

It’s called Shockingly Joe. Get ready for it. This is a crazy name. I don’t know where they got this. It’s called the foreign. Agents Registration Act, otherwise known as Farah. It’s like they pulled it out of their ass. I mean, crazy. Where’d they get that crazy name from? Wow.

And here, let me read this for you. For Hardheads out there who don’t understand what crime he may have committed, joe Biden is a foreign agent. He was paid to influence decisions through his Biden family crime operation. There’s no disputing that.

Here’s a definition of a foreign agent. According to the law, any person who acts as an agent, representative, employee, servant or any person who acts in any other capacity at the order request or under the direction or control direction or control of a foreign principal. Or person or whose activities are directly or indirectly supervised, directed, controlled, financed, financed, financed or subsidized, in whole or in major part by a foreign principal or who directly or through any other person engages with the United States in political activities in political activities for or in the interests of such foreign principle. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the law Joe Biden broke. He also probably violated a number of tax statutes and maybe some, if we have to look into treason, too, depending on what decisions we can nail them down on.

Joe Biden is a criminal. Joe Biden is a foreign agent, and Joe Biden is there’s an actual criminal sitting in the White House. There it is. Take a screenshot of that and send it to all your liberal friends who are confused about what Joe Biden may have done or pretend to be confused.

I got another police state revelation for you coming up. Also my it’s not bad enough yet theory. Again, once you hear liberals starting to sound like conservatives, you know you’re reaching that kind of seesaw teetering point where it goes in the other direction. I’ll show you what I mean coming up after this quick break. We appreciate your patience.

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Folks, the police state, as I said, is here. The media is supposed to be a firewall. Combine the police state with liberal insanity and calls for violence, and you have a trifecta of doom really staring you right in the face, getting ready to kick you in the nads.

This came out yesterday. Shocker. Joe, are you stunned? The FBI lied again. They go, this is amazing. I know, it’s unbelievable. Fidelity, bravery, integrity. I don’t know what happened, Joe. It’s just so amazing. Every single story we hear about the FBI, there’s a version, then an alternate version, and then triple different alternate versions, and then the truth finally comes out. I know, I know you’re stunned, man. It’s just incredible.

Wall Street Journal. Remember that story about the FBI targeting Catholics? They were like it was just one field.Sure! Here is the reformatted text:

“Remember it was limited to this one field office. It wasn’t really that big of a deal. Yeah. Sorry, folks, that’s not the case either. Turns out that this memo about Catholics being associated with white supremacy and all this stuff yeah. It was in multiple field offices out west. Out east. Yeah. It wasn’t just one. They lied about that, too. Because they do that. That’s what the upper levels of the FBI do now. They target American citizens politically. They blackball people. They cover up for the administration. That’s why the next President acts, the FBI, the entire upper level of the FBI walking papers. Goodnight. There’s not going to be a negotiation. There’s not going to be a, hey, here’s your two weeks notice. There’s going to say, here’s the door, get the out, goodbye, see you later. We’re going to sue. Go ahead and sue. Just get the hell out of here. You do what you want. Bye.

Now. I know everybody here shocked that they got caught lying yet again about another scandal. Embarrassing. Folks, when will the chaos and this tyranny get bad enough? Again, when you hear liberals start to sound like conservatives, this is the craziest thing you’re going to hear today. Here is squad member and just all around crazy person, Jamal Bowman. He’s a congressman out of New York. Dude is nuts. He loves nothing more than to get into faux verbal fisticuffs to someone. Cameras are around with conservatives. He’s crazy. Here’s even Jamal Bowman reflecting on the chaos in New York with the 100,000 illegals flooding the city. Here’s Bowman saying, I don’t know, man, this is making us look bad. Here, take a look.

We need leadership from President Biden. Period. Democrats are looking bad right now in New York State, and that’s unacceptable when we have to win at least four congressional seats to take back the House. So hopefully the President is listening. Okay? Sorry. It’s getting some water, mate.

This is where you know it’s getting bad when you hear liberals start to talk like conservatives. All right? There’s no easy segue into this story. This is the most important thing we’re going to talk about today, how to let the Bongino rule sit in. I need to see receipts first, folks. I’m not going to get caught up in any of this stuff. Here’s the problem we had last time in the 2020 election. We got lost in a lot of stuff. A lot of people I trusted took us off of known, established pit. I’m saying this wrong. This is where, gee, you need to interrupt and say, get to the point. A lot of people bullshitted us in 2020. That’s the simplest way to say it. Oh, I got this, I got that. I got a guy telling me about this and that. And you know what happened? The Pennsylvania case, which was absolutely a spot on case of what happened with mail in voter fraud and unconstitutional changes in the rules, got lost because then we couldn’t focus. The press coverage of the Hunter Biden thing got lost. And also what got lost is the fact that mail in voting in general is extremely prone to fraud and failure. And instead of looking at the big picture, it’s not your fault, folks. I’m not blaming it on anyone in particular, but people I trusted, too. They tried to take us down these paths and it screwed up everything and it waste. Yeah, some of them did it on purpose.

I don’t know if they wanted media hits or what they wanted, but they screwed up everything because there is zero doubt in my mind that there was a large degree of fraud built into the mail in system because it was the first time we did it on a scale like that. Because of COVID there is zero doubt in my mind. Now we’re starting to see some stuff go down. It’s a major story out of Michigan about the 2020 election. I had to let it simmer a little bit until the receipts pop. Here’s some election reporting from this thing called this entity called Blackpack. They paid this LLC, GBI Strategies, $11.2 million in 2020. Hat tip canacoa, by the way, for the highlights on this, who did some homework on this, too, paid $11.2 million in 2020 to go out and register voters. By the way, another 450K was kicked in by biden for president. This is an enormous amount of money, folks. Presidential, Senate, congressional, I don’t care what you’re running in. $11.2 million to register voters is a ridiculous amount of money. Now we have the public reporting. So to be clear, this is not a rabbit hole. There’s no dispute the money changed hands. Now, Gateway Pundit broke this story. Hat tip to them. This is from today, but they broke it yesterday. This is just a follow up. So apparently, in October of 2020, only a month before the 2020 general election, this is the if you want to, by the way, if you want to read this whole story, it’s in my newsletter, slash newsletter. Or you can just go right to Gateway Pundit. I don’t need the clicks. The newsletter, it’s right there for you. It’s free to sign up. But they note, in October of 2020, only a month before the election, muskegon, Michigan city clerk Anne Mish noticed a black female whose name was later redacted from the police report, dropping off between 8000 completed voter registration applications at the city clerk’s office. Wow, she was really busy. Clerk Anne Maish immediately noticed the stacks of registrations included the same handwriting, nonexistent addresses, and incorrect phone numbers. Again, none of these facts are in dispute. I don’t know about you folks. Put a yes in the chat if you think this is kind of a little fishy and strange. Put a no if you think this is perfectly okay. 8000 voter registration forms, the same handwriting, nonexistent address. Okay, I think it’s unanimous. Sounds strange to you? Put up the next one. This is the next screenshot from there. Here’s where the story gets even weirder. But this is why I get so mad at some of the stuff that happened in 2020, because I believe what happened was standard old school voter fraud. Request a ballot on your behalf or someone else’s, intercept them in the mail, and then send them back. It wasn’t complicated. Everybody was the Kraken. You didn’t need any of that. None of this was complicated. Here’s part two to this. A Michigan state senator, Ruth Johnson, who herself is a former Secretary of state. So she knows a little bit about this. Told Gateway my estimate is over 800,000 ballot applications were sent to non qualified voters in Michigan, including many individuals who moved or died or even some who were underage or non citizens. Many were sent to people who’d moved out of the state. Now, please God, I’m not using his name in vain. Do not make the same mistake. We can’t assume all 800,000 are bad. You can assume, however, based on the New York Times’ own reporting, that when you get mail in balloting and mass like this, that you’re going to get double the rejection rate and double the fraud. The New York Times? You said that, Dan. No, no, I didn’t say that wrong. The New York Times reported on voter fraud in the past in mail and error rates. Here’s the article right here. Go to the newsletter today. slash newsletter. Sign up. It is right there. It says, remember when the New York Times cared about voter fraud? Print this article and highlight it. Listen to me what I just said. Print it and highlight it. So when your friends tell you that the biggest mass mail in balloting experiment in human history in 2020 that happened because of COVID that it was the safest in American history, ask why. Ten years ago, the New York Times said mail in fraud was no good. Mail in voting was no good because of fraud. Ask and show it to them. Show them the article here. It’s called Error and Fraud at issue as absentee voting Rises. Adam Liptak October 6, 2012. Print this freaking article. It is gold. Why was The New York Times writing about voter fraud by mail and voting? Keep that up. Because this is when Republicans were doing it more in Florida senior citizens and military folks. So when Republicans were voting by mail, the New York Times was very concerned. When it’s mass mail and balloting and you can send out 800,000 in Michigan and who the hell knows what comes back? It’s great. Let me read this to you slowly and digest every single bit of it again.”New York Times Baby 2012. Yes. Votes cast by mail are less likely to be counted, more likely to be compromised, and more likely to be contested than those cast in a voting booth. Statistics show election officials reject almost 2% of ballots cast by mail, double the rate for in person voting. Quote, the more people you force to vote by mail, this election official said, the more invalid ballots you will generate.

Looky here New York Times reporting on voter fraud back in 2012 when Republicans were voting by mail. Now they want to tell you mass mail in balloting with no experience doing it at all states, just mass mail out sent ballots to anyone who would with a pulse and some not with one. Perfectly okay. I don’t accept any of that, and you shouldn’t either.

All right, I got a couple more things to cover, folks. It happened again. The ongoing battle. This is round number 47 of Joe Biden versus the Teleprompter. Is the Teleprompter lost yet, guys? Joe. Anyway, undefeated. The teleprompter remains undefeated 47.

And check this out. COZA makes wind towers that’s going to go into turbines made by GE Verona. Excuse me, I mispronounced it. Vernova in Florida, new York rotting moatmeal brain. SpaghettiOs brains. Here’s his other the exit ramps, by the way, the exit ramps, I think, are 72 and right. Biden versus exit ramps. Trying to exit stages. They’re 72. And Biden still can’t figure out how to walk up a stage. Dan, you just played this yesterday. No, this is a different one. You mean the one from the day before? No, it’s a different one than that, too. This is the third one in three days. Take a look. Justin said it’s a three game series and he did he do it? Did he do the hustle? He did the hustle when he does yeah, yeah, I love the hustle. He’s like, look at me. I’m so vibrant. I’m not rotting SpaghettiO’s brain. Look at this. This guy cracks me up. He can never figure out how to get off the damn stage. Do you have any idea how mentally compromised this guy must be that he gives a 20 minutes speech and can’t remember where he came from? Folks, the guy is a total train wreck. Believe me, I got some you know what’s hilarious? I have to clarify with Jim and Gee and Justin and everyone. I have to clarify with them which day because there’s so many of these every day of this guy not knowing how to get off the stage that you got to clarify which one.

All right, yesterday. Back to serious, though. Major cases coming up in the Supreme Court. Folks, pay attention. This is the most important case for our economy. And your wallet. In the Supreme Court, I’d argue maybe in the last hundred years, there have been a lot of important social issue cases. Gay marriage, abortion, you know about those Second Amendment rights, freedom of speech for your wallet and your livelihood. There is no more important cases. All right, Dan, get to it. There’s an article in the Hill. Now, I don’t agree with this guy’s premise at all. Travis Nix. But the article’s worth your time. It’s in newsletter. The hill leans left. But this piece is actually pretty good because it gives kind of both legal arguments. I don’t agree with his conclusion, but it’s a very good piece. Historic Supreme Court case could imperil the entire US. Tax code. Let me change that title. This Supreme Court case could imperil the entire US. Economy. The case is called Moore versus the United States. The gist of the case is this can you tax someone on income? They haven’t actually made it’s based on something that happened with the Trump Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The 2017 TCGA, right? Can you tax someone on repatriated corporate profits even if that person didn’t get the money? Let me give you an easier example. Can I tax you on a stock you’re currently holding that you haven’t sold yet? Now, folks, if we lose this case in the Supreme Court and the government can now tax what were called unrealized gains, folks, the entire economy is going to collapse. And believe me, I don’t say that lightly. Oh, you’re being hyperbolic. No, I’m not. If the Supreme Court rules that the government can now institute effectively a wealth tax, you could be taxed on the value of your house. What? When I sell it. No, right now, your house worth five hundred K. You want to get a 20% tax bill every year on the value of your house. You want to pay $100,000 every year in taxes for your house, even if it’s 5%. You want to pay that every year. What if the value of your house goes down? Sol baby, out of luck. You want to pay your taxes on your 401K every year. That’s part of your wealth. Oh, you mean when I sell again? No, not when you sell right now. But what if the stock goes down? Sol kids, you want to pay tax on your baseball card collection. That’s wealth. I’m not kidding. We lose this case, the entire US economy as we know it could go down. It was not going to happen overnight because the Democrats would have to instill a wealth tax, but there would be no constitutional limitation to what they could tax anymore. Art collections, jewelry, baseball cards, comic books, bitcoin. Anything you have is going to be subjected to taxes. Anything. Keep your eye on this case.

Folks, I want to say a couple more things before we go, just quickly on this abortion issue. Listen, there’s been a lot of hubbub with Republicans out there, and let me know how you feel in the chat. I’m going to watch this here. Listen, we’re a party that supports life from conception to natural death. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, politically, we have not done well on the abortion issue over the last year. There’s no doubt about that. I understand that Kansas and these Ohio referendums, michigan and others have not gone well. But, folks, this party doesn’t stand for anything if we’re going to lick our fingers to the wind and give up on every single fight out there. You want to support killing babies in the womb, I ain’t with you, man. Welcome to listen to the show. I’m open to a lot of different opinions, but I don’t kill babies, and I’m never going to support that. If I lose a political race because of it, then I lose if we lose 30, 40% of referendums on this thing, we lose 100% of referendums on saying, I’m not going in front of the Creator and telling them that I got behind wiping out human life for short term political gain. I want you to understand, too, and I’ve spoken about this before. The Democrats play for keeps and they’re willing to lose short term, politically. Remember Obamacare? The Tea Party revolution was because of Obamacare. But you know what? They understood long term? That they’d be able to steal away the health care system and they were willing to lose short term for their goals. Are we willing to lose short term for ours? We are the party of life and liberty and human freedom. The tax rate doesn’t mean a damn thing if we’re going to be whacking a bunch of babies in the womb because you’re not going to pay taxes if you’re dead, support the cause. It matters. Don’t be weak. The hell’s the point of this party otherwise? We’re not going to every time the Democrats moan about something, we’re going to cave. I ain’t doing that. Sorry. Not a chance.

Kind of a down note, too. Some video we pulled offline. God bless everyone in Hawaii. Maui just the island’s just been devastated. There’s some video for you. Massive fires in Maui. The destruction is just incredible. Folks, again, I’m not trying to make this about me. I’m just trying to make it relatable for you. Most of you, thankfully, haven’t been through this. I had a house burned down. I lived in Wanta. It wasn’t my house. I lived with my aunt and uncle at the time. It’s a long story. The house burned to the ground, the dog died. And the thing about fire, in contrast to, say, earthquakes or even hurricanes earthquakes. Hurricanes. You go back in your house, you’re going to find some pictures, some books. Things may be damaged, but you’re going to find some stuff. When your house burns to the ground, you lose everything, man. I lost everything. The only thing I have from I lived there when I was 1718. The only thingI have from that point earlier in my life is what I was wearing on my feet. A pair of black Doc Martin boots. That’s it.

Pictures, everything. And the thing about fire that’s so horrible is you don’t even realize what you lost until years later. I’ll never forget the dumbest thing. It was cheap. It wasn’t like some inconabula original or anything like that. But I had this set of Greek tragedies. I love the Greek tragedies. Agamemnon oedipus. I love these stories. They were great. Ajax, Deomites I used to love reading those. They were cheap. But I had the whole collection because I took a Greek tragedies class in college and I enjoyed it.

It was years later. I underlined took notes and the margins and stuff. Years later I went to go look for them and I forgot they burned too. So God bless everyone over there. I hope God gives you the strength to get through this. It was really horrible.

And one last story, this Utah story a lot of you are asking me to comment on this Utah story, this Utah man who was killed by the FBI during a search warrant. Folks, I’m applying the Bongino rule on this. I’m just going to ask a couple open questions for you because this is the kind of thing I’m looking into as well.

First, how is it that we already know everything about this guy but know nothing about the Nashville shooter? And then, second, the Secret Service typically investigates cases like this of threatening the President. Why was the FBI the primary on this?

Now, there may be a reason. I’m not suggesting anything nefarious. There may be a reason. There may have been other things we don’t know about. But on this story, because a lot of people are jumping to conclusions, I would suggest give it a little bit of time, give it a couple days before we draw any permanent conclusions on what actually went down here. Bongino Rule serves me well every single time.

All right, folks, thanks again for tuning in. I really appreciate it. Check out the show notes today. slash newsletter. Read that New York Times article, print it for your friends, and please click that.

What’s that? Oh, questions. You want questions tomorrow, folks? Yes or no? If you want questions, just submit questions in the chat tomorrow. We’ll pull some from the chat and at the ten to eleven here, we’ll make it simple, all right? Ten to eleven tomorrow. If you want questions, type A Y. If no questions, type A no. Whoever wins will do it. But type your questions in the chat 10:00 A.m. To eleven. Justin will pull some good ones. And if you guys want it, we’ll do Questions for Dan tomorrow.

Please click that follow button. You see it’s green in the about halfway on the page, right side of the page. Give us a follow. We’re up to 2.83 million. Join us in the chat 11:00 A.m. Eastern time. And give us a follow on Apple and Spotify as well. It means a lot to us. We really appreciate it. I’ll see you back here tomorrow. You just heard the Dan Bongino Show.


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  • I can’t believe I just read that you, Dan Bongino, do not believe that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from we the people and Donald Trump. Is that what you really believe? You believe that 81,000,000 people voted for Joe Biden? You believe that 6 or 7 states just arbitrarily stopped counting the votes, all at the same time, when Trump was ahead by thousands of votes in each of those states, and then by some miracle and in the early morning hours the votes got counted all in favor of Joe Biden! If you believe that there was nothing wrong with the 2020 election then you are not paying attention Mr. Bongino. I thought you were smarter than that. I have enjoyed listening to most of your podcasts but I think I need to find another source of information. I am truly disappointed in you.

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