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➡ The Healthy American Peggy Hall discusses concerns about government corruption in California, focusing on unexpected property inspections in Los Angeles. They also talk about the popularity of their videos on weather and ‘con trails’. The speaker promotes a product called Zeolite Extra from epicminerals.net, which is said to help detoxify the body from heavy metals and other toxins. The speaker then returns to discussing the issue of government overreach in property inspections, suggesting that it infringes on the rights of property owners.


Hey friends, I want to share with you some alarming news coming out of California. What a surprise! It seems like they are just tightening the screws and people are, how do I say it, getting screwed. I’ll just put it that way. A little blunt for today’s broadcast, but hey, it’s time that we expose all of their evil deeds. And that’s what I do here at the Healthy American is I expose government corruption and I give you the tools to fight tyranny. Heaven knows I’ve been fighting it at the county level and it has been very eye-opening to see that the courts are in bed with the corrupt government.

So there’s that. The other thing that I’ve been bringing to you is information all about the spring and the skies. So here I’ve got a playlist all about weather and I’ve done so many videos about these so-called con trails. Yeah, focus on the con, kind of like the judge in my case, his name was Conville McConville. You have been sending me your images and I really appreciate that. I will be doing more coverage for you because this is one of the most popular topics that I do on this channel, talking about ways to educate people, to help them look up.

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The result is and a healthier brain and it’s easy. You just spray it in your mouth and it tastes like water. So zeolite extra is the safest. It is the most effective detoxification solution and they say in the world so check it out yourselves. Go to epicminerals.net. You can use the promo code peggy and then let me know what you think. All right friends we actually are talking about the corruption in California and in specifically in Los Angeles and surrounding cities. I just got an email from a healthy American and I want to share my screen here.

She got an inspection notice. She is a landlord and this just came from the city of Los Angeles. Now you tell me whether you think this oversteps the bounds. I know it’s very small. I just wanted to show you the authentic document and then I will actually read it for you. So it says that the Los Angeles housing department is working with residential property owners and tenants to promote healthy and inhabitable neighborhoods in the city of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles housing code requires that LAHD Los Angeles housing department to inspect residential, so this is not commercial, residential rental properties under its systematic code enforcement programs.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. Inspections may be periodic or complaint based. So imagine this. You are a landlord. You’ve got an apartment building. You’ve got 20 apartments or two apartments or 200 apartments and people are living there. They’re paying their rent. You’re keeping it under good repair. All of the appliances work. The roof is not leaking. You’ve got places for everybody to park. The water is on. The electricity is running and out of the blue, LA, the city of LA wants to come in and inspect each one of your units, meaning now the tenant has to either make arrangements to be there or not be there as the case may be.

And it says the purpose of these inspections is to verify the existing residential rental properties, buildings, units, and structures to make sure that they comply with the applicable provisions of the laws, regulations, and codes set forth in the Los Angeles housing code as to maintenance, sanitation, ventilation, occupancy, and enforcement of those requirements. Now, see, I like to read between the lies. And this is very troubling to me. I do not own any rental properties in Los Angeles. I doubt that I ever will. In fact, that would be a hard pass, but there are those that are providing a place to live for people.

And Los Angeles has a very strict rent control laws, as does another nearby city, Culver City. I want to share with you what they are doing as well. So here’s where the fine print, it says, this notice serves to inform you that the LAHD is scheduled to inspect your property located at the site address. And then there is a date for it as well. And then it says, LAHD recommends your presence during this inspection. And please have someone present in your unit who’s at least 18 years of age and is able to provide entry consent.

And then the very small print says, pre-compliance judicial review and the right to refuse entry, you have a right to seek pre-compliance judicial review. That means you do not have to allow them into your apartment building. And you could require there to be from a judge a search warrant. So when my healthy American reached out to me, of course, I do not provide any legal advice. I do help encourage and inform and educate. And she wrote and said, Peggy, I hope you’re well. I just got this disturbing letter in the mail from the city of Los Angeles.

It looks like they’re gearing up for the next hog washing. This is a total invasion of privacy and I will not comply. She writes, I’ve got to believe that there is absolutely nothing legal about this. Who do you know that I can talk to intelligently about my right to say, heck no. She put it a little more strongly. And I do not want to suffer any repercussions. And so I said that she does have the right to refuse and to have the city get a warrant and have that. So what do you think that she should do? What would you do if you were a property owner? And she did say now that there are others in her group that they are getting together to push back against this.

It put me in mind of another outrageous egregious overstep by Culver City, which is right next door to Los Angeles. So let me share my screen here. Let me know if you are a landlord or if you are a tenant, and if you have ever had to comply with any of this in the city of Culver City, which is where Sony Studios are. And I think maybe Amazon. And anyway, it’s one of those, you know, 15 minutes, smart city, walkable city kind of things. They are requiring the landlords to turn over their rent role to the city, meaning the names of every individual renting an apartment and how much you are charging for that apartment.

And you have to pay to submit this information. That’s my understanding to Culver City, and then you get a rent registration certificate. So this happened a couple of years ago, because I know somebody that was fighting the city of Culver City against all of these egregious new laws that were being forced in by the communist. And basically, they do not want a free market. They want to control every little step. And basically, they do not want private ownership of these rental properties. That’s where I see this going. They are making these requirements so onerous that the landlords are leaving California.

Sadly, many of them are selling out to the big conglomerates. And that’s where you’re seeing these rabbit hutches, the stack of impact comes show up and pop up. And there are some landlords that are holding on, you know, by the skin of their teeth to fight this, but it’s becoming so expensive, they are unable to reasonably raise rent. Now, obviously, if you raise the rent so high, nobody can afford it, you’re going to have vacancies. That is the free market. I am certainly not in favor of any type of punitive rent raising, where let’s say you’re renting an apartment for $1,900 a month, and suddenly it’s, you know, 23, or, you know, double that I’m trying to do my math right now, maybe, you know, $3,800 a month or something like that.

That’s outrageous and egregious. But given the cost of living that is rising, given inflation, given that the landlord, if they’re paying for utilities or maintenance, and they are, and obviously paying for the maintenance, that all of their costs go up as well. Are there shady slumlords? Absolutely. Are there upstanding landlords keeping the properties in good repair? Absolutely. It’s not all one or the other, but these outrageous, egregious, excessive requirements by the city of Los Angeles and nearby cities that have these rent control rules, and also requiring that the landlord give the name and address of everyone renting in that building and how much they’re paying.

I mean, that is an invasion of privacy. I see it as a move to kick out the mom and pop landlords, get in these giant conglomerates, which basically are doing the bidding of the government. That my friends is what’s called corporate fascism. That’s what we saw over the last several years, where the government did not have the authority to force you to suffocate. The government didn’t have the authority to force you to become a human pin cushion, so they kicked the can down the road and these businesses complied because of all of the hush money.

Luckily, because that money has run out, the businesses, the employers, the schools, the medical centers, although they’re still holding out pretty, hanging on as well, trying to impose this oppression upon you and tyrannize you so you can’t get the medical care that you need. Hopefully, you don’t need any and you’re finding other alternative ways, but all of this is done kind of like a front. It’s called like the long arm of the law that these businesses were doing it because they got paid off. I believe that’s what’s going to be happening with the landlords and with these buildings is that these new buildings that are coming in, there are going to be all sorts of other requirements and regulations and rules that these builders are happy to comply with because they already got paid off, not only by the government, but by your money.

Let me know if you would like me to cover more about these smart cities and these 15-minute cities and what’s going on with all the Stackham and Packhams and how some very laid-back, easygoing cities like San Clemente are now at, trying to hold back the onslaught of these Packham and Stackhams. It’s happening in the city of Huntington Beach as well, and they are literally trying to hold the line, telling the state of California that they don’t have the right to tell them what to do in their city. The cities are the ones that have the zoning, not the state.

The lines are being blurred. It’s very disturbing to say the least. I would like to hear from you, whether you are a landlord, whether you are a tenant, whether you are a property owner, whether you’re still in California, and more and more of you are asking me to talk about people that have moved to find smoother sailing and brighter days ahead outside of California and moving to America. All right, friends, thanks for being on board. I really appreciate having you in my audience. Thank you the moderators. Be sure you’re on my free Substack, peggyhall.substack.com, and I’ll see you in the next broadcast as we continue to read between the lies, expose the government corruption, and defend our freedom and march this all the way to heaven.


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