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➡ Scott Bennet and Mike Harris discussed their shared concern for the state of America, emphasizing the need for free and fair elections, the importance of the Second Amendment, and dangers posed by unknown foreign entities. They shared personal experiences, including one incident at a gun range involving suspicious people, to underscore their belief that the greatest threat to America is not abroad but from within.
➡ The related text discusses instances of assumed infiltration and manipulation by cartels into certain state systems by bribing officials, as demonstrated by the situation about the Missouri DMV. The author also expresses frustration and criticism towards illegal immigrants who, as per the author, exploit the system and aim to overthrow the societal order. The author further advocates for strict immigration policies, deeming the current situation an ‘invasion’, and expresses a wish to preserve their own culture and socio-economic stability.
➡ The text discusses escalating violence, societal issues and the necessity for individuals, particularly women, to take up self-defense measures due to the increase in crime and drug activity. It also touches on legal and sociopolitical implications of defending oneself, societal fallout from communal unrest, and the potential dangers of illegal immigrants and infiltration from foreign adversaries.
➡ The speaker criticizes American foreign policy and expresses deep frustration with the current education system focusing on social issues instead of mathematics and science. He also aligns with strict methods for societal order, advocates for self-defense policies, and expresses controversial views on ethnicity, historical slavery, and immigrants. He believes that these elements contribute to societal corruption, which has led to its impending collapse.
➡ The speaker expresses frustration over a lawsuit involving multiple properties, accusing the judge of bias and refusing to acknowledge a previous appellate court decision. The speaker also discusses perceived election interference and critiques various officials. Strong accusations are made against the competency of different professional sectors based on race, underlining a contentious stance on affirmative action.
➡ The speaker discusses issues he perceives in the American society, such as affirmative action, educational standards, and workforce competitiveness. Furthermore, he opines on the dysfunction in American politics, disputing past historical events, mentioning potential speculative political maneuvers, and expressing his partiality towards Russia over the U.S in foreign policy matters. His discontent is also expressed towards certain societal groups whom he believes to be detrimental to the nation and showcases his scorn for the shift in demographic trends in the country.
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I’ll set you free. I’m Scott Bennet. This is great. Awakenings on Great Global. Awakenings on globalfreedomtv. com. And we’re joined by Mike Harris once more to delve into some of these international intelligence matters that we’re encountering. Mike, it is great to have you on again. Let me start out by saying this past weekend and I’d welcome your comments on the subject matter, but this past weekend I was down in Southern California speaking with Vietnam audiences, many of whom are our audience and our supporters on Global Freedom TV.

The audiences in Canada, in Texas. In California. A strong Vietnamese component. Also in Vietnam itself, we were having a zoom meeting. And one thing that was very impressionable upon me, of course, was the love of freedom and the love of rights and the American dream that the Vietnamese so passionately cherish and pursue and how their desire for free and fair elections both in America and in Vietnam are leading to an awakening, if you will.

And I just wanted to express to the Vietnamese people how honored we are to have you watching and having Tong, our producer, and others, put forth this material and translate it into Vietnamese. And again, the American dream is the dream of every human being achieving their destiny with their talents and their freedom and their fruits of their imagination coming to pass and creating a better world. And it is only through free and fair elections that we can do that.

We can only elect the most honest and honorable men to political positions. When we have free and fair elections and when they are corrupted or stolen, as we have seen in America’s experience this last Biden administration, then it reminds us that the most corrupt criminal elements are often stealing and inserting themselves into political positions. So this is a wake up call. And I just wanted to remind the Vietnamese people that this is the time to stand strong and to recognize that America still is the greatest hope for mankind.

It is the greatest country in the world because of the freedom and the amendments and the Bill of Rights and things that we’ve empowered our people to maintain their freedom with. No other country has the Second Amendment and that is the hallmark and that may be called in the coming days if we have events that may try and trigger an uprising in America, a civil war or any kind of a mass conflict which wouldn’t surprise me based upon the invasions of the southern border.

So always remember, the Second Amendment is not to hunt deer. It is to preserve your rights, your liberty, your property and your family against tyranny of criminals or corrupt government. So, Mike, I’ll hand it to you to give your words of wisdom and inspiration to the Vietnamese people. Go ahead. Well, Lt, thank you for inviting me on. And again, thanks the viewers for making time out of your busy days to tune in and listen to us because we really make an honest effort to bring you the most honest and factual information that we can.

These days, it’s very difficult to watch mainstream media and get anything that’s truthful out of it. So we try. We endeavor. We may be wrong on occasion. I’m glad to own it when I am, but at least we admit it. Like the mainstream guys, they covered a lie with another lie. But thank you very much, like I said, for making the time to turn us on. It’s truly an honor and a privilege to be able to address an audience and be able to share views like this and tell the truth as we know it, because we’re really trying to fight a creeping darkness that is climbing over the entire globe right now.

We’ve had it pretty good here in the United States for a very long time, but currently our biggest enemy is not a foreign power. Our biggest enemy is among us, and we’ve been an open society. We’ve let people in from everywhere around the world. And some of these people we’ve let in are predators. And they’re now living among us, and they’re making a move to take over our country and to turn us into another communist dictatorship where they’re on top and we’re all reduced to those of us who are not.

Genocided killed will be reduced to essentially slavery. And so that’s why we’re here. That’s what we talk about. That’s what we’re fighting. So, again, thank you for making the time to know. Mike, you had an interesting observation before the show, and I wanted you to talk about that. You had described a while back going to a gun range and seeing some very sketchy individuals there, and you also said you encountered a similar situation recently that was even worse.

I’ll hand it to you. Just give us your summary of what occurred and what you see happening along those lines. Go ahead. Okay. Well, about five, six weeks ago, I went to the gun range. That’s local here, and it’s public. It’s owned by the county. It’s free to everyone. It’s unmanned, unattended. So you can go out there anytime during 07:00 a. m. Until dusk every day except Monday.

And it’s a very nice range. It’s open air. It’s got 25 yard, 50 yard, and 100 yard ranges. So you can go out there. You can sight in your handguns, your rifles, et cetera. I was out there shooting, trying to sight in a rifle at the time, and when we arrived, there were I don’t want to call it Hispanics because this group didn’t they may be from south of the border, honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, even Mexico, but they don’t have any Spanish in them at all.

These are the Mestizos. These are the Indians that lived there before the Spanish took it. And they don’t even speak Spanish. They’re illiterate in their own language. There was nine military aged men there were three women, six kids and an old man. And they had taken over all of the shooting tables. There’s five shooting tables on the long side, five on the short side. And they had taken over the entire 100 yard range.

So they had it all. I couldn’t access one of the tables I wanted. And they were going through easily 1000 rounds of ammunition within 2030 minutes. I mean, they were burning them off. So we went to the other side and worked on handgun stuff at the 25 yard branch. So, all right, fine, not a big deal. But there was two other white people, two groups of white people.

There was a guy and his girlfriend and a young man, probably 25, and his dad probably 50 or 60. And they were there. And so the whites were on the short ranges, the 25 and 50 yard. And the Hispanics had taken over the entire 100 yard range. Now they’re letting little kids, little kids, four and five year old kids, fire pistols, handguns. And these kids were waving them around, pointing them every direction, just with no discipline.

And the parents are sitting there laughing while they’re just popping off rounds. And then the men first, the guy and his girlfriend got up and left. So we’re continuing with us. And the other guy and his dad were there still. And then they left. And then suddenly we’re surrounded they left the 100 yard range and came over and surrounded the shooting bench that we were on. And minding my business and stuff, I said, you know what, this is not comfortable.

We better get out of here. But these guys had so little discipline. I’ve never seen an adult male take his rifle, put it barrel first on the deck and lean on the stock like it’s an armrest while his barrel is face down to the dirt and the deck. I mean, just bad form. But they had money, they had a lot of firearms. They had at least five, five six and seven six two NATO round with them, and seven 6239, which is the Soviet AK round.

So they were firing those rifles and I couldn’t tell which handguns they had, but they were just going through ammunition like nobody’s business. I mean, I’m sorry, but five five six right now, if you shop for it, you can get it for about 45 round. And to go through 1000 rounds, even at today’s lower prices, they’re down from what they were is just obscene. And then go to the parking lot.

And I was with a friend and so I said, let’s record the plate numbers of the vehicles. Here a brand new Toyota Forerunner from Missouri and a brand new Buick Enclave SUV type from Indiana. The women and the old men with the kids had left probably ten minutes earlier. So I got those two as all men left. And so I took those. And the next day I called the sheriff’s department for the county that has jurisdiction over the shooting range and reported it.

I sent them photocopies of the cars, the license plates. They ran them. They came back that the guy from Indiana was a Honduran who was convicted of human trafficking and a lot of other felonies that the detective would not give me over the phone. And they could find no registration at all for the forerunner with the Missouri plates on it, which tells me that they already have somebody in the Missouri DMV who is giving them plates without registering the vehicle in the proper way.

So it means that they’re already infiltrated into that state’s system there. So that’s what the cartels do is they move into an area and they start buying off bureaucrats. Whether it’s in the courthouse, whether it’s in the DMV, whether it’s in law enforcement, they start paying people off. And so to have that come back with nothing, nothing. No registration. It was an authorized plate with blank on it, no information that tells me that the Missouri DMV has been infiltrated.

Okay? So that’s incident number one. Now I’m talking to another friend of mine who I told this to. Well he went down to the same shooting range a week ago Sunday. And this guy is ex special forces. He was an air force special forces medic. So he has his combat ribbon. He’s been out, he’s done three or four tours and went to work as a contractor for another agency afterwards.

The guy’s a made guy, okay? And he told me that the same thing, except this time there was twelve adult males. They didn’t go into detail on the women and the kids, but he said that they were down there and they acted like they owned the whole thing. And when he got there, they were busy driving people out and brandishing firearms at them, telling people to leave the area because they owned it now.

And that’s what’s going on in this country. They’re getting more and more brazen and this is what the cartel does. And they take things over. As you know, being from Phoenix, I’ve lived there for a long time. And I watched how the public parks on Saturdays and Sundays and holidays that white people couldn’t go to them. You can go to a public park in Scottsdale, Arizona, which north Scottsdale with the demographics are probably 95% white, okay? And you can’t get in to a public park because the Hispanics down there from the west side, the south side have taken it over.

They make it a day, it’s free. They go there, they own it. They barbecue. They leave their trash, their litter everywhere. Their kids are running around screaming. And wherever they go, they follow the same pattern. These are not good citizens. They will never be good citizens. They will never be upright. They broke the law to get into this country and they’re going to continue to break the laws with disregard, and they’re going to turn the United States into the same kind of shithole that Mexico is that Guatemala? Is that Nicaragua? Is that El Salvador? Is Name it.

This is their culture. I don’t want their culture. It’s time to separate them from our culture. It’s time to protect our culture. And I have a point to make here. It’s time to tear down the Statue of Liberty. Because you know what? I don’t want your poor. I don’t want your tired. I don’t want your huddled masses. I don’t want them. I do want your doctors. I want your engineers.

I want your scientists. I want your best and brightest who can contribute something to make this a better place. I don’t want your scum. I don’t want the people who are illiterate in their own language who come here because everything’s free. You look at Mexico last year, sent $65 billion in remittances home to Mexico. After we paid for their kids school, we paid for their free lunch. We give them housing, they get Snap benefits.

They get all kinds of welfare. They’re sending their money away because we’re supporting them here. That allows them to live a lifestyle that they can afford to send money home to Mexico to bring more of them up here. And I don’t want it. I’m done with it. I’m done with it. It’s time that we look at the border crisis in a serious light. This is an invasion. And we’ve had 110 plus thousand deaths this year from fentanyl poisoning.

If that was a biological or chemical weapon launched by China, Russia, go back to World War II, Germany or Japan, we would have taken that as an attack. We would have that border tight. We would have it sealed. And I proposed it’s time to get out the A Ten warthogs, load them with napalm. And anytime you see a group of migrants on that border, you just napalm them.

Done, gone. And it’d take about three days, and the word would get out. And I think the immigration, illegal immigration problem would stop. And then we have to go with internal enforcement, like Eisenhower did. Eisenhower did it with a very minuscule budget, maybe 10,000 guys. And he deported 1. 6 million people in less than three months. So it can be done. We can ferret these people out and send them home and get them out of here because they are not contributing to our culture.

They’re not contributing to our economy. They are a burden. They are parasites. And it’s time that we as Americans dealt with parasites for what they really are. And there are companies out there who hire illegals, and they pay them substandard wages or minimum wage at best. And what that’s doing is it’s suppressing everyone else’s wages as well. My first job, I was 14 years old, okay? I was a kid.

I made minimum wage of a dollar 60 an hour. But back then, one dollars 60 an hour in silver coinage is worth over $25. It’s probably worth $35 today. So it’s $23 an ounce. 1oz of silver is a silver dollar. So it’d probably be worth, let’s say, $35. If minimum wage had kept up because of the pressure to get people to work, because inflation has caused this, then people would be making that kind of money.

And if we didn’t have illegal aliens in this country taking jobs, entry level jobs from our permanent underclass, they would be making that kind of wage and would be able to survive and live a decent life with dignity. But as long as we have this artificial suppression of wages at the entry level, everyone in this country’s wages suffer for it. I don’t care if you’re the CEO pulling down a six, seven figure salary a year, you’re still paying the price for that.

But these employers hire these wages or these people because they don’t have to pay the prevailing wage. I don’t blame the UAW for going on strike, because according to what inflation is, they’re underpaid as well. It used to be if you’re a UAW worker, you could afford a house, you could afford a car. Your wife stayed at home and raised the kids. She didn’t have to work a job, you didn’t have to have two parents in the house.

But that’s what inflation has done to us and that’s, know, debasing our currency and our coinage by taking the silver out of it and no longer having the gold backing to it. Nixon did that one under Kissinger’s direction because they overspent. And it’s always a Jew in there that has their finger in the pot somehow. And so now all of us are in this pickle. We’ve got a country that we’re going to be the minority in our own country.

That has been their plan all along, is to reduce whites to minority in the United States. The same thing is happening in Europe. It’s called the Caligari Plan. You can read about it. That is one of the things they want to do, is to remove our political power by making us just another minority that has needs that have to be met. So I’ll rest on that one. You’re right.

The Kalergy Plan, the elimination of the white populations of Europe, of Great Britain, Canada, of America, of Australia, New Zealand, Germany, this is leading to this orchestrated forced migration into these countries. And it’s going to cause I mean, you’re going to have bloodshed and revolution rising up. In the incident that you described, where some Hispanic cartel, knuckle dragging Indian mestizo has the prophetic words, if not the gall, to say, we own this, and say, Get out, Bobbinos.

Leave. That’s the moment, Mike, as a soldier myself, that’s the moment where, like you’ve said, too, you choose your retreat wisely and you reposition yourself and you annihilate the enemy. And you either annihilate them now from an advantage or you’re going to have to annihilate them in the streets, where you have a greater risk of being hit yourself or others being hurt. I think this is inevitable because they’re only going to go more brazen, more aggressive, more offensive, more violent, more savage in their bloodlust and their human trafficking and all of that.

They’re retarded people, a mentally deranged, lobotomized people, and they have no concept of the value of life either. There is a Catholic lobotomization that has occurred, and I don’t credit it to Christian at all. It’s rooted in this Indian blooded witchcraft and black magic and all the other crap and shit that they get in South America and Central America. But I think it’s inevitable that people are going to encounter future situations like that, and they’re going to be forced to take up arms, and they’re going to have to make the choice.

You either take up arms and annihilate these people that are stealing your property or your real estate and creating a beachhead to launch further criminal activities. You either take them out then and there at your advantage, or you don’t, and you allow them to get stronger. And it will inevitably happen in a future time. I welcome your feedback. Before we go to the video, I wanted to show too, about the situation, the story.

Well, things are coming to a know, Scott. I always say that timing is divine. And I don’t want people to go out and form a militia or do anything because that’ll bring the FBI down on you quicker than anything else. However, it will become very obvious and apparent to people as this gets closer and closer. And speaking of Phoenix again, because I’ve got so much history here, that women these days, it’s not safe for them to go get gasoline at gas stations by themselves.

And the reason is the homeless are so prolific and so aggressive with women who are filling up their own gas tanks. I don’t care if it’s Chevron, I don’t care if it’s exxon, I don’t care if Know name the station. The homeless are there and they’re browbeating people saying, hey, I need some money. I have a dollar. You know, if they don’t have it, they get really ugly, really aggressive.

And so I told women, if you’ve got a weapon, start carrying it, because I don’t care if it’s a knife, I don’t care if it’s a gun, I don’t care if it’s pepper spray or a stun gun. Start carrying something because it’s only a matter of time before one of these clowns gets aggressive with you. We’re living in a culture now where drugs have permeated things and druggies are desperate people.

They’re always looking for their next high. They can’t do anything. They can’t earn a living, they can’t function, and they’re looking for that next high, and they don’t care what they have to do to get it. And so I’ve had women friends complain to me about how afraid they are to go to the gas station and have asked me, hey, do you mind if you drive down with me to get gas? It’s absolutely and so it’s just how it is.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but it needs to be dealt with. We need to start carrying a bigger stick, if you will. And I’ve gotten so that I don’t go very many places without having a concealed carry firearm. Well, Mike, let me augment that as women who’ve been in the military, they go through training. They go through firearms training and hand to hand combat. They go through combatives.

They are, quote, trained to kill, allegedly, but they don’t necessarily jump in and do the shooting and do the killing. But I’m sorry to say, I think we’re approaching that time very soon where women had better empower themselves, like the frontier women in 1600. Prepare to shoot your gun and kill. You’re not going to be killing grizzly bears or elk to survive. You’re going to be killing savage Indians that are coming to scalp you and your children.

And women in particular need to begin to be acclimated and trained and psychologically prepared for this mental shift. Mike and I know you and I are prepared at a drop of a hat, but women are a different story, especially given the culture of a femininity and toxic masculinity and all this bullshit that has gone around for ten years that has softened America perverted. The men and the women are just batshit crazy for the most part, but they need to be trained and inspired and told.

You had better get ready and learn how to kill with a knife, with a spear, with a bow, with a gun, with your hands, whatever it is. You better be prepared. And I don’t want to see these silly women shooting handguns at ranges as if they’re shooting at cardboard silhouettes of bad guys. Go to the video store, go to a video game, and pretend you’re doing that. I’m talking about real life combat situations that you could be thrown into in order to defend your life, your children’s lives, your parents lives.

Women need to be prepared to fight and to kill. And I’ll hand it to you, too. How do you broach that as well as men do? Like I said, I’ve been a karate man. I’ve been training now for 55 years. I’ve been doing this a long time, and usually I will never throw the first punch in a fight, right? I’m a defensive guy. But once that first punch is thrown and contact is made, it’s a different game, okay? And I am ruthless.

I’mirthless I injure people. I break them up. I remove their capacity to fight so they cannot fight not just their will to fight, but their ability to fight. I don’t care if I break arms, break elbows. I hurt people because they have shown the aggression to me. That’s right. And the problem that we all have today is if I’m out there and if some guy is menacing or something, I’m hesitant to pull my firearm because I don’t want to escalate.

But if you hesitate, you may die. And so it’s a really tough call as to what to do on this. And like you said, women are simply not equipped for this. I don’t have any good advice to give them how toughen them up. There is no three day course or anything you could go through to learn this. I mean, you go through the concealed carry course, you’re responsible for wherever that round goes, you’re responsible for it.

So you better put it in the right spot. And it’s just really a tough call because you know, you’re going to get litigated against, you’re going to get sued, you’re going to get arrested. Even if he pulls his gun, if you beat him to the draw, you’re still going to get arrested if you hang around and if you file. That’s true. That’s the other advice I give you.

If you can get away clean with no cameras, no recordings, no eyewitnesses and all that, by all means, pick up your brass and, uh, get the hell out of mean. Look at Bernie gets. Remember Bernie Gets, the subway shooter in New York, they didn’t have anything on him. He turned himself in a week later. They had nothing on this guy. He could have walked clean, and these guys went to rob him at sharpened screwdriver point.

Not knives, sharpened screwdrivers. We’re getting to this stage of society where our culture has devolved because of the influx of illegal aliens, because of the influx of drugs, because of the amount of drug users out there. And then you couple that with our collapsing economy where good people can’t make the mean, good people are having a hard time putting food on the table and stuff. And, you know, you’ve got this lawlessness, the George Floyd riots last year, talking about emboldening the black community.

Boy, they think they can get away with anything. You look at the looting that’s going on in these stores in California, and you know, criminals will continue to escalate and continue to do more until they are caught or until they are stopped. But when it comes in a combat situation, I have no problem putting know I’ll fire until I’m out of ammunition. Every magazine. I mean, stay alive, stay alive.

Kill him. Like George Patton said, your job is not to die for your country. Your job is to make that son of a bitch die for his. And that’s different. The rules are hard and fast, but in civilian life, whenever you’ve got what might be a 14 or 15 year old black kid pulling a gun on you, oh, he was a good boy. He was going to go to college.

You don’t shot him. We suing you. And that’s what we’re dealing with here. And women in particular are easy prey because of all the reasons you said they’re not acclimated to fight back. I mean, if they pick on a guy, they might get punched. They might get the tar beat out of them, they might get shot. So women are easier. They always have been. And then there’s always a sexual mode of rape, which the blacks do with great abandonment.

What was like 49,000 black on white rapes last year? There were three white on black rapes because they’re as ugly as sin. That’s why the guy keeps these stats. But I’m not exaggerating. It’s really about 50,000 a year black on white rapes, and it’s about three white on black rapes, maybe five. Here’s a video that you’d sent me. I wanted to play it real quick, sums up some interesting topics.

Clearly the borders open and they know it. And clearly Venezuela, Iran, Russia and China are working together in a number of areas. Part of it is they’re trafficking drugs. What happens now, if you’re talking about all these different people that have penetrated, all these different intelligence operatives, sleeper cells that have penetrated our southern border, what are the kind of extortion points, the pressure points that are used from within? They’re choosing not to hold them accountable.

At the securities Exchange Commission, it’s looked the other way because money is being made. How do we manage both? Now, our foreign policy and if there are sleeper cells inside the United States who are going to be pressuring America, leveraging different pressure points in different ways, I mean, this seems like a disaster for American foreign policy. You know, the only issue I have with that video, Mike, is they love to pile on Iran, Russia, China and all this stuff.

And it always grieves me because I think to myself in all my travels to Iran and knowing the people, meeting the people, they are not a terrorist inclined people. They are not looking to gun down Americans. They’re not looking to invade Texas. They’re not looking to blow up Christian churches or kindergarten, and neither are the Russians. Scott, that is so sad. Everything you’re saying is spot. You know, our media has painted this picture of Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea as who are going to be the next axis powers that we’re going to have to fight to defeat, to keep the world free and to fight for democracy.

And it’s bullshit. It’s absolute bullshit. All these countries want to do is be left alone. And because our country, we’re declining. Our country is collapsing because we have an enemy from within. We have been invaded when we let the Jews in prior to World War II. And since then, they have been undermining everything in this country, everything. I mean, look at the National Education Association’s, Randy Weingarten, and now how they’re pushing.

Not math and science, not reading, writing, arithmetic, as my grandfather learned. But instead they’re pushing queer studies and racial studies and all this other nonsense. That isn’t going to make you a dime. All it does is alienates people. It’s alienated me. I’m angry that they’re teaching this in the class and I don’t want my kid to waste his time on that kind of nonsense. I want him to be able to master calculus by the time he’s in 9th grade.

I want him to be able to be able to do differential equations. I want him to be able to write cogently and be able to put together moving papers for a filing in a federal court. I want them to have those abilities. I want them to be able to calculate how much concrete is it going to take to have a strong enough span to cross this river on the bridge.

I want them to be able to do things like that. I want him to be able to do the engineering for craft that are going to explore the solar system and go into space. I don’t care about his little queer feelings and stuff and these little tranny boys who are pretending they’re girls are getting really out of hand and we need to recognize the mental illness that they suffer from and treat it as such.

I don’t give a fuck about their feelings. I’m sorry, mom. Your kid’s fucked up. You raised him in a bad way. He’s got mental illness. Now we have to deal with him. We’re going to deal with him appropriately, and that means we got to put him down because he’s violent. We’re going to put him down. Yes. Sorry. There’s a video rabid dog, you’re right to augment that. There’s a video the other day that I saw on TikTok where a young girl of 1213 years of age is walking through the hallway with her three friends and this transgender, 13 year old brown looking boy.

Hispanic or black, I don’t know, or something in between, behind this girl and throws her to the ground and pummels her with punches and calls her a profane name. Obviously there’s issues and two things. I wish a teacher was there to break the kid’s neck. But two, no other boy jumped in and grabbed that transgender lunatic and gave him a more severe pummeling, as should have happened. And you’re right, Mike.

We are now on the brink not only with the immigration of the cartels and these knuckle dragging Indian savages coming up through Central and South America, but we’ve got transgender monsters that are going to be attacking and beating up young girls because they hate girls, they hate females. That’s the annihilation of women beating them in sports or pretending to run in sports, that was probably at the issue.

So we’re really, I think, on the cusp of seeing large portions of the population in this country become so antisocial, so obsessively, narcissistic and selfish that they can’t even be dealt with or tolerated to live because they represent such a threat, such an imminent threat. And I think people are going to take this into law, into their own hands and redefine the law. And no, no, we are exercising the Second Amendment.

And in our county, we’re going to have sheriffs that empower people to defend themselves. Like that sheriff in Florida who said, if you come down to our county to do crimes, I’m going to encourage the people to blow you out of their house with their guns. And I think the same thing needs to happen in all parts of America at this coming social implosion we’re about to witness.

Well, it’s coming. I remember I traveled through Asia extensively as a younger man, and I remember being in the Philippines. I was in an area of Manila called Makati, which is their high end area. It’s the nice part of town. And I remember going into a shopping mall there. And every store, not just jewelry stores, every store had an armed guard with an M 16 standing right up front.

Not an M four, an M 16. This has been a few years ago. I’m showing my age again, but outside the door now, what do you think the chances of any of those stores being looted is pretty low. None. And like I said, we have no problems we can’t fix. We just got to take the gloves off and go bare knuckles with these sons of bitches. That’s right.

And if I was an apartment store, if I was a Macy’s or a Nordstrom’s or a Demon Marcus, I would have two guys at every door with twelve gauge shotguns with probably number four shot in them. It’s enough to just stop them because you want to contain it. You don’t want to use double op because it goes too far. But number four a shot in them and I would start shooting these sons of bitches.

You come in dit. I don’t care if there is 30 of you. Yeah, I’ve got seven rounds in the tube and I’ve got 25 more rounds on my bandolero here or in my bag. I’m going to keep feeding this thing. And if you guys want to come in here, me and this other guy, and now the other guys from the other doors are going to be coming in to back us up because you guys are looting.

It’s time to take these hard measures. Our society is not going to survive unless it does. Now what the George Soros’s of the world have put these prosecutors who will prosecute you for defending your life or defending your property because those poor underprivileged looters, that’s reparations for them. And it’s time that white people quit being shy about being white. It exerted. We built this friggin country. We built it.

The blacks didn’t contribute a damn thing. They picked cotton. Haven’t done a damn thing since. And those days are over. And I’m glad the supreme court made that decision that affirmative action is no longer a criteria for college admission. That needs to spread through everything. I want black people to do well. I want them to thrive and survive and do quite well, but they’ve got to do it on their own.

And saying that you’re owed because your great great grandfather was a slave doesn’t mean a damn thing. We were all slaves at one time or another. My people were German and Irish, and the Germans and the British enslaved the Irish. So put your wine in. Every race of people has had someone enslaving them at some time or another. We forget about the pirates on the Barbary Coast, the Muslim black pirates down there who were making slaving raids on all of southern Europe and bringing they brought far more whites into their area as slaves than we ever brought to this country as slaves.

So I’m tired of that argument. And the thing I like telling people when they talk about slavery and reparations, I said, well, you’ve never picked any cotton, and I’ve never owned a slave. So I think we’re mean, come on, get over know to illustrate your point, too, the corruption of the judges and these prosecutors. Oh, God. Yeah, I saw this today. Please play this. This is excellent. Let me play a little bit of this.

This is Trump’s response to the corruption of the judge and this prosecutor. As Mike has said, George soros prosecutors who are intentionally undermining and destroying our republic. Okay, thank you, everybody. This is a disgraceful situation. As I say, murders are going on as you stand here, and they’re wasting everybody’s time for many months on this case where banks got paid a fortune, loan money, got paid money back, didn’t even need their money.

Great company. You have to go through this. So this just broke. But before I discuss that, why are we trying a case that the Appellate Division of New York State has just ruled recently that we won 80% of our case, and this judge refuses to acknowledge the ruling, which is very plain for all to see. We won. As you know, it had to do with Ivanka, and it had to do with other things.

It had to do with the statute of limitations, where they wanted to go back to 200 years ago, 500 years ago, it was limited, very much limited, and it amounted to about 80% of the case was won by us in the Appellate Division. And this rogue judge, a Trump hater, the only one that hates Trump more is his associate up there, his person that works with him. She’s screaming into his ear, and almost every time we ask a question disgrace, you want to know the good that’s a disgrace.

So this rogue judge refuses to acknowledge the fact that we won 80% of this case in the Appellate Division, including statute of limitations. In the statute of limitations, you have a period of time. He wants to go back so far that nobody’s ever even heard of such a ridiculous statement. So we won the case in the Appellate Division, and this judge refuses to acknowledge the Appellate Division, meaning he’s got contempt for his own court system.

Nobody’s ever seen that before, where he refuses to even talk about it or acknowledge it. And the Attorney general is a total he’s a corrupt person, a terrible person, driving people out of New York. Number one, that’s number one. Number two, it just came out a few minutes ago. Where? Palm Beach County. The people that do this agree with us 100%, and they say the judge is wrong.

The judge is wrong in his ruling. He valued Mar a Lago at $18 million, and it’s worth a billion dollars, maybe a billion five. And you saw where various properties that we have that are valued in the financial statements, which is totally subject to the clause that you’ve all been hearing about doing, buyer beware, as they call it. But this just came out. Error in New York civil fraud case against Trump is flagged by industry insiders who say valuation of Mar a Lago cited by judge is based on a misunderstanding of basic real estate practice.

So they’re saying the judge has misunderstood basic real estate practice. I say they’re wrong about that. He didn’t misunderstand it. This is a rigged court. He’s put there to do a job on Trump. This comes from highly respected officials in Palm Beach County. Also, apparent mistake by Judge Engorin surfaces in the use of a Palm Beach County appraisal of Mar a Lago that an expert says is detached from the true value of the property.

Now, I don’t know the people that we’re talking about in Palm Beach County, but they saw this egregious trial, this horrible, horrible trial going on, while at the same time, people are being murdered right outside of the streets. And nothing happens to those people that do the murdering. They go after Trump. So this was just released by Palm Beach County that the judge in this case is wrong.

And by the way he’s talking about them, so they’re explaining to him that he’s wrong. Here’s another one just came out. New York v. Trump could set precedent for the use of New York’s overweening executive law. One doesn’t have to be a lawyer to see the danger to anyone doing business in the Empire State. Anybody that does business in New York State is crazy. When you have a radical left attorney general like Letitia James, who’s a disgrace to our country, who got elected on the fact that she’s going to take down President Trump, we’re going to take him down.

She knew nothing about me, but she got elected on that basis, and we have others. Likewise. Take a look at what’s going on in Georgia. Take a look at Jack Smith. Take a look at these people this is called election interference. And worse than that, really much worse than that. And you don’t get much worse than election interference, especially we’re talking presidential election of 2024. So this judge should change his ruling because Palm Beach County said he was totally wrong and he was ruling based on them.

He ruled we didn’t even have a chance to testify. I got a call last week, sir, we lost part of the case. I said the trial didn’t even start. You know, the trial starts, I guess, today. He ruled that we lost a big part of the case because he’s a Democrat club politician, he’s a Democrat operative, and he’s a disgrace to people that call themselves judges. And I hope my lawyers go in, and I hope they fight him very hard, because this guy’s getting away with murder, and his clerk should not be allowed to be in his ear on every single question.

You take a look at what’s happening with her. She hates Trump more than he does. So that’s where it is. We have 80% of this trial has been won in June. They came down the end of June with a decision, very powerful decision, and it said on statute of limitations and just about everything else. Did you say approximately 80% of the trial attorneys? Is that right? Approximately 80% of the trials won.

He refuses to acknowledge his own appellate division. And I think it’s a disgrace to our country, and somebody has to fight, because if you don’t fight, our country is just going to go down the tube. This is election interference. This guy’s a highly partisan person, and we can’t let this stuff happen. So you should ask yourselves, as professionals, I have a lot of respect for you, not all of you, but a lot of you.

Why is it that he didn’t honor the decision of the appellate and by the way, I believe it was a unanimous decision, right? It’s a five to nothing decision. Unanimous decision. And he said, I’m not going to honor it. Let’s go to trial. It’s a judge that should be disbarred. This is a judge that should be out of office. This is a judge that some people say could be charged criminally for what he’s doing.

He’s interfering with an election, and it’s a disgrace. Thank you very much, Mr. Trump. Well, Trump’s right, but Scott, one thing he pointed out here, I want to point out to everyone, because this is a theme running through here. They’re badgering Trump over an alleged fraud that has no victim, everyone profited from on an arbitrary valuation of real estate. Meanwhile, there’s murderers, there’s rapists, there’s drug traffickers, there’s prostitution, pimps out there who are hurting other human beings, harming people.

And the prosecutor does not have the desire to prosecute those crimes, but would rather do a political crime against Trump. And it’s like the left has got all the priorities. Know this, Randy Weingarten from the teachers union would rather teach about queer stuff than make sure kids can read, can write and do math. They have their priorities wrong. It’s time to restore the priorities because across the board, not just regarding Trump, but everything that we do.

This new chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff who wants to reduce the number of white officers by 40% in his first term, particularly in aviation I’m sorry, why don’t you see many black pilots? Because they’re as dumb as a bag of rocks when it comes well, that’s the thing. And people don’t want to talk about the IQ differences. Everybody that’s a forbidden topic. Well, we can’t talk about black.

We can’t tell the truth about them, that they’re dumb. They have outstanding individuals, don’t get me wrong. But collectively in this country, their IQ is 15 to 20 points lower than that of the average white. To mean to mean mean white, mean black IQ. It’s lower. And you wonder why they don’t do as well financially, why they don’t do as well in the math and sciences. Because they can’t.

But yet you can put them in a suit and tie and they’re convinced they’re the best lawyer in the world. You can put them in scrubs. They’re convinced they’re the best surgeon in the world because they don’t see their own deficiencies. And if we point out their deficiencies, we’re racist. Well, you and I have had this discussion before, but when it’s time for my heart surgery, if I ever require one, or brain surgery, I’m not going to pick the black doctor because of affirmative action.

I’m going to pick the white or the Asian, depending on which one I think is a smarter guy. I want that guy working. I would not trust my life to a black in a surgical theater ever. No, sorry, just not happening. But here’s where they’ve undermined themselves, and that is by using affirmative action. You may have a black doctor out there who really is the very best heart surgeon.

Nobody’s going to believe it because of the ten other, the 1000 other ones out there who got through by affirmative action. So how does that one guy who’s really good enough get enough clients to survive and go into business? How does he convince people that he really has the ability? It’s a conundrum, and I hate to say it, but we’ve got some problems that need to be fixed.

And the first thing we need to do is start having honest dialogues. That’s what I endeavor to do when I come on your show here is I try to talk to people honestly. I try to cut the crap. It’s not about being a racist or this or that. These are the facts of life. And I don’t care what you do. It is what it is. The military has known this since World War I because that’s when they started taking IQ tests.

That’s when they started testing soldiers to see how bright they were for what jobs are they capable of doing. Because everybody has a role in there. They will find a place for you. But it was during Vietnam. Who was it McNamara defense anyway, it was the Secretary of Defense who decided to lower the acceptance from IQ of 70 to be in the military, to be conscripted to 68.

And it was McNamara’s 2% had the highest casualty rates of any group in the Vietnam War. Was that 2%? Because they were too stupid to survive. They just didn’t have it, couldn’t get it done. And it’s unfortunate because under an IQ of 70, you’re considered developmentally disabled. And if the average black IQ in this country is, let’s say between 75 and 80, let’s say it’s 78. Okay, if you’ve got a black eye, half are above that and half are below that is the mean, the median.

So the ones who are below, how many of them are below 70? How many of these blacks out there who are taking up space in high schools and taking up jobs, who are developmentally disabled? And you wonder why we can’t compete. And you wonder why companies want to move to China. You wonder why they want to hire illegal aliens because the blacks that they’re getting can’t compete. So we essentially have a huge portion of our population that are handicapped.

And how do we deal with these people? What do we do? Well, the first thing we do is start having honest dialogue and we start figuring out a way that is amiable to all parties, that is fair and equitable to parties. And I don’t mean equitable. That like they talk about where they want more money, but where you treat people fairly with dignity. I don’t like how the left has abused our language and stolen so many words.

And another thing on a little sidebar, I want the rainbow back. The queers didn’t get that. That was a cool thing before the queers stole. I’m just kind of cutting up here. Well, in final conclusion, too, the other thing that seems to be appearing is the delusion of the Democrats is sufficient for them to think that they can initiate a draft of the American people into Ukraine. Obviously, the Russians have absolutely annihilated Ukraine in every respect of the word.

There’s nothing left. There’s nothing going to be left. I anticipate Ukraine completely being taken over by Russia. But there’s also talk of the Zaporosian nuclear power plant being targeted for a false flag explosion, detonation nuclear event, orchestrated, of course, by the same people that were behind the Nordstream two pipeline, specifically the United States. And I wonder, Mike, do you think the Democrats are delusional enough to think that they can get away with a false flag event that will give them the moral justification to initiate a draft? And let me say also, too, I could see them moving Kamala Harris into Senator diane Feinstein’s position, moving Gavin Newsom into the vice president position of Biden, then killing Biden and Zelensky, perhaps, and blaming it on Russia.

But I’ll hand it to you. Well, I hope it doesn’t last that long. I hope Russia gets this thing resolved pretty quickly. The US is broke. We just crossed $33 trillion in recorded debt. We have closer to 250,000,000,000,000 in unfunded mandates that the government is responsible for trillion. And I hope it doesn’t go that far. But really, I’m rooting for Russia on this one. This was a neocon Khazarian Jew initiative that has taken this country down the road to Perdition since 911, which they caused.

They were the ones who put together 911 was the neocon Khazarian Jews who did that to us. It was not 19 Arabs with box cutters. Like I said, I’ve talked to the Taliban on zoom calls about other issues and things. And to a man, we had nothing to do with 911. Why did you come and occupy our country for 20 years? This is all Bobby Fisher, the great chess master.

He came out in 1968. He said, the Jews are a predatory people who have infiltrated the United States and hijacked our foreign policy and are using the United States to achieve their objectives of global domination. I paraphrased that. But Bobby Fisher, he was the guy. He saw this back in 1968, and obviously very much smarter than I’ll ever be, but he saw it then. It took me a little a few more years later.

I was just a kid back. I was only 14. But this is what we’ve got. The enemy is within the gates, and we’ve got to purge this enemy out of our presence. We need to eradicate them from our society and our culture. And they are nothing but bad news. They have done nothing for us. We were kind. We were generous. We allowed them in. We gave them refuge when the Germans were trying to get them out of their country, and now we have to get them out of ours.

They’ve been expelled from what, 130 countries around the world. They’ve been expelled forcibly because of their other practices. And the term anti Semitic is repulsive to me because they are not a Semitic people. That’s why when I wrote that article with Preston James about the incredibly evil history of the Khazarian Mafia, that was the first time that term had ever been used in print. Khazarian Mafia. And that has defeated the anti Semitic argument.

And that’s what needs to be done. I don’t care if you call me anti Semitic. So what? I don’t care. And I’m at the point now. This is war. I’m starting to wage war back at them because they’ve been waging an asymmetrical war against me, my country, and my people now for a long time. And it’s time that we evened up and start fighting back. We bloody bare nose.

And in fact, it’s time that we ended them, that we crippled them somehow, so they leave us the fuck alone because they are the predators. See, the parasite needs the host. We’re the host. Yes. We don’t need the parasite. No. We thrive. We do better without the parasite. We’re healthier without the parasite. And if we get rid of the parasites in our society, I’m not just talking the Jews, but the blacks who have soaked up $23 trillion in welfare payments since Lyndon Johnson initiated the War on poverty.

They’re parasites, too. Get to work. Make your own living. Show that you’ve got value. Whining about it because you can’t compete. Pick up your game. Try harder. Do better. There’s something you can do to create value. And I say that to both groups of people. I bear no one any harm except those who bear me harm first, and those people I’ve got a war against. And I feel as if I am the victim these days and my people are being victimized.

The fact that we went from 90% population of a white population in this country down to barely 60%, and that’s including Hispanics as whites, and they are not we’re less than 50% right now. And we better wake up and start taking this real serious because we’re going to lose this country and our kids and grandkids are going to be an abused minority in this country for the next several hundred years.

I think you’re right, Mike. Abused minority is the prophetic term and prediction for what will be happening to the white Anglo Saxon populations and the Asian populations, as are no. The Asians are wonderful people. They are welcome here. They work hard, they’re smart, they’re studious, they’re family values. They stick to their own nitty. They don’t fuck with other people. They don’t screw you over like these other groups try to do.

I mean, they’re pretty honest, good people. And I’ve done a lot of business in Asia, and some of my closest friends are Asians, Chinese, Asians, out of Singapore. And I’ve had a business partner there going on 40 years now, and a good guy. I mean, salt of the earth, but they’re good folks. And anybody could go out and see the difference. Watch the behavior. Don’t listen to what they say.

Watch what they do. And by their fruits you shall know them. Amen. Michael Harris, great to have you on again. Thank you so much for enlightening us and thank you for joining us on Globalfreedomtv. com. We will see you tomorrow. God bless you. Good night. Thank you, sir. Have a great evening. Sam. Sam. .

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