Friday Night Watch Party: One By One

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Friday Night Watch Party: One By One


➡ Ron Partain, the host of the Untold History Channel, conducts a watch party for the movie “One By One,” featuring the final performance by Rick Mayal. The film, set in a mundane English town, follows a café worker whose life changes dramatically after receiving a revelation that the world is not as it appears. Despite questionable circumstances around Mayal’s sudden death, the focus is on appreciating his impactful role within the film.
➡ The narrator struggles with job dissatisfaction, a dwindling relationship, and the loss of personal belongings amidst discussions of socio-cultural observations and the desire for a meaningful, joyful life. The text is punctuated with lighthearted moments, banter and debates on the purposes and perceptions of life.
➡ The text is a conversation between various characters discussing their different perspectives on life, the need for money, the idea of soulmates, and happiness. Confronted with challenging questions about climate change, mortality, and justice, the characters grapple with opposing views on what makes a fulfilling life and the pursuit of true happiness.
➡ The text revolves around a group of individuals discussing various conspiracy theories including the notion of global population reduction, governmental control, and connection to climate change. The narrative also explores their perception of reality, mortality, and the nature and future of humanity.
➡ The text encompasses a wide range of topics, including conspiracy theories surrounding events like September 11th, the believed reduction of population by powerful entities, and the idea of society being manipulated by fear and greed. An emphasis is put on questioning the norm and doing personal research to learn the truth.
➡ The speaker discusses the sharing of a copyright protected movie during a watch party, contemplates societal issues like race, cultural differences and potential government subversion, and states plans for uploading content on these topics, mentioning to consider culture in racial tensions to avoid societal chaos.


Welcome, everybody, to the Untold History Channel. My name is Ron Partain and tonight is the Friday Night Watch party. How you guys doing tonight? Looks like there’s a few people here. Sorry, a couple minutes late again. Starting to be a habit, man. What’s up with that? It was actually a good cause for, uh, but anyway, I’m here and we’re going to watch one by one. And some of you guys are.

I don’t know if there’s anybody in the chat. There’s nobody saying anything in the chat. Is there anybody out there? Give me a five. Five, if you can hear me, there’s Colin. How are you doing, Colin? Okay, so I know somebody’s out there. The movie is not really that long. The movie is only about an hour and 10 minutes. And so what I thought I would do is I thought I would read a review beforehand.

It’s not a very long review, but it’s a review nonetheless. And I don’t think that this gives out any, I don’t think it does any spoiler alerts or anything, but I thought I would do that first. So let me go ahead and do this. Okay. I want to say a couple of things about it beforehand. So this gentleman right here is one of the stars of the movie.

And what’s his name? Rick something rather Rick Mil. And let me actually do a Google search for Rick. Okay. Rick Mile. Yeah. You’re never getting a dime from me. Wikimedia, ever. Let’s see here. Fine. I don’t want to go through this whole thing, but I want to. Okay. So he was born March 7 of 1958 in Essex, England. He was a comedian. And apparently in 2014, on June 9 of 2014, Miles died at a home in Barnes, Richmond upon tames, London following a sudden heart attack after a morning jog.

He was 56 years old. His funeral took place on June 19 of the same year at St. George’s Church in Diddis Ham, Devon. Man, they say there’s some weird names in England. I guess they’re weird to me, but whatever. Among the attendees were Don French, Jennifer Saunders, Peter Richardson, Alan Rickman, and Miles. Young ones co stars aid Edmondson, Nigel Planner and Alexei Sale. Along with young ones co writer Ben Elton Edmondson also served as pallbearer.

In accordance with his wishes, he was buried on his family estate at Pasture Farm, East Ailton, Devon. Okay, so the thing about it is that the movie that we’re going to play tonight was his last movie that he did. And let’s see, here’s. I can’t spell so let’s see here. Rick Miles wife Barbara Robin I don’t, she doesn’t suspect a heart attack was the cause of her husband’s sudden death.

Let’s see here. Rick Miles’Wife Barbara I don’t think it was a heart attack. Miles wife Barbara Robin, had spoken in public following the comedian’s death. Earlier today, Robin said that she doesn’t suspect a heart attack was the cause of her husband’s sudden death. Speaking outside their family homes and barns, Robin told reporters, we don’t know yet what happened. He had a strong heart, so I don’t think it was a heart attack, but we just don’t know until the coroners report.

Maybe he had a fit. Maybe it was his heart. We just don’t know. He suggested Scotland Yard spokesman spokesman said that Miles death is not being treated as suspicious. Miles survived by anyway, the point of the matter is that there is all kinds of suspicious, curious people who don’t really agree that he died of a heart attack because he was fairly fit. But this is from the world’s longest running magazine of fantastic films and television starburst, one by one, written by Ryan Pollard.

Okay, one by one is set within a mundane English town where a cafe worker is on the verge of a breakup with her pushy boyfriend. Yet her friends are what are making her life cheery and uplifting. However, after an unfortunate event, her normal, everyday to day existence gets turned upside down when she’s offered the startling revelation that this world is not what it appears to be. Here she and her friends realize that the world as they know it may be on the brink of destruction, revolution, or possibly both.

This is Diane, Jesse Miller’s feature film debut as both writer and director. And Miller has stated that this film has been a very personal project for her and that this is evident. Even though she started out there or started out in theater, this looks like the work of an experienced filmmaker. Through her script, Miller makes us engage and bond with the characters, their interactions on screen, and the situation they find themselves in.

This is also strongly helped by a solid cast and most of them apparently just starting out. The main character in Dion is basically the audience surrogate, and it’s thanks to Heather Wilson that we identify, understand and engage with Dion. And when she uncovers the major revelation after the halfway point, we completely understand her confusion. Duncan Wigman has screen charisma about him, and Katrina Naray gives a very charming and likable hello, buddy.

So my little boy just decided to come up and say, hi, buddy. I hear you, buddy. Okay, so let’s see here. Where was I? Duncan Wigman has a screen charisma about him, and Katrina Naray gives a very charming and likable portrayal of a character who’s positively upbeat despite the bad stuff happening around her. Rick Mayal himself is someone who always had a great screen gravitas, whether it’s in comedy, drama, film or TV.

And here he’s a magnetic screen presence. Whenever he’s on screen, you really can’t take your eyes off of him. It’s still sad that mail is no longer with us, but this reminds us why he was a true bona fide screen icon. The film touches upon the very real themes like friendship, loss, love and working within a troubled climate. Yet Miller handles him in a very honest and believable manner that doesn’t feel cliched or contrived.

But shortly after the unfortunate incident, the revelations are revealed, and that’s when the film touches upon weightier concepts like human annihilation and manipulating governments and conspiracies surrounding major events. In a way, it’s like the film’s offering new possibilities as to how we perceive the environment surrounding us and the interactions and relationships of the people within it. It’s almost as if Miller is trying to get across the controversial message that we should question everything which is understandable, and Miller does her best to make that message exhilarating.

Within the drama. However, when this was going on, it occasionally felt like being lectured heavily, and the final turn to camera moment was far too on the nose and made the lecturing more evident. Overall, one by one is an emotionally involving drama with solid performances, powerful themes and a solid narrative from Diane Jesse Miller. The film’s central metaphor may be overripe and overwritten at times, but if you can get past that, you will find this compelling viewing.

It took very long to complete and distribute, with the film finally getting a limited showing very soon in select cinemas such as Nottingham and Romford. So if you can get to one of those showings, then it’s certainly worth checking it out, because this movie, he said, expected screen rating seven out of ten. And this was written. Does it say when it was written? Let me see here if I can bring it back down and see if it has just as written by Ron Pollard.

It doesn’t actually have a date unless it has it in the. But it wasn’t too far after the movie came out, which was, I think it was 2014 anyway, so that is that. And with that said, let me check the comments here. Let’s see. Hello, Patriot Grandma. Yes, the Mini Leopard. And he is a mini. He. He has an enormous amount of personality. That’s Winchester. Yeah, exactly. Okay, guys, well, that said, let’s jump right in and let’s hit the play button and see where this takes us.

Okay, let me do that. And remove that’s. And it says memory of him because he passed away and just got the first issue with a people known as. What if I told you you didn’t need to work? That you don’t need money and you could have all that you needed? Every man, woman, and child would be fed, watered, and clothed. Live in harmony with the earth. This could be back.

Wonder why we don’t. When the end comes, not only won’t we see it coming, we’ll embrace it with open arms and pay 30% for the pleasure. So this is for you who are awake or who want to be awake and finally see the light. Time to see the world it truly is. To break away from the shackles that enslave you into a system. System based on fear. Your fear.

When the men behind the curtain run out of enemies, the next. This is not an you. Awaken. Stand up. Change long. I work here. This is my job. I’m sure it might only be a stopgap, but it’s a job, and it’s a good one. You think that’s a good job? I enjoy it. You’re better than that. More educated, better suspect. I know it’s not your confidence being out of work, but something good will come around.

Something good has come around. Really? In that case, you may as well just pack a bag, jump on the plane, and go and work on your mum. And Dave’s a crappy bar in Tenerife. Nice, Jeff. Nice. I’m sorry. It’s just. I want you to be happy. I want you to realize that is not a job for someone like you. Got to get back. I’ll see you at home.

You. My mum used to say, sweet tea, good chocolate cake, and decent conversation could save the world. Come on. Come and try some of the dad’s cake. I swear I can live off this stuff. And his carrot cake. Oh, my God. And his ginger cake. Good, right? That’s better than sex. All right, boys. To be fair, not hard to be better than boys. Today, that is. I can just be such a dick sometimes.

My boyfriend Jeff. Yeah, he’s got good intentions. Just doesn’t know when to stop pushing. I love him. No, he loves me. Just think, he loves his job more. Sometimes being a policeman seems to be all that matters to him. Holidays and money. Buying expensive stuff. Stuff we don’t need. Sure there’d be more to life. Is that the meaning of life stuff? Surely joy is the meaning of life.

Now the question is, what makes you happy? What gives you joy? Open it down to the ground. Stand up. Eyes. Open it down to the ground. There is nothing in this story that is for us to find. Girls. Hey, you back from my job, did you? Yes. I didn’t get it. Jean. Job will turn up. That is my key to leave. That’s quick. Yeah. One of the other job hunters game.

So you found that dream job? When I was a kid, I don’t remember anybody saying they wanted to work in an office when they grew up. Everyone wanted to be dancers or firemen or astronauts. Yes. I always thought I’d do something creative. Writing children’s stories confirm another earthquake centered just off the coast of Brighton occurred at 11:20 p. m. . Yesterday. High magnitude earthquakes are rare in the UK.

However, the last six months have seen seven earthquakes with increasing magnitudes in this area of the country alone. Oyoi. Beautiful girls. You want to come and sit on my face? Don, you’re such a charmer, aren’t you, Dion? That sounds a bit like a chat up line. Beautiful girls like you don’t need chat up lines. You just say, go and I’ll take you anywhere you like. I’ve just cleaned that.

John, Dad’s upstairs. This boss. Have a sexy sandwich, please. Yeah, but an annoyingly lovable one. How’s the good story going? It’s not really. I mean, I’ve got some ideas, it’s just nothing’s sticking. Maybe I need to be inspired. John, without some smutty one liner. What can do and do to get inspired? She needs a change of perspective. Change of perspective? I was going to go for a walk in the park.

You want to come? I could make. John, don’t finish that sentence. So you want to go for a walk? Yes. Juicy. I thought you dirty bit coming over. Yeah, stealing our jobs and change. Thanks, mate. What do you do that for? Tennis. Just a pack of fags and a coffee. Don’t you just think he’ll spend it on booze? Does it matter? Yeah. Why? She’s had a run of bad luck.

We all have good days and bad days. We’ve all got our story to tell. Everyone’s on the same path. Yet most people walk around with their blinkers on, eyes closed, never considering anyone else. What do you mean? Look around. What do you see? People having lunch. Homeless guy, kids in the park. Just hanging out. Hanging out. Interacting. Yeah. Look at them, dear. Not One of those kids is interacting with another one.

They’re all on their phones, sending texts or checking websites. Why don’t they talk to each other? They wanted to talk to the people they’re on the phone to. Why don’t they hang out with them? We’re told we’re connected via mobile phones and social networks and all that bollocks. We’re communicating. We’re not connected. Excuse me, mate. Drop something. What? Fuck off. Ignorance is bliss. And that’s the level of ignorance we’re up against.

You see a wanker, I see what’s wrong with people. They’re cut off, shut down, locked out, mind controlled, taught to hate self obsessed slaves. If you look, if anyone looks, you’ll see that class, status, race, religion are all here to shackle us to systems that do not work. We need to break free from them, regardless of color, creed, or anything else. Which stops us uniting. Probably a bit much for a first date.

Do you really want to write a kid’s story? Yes. Stop talking about it and just do it. Put your money where your mouth is. First thing to do is learn to be a kid again. Come on, let’s be dicks. Pardon? Hop on. Come on. Hop on. You really are a dick. I’ll show you how we dips do. This guy’s totally genius, me. And I said to him, there was Lily.

What? Oh, my God. Look, dad, Dion’s here. What are you doing here when we want a night out? Hi. Jack. You have to come meet Ernest. Ernest? We could learn slowly to trust and to let me guys deal. This is Ernest. Pleasure to meet you, young lady. Pleasure’s all mine. I disagree. Why don’t you come and join us? We’d love to, actually, we’re going home. What? Yeah. Stay for one drink.

Jeff, please. They’re my new friends. Yeah, your friends, not mine. Jeff, please. No. Please. Part of no. Didn’t you understand? I said we’re going home. Okay, I’ll see you at home. What? I’m staying. Jeff’s going home, guys. He’s not feeling it tonight. Maybe next time. Dion, darlin, we’re talking about the 2012 Olympic logo. What about it? Well, symbols are the imaginative signposts of life. Did some different singings.

For example, the 2012 symbol looks like it spells the word Zion. Zion is basically the new Jerusalem, which is rumoured to be in London. Dad. Whereas I think it looks like Lisa Simpson giving a blowjob. Maggie. What? Maggie Simpson giving head. Someone died on Sunday funeral. I was so pissed off. He hardly spoke to me at all on Sunday. Not being funny, Dion, but we feel a certain way because we let ourselves.

No one’s responsible for anyone else’s feelings. It’s a bit harsh. Not at all. Okay, look. Take white. Now, you feel a little upset about how you treated Jeff, but you feel that way because in some ways, you know it’s over. And you put yourself first for a change. Being caught up in the moment was a kickback because he’s always putting himself first. I guess. It’s weird. It’s all I’ve had since I’ve moved here.

Then I met you guys and my whole life feel happy and at home here. Well, who is where? The heart. Oh, what’s up, John? What? No. Come on. Today. Dion, did you ride your bike to work today? Yeah. And it was locked up out front? Yeah. Why? It was locked up out front. What? Oh, no way. So young and innocent gentleman. No. What’s the point? It’s a crappy old bike.

People steal anything these days. Not much you can do. Speak to Jeff. Tell you what, I’ll walk you out. If you’re really lucky, I’ll buy some chips. Really? Chips along the promenade. And you walking me home totally makes up for my bike being stolen. What? No. Take you up the promenade in a minute. In your offer of a walk home and treat to say anything about stealing. Share and share.

And like, I bet if it was a car that was stolen, they’d make more of a fuss. At least you own your bike. What? Nobody owns their car. What? Seriously, when you buy a car, you have to register it, right? With the DVLA. Right. And they send you back a document which says you’re the keeper of the car, not the owner. Nowhere on that document does it say that you own that car.

You basically hand it over to them and they allow you to use it. Oh, Bullshit. Don’t take my word for it. Go home and dig out Jeff’s documents and check this whole thing. Just so you know, the dictionary definition for keeper is a person who guards or watches. Don’t take my word for it. Question everything. Question everything. Hang on. Nearly done with a bump. 2 minutes, I promise.

Hey, babe, how are you? Sorry, I’m really busy at the moment. Just want to check how the job hunt is going. Oh, my God. Why are you doing this? Yeah, I just want to see the happy worker doing her job. So what? Jeff, I haven’t been looking for a job because I like it here and it’s your dream job. For me, it’s not my dream job. Do you even know what I really want to do? Clearly, it’s making sandwiches and being someone.

I suppose you’ll be happy making coffee for other people. The rest of your. I don’t even know who you are anymore. You’ve got no drive, no ambition. What’s the girl I fell in love with? Finished with the sandwiches. 1 minute. Okay. Jeff. Your policeman. Peace officer. Why do you work? Why do I work? To earn money. To live. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. You don’t need money to live.

Of course you do. What’s he going to live on? Air and food, clothing, roof over your head? Which you have to pay for with money. Well, in our current system, I wonder. You’ve seen all the horrific crimes, death. Is this all that you wanted? Seeing other people’s lust, greed and anger and ability to be destructive. Is this all you hope for? Does it make you feel bitter and long for something better? Thanks.

You know what? Then this is who you want to be. If this is it being his lackey, then guess we’re done. You may as well collect your stuff. I will do and be whatever I want to be. So I’ll collect my things. Love, Lily. Come and make these sandwiches. You staying? Of course she is. Because you can crash with me. Thanks. You sat for right? When you get rid of this lot, there’s a chocolate cake with your name on it.

Girls, when the situation wasn’t more manageable, all action was neglected. Now that it has so sick. You asleep? All right. Wow. Something smells amazing. I thought you were sleeping. I was going to bring some up. No, I was reading. I picked up 1984 off the shelf. Big Brother is watching. Sit your ass down and eat some grub. Good to have you here, princess. Oh, let’s. Salad in the fridge.

Do you grab the wine? Grab the glass then. Okay. Stand up. Never read the introduction before you read the book. To the ground. Stand up. But I don’t. A toast. To old friends and new friends and new beginnings. I don’t want to upset you, but your boyfriend is a prick. Where did that come from? Lily was telling me. She was just telling me about his little display in here earlier.

Who does that shit? What behavior or relationships? Both. Should be all about Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am. Yeah, that’s how long it takes you. Lily, I’ll give you something to choke on. Enough. Laugh it up, girls. Laugh it up. But Don does have a valid point. About Jeff being a prick? No, about relationships, soul mates. Now, that was Plato’s idea. He said that for men and women, there was one being, was one being who had four legs, four arms, two heads, two hearts and one soul.

But the gods got jealous seeing these creatures playing happily. Those Zeus sent down a lightning storm, splitting all of these creatures in two down the tummy. Now, these creatures only had two legs. Two legs, two arms, one head, one half, and only half soul. This is why people search for their soulmate. Their other half. Thanks for that. Point is, Jonathan, that finding someone he could actually spend forever with is an extremely hard thing to do.

But this is the one thing that all us humans search for. Even if we say that we’re not. Connection, the ultimate connection, Jeff’s still a prick, so maybe Jeff is not your soulmate. Beyond, you clearly want different things. You have different ideals. Hang on a sec. Well, it all feels a bit like double standards. Yeah. Death was driven by his career and job and money. But from where I’m sitting, you’re all doing the same tHing.

Isn’t that a little bit hypocritical? This one’s got fire in her belly. I like that. Fair point. But Jeff said he needs money to live. And from what you said, he spent his money on things, spending money we don’t have, things we don’t need. Yeah, but I don’t think that’s living. Wealth means different things to different people. But I don’t want financial wealth. I want wealth and happiness from life in moments like these.

Now, I’ll buy and take as little as I possibly can, because ultimate wealth is to be completely self sufficient. And that’s why I’m here. Above this very cafe, I have a beautiful garden where I grow completely organic fruit and veg. Surely the meaning of life is about having joy. And joy for me is being here, near the people I love. And when I feel really inspired, I get all creative, my paints, and go and sit on the beach or go dancing.

All that gives me such joy. I really feel like I have everything I need and abundance. So the question is, what makes you happy? Like, right now, what actually makes you happy when I’m here? I don’t know, silly. No, not at all. I love that it’s home here. And dad said that you could stay. What? You can stay here if you want to. And you can stay as long as you like until you find the path that’s right for you.

The whole universe holds its breath in anticipation when a person reaches the crossroads, waiting to see what they decide and doesn’t breathe out until they choose their path. Jesus Christ. What are we, the fucking Waltons? Man up. Hey. Dinner time. Death. It’s. That’s, um. Was a night always remember I laid in your arms for felt like forever I look in your eyes and the joys overwhelming don’t let a sad dear fall for me Because I’m on the right and one by one we will stand and become stronger jam on my eyes open as wide as the sky as deep as the ocean.

Shame hope we could ever it’s falling down under your life this has a bright beginning, but I never create for down at the sun is for we comes from it. I don’t understand, John. I stood there, and I Picked him out. I’ll never forget what he looks like. Ever. Innocent until proven guilty. Dion, you had been drinking. Not just one drink. Lots of drinks. And you were under a huge amount of pressure.

You could be wrong side. Do you want. I don’t choose sides. And maybe you should. I am on the side of justice. Dion may be 100% certain it was him. But what if it wasn’t? Talk about justice, Ernest. Where’s the justice for Lily? The system is fallible, John, just like humans are. Mistakes are made. But you want to be responsible for taking the life of an innocent man? What about the life of an innocent girl? That’s okay.

Is it? I wanted to check you’re okay. I’m so far from OK right now. I don’t even know what it looks like anymore. I’m really sorry, Dion. I don’t know what else to say. No. We have a good team working on Eddie’s case. We’ll get him. I’m sure. How’s that working out for you, Jeff? How’s your dream job? You’re helping anyone right now? Great institution. Nice establishment. You’re not in the justice business, Jeff.

You might as well have handed him the blade. I don’t want to hear it. She was just a kid. I held her in my arms, and there was nothing I could do. Nothing. I want justice. That boy took her life. And I want an eye for an eye. I want justice. I want her back. She was just a kid. I want her back. Can your justice do that? Can your system do that for me? Can you? Just a baby.

And I want it back. That’s the only thing that’s going to fill this hole that’s left. I want it back. She was just a baby. I want. So this is my last winner. Testament, maybe some rambling thoughts and memories. Sounds tough, but you never know what’s going to happen. Especially now. Enjoy, I guess. Okay, so here we are in our park, and this is Dion, doing nothing, as usual.

Lily, get your camera out of my face. It’s not on your face, it’s on your birthday. Right. So we’re here and we’re going to ask you what they think and what they. Hello. Check this out. That’d be great, right? Excuse me. Ask me some questions about Climate change. Yeah, sure. What do you recognize? So, you’re all about the human race limiting their impact on the planet, right? Well, yes.

We’ve got to understand the damage that we’re doing. For example, 20% of the population consumes 80% of the resources, and so we need to change future generations. Okay, so would the best thing for the planet be that if that 20% of the population is wiped out. Sorry. Hypothetically, if we wanted to serve 80% of the planet’s resources, then we should get rid of or cull that 20% of the population who are consuming.

Hypothetically, I guess that would be a solution, the final solution. You’re all about saving the planet and hypothetically, wiping out the people that are eaten away at the planet. So here’s the question. Would you sacrifice yourself and the ones around you in order to do so? Hypothetically. We’re gonna film dad singing making a cake away for you six. Okay. You ready, Lil’excuse? Me, darling. I wonder if we could ask you a question.

Not today, thank you. I’ll tell that as a no, then. Excuse me. Sorry. I wonder if you got a minute. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on population reduction. On what? Population reduction. The fact that the government are going to attempt to reduce the population by about 95%. That’d be ridiculous. They’d never get away with it. Don’t you think people always say that just before mass genocide. No, I don’t think so, Tom.

It wouldn’t happen. Hey, are you doing a reality TV program or something? Yeah. You are? Something like that, yeah. Brilliant. Anyone you want to say hello to? Hello to my mom. Sorry you died. Hello to Grandma. I never knew. Okay, so John and I have just seen a seminar on the New World Order and population reduction. It’s the third one we’ve been to in a few weeks and, well, it would seem that they will be saying the same sort of thing, that the population is going to be reduced.

It’s just a question of when it. The funny thing is, I’m now starting to wonder if global warming and climate change is another way to make us live in fear. And what came before it? Cold War. Nuclear testing. I can almost imagine us being frog marched away from our homes in a martial law kind of way. They’ll tell us it’s because of climate change and that we can no longer live in our homes and our towns.

No one bats an eyelid. It sadshit. Silence it. You? Yeah, she would. Do you remember when we took her to the zoo? She asked the Keeper why he kept all the animals locked up? When he told her, she simply said, how is he that to be locked up in a cage? Poor man didn’t know what to do with himself. Why did he call her Lily? When you die, get buried, created.

One way or another, you end up back in the earth, back in the soil. The soil grows plants. So one way or another, I like to think that we come back as a flower. Why Lily? Why not some other flower? Bunch of lilies was the first thing I saw when she was born. She looks like a lily. Looked like a lily. I don’t understand. How can you all be so calm and cool about this? We’ve all been waiting for it to happen.

Didn’t know it was going to rear its ugly head. What? The new world order. Population reduction. Is that what you really were filming? Yeah, we were filming. In case anything happens to us. Tell me. There’s no going back from this, dear. Everything will change for you. Actually. Now tell me. I believe we are enslaved in a society where we will not be free to think or feel or do anything other than consume slaves for work, to buy things beyond our means, living in fear of terrorism.

I believe this is to blindside us, trick us into a situation where they, the powers that be, will wipe us out, kill most of us, kill all of us. Here, they are going to reduce population. That is what I believe. Sad to think that there may need to be a population limit on the Earth. Maybe there does. Can’t keep on doing what we’re doing. There will be a global population reduction until there are only 500 million people.

Although I believe that this planet can support 2 billion humans. How do you know that? It’s a question of space and the resources space has. And using those resources to survive and not exploiting them. Almost 7 billion humans use too many resources. This leads to a very uncertain future for us. All right. Climate change. Climate change occurs naturally. That’s why we have the Ice Age. Now you’re telling me that climate change is fake as you know it? Why do you recycle? Why do you recycle? I’m doing my bit.

So you’re trying to save the planet? Yeah. How precious is you to think that you could save the planet? If she needed saving, especially from us, she’d just wipe us out. Hypothetically, if we wanted to conserve 80% of the planet’s resources, then we should get rid of or cull that 20% of the population who are consuming. Hypothetically. I guess that would be a solution. Use so much of the planet’s resources.

There’s just no balance. Sooner would have depleted the resources so much that life can’t be sustained. And then everything would die. How would they reduce the population? We’re not stupid. Hitler said, the bigger the lie, the more the people will believe. I think it would be done. Hitler started. The armed forces are going to kill us. They’ll follow orders. It’s what they’ve been trained to do. They’re being taught to be racist.

The army are already killing people in other countries. People in power are using fear to fuel the racism. How long before they used this racism to make soldiers turn on their own? Innocent people living in a police state. So where did it begun? Controlling and monitoring the movement of the individuals within the society. Putting chips in, passports, ID cards, CCTV. They’re using this orchestrated ruse to convince the public to accept big brother type controls.

And then they will intentionally reduce the mass of the world’s population. Mass genocide on a scale never seen before. There are a mass of ways they could introduce population slaughter. More staged events, orchestrated and maneuvered conflicts. And the use of bioengineered diseases. Vaccines. It could come in vacCines. Women are being encouraged to get sterilized. What if they’re using cervical cancer? Jabs. Not this generation, but the next. Prevention and cure for cancer or having babies.

You’re right. They never wait two generations. In the event that I am reincarnating, I like to come back as a deadly virus. So it’s a contribute to solving overpopulation. Since we have said that bioengineered pathogens have been created to eliminate ethnic groups such as blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, homosexuals, homosexuals. Surely that would keep the population down. Yes, but it’s not nature’s way. Love is not a factor when you’re dealing with how the pew procreate.

Natural selection, where the only natural element is the powers that be. Population control already happens. In China. You have to have a license before you can have a second child. Come on, Dion. How many times have you thought about how unfair it is that you have to work to have a good life, whereas others breed and breed and get given benefits and homes. How often have you wondered, like many others, what real value they bring to the world.

Population reduction programs eliminate a mind blowing 95% of the population. Eugenics is the pseudoscience. Culling the excess population. Fake science. It’ll be done in a barbaric fashion using draconian methods. And this global holocaust will probably come out from under the flag of the UN. I can almost imagine us being frog marched away from our homes in a martial law kind of way. No one bats an eyelid. Almost 95% of the population, 13 out of every 14 people killed, destroyed and murdered.

In order to stabilize world population, they need or want to dispose of six and a half billion people. It’s a horrible thing to say, but isn’t it just as bad not to say it? How can they, John? How can they come here? Questions. You’ve got questions. Shit. But it’s just. Fuck sake, Dion. Structure, a sentence. Bullshit. It’s got to be. Why? Because that would make my whole life a lie.

What if it is? What if it is, John, really? If my whole life is a lie, what do I do now? Must be the change you wish to see in the world. Dion. What this means. Honestly, not to think about Dion. That’s what you’ve got to do. Just take the time to think about it. Sharon. How? Hey, Dee. Come in. I’m going to deal you in. Dion. No, thanks.

Come on. I’ll be gentle with you. How can you believe all that stuff? So we’re going to talk about it, are we, Princess? Yeah. Just don’t get it. How can you both believe that crap? And you’re, like, ridiculously intelligent. Why? Well, how can you believe it? Well, surely it’s up there with JFK and Princess Diana. It’s all conspiracy. You sound like crazies. You really do. And not questioning everything like you told me.

I’m questioning everything I know about you and how much I like you. That’s really shit. Just a bit. You’re telling me that left is right and up is down, and I can’t buy it. Why? Seriously, play building blocks with me. What? Ernest, please. Dion, just one game. It. It. How did it fall? How did it fall forwards? Why? It’s about balance. You take it out one side, the balance is off, it topples over, and gravity pulls it down every time.

Yeah. You certain? Yeah. Now, when we play this, we pull out blocks from all over the structure because we don’t want to be responsible for it falling over. Am I correct? Yeah. What happens if we only pull out blocks from one side? Same thing. Please demonstrate it. Fall over? Yeah. Not down. No. And it’s. What’s your point? With any kind of building blocks, when you pull out the blocks from the side, it falls over at that point.

Well, then explain to me how when an aeroplane was flown into one of the twin Towers on September the 11th, that building collapsed in on itself. What about the other tower? Scientifically, mathematically, blockily, those buildings should have fallen over, not inwards. I mean, I’ll concede the idea that by some sort of miracle, one of those towers would have collapsed in on itself, but both of them. And if, Ben, I doubted that the moment I watched it Happen.

Live. It is unconceivable that those planes brought those buildings down. But what’s a controlled demolition? Looks the same. If a picture says a thousand words, then our eyes can see a thousand lies. See it to believe. Who? How? Who did that? Why would they fear 911? Like seven? Seven was pure fear, nothing more. September the 11th, 2001, was a ruse, a show, a charade that even a child could identify.

Bullshit. No fucking way. No way beyond. You need to understand. Not from us, she doesn’t. She’s got to do it herself. Pardon? She’s got to do it herself. She’s got to look, research, make an educated judgment. We can’t do that for her. Right, here’s a laptop on this bookcase. There are hundreds of books you can read here. And this is the address for the British Library, home of every book in the country.

And the address of a smaller bookshop they can tell you about workshops and seminars you can go to. We show you the door. It’s up to you to open it. I’d say slowly, slowly catch a monkey. But they want to reduce the population by about 95%. Not sure you can afford to be. Slowly, slowly, do you? Rabbles, I think. Twisted faces. The places I’ve been not just in my lamb of far away it’s been carried holding my head here to stay up.

Now you want to know, you politician? What are you gonna do together? My trouble. Even you. And it would have never happened. You said it wouldn’t happen again. Close. You don’t know the troubles, I think. Twisted Facing the places I’ve been not just in my lamb afar away it seems carried over my head here to stay it may be worth considering other books, such as 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit Four Five one, and even more recently, the Celestine Prophecy.

Yes, all works are fiction. Yet all these books throw up some very interesting ideas about dystopian society, lots of which have in fact, come true. Big Brother is watching. This is quite literally true. With a huge amount of CCTV, chips in passports and the want of ID suggesting that novelists are predicting the future. No. WiTh that in mind, I suppose book burning will become popular. It already has.

Books being burnt in playgrounds because of their content. Satanic verses. That’s ridiculous. We were worried. I just needed a few days. I needed to let it settle in. Wanted to see a seminar or two. How did you find them? Good. Liar. They totally messed with your head, didn’t they? You’ve got any questions? Sweet tea and chocolate. Caitlin. Not right now. Proof, if that’s okay, on a hot shower and some sleep.

This is your home. You can do what you want to do. Yeah, go get a shower. You stink. You look like shit. And see? No longer blinded by our eyes. Do you think she’s going to be okay? Are any of us? I’ve got a nice cold beer with your name on it. How did you know I wasn’t in the shower? The way the water runs. Sounds different when there’s body underneath it.

Spend a lot of time listening at bathroom doors? Only when you’re behind them. What did you want, John? Well, I thought after a beer you might be up for an action replay. I wanted to know what that question was. What question? The one that’s tearing you apart inside. What is it? What do you want to ask? Do you. Do you really think that reduce the population. There it is.

The answer that’ll bring you some peace. Or the truth. Okay. The truth, as Jonathan will, sees it, I hope the population won’t be reduced. That kind of hope seems pointless when everything I read leads me to believe it will happen. Question is how they’re going to do it. For the population to be reduced by 92. 85%. For it to be under 500,000,013 in every 14, people must die.

Pretty sure that’s everyone we know. You already got Lily. What are you on about? That boy got Lily. But what motivated the boy? I’m pretty sure if he was honest about what caused the fight, it would be about girls or money. Or worse, respect. Only a system as fucked as ours would allow us to kill each other over nothing. The system is set to fail because it’s based on greed.

Maybe they won’t commit mass genocide or exterminate us. Maybe theY’ll just create an environment where we turn on each other. Other riots we’ll do the job for. Can I come in? Yeah. Can. Yeah. Just wanted to see a familiar face, get a sense of normality. Been through a crazy couple of months. Losing Lily is going to be hard on you for a while. It’s not just losing Lily.

It’s why we did. And all of the other things I wasn’t awake to. What do you mean? You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Sure. Population reduction. The government, or at least the powers that be that want to reduce world’s population to 500 million. That’s one in 14 to live, Jeff. And they’ve built these concentration camps everywhere. They’re all over America. 911. Seven other terrorist attacks that have been staged so that we live in fear.

And we’re told to buy things that we don’t need with money that we don’t have. And we believe in this bullshit system that’s supposed to set us free. But really and truly, it just enslaves us. There’s biological attacks in food, in medicines. But they want to kill us. They want us to kill each other for this system. And there’s greed. We want things that we don’t need. And we’re killing each other to get them killing Lily.

Stop. Ding. Slow down. I don’t know half of what you just said. You sound like a crazy person. I know. I can’t even tell you the things that I’ve seen and read in the last three weeks. I’ll just be talking at you. I want you to see them for yourself. I’m just really missing Lily today. More than normal. That’s okay. What can you do? I know it. Read it when I’ve gone.

They keep your voices. One of the things I love about you. Thank you for everything. What’s the matter? Go and get your stuff. You’re leaving? What are you on about? I looked, Dion. I researched. I looked at the stuff. You asked me to keep my promise. You did? And is that what they’ve been showing you? They’re no better than the terrorist. Don’t you move, you twisted, fucking innocent girl.

Turn the world upside down. What the fuck are you doing? I said regardless. Get your fucking hand off My girlfriend. Your girlfriend? She wasn’t your girlfriend when she was in the shower. With. Measures have been taken to secure the safety of American citizens. You’ve been fucking. No wonder your mind’s been punitive. That’s bullshit. Always worries be left. Especially once a boy’s been incited. Please stop. Disturbing reports are coming in from across the United States of America.

Please, please don’t please me all about talking again. Evacuation bullshit emotions for you to get. What? You want proof, damn it. Try your phone. What are you doing with that phone? Check the CB radio. Boy. Does anybody want to pay attention to the guy with the fucking gun? No. What the fuck? Think about what you’re doing for women. You’re holding four people at the gunfight. Think about your job.

Hostage, looks like. Bring her hostage to me. What the fuck? Are. Only guessing, Ryan, that most towns are going to feel a military grid pretty soon. I hate to say it, people, but I think it’s begun. I hope you’re prepared, although I’m not sure what they’re going to do from here, but I think it’s survival of the fittest. Time Darwinism is in full swing. My suggestion is if there’s no military with you now, get out.

Get into the hills or the woods somewhere with all your supplies, or haul up where you are. Stay quiet, ration food, and last as long as you can. Good luck, all. I’m out. Thank you. Day inside all the time. Wait. This is your last one. We will see so much. Fucking idea. For most, this is nothing more than a story, diversion from the outside world. Within some of you, a feeling is starting to stir.

Doesn’t matter where you’re from, what culture you’re from. Color your skinny, what God you believe in, or if you believe in a God at all, you will be affected. The cracks are beginning to show. Maybe you choose to ignore it. Maybe you don’t know how to face it. Or maybe you think you’re alone in this. For most, this is nothing more than a story, a diversion from the outside world.

But within some of you, a feeling is starting to sTir. It’s time to stand up with eyes open, ears down to the ground a change is long overdue so wake up. Question everything. Are you awake? Wake up now. All right, well, that was it. So anyway, it’s kind of a short movie. Very good word. Sling. Trippy. It was done in 2014. Yeah, the Prince Philip. Yeah, he did say that.

Actually. That’s the truth. Philip did say he wanted to do that, so. But, yeah, in order to get that, I think it’s like $5. I’ll put a link to where you can pay to rent it. So I paid to rent it, and then I made a copy to show tonight. I didn’t really feel I was going to get too many people that was going to put too much of a dent in their copyright thing.

But anyway, it’s a good movie. I may even pull this down just because it is copywritten. So just so that you guys, the people who actually showed up here, can see it. But, yeah, it’s not the greatest movie on the planet, but it’s something along the lines of what we think about. And I agree. Colin said, I don’t think it’s going to play out exactly like that, and I don’t think so either.

Who knows how it’s going to play out? But it’s a possibility. I think when they talked about the scientific people, how they were going to use viruses and stuff, I think that was actually a legit thing. This movie was done well. So the movie was released in 2014, but they probably shot it in probably 20, 12, 13. Yeah. The guy that died, I doubt he was a clone, but they definitely.

Yes, that is it. The one by one on demand, one by one. That’s the proper link. Exactly. It’s like $5 for 48 hours. Again, it’s not the greatest movie on the planet, but it’s something. It’s unique. You guys never saw it before. Untold history. Right. Even though it’s not history, it’s hypothetical. But it just goes to show you that there are people out there that do think along the line, same lines as we do.

And the thing that I found very fascinating was that the guy died. This was his last movie, and he died of massive heart attack. But we all know that the CIA has the heart attack. Know where they shoot you with an untraceable dart that melts or whatever, and you just don’t know if you have a heart attack. But anyway, so that’s it. That was the Friday night watch party.

So something. Just something different. The English are, well, I think people all over the world are waking up, and you got to realize that Europe is much more socialistic than the United States. They are much more, uh, in fact, here, let me see if I can find it. Let me find something here real quick, guys. Let’s see here. Shoot. And do her name. Amazing Polly. Subverted. I think that was what it was.

Amazing. Polly did a couple of videos. One of them was called Subverted. Yeah, here we go. So subverted. One and two. And these are very good movies or very good works that she did where she talked about how they used the military, the soldiers from World War II, how they indoctrinated some of them into socialism when they were coming back through Camp Shanks and whatnot. So there’s a lot of interesting stuff in these two.

I’ll put the links in the description as well. So amazing. Polly’s fantastic. She’s really good. But anyway. All right, guys. Well, that’s pretty much it for tonight. It was kind of short, but I thought it was interesting. It was something that I’d seen quite a while back and just trying to be different, trying to show stuff that you’re not going to find out there. Just in the general grand scheme.

Nothing wrong with being unique. All right, ladies and gents, you all have a great evening. I have a video coming out tomorrow. I was going to come out today, but I think I mentioned it yesterday where I was talking about Mike Harris, and I did a video where we did about an hour and 45 minutes. And it was kind of in response to. Response to a comment talking about how he was condemning black people.

And I think that the miscommunication was, and I think the way he made it sound, I was a little bit cringe. I was like, it’s going to come out as he’s attacking black people, but he doesn’t really. I don’t think he was attacking black people. However, he was saying some things that were actually pretty relevant in terms of a historical perspective and historical context. Well, I took that and I was going to upload it, and then I did some research and I found a couple of other things.

And then I was like, wait a second. There’s some more here. Anyway, that video that I uploaded today, I worked on it for about a good 5 hours today, and the video itself is about almost four and a half hours long. It’s got a multitude of things in there. It’s about four or five things kind of stitched together, and it’s quite lengthy. So I’m going to put timestamps in there for where the breaks and the video are.

So if you guys want to watch it, you’ll know where the timestamps are. So you can come back and start from, like, a beginning point. But it’s actually going to be really good, and I think it’ll be worth it. Talking about race and differences in race and whatnot, I think everybody knows that. If you don’t know, I’m the least racist person on the planet. I don’t care about colors of skin.

That makes nothing. It means nothing to me. But there are people who do look at colors of skin. And the one thing that we don’t take into consideration is we don’t take into consideration culture. And what the powers that be are trying to do are trying to basically meld all of our cultures into one. And that is a recipe for disaster. Because what you’re going to have is you’re going to have people that are going to rebel from that.

And that’s going to cause chaos. And that’s kind of what we’re seeing in Europe right now with, there’s a plan out there called the, and that’s, that was the Kalergy plan was for Europe. And there was also a plan to do something similar in the United States. And we are witnessing that right now with open borders regarding everybody’s border but our own. And anyway, there’s just a lot of really nasty stuff out there, and a lot of it revolves around race and racial tensions.

And if you know anything about cultural Marxism, what They’ve done to divide and conquer the United States. In Europe, it was very easy to divide and conquer the classes, so they did class warfare. Well, in the United States, it’s race. So anyway, the work that I did on this video, it’s going to be quite lengthy, but I think that if you guys watch the whole thing, you can break it up into pieces or you can watch it all at once.

I think you’ll get something out of it. It’ll be something anyway, that is coming. It will be uploaded. It’s probably uploaded now. And I may even make it active tonight if the video has processed. It was a lengthy video, so it may not be processed yet, but I’ll probably make it active about 09:00 p. m. Pacific time. So that’s about 2 hours from now. Anyway, guys, that is coming.

I have a few more videos that I’ll be putting up over the weekend, and next week is going to be a little bit dry for me. I probably will be doing some video work, but not sure if I’m going to be doing much live stuff, but I will be doing something. So if you don’t see me doing lives, I will be doing something. Amen. Abe, you better get right with God.

1000%. People need to get right with God. That is absolutely correct. All right, everybody, you all have a wonderful evening. I’ll put these subverted videos up in the comment section or in the description. You guys can watch those if you desire. Otherwise, you all have a great night, and I will see you at some point in the very near future. So have a good night, everybody, and a good weekend.

If I don’t talk to you, bye. .


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