Kate Shemirani Fabio Zoffi: Benefits Of Augmented NAC For Vaccine Injuries

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➡ The speaker criticizes various aspects of current healthcare systems and societal responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes the pushing of vaccines as the only solution, mistrust in global narratives, the potential risk posed by increased electromagnetic emissions due to the passing of a Parliamentary decision, and suggested alternatives such as natural remedies and self-education.
➡ The text discusses the research on spike protein related to SARS-CoV-2 and mRNA vaccines, expressing concerns about potential long-term effects including genetic modification, compromised immune system, and potential fertility issues. The researcher reveals the development of a treatment using N-acetylcysteine (NAC) treated with a special technology significantly increasing its ability to deactivate the spike protein.
➡ Augmented NAC, a technology using N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), unfolds and partially detaches the spike protein by 99.8%, helping in detoxification. It has seen remarkable results in improved health among patients globally, including those in extreme conditions. The process involves a detox period which may temporarily increase pain, but shows results within 7-10 days. The product has been beneficial to over 30,000 people so far and aims to counterbalance the toxin-induced problems in the body while spreading a hopeful message.
➡ The text discusses a spiritual interpretation of health concerns potentially linked to vaccines, expressing the belief that these health problems represent an attack on human life and the divine spark within us. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of hope, justice and seeking out remedies to health issues, using the example of the positive effects of augmented NAC on a patient suffering from the aftereffects of a COVID injection.
➡ The discussion emphasizes the importance of detoxification from external influences like food, media, and electromagnetic frequencies. The talk also revolves around the benefits of confronting evil and dark situations, as they can lead to personal growth, transformation, and increased health consciousness.
➡ The text suggests that maintaining control begins with internal balance and spiritual awakening. Encouraging detoxification from societal influences, connecting with nature, and responding to a daily routine aligns us with our “divine spark.” Regular people accomplishing standard tasks is noted as normal means employed by a divine power. Reflecting on pure, honest, and virtuous things is advocated against toxifying substances and negative influences.


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If you’re double X or larger, it’s a little bit more money due to the material on the shirts and things. All right. Okay. All right. We’Ve got a special show this morning, and we’ve got a special guest with us as well. And all the way, my understanding is, and you can correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is all the way from Italiano, Italy. And Kate has brought this together with us.

And it’s my privilege as always, we welcome Kate, our nurse and nutritionist, but also Fabio Zofi. I hope I got that correct. Is that correct? Yeah. All right. Wonderful. It’s great to have you on. Good to see you, Kate. Good morning. Oh, good morning. Before we kick off, I’d just like to, was, well, I’d like to say hello. Big hello to the group in Petersfield last night where I went to give a talk.

Big group. It was packed. And I also, Dr. Cartland had to come on after me after I’d slaughtered the allopathic medical system. He had to come on and do a talk. It was really a great honor to be there. And I drove back and then I had to be up at 04:00 a. m. This morning to do a show on TNT, one of their primetime shows, with somebody.

I was going to ask, was that your show they just moved to here for the day or somebody else? It was the medical. I can’t remember what he’s called. He’s very big show. Okay. And it was really good because it leads up nicely to today and it was freshing my memory and everything that’s going on. And it’s quite interesting because it leads really well onto introducing Fabio and what they’re doing.

And then I’m just going to give you the floor because you know what? When you go without sleep. So I’m really strict now with going to bed on time and getting 8 hours, and it completely disrupted my sleep pattern. So now I feel horrible, bloated. I feel sick. So when I’ve done this show, I’m going to be like a rat out of an aqueduct because it’s raining here straight down to the coast.

And I’m going to take my Chihuahuas, who also came with me last night, who are like, please stop, we want to sleep. I’m going to take them for a big walk next to the sea to get some of that exclusion zone four state of water energy. Come back and go to bed. WhEn you get out of your sleep pattern, it’s the worst thing you can do. It’s so bad for your body to not get enough sleep, it makes you feel sick.

I totally agree. Digestion gives you a headache. It’s a good job I’ve got women wear makeup because trust me, if I took this off, you’d all turn to stone. But on September the 6th of 2020, AstraZeneca knew that their shot in one of their studies. I don’t know how many were in the cohort yet. We’re trying to find how many. 125 of them got transverse myelitis. That’s inflammation all along the spinal cord.

And this is, of course, what we then saw in patients falling over all these neurological symptoms. Now, that was September 6. So the MHRA, which is the British, and then you had the equivalent in Australia. They then went ahead and Australia, by February 21 had got. Had bought into the country two per head of those AstraZeneca vaccines. And America had bought in 300 million of those AstraZeneca in February 21, even though the regulatory bodies knew that it had caused transverse myelitis.

And at first they weren’t prepared to say what the side effects were. They just shut that study down. They just shut it down. But then later, the Scully and the other scientist showed that, that AstraZeneca was causing thrombocytopenia and thrombosis, blood clots. That when you treated these patients with the usual thing, heparin, it reacted with the shot and killed them. So they had to come up with something that would work a treatment for it.

I mean, get your head around this. That they are happy to inject something that’s caused inflammation along the entire spinal cord and clotting. They’re happy to do that now because they’ve got a drug for it. But the drug actually is a very, very severe chemotherapy drug. You cannot get your head around this. These people are total criminals. From the testing right down for me now, any nurse or doctor who is advocating or doing any of these shots now, they’re just criminals.

And it just needs to go right. I don’t know what anyone’s waiting for. How much more evidence do they want to leave these people in power? And they’re still calling for the next shot. The next shot. Now they’re saying that these shots that are out of date, they can’t be just disposed of anywhere because of how contaminated they are inside. It beggars belief. So it doesn’t matter. We can argue till the cows come home.

I don’t believe you can ever catch a virus. It was just invented so they could flog you vaccines. The whole germ theory is a theory. The pandemic. Scandemic. Pandemic. We know it was a bioweapon. We know it’s nothing else. And for all those doctors or ologists with all these qualifications, immunologists, whatever you think to ologists after their name, the reason they’re still banging at it is because to admit that all that is a lie means their qualifications disappear into the ether and that idolatry is gone for a lot of them.

A lot of them that are still fighting on. But it doesn’t matter what we say it’s happened. People are injured with something. Very injured with something. There’s also a lot of people out there selling stuff that is not doing anything. It’s not doing anything. There are people out there who are damaged and don’t want help, they want money. That’s fact as well. Supplements. People have said to me, oh, well, that’s got dirty stuff in it.

Yes, I took stuff when I was doing my Gerson therapy, that a couple of the ingredients weren’t clean, but what it did was what I needed it to do. The rest I could manage later. And I met the people from this company and Fabio at the better way conference that Dr. Tess Laurie had. And they have had testimonials. And I always say, know, Dr. Max Gerson said a true indication of is the patient recovering is how they are at the bedside.

It doesn’t mean, oh, look, on the scan, the tumor shrunk, but the patient’s half dead because the chemotherapy wiped out all their immune cells, poisoned their entire system, and now their liver is really shot. But they’ll say that drug was a success. Even if the patient died, it’s the patient’s fault because they just couldn’t handle the grueling chemo. So for me, I don’t really care too much about whatever studies people do.

But when you start to see testimonials of people feeling better and getting better, and then when I spoke to Fabio about the urine tests that they’re showing and they’re doing urine and blood tests, then this is quite promising, because we do know that there was one gentleman who, I think it was an autopsy, he had no spermatozoons left, it was just all spike proteins in the testes. So something is happening.

And just to remind everybody in the UK, while you all were out waving your pro Palestine flags or your pro Israel or your rainbow flags or whatever the pastel colors are, whatever it is you think you’re aligning to anymore right now, last week in Parliament, they voted to put antennas on your house, on lampposts, on everything else, so that you can be hit with ten watts, 24 hours a day.

Even though the regulatory or the legal, I can’t remember its letters, something like I. Something. I’ve got it written down upstairs. Sorry for not bringing it down with me. I should have done. They’ve said that we can only have as a safe dose, one milliwatt for six minutes in 124 hours, period. But while you all were fighting something that you’ve got no control over in the UK, they just passed it for you to be hit with 10,000 times that amount.

Let me get this straight. So they’re using the things that are, and I don’t know if this will work. We’re going to try it, yes. We get everybody in there. So what you’re telling me is like what we always say when you get these kind of stories that come out, all this other stuff, it is nothing more than a distraction away from what they’re doing to you in your own country.

Well, look what they’re going to do. They’re going to fry everybody. And all of these people and their constitution is sick because they’ve taken the shots. Unless we’ve got a new. What is she? Health Secretary? Health Minister? I can’t remember. She’s a diabetic and her husband is a sugar baron. He’s a massive rich man on sugar. White sugar. Talk about a conflict of interest, which makes all your blood vessels brittle.

But this is happening. But people that are injected are already sick. And so what are people going to do? They need to look at the government, look at what they just passed. 10,000 times the legal amount of what you can be hit with. People need to be on their feet. They need to be going after these things. They need to be saying, I’m not having that on my house, I’m not having it on the lamppost.

Because remember when this was a deadly pandemic that you couldn’t even be with Grandma that was dying? It was so deadly that the police all rode round in their vans, laughing at us, eating chocolate bars, eating potato chips and arresting everybody, hitting them on the head. But they’re not doing that with everything else that’s going on just now because that’s not political. Political two tear policing. But they were laying 5G everywhere.

This is part of it. It’s part of it. So. Yeah. Anyway, but that’s all I really have to say. And I think, Mrs. Merchant of Doom, you can tell I’ve not had any sleep, but I have sent you my link and I’d really like Fabio. I’ve sent you some stuff that he sent to me and it speaks for itself, really. And I think, stop buying your loved ones scented candles, which are toxic sugar, which is going to make them fat and make all their blood vessels brittle, so that what they’re laying now is going to fry you even, you know, all of these things, stop doing it and buy them something useful.

I went for dinner recently and I took them a bag of organic cayenne pepper and a bottle of spark instead of wine. That’s a good gift. I might get thrown out of an Italian home for doing that. But I let Fabio because he gives a great presentation. Yeah. If I can say one thing here before, check your link because it’s just got a question mark at the end.

Make sure it’s the right one. Send me the right one. Maybe I’ve cut a bit off. Yeah, I think so. I’m going to switch my phone, actually. Yeah, that’s fine, Fabio. So you have a company, and in that company, you have designed this product here to which you’re dealing with the spike proteins. And we’ve had a lot of people with their own version, and I know there’s a lot of different ways to deal with things.

We had a lady, come on. Who used Eurotherapy to deal with hers. I mean, she was having some serious problems. She thought she was going to die of a heart attack or stroke or any of this other stuff, and that’s what she used. And then we’ve had other people do different things, and I know there’s a lot of different things out there. What brought you to this and the product that you’ve got here that you’re dealing with? Vaccine injuries and what they call the long convids.

I call them the convids, the long convids. What brought you to that? Okay, good morning. First, good morning. Good morning. And good afternoon here in Europe. One question. How much time do I have you got as long as you want, brother. Okay. Because it’s a bit of a longer story, I will try to make it very short. And then, I don’t know, is there any Q and a session for scene or we just talk.

We’ll throw out questions as people have them. And if people want to call in you guys on the radio or you guys on the video, it’s 8036-1998-5580-9985-5 and you got any questions for Fabio or for Kate? Please try to keep it to the subject matter, though. That way we stay on par. But go ahead, Fabio. Okay, so the story is a bit of a longer one, but very interesting, I think, for the listeners.

First of all, let me briefly present myself. I’m a tech entrepreneur, and I’ve been doing startup companies for the last 20 years, which means that I’m a small guy having fun like a kid in discovering new technologies and not creating startup companies around that. But the story begins in a different way, because early 2020, I founded, together with other people in Italy, a civil society association, and we put together doctors, researchers, lawyers, like in other countries, because we were not very convinced by the official narrative, and we just wanted to understand what was going on.

And we had the good intuition to ask a researcher, a scientific and medical researcher team, to investigate and let us understand, is there any virus? How does infect? Which are the consequences? Are there any remedies? What is this new mRNA technology on the likes? Okay? And so the major result is what everybody can read on zerospike. org. And I’m highly recommending all the listeners not to believe me, not to believe anybody.

Read. Do your own research, use your brain as I keep doing. We all have a brain and we can make use of it. We have published all the information, we have translated everything into English. So the core of these, maybe you click on the home page of zero spikes, so that the viewers can see exactly and leave it there. And then the result was 2000 pages of medical scientific publications, led by an amazing woman, Dr.

Loretta Bolgan. And we discovered, I think first, I mean, I’m not happy to tell that, but end of 2020, we understood that the key issue was to be, and now we are seeing that the spike protein, which is a very dangerous toxin, we all know the official narrative. The sarscope, two virus has those spike proteins to attach to the receptors of the human body. Unfortunately, we have receptors on all organs, including the brain.

So people get troubles throughout all of their body. And then we understood that this new mRNA technology was supposed to think of that, right? Because when I read that, I was shocked to violently. Through nanoparticles, nanolipids penetrate the human cells, modify the DNA of the human cells and make our cells producing this toxin, the spy protein. Officially the story was for very short time, so that our immune system can develop some antibodies.

But as we saw, the spy proteins stay for months, years, and people might even be producing spike proteins for life. Because we understand now that even a genetic modification might occur. And recently there was a sort of disclosure, because through the FDA documentation, Pfizer, everybody can read this. Yeah. So everything I’m telling, it’s official public knowledge. Pfizer declared that mRNA does not stand for messaging RNA, which was what we were sold about at the beginning, but it stands for modified RNA.

Think of that. They are confessing that the so called vaccine is a genetic drug, okay? And so we then discover it was an Italian thing that the so called Vax spike, which means the spike that the bodies of the injected people produce, is a modified version of the so called viral spike. And guess what? It is a nastier version. Why? Because for the doctors listening here, they have introduced so called prolines.

I’m not a doctor, but I’ve been learning a lot in the last four years. And everybody can do that. This makes this protein even more robust, which means more difficult to get rid of. So when I read the results of our research, of this research project called the Zero Spike, I said, they must be kidding. You want to inject billions of people with something potentially modifying their DNA and making their own bodies producing billions of toxins, right? If you just think about that, yeah, it’s crazy.

Well, and we anticipated many of the health damages, including death. And we are seeing more and more sudden death, unfortunately, which would occur because we understood, and again, all documented that the spy protein deactivates the immune system in the so called interferon mechanism, which means people doesn’t have. They don’t have their immune system any longer, or they don’t have a robust immune system, which means that there is even a reactivation of pathogens.

That’s why we are seeing the reactivation of things like tuberculosis, because doctors will tell you that we all have latent pathogen agents dormant, which our immune system keeps under control, like the tuberculosis bacteria. Well, guess what? We are seeing all these kind of rare diseases which were officially wiped out. Now, getting back, we are seeing turbo cancer. We are seeing people getting cancer and dying after three months.

I mean, it’s a nightmare, right? And sadly, that might be of interest to a Christian program like this one. We documented that this Pi protein is, over time, deactivating the endocrine system. The endocrine system means the hormones, the glands, which means our emotions, which means some of the things which make us very human with empathy, with emotion, we love. Well, we are seeing vaccinated people who are turning very apathic.

No more joy of life and many, many other things, right? Including brain damages. People start not being able to reason like we used to know them before. Well, there is a scientific explanation. All of this because this toxin attaching also to the neurons and to the heart and to the liver, to the sexual organ. Kate mentioned before the results of a German pathologist, Professor Dr. Burker, who passed away this year.

He showed last year at a conference he was doing autopsies, right? When you do autopsy, you have the final proof. He was finding spike proteins wherever in the tissues. And he saw cases of men with no more sperms, because the spike proteins had substituted the sperms. Now guess what? If you see statistics of fertility rates, which are collapsing, you understand that there is a reason behind that. So you don’t need to make guess, because everything can be understood and proven.

So we anticipated that and we were shocked, of course. And somehow we are working all for nonprofit, right? For our civil society association engagement. And we said, you know what, even if it’s mission impossible, we are going to find a remedy. We put out the vision, I tell that the universe did want to help us. Kate would call the universe in a different way. It’s the Lord, man.

It’s the. Absolutely, absolutely. I wanted to stay know for the listeners, but we all share the same principles, right, and values. And things started happening, because the first thing which happened was that our team, when I asked our tEam, hey, what’s the remedy? Is there a remedy to this toxin? Well, we first found out, thanks to our researchers, that an amino acid, which is a food supplement called NAc, which stands for nacetylcystein, which is very well known, and since decades, very much appreciated by doctors and users, has the capability of denaturating the spike protein.

What does it mean in biology to denaturate the protein? I’m making simple, it means to open it up, to unfold it, which means you deactivate, because proteins are active when they are closed into their own geometrical shapes. And when you unfold them, then you deactivate the protein. So we published a paper, which you can read on zerospike. org. It’s an eleven pages paper proving from the theory, which are the mechanisms by which NHC is able to open up, unfold the spike protein.

So when I saw that, I said, wow, cool, we have something. And then, remember, I’m a techie, so I want to prove things. So we designed a very innovative laboratory experiment using mass spectrometry, which is a technology to look very deeper what’s happening at molecular, even submolecular level. And so we did buy the spike protein. We did, by some mesenchymal cells. We had the spike attached into the cells like it occurs in the body.

And then we put anacetyl cystein on it, and we measure through mass spectrometry. I’m telling this because every mass spectrometry laboratory can do this. Okay, and prove that what we proved, and yes, the good news was that the theory was right, it was confirmed. The NIC molecule has a capability of unfolding, opening up the spike protein. But before we started opening bottles of champagne, we saw from the results that unfortunately, the level of denaturation, or unfolding was not enough.

It’s in average, twelve to 15%, which means that the protein then closes back and, well, it remains attached to the receptors and it continues creating all the health issues. And that’s when a sort of miracle happened, because shortly after this, I was contacted by a team of inventors in Italy. Remember, my job is to keep meeting inventors and look at the new technology who did show me to have a very interesting machine, which by using plasma energy, which is something scientists use in their laboratories, was able to modify.

Listen to this. The level of order at subatomic level of any molecule. What does it mean? My example, Kate knows, that is, if you take light and compare the diffused light of a torch with the beam of light of a laser, the difference is the laser light is much more powerful, right? Much more effective. Well, if you look at the subatomic structure of both kinds of light, they are both composed of photons, right? The difference is the so called level of coherence, or order.

In diffused light, the photons are more chaotic, while in laser light, they are all aligned like many little soldiers. Well, guess what? As a principle of nature, because we know that the creation is a beautiful mathematical, geometrical creation, when in nature you have a higher degree of order, you have not only more beauty, more symmetry, you have more effectiveness. Laser light is more powerful because the photons are more orderly aligned, so coherent than diffused light.

Okay? And then I had the intuition of saying what would happen if we start treating the NAC molecule with this technology? We did that. Make a long story short. Now, we went back to the laboratory and we found out that suddenly the level of the naturation of the spy protein moved up to 99. 8% by just we keep NAC. So the capsules we have designed are pure anacetyl system from the chemistry.

Fabio, can I ask you a question? We got one in the chat here, because you’re talking about augmented NAC. They ask, does regular NAC not work? And I guess the obvious question would be, why? Correct? Because, as I said, regular. And we made a comparison and we published you find on augmented. com, all the laboratory results. We saw that regular NAC, it’s unfolding the spike only by 1215 percent, which is not enough because the protein falls BacK and remains active, while the augmented NAC, which is augmented through this technology, is unfolding the protein by 99.

8% and even partially detaching it. And when we saw that it was January 2022, we took the risk and said, you know what, again, we are a small team. We made a small production, and we started helping people, first in Italy with Italian doctors and patients. And then we went out to the UK, where we met amazing doctors and Kate, and we started telling people, look, we are seeing great results, because as Kate mentioned, we are getting testimonials of people who were really in very bad shape.

And if you go on testimonials of Augmentednac. com, you see many people from the US who were in a desperate health condition, and they started in taking Opentinac. And typically people start seeing results already after seven to ten days, because this is detoxifying their body. As long people are intoxicated, it’s very challenging. When you start detoxifying, you get back to health, you get back to properly reasoning and the likes.

I have to tell you something, that people highly intoxicated, including some doctors who are now part of our network, they notice at the beginning of the detoxification process, even more of the pain they have, which is a typical sign of detoxification. Okay, so I have to tell everybody to. Everybody is different in their own body and health system and reaction. So keep intaking those two to three capsules daily for at least two weeks.

Okay? And so far, that’s the good news. We have been helping over 30,000 people. 30,000. So the statistics is amazing, right? It’s not the promise, because it’s not a miracle pill. If in the meantime, people might have developed turbo cancer, they need to treat properly turbo cancer, right? But they still need to detox, because as long as you have spy proteins, you have very dangerous toxins in your body.

So you need to detox like, as Kate said, you need to detox from industrial sugar, like you need to detox from electromagnetic waves, like we need to detox from many things. Unfortunately for the people who got the job, if they had the toxins, they need to detox as soon as possible. We started doing this, so we went out, and now we have a network of doctors in different countries, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, because we get calls every day.

People who are desperate and doctors who learn about us, they are introducing the augmented knock into their own protocols, which might have also other components, of course. And this is a message of hope? The hope is, yes. Toxin and highly dangerous toxin has been released on humanity through this way, through this scam, in making people believing that they would get a solution. And instead of the solution, they got injected with the problem.

But as you see, in the universe, when there is too much evil, there is a counterbalance, and we are all tools of this. So we are contributing to making possible that there is a remedy, that there is hope. I keep telling people they also need to remain focused and positive thinking. We know that it helps. And with this remedy, we are seeing really great results. Kate mentioned also that we discovered something else.

Before the summer of this year, we were able, thanks to a laboratory in Milan, to develop a urine spike test, which is very interesting because it gave the final confirmation or proof that the toxification process is real. So another Italian team had already developed a blood spike test with the possibility of differentiating between the so called natural spike, which is unnatural, as we now know, towards the vax spike.

But the probability of finding in your blood circulating spikes is very low because spikes are attached to the receptors, right? So it’s a rare event. Oh, a black cat. What does this mean now, Kate? Yeah, with a black cat. She’s muted. It’s a deja vu moment, right? Yeah, she’s muted. Floyd. This is Floyd. Black cat’s alive. And he’s a bit aggressive. Look, you can see he’s mad. He’s mad as hell.

Now, her cat. I’m going to eat your cat. Provide Some comic relief here on Saturdays. Yeah, we’ve got a T shirt. Fabio, Fat Dave Fan Club. I’ve got a T shirt on my patron for the other cat. But anyway, sorry, that Lloyd show. Yeah, no problem. So when we helped developing the urine spike test, we made also first sample. So we took around 20 people, 80% vaccinated, 20% unvaccinated.

We did the blood and urine spike test. At day zero, we didn’t find any spike. Then they started intaking free capsules of augmented Nug daily. And then we made another urine spike test on day eight, meaning after only seven days of intake in the augmented nug. On this, we have a scientific publication we make available to doctors and physicians and health operators. And guess what? We saw metabolized fragments of the spike.

Which means we had the proof that the augmented now was detaching the spike, which we could not find before. But the liver was reactivated because the liver is plenty of AC two receptors. So also the liver functionality gets disrupted by the spike by detoxifying people. The liver was reactivated. The liver was then metabolizing and breaking. Now, the spike, the augmented knock, had detached. And through the urine test, we saw the fragments.

Now that was, of course, an amazing analytical tool we are now making available to doctors in Italy. And before the end of the year, we are going to start to be able to teach this methodology. And of course, we’re going to do this for free. It’s a nonprofit project to laboratories around the globe. So if anybody listening has contacts to a good guys laboratory, sharing our mission, vision and principles.

And the laboratory has mass spectrometry equipment. Please drop an email to Kate. And then we’ll get in touch and we’ll start maybe next year to teach them the methodology to introduce also the urine spike test so that people can see, have a quantitative measurement of their detoxification process. Okay? Oh, go. No, no, please go. Yeah, we got a question here, and I think this gets down to the basics.

So some people understand, if they’ve not been following some of this, if they’re not educated in these things. We have a question. What’s NAC? They want to know, can you break it down to the simplest thing of what NAC is? And what is a spike protein? What actually is it? We’ve been hearing a lot about it. What actually is it? Okay. Yes. Can you please show the zerospike.

org website? Or if you want, I can share the screen and show a few things. Okay, there we go. Okay, stop here. So as you see, we made, first of all, a one pager, which is one page explaining the zero spy project. So I’m highly recommending everybody to read it. And then we made a summary of the 2000 pages discovery, which is the other PDF document called this one.

So here, everybody, we are trying to use simple language. Everybody can understand that, okay? But in a nutshell, the spike protein is a protein, okay? It is in the official narrative attached to. It’s part of the virus, okay? Official or the alleged virus, right? But it’s the protein which is a sort of hook, got you. To attach to the receptors of our organs. Okay, got it, right. Or like a key entering the holes of the doors of our organs, okay? Unfortunately, and this is official science because meanwhile, many, many publications from the planet have been published.

It is a very, very nasty toxin because if you analyze the genomic sequence, you find so many toxic components that it is mind blowing, which means it’s like the collection of 100 toxins altogether together, okay? That makes this toxin very, very dangerous. Okay? And remember, the injection makes the body of the injected people producing this toxin, self producing this toxin. Now if you scroll a bit and go to the NAC, there’s a nice video.

You can see the story of our research project. It’s also in English, okay? You see spike protein, extremely dendritoxin. Scroll down. And cancer, all the nasty things. Go on. Scroll down. This is our research project. Okay, stop. So you see NSS system, we are publishing here, a lot of medical publication, even A very nice book from the US explaining how this amino acid food supplement has amazing antioxidant and beneficial properties.

Plenty. So doctors who know this are using NSC in their protocols for helping people, curing from and preventing many, many things. So I am highly recommended, everybody. I discovered that too, in general to intake daily NAC together with other supplements. Okay. But what we discover is that, and it was a surprise. Among all these beautiful properties of NAC, there is the one which was of interest to us that NAC is capable of deactivating by unfolding the spike protein.

It was a surprise. Nobody knew that. We discovered that. We documented the mechanism and then we were able to augment this capability in order to completely get rid of the spike protein. Got it. Okay. All right. No, that makes perfect sense. All right, so let me throw this in here and I want to get your thoughts on this because you’re talking about attaching things the Bible tells us in Leviticus, 1711.

This is one of the things that we’ve talked about before. Moses is saying this 1500 years before Christ for the life of the. And this is one of many things that I see not only in Scripture but in history and things where they try to tell know. The further you go back in time, the dumber man is. I don’t believe that. I think man was incredibly intelligent in ancient days.

And one of the things that Moses says under inspiration of the Holy Spirit is for the life of the flesh is in the blood. In fact, that’s what God would go on and he would say. He would say the blood makes atonement for the soul and that’s why they were involved in animal sacrifice. That’s eventually why Jesus comes and he gives his own life and he pours out his blood for his people.

So would it be your opinion as a scientist, as a doctor, would it be your opinion that what you’re seeing is an attack specifically on the blood of the person because the organs are bloods too. Would you say that they’re specifically targeting the blood of the individual? LooK, yes. And there is even more if you want, because this is the right channel, right? That’s right. Yeah. So beyond the earthly dimension and explanations, I think it’s very clear to some of us that what’s really going on, it’s a spiritual war, right? Yep.

And for the same reason, while Jesus made very clear that our bodies or our temple, he had reasons for telling that, right? Yes. From my own perspective, the spirit is in the body. Well, which means that there is a clear interaction through mechanism between spirit and body. Amen. With this toxin they are trying to disrupt such connecting mechanism. And so the battle is to turn humans who have the divine Spark into beings without the connection to the divine Spark.

That’s my honest opinion. Yeah. And I see that this is the thing that we’re talking about. Men are made in the image of God. And even though we are fallen, even though we sin, we’ve marred the image. The image is still there. We still bear it. And part of that is in understanding the laws of God. We understand it. We know what’s right and wrong. That’s why when we do things that are wrong, we go and try to hide it.

We don’t do it right out in lightning. And if there’s no justice brought, which in this matter, we’re talking about, about the quote unquote vaccines, the fraudulently called vaccines, when these guys are doing what they’re doing, and they know that it’s harming people, they know that it’s killing people, they know that it’s injuring people, and they keep pushing it out as safe and effective. Well, if the people, Fabio, don’t bring any justice, which is the very character of God, by the way.

Anybody can read the scriptures, and you can see God is a just and holy God. And for him to be just and holy, he has to uphold his own law, and he has to judge accordingly. And if the people won’t bring justice against them, then they’re just emboldened in what they would do in the dark or in the shadows or in secret. They’re just out there in the light doing it now, and nobody’s stopping them.

I meaN, I appreciate the fact that people like you and Kate are looking for remedies to try to help people to save their lives, and that needs to be done as well. We can’t leave that off and just do the justice. But, boy, we’ve got to have both of these things going, helping the people to recover, giving them some hope, because some of them are so hopeless that they think there’s nothing that can be done.

But we’ve got several testimonies. Would you mind if I read this testimony that you sent to Kate? Is that okay to read? I’ll leave the lady’s name off if you. This is. We’re publishing, so. Absolutely, yeah. Okay. This is from a lady that you said is named Tammy. She was devastated by the COVID injection injury and almost lost all hope. And this is where a lot of these people end up going.

She started taking augmented NAC, and after a few months, this is what she written to us. When I started taking the NAC, my head pressure decreased and a lot of pain. My stomach was a constant source of pain. And belching all day while rumbling and roaring. That just doesn’t sound good to me. NAC has been effective in reducing a great deal of my stomach issues. I also have my energy while taking the augmented NAC and less joint pain.

I feel it is helping to restore my health in a plethora of ways. And then just a few weeks later, she wrote, I had the spike test a couple of weeks ago, and I’m not making any spike. I’m so excited about that. You have saved my life with this augmented NAC. I was on desk door, been sick over two years, and now I see some light. You’re the light in this evil.

I love you all for making this to save lives with deep respect. And she’s going to be given an interview as well. And so I wanted people to kind of hear some of that stuff, because I think it’s very important that they’re not just hearing you divulge from your science investigations. They’re actually hearing from somebody real. Like, what was Kate was talking about before? And this was one of the things I looked at, like, with the lifeway patches, people can check those out.

We were making mention of the glutathione wavelengthpatch. com. People were seeing differences. And you’re reading and seeing the testimonies, or you’re seeing it in their lives, or you’re hearing it from them while they’re using it. This is what makes a difference. Is it actually helping them or is it not? And it seems to me that some of the things that we’ve looked at here, it’s actually really working in the lives of these people who’ve had these vaccine injuries.

Yeah. Just to say that life waste patch that’s working, because I’ve tried it, and I don’t ever say anything’s working until I’ve tried it. And I noticed a big difference in my joints. Amazing. But, yeah, that testimony from that young girl is wonderful, because some of the people that contact me that have. I know about postural orthostatic tachycardia because they said my son had it. I’ve talked about when my son collapsed and he was ill.

He missed his last year of school. He was in a wheelchair, and we got rid of a lot of his symptoms. But this postural orthostatic tachycardia has exploded in young people. And I know because I was sent a letter from my son’s consultant, and they wanted to do this drug trial, and I researched it and said, don’t touch it. This drug causes hardening of the arteries, it’s a terrible drug, and they’re putting all these young people on it.

Well, why are these young people getting postural orthostatic tachycardia? It’s likely that a lot of them have had one of these shots. I wonder if they had AstraZeneca, because that was the one that targeted the younger people. And then you team it up with the fact that they’re living in universities that are soaked with EMFs, which makes the blood sticky. You do see that? And that’s know, NaC is wonderful.

Anyway. And so I take it. So, to take this, I’ve had this conversation with Fabio. I’m kind of thinking that if it can do that, then it will help with many other things as well. And the fact that this is augmented, the fact that it can go through the blood brain barrier, you could give this to pets as well. That’s the other thing. You don’t have to swallow the capsules either.

You can break the capsules open. That means, I know it’s been given to a child who is regular vaccine damaged, and they’ve been giving it, and they’re seeing results. So you can break these capsules open. You know what’s interesting for me is that we get called every name under the sun. Charlatans, quack medicine, I don’t care. I’ll constantly poke the bear. But they say that we’re dangerous, and yet they will give to these patients with these symptoms, massive doses of steroids.

Terrible. Absolutely terrible. They’ll give them a whole selection of drugs. Amitryptylene. One of them told me they were on amitryptylene, highly addictive, and they’re giving them all these different drugs, but that’s okay. But then they don’t want a natural thing. This is totally natural. So all nations will be deceived by the merchants and their sorcery. People need to remember that in revelation and pharmacia is the Greek translation of sorcery.

It’s right there. Yeah, absolutely. I would like to add a little comment to what you said before that. Fabio, can we hold you over for just a little bit? Because we’re right at the end of the show. Would that be okay? No problem. Okay. All right. I just want to let people know real quickly. They can go to the site. I got my microphone in the way here.

Zerospike. org. Zerospike. org. That’s where you can see all the information that we’ve been showing to people in the video audience. Zerospike. org. And then also just real quickly, it’s a bit of a string here, but if you want to get it, use Kate’s link store augmentednac. com Question Mark via equals seven one small D, 116 small A. This is why I have another thing. Bradley, be with you at three for 2 hours.

All right. Want to welcome everybody who’s coming over from the radio. And I just wanted to get that in. I’ll say it one more time. Gosh. Hang on a sec, Tim, you know what they need to do? They need to do what other people do. Fabio, I need a link that says zero Spike Nurse Kate. Everybody remembers that. Well, zero Spike Nurse Kate. If we could take and make it just like a URL.

That’s why I found that that is the easiest way for people to remember those kind of affiliate links and stuff is just make it a URL so everybody can go. Be sure that on Monday we’ll be up and running. Kate. Okay, wonderful. Thank you so much. Okay, we’ll do that. We’ll have it in the archive so people can hit it real quick. And after the show I will throw.

I’ll throw the links in the comments section, the one that’s permanent, not the live comments guys, after the show. So you’ll have all those. I’ll throw them all in there that we pointed to in this. Okay, Fabio, go ahead. I didn’t mean to cut you off, but we just had to close. Absolutely. And I want to leave space to maybe other questions. I just wanted to add a comment that to what you said.

And I fully agree about detoxifying is not enough. Right. But the good news is that what you are seeing, that people who somehow find the remedy because they have the desire to get back to health, they start a process of transformation. And that process of transformation is about also a very new concept of what you eat, how you eat, how you live with nature, animal mean. It’s really spiritual transformation.

And we see people who start this from the detoxification which is necessary. They start then putting suddenly questions. I could tell you many examples of doctors who were also fully part of the matrix of the system and got jabbed and who now are understanding and they are curious for more. So I think there is an awakening process and maybe we are just contributing to speed it up. Because if we detox, people will have also the energy for starting looking at what was going on with different eyes and recovering from this very bad dream we all ended up into, right.

Of pure ego and materialism over everything. I mean, it’s a system which has to collapse, which means that there is also. I made once a joke telling how I learned to love Bill Gates. Why? Because it’s thanks to people like Bill Gates who do all this evil that a lot of us started awakening. Think of that, right? In 2020, we were all, maybe Koikate was not, but we were all pretty asleep.

And then because of this shock, we started putting questions and looking differently and not realizing that many things are not only good, not good, they are even very bad or evil. And we started changing. Right? It happened to me, and it’s happening to a lot of people. So I’m very positive on this. I think there is a big awakening process going on, and that’s why the so called bad guys are in a rush, because they know that.

So we just need to keep doing and helping each other, and things will happen the way it is right to happen. That’s exactly right. And that’s the kind of word that the people need to hear, is everybody gets focused on the evil, and they’re taking in more of the evil, which takes away their hope, it takes away their energy. And I know I’ve said it many times, Kate’s already meant to say it many times.

There’s a silver lining in all of this convid stuff, and that is that it has allowed us to educate ourselves on good health, good nutrition, what we should stay away from, what we should be putting in our bodies and being focused on that and seeing the results of that. And I’ve talked to so many people that that’s been the case. I’m one of them. I confess I didn’t know all this stuff.

I learned a lot of things by experience as a husband and father over the years, that it was intuition. And then there are things that I’ve learned that kind of confirm that intuition, or they’ve even corrected some of the things that I thought about. So I see the silver lining in the midst of all of the evil that’s going on, too. And I know God uses those things in order to help us see clearly.

Sometimes he has to bring some discipline to his people. It’s kind of like when your kid is acting up in a fashion they don’t normally do. Sometimes you have to take hold of them and you have to say, what are you doing? You might have to give them a SWAT on the fanny, too. Sorry, in the UK, that’s a bad word on the butt. You have to give them a SWAT there and give their attention and say, what you’re doing is going to cause you harm.

And there are many people. Listen, I think this is why they wanted to censor so many people. They didn’t want that truth getting out because they wanted to kill and injure as many people as they could. And to quote somebody who we all respect, the truth will set you free. Amen. That’s exactly right. That’s exactly right. All right, so here’s what we want to do. Let’s take and give a final word of exhortation.

We’ll let ladies go first. So, Kate, do you want to take it? And then Fabio, if you’ll just follow up with her, a final word of exhortation to our audience. Yeah. You know, if you have a cat or a dog and you’re feeling stressed and you go and stroke your cat or your dog, there are studies showing that it lowers your blood just because you’ve now seen fat Lulu wafting across the screen.

Yeah. Just to recap what Fabio said, when I’ve been at this a long time, you know, I have Tim, and that was because I got sick, because know wasn’t looking after my body properly. And I don’t ever say, oh, it’s terrible that I had cancer. I’m not a victim. It was a great awakening for me. It was a real tap on the shoulder. I could have never imagined in the first probably seven years of banging on, don’t have vaccines, don’t have vaccines.

That the COVID con would lift the lid on the whole lie that is vaccine. And the uptake for childhood vaccines is dropping through the floor. And this is a blessing when you think that. How many injections, what is it, 50? They give to a child in Australia, tiny baby. It’s disgusting. And what we refer to as the health care system is not. It’s the disease process system. Make you sick, keep you sick, treat you, kill you, dispose of you and charge you for that luxury all the way along from the cradle to the grave.

And people are seeing it, which is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. The very fact that people didn’t take their children to be vaccinated in that first three months of lockdown and the death rate in the naught to 18 year old dropped over a three month period, dropped exponentially. There was a smoking gum right there and I think people are starting to see it, which is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. So, yeah, we have to be grateful and remember that the universe, as Fabio said, the Lord is always working for our greater and higher good.

That’s right. And for his own glory, too. Yeah. Psalm 23, and it’s wonderful. The Lord is my shepherd so that’s exactly what we have to remember. He’s herding us where we need to go. If we turn off the noise and pestilence, turn off the TV, turn off the news and just listen, we’ll know exactly which way to go. Amen. Amen. Fabio. Yes. I can only reinforce what Kate has said with just an additional bit of labor.

If you see the claim we wrote under the zero spike, it is called detoxifying humanity. Right? So we are all intoxicated. Not only by the spike, we are intoxicated by the food. We are intoxicated by the mainstream media, by the news we read. We are intoxicated by the electromagnetic frequencies of the antennas and the smartphones. We have. We are permanently intoxicated. Now, just think about this. Why do they need to keep us intoxicated? Right? Oh, I know.

They want to control. That’s the means of control. I have an additional bit of explanation from my own perspective, because there is, fortunately, a very strong. It’s like a tsunami. Maybe now we just think it’s a torrent, but it will become a tsunami. There is a spiritual awakening going on to remember that we have the divine Spark. And so if you just stay balanced on this and remember this and start detoxifying, don’t take any more injection into your life.

Switch off all the media, reconnect with nature, which offers everything to properly eat properly, cure ourself and et cetera. And we are doing this, you will see a new kind of understandiNg. Okay. And it is a Beautiful Process, and it will give less power to those who want to Fully Control us, Because. And that’s the Final Message. We are Very powerful Inside of us. We are Very Powerful.

We are made according to the Image, right? That’s right. So we just need to remember that and Start changing Concretely our daily Routine. Which is it to do, to Detox, putting the focus on the mind on this. Sometimes they are very simple things and you will be reborn. So the Talks, the Talks, the talks. That’s the final Message of Hope for everybody. Okay? All right. Thank you so Much, Fabio, for Being on.

If you guys will hang on, I’ll say goodbye to you Off Air. I want to leave with One Other thing here, and that is Fabio kind of Hit on it just a Little Bit in what we’re thinking. And we’ve always Made reference Back to Scripture in Know, we’ve talked about taking Care of the Body. It is important to do. Some People Think, well, we’re just going to Lay it down.

We’re going to go. Yeah, but while we’re here, we want to have it functioning. We don’t want to have it in Good Working order so that we can do the things God has set before us to do. And Yes, I recognize that People get Injured and God Uses them Greatly, or they’re sick and God Uses them Greatly. But the Normal Means that God Uses. He just uses regular People doing the Things that he Set for them to do, Setting Our Minds on Good things.

Fabio, hit this. And a Lot of Times when toxicity is Spoken about, it’s not Spoken about in the thought life. And just going to end with this one. This is Philippians Four, verse eight. Finally, Brethren, whatsoever things are true. And I think everybody who tunes in here, they want to know what the truth is. Whatsoever things are honest. Yeah, we want people to be honest with us. Right.

We want the Testimony of what is true. Whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are Lovely, whatsoever things are of good report. If there be Any Virtue, if there be any Praise, think on these things. And I got to tell you, I think the toxins that we take into our bodies, they make our minds toxic. And then we add on to it all the other stuff that we watch or we read and we take in.

Boy, if it doesn’t teach you something about the need for the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God’s cleansing power in our lives, right down to our soul, the place where we can’t even get to into our heart. If that doesn’t teach you something about that, I don’t know it will. And this is why men must repent of their sin, their breaking of God’s law, and turn to Christ.

He is the only king. He will never lead you astray. He will always tell you the truth, and he will always lead you in the paths of righteousness for his own name’s sake. Guys, Bradley be with you at 03:00 today for 2 hours. So don’t miss that. Sonsolvertymedia. com and have a great weekend. A great Lord’s day. Open up your know, I know a lot of you guys don’t have church, but you got neighbors.

Open up your home, have a meal with them, pray, read the scriptures, encourage one another, spur one another on to loving good works in the name of Christ. And then, Lord, whether I’m going to see you back here 06:00 a. m. Right now, early on Monday. Talk to you then. Okay, I turned the stream off, but for whatever reason, it seems to be stuck. So can you guys hear me okay? I can hear you.

Okay? Well, I’m stuck on this screen. I don’t know what’s going on. I did hit the stop, so I’m assuming we’re done. It doesn’t say it’s streaming. I got to catch the last couple of hours of daylight, and I’m on my last leg. Hours of sleep and I’ll see you tomorrow. Fabio? Yes, Tim? Can you send them the video once it’s done so that I can show it to a few people? Absolutely.

I’ll email it to you in just a second. Cool. Fantastic. Thank you for coming on. Appreciate. I love when people come on from different countries and stuff. It’s kind of cool. Thank you for the opportunity. Be absolutely. It makes it really good when he explains it. It’s great. Yes. Easy. Absolutely. Okay, I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Okay, Kate. Bye bye. Have a nice weekend. Bye bye. You too.



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