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➡ The X22 Report podcast episode discusses the potential economic collapse of eight states due to their decision to ban gas cars and follow a “green new scam.” The host argues that this move will destroy their economies and lead to a disaster similar to what’s happening in California and Germany. The episode also criticizes the Biden administration’s regulations on heavy-duty vehicles and the push for higher minimum wages, which the host believes will lead to job losses and higher prices. The host suggests that these actions are part of a larger plan to force a “great reset” and warns listeners to protect their wealth by investing in precious metals.
➡ The article discusses the current economic situation, highlighting rising prices and inflation. It suggests that the Biden administration may blame these issues on a bridge collapse, which has disrupted supply chains and increased fuel prices. The article also discusses the benefits of tariffs, as demonstrated during Trump’s presidency, and suggests that a majority of voters now support tariffs on all imports. Finally, it mentions that both young and older generations are feeling the impact of the economy, with young voters expressing more concern about the economy than older adults.
➡ People are feeling the pinch of inflation, and they’re not happy with President Biden’s attempts to win them over, like canceling student loans. The Supreme Court has ruled against him, and his plans aren’t working out. As we get closer to the next presidential election, people are expecting the economy to fall apart, and they’re blaming the Biden administration and the Federal Reserve. They remember the lower inflation and energy independence under Trump, and they’re starting to push back against Biden’s policies.


Hi and welcome. You’re listening to the x 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 3319 a Today’s date is April 1, 2024, and the title of the episode is eight states will be on the verge of collapse. People are all in on tariffs. Plan is working. Let’s talk about protecting your wealth. Investing feels overwhelming right now, doesn’t it? So complicated, so many decisions, but leaving your money in the bank? Not great.

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And remember, there’s a always a risk of investment and there’s no guarantee of any kind. Let’s get right into the economic collapse. Financial news now. The deep state, the corrupt politicians, the private west central bank, the World Economic Forum, they are now moving at lightning speed. They are pushing their entire agenda. And you could see that they’re pushing the green new scam all over the place. This is why we have the people around the world pushing back like we’ve never seen before.

And in the United States, what are we seeing? We’re seeing the Biden administration. They are pushing the regulations on heavy duty vehicles. This is so they can combat climate change. And yes, they’re going to continually push this throughout the United States. And there are many, many states now that are saying, listen, we’re going to be banning all gas cars. Yeah. So we’re going to follow the green new scam just like California, which means those eight states will most likely implode.

Because again, if they’re moving away from fossil fuels, what do you think is going to happen to the state? I mean, look at California right now. It’s a complete and utter disaster. Look at Germany right now. It’s a complete and utter disaster. What do you think is going to happen when these states move away from fossil fuels? They’re going to destroy their economies. But do they care? No, because their main mission is to bring everyone into the great reset, the green new scam.

They know what’s going to happen if they do this. You see, they wanted a war. They wanted some type of an event, like a pandemic. This way there’d be death and destruction. They really wanted a war because it would be a lot easier to rebuild everything the way they wanted it. Because when you destroy all the cities and you get rid of the people, you know, depopulation, it’s much, much easier to say, okay, let’s build these new smart cities.

We don’t need all the highways because they’ve been destroyed, you know, because of war. What we could do now is we can set people up in these small little areas. They can drive electric cars. We can set up windmills, solar panels. That’s actually what they really wanted to do. And remember, since they’re doing this now out in the open, people are using common sense and people using their brain to actually say, you know something, this isn’t going to work.

And we’re seeing it play out now right in front of us, and they’re saying it just doesn’t work. And this is going to be the downfall of the deep state, the central bank to World Economic Forum. But you can see the trucking industry they’re pushing back right now. They released a statement on what they’re trying to do here. And the trucking industry says new emissions stands for heavy duty trucks announced today by the Biden administration have unachievable targets and will carry real consequences for the US supply chain and movement of freight throughout the economy.

So ATA opposes this rule in its current form because the post 2030 targets remain entirely unachievable given the current state of zero emission technology. But does the Biden administration care? No. Their entire focus is to follow through on what they set forth back in March of 2020. Remember, they had the plan, demic, they thought, this is perfect. We’re going to keep people in their houses. They’re going to die off.

People are going to be afraid. We’re going to be able to push this because the entire supply chain, the entire, the entire economic system will completely implode on itself. But that is not happening. But you can see the blue states, they’re following along in this, and now eight states, they’re saying they’re going to complete the ban on gas powered new car sales, and those are coming out you can keep your older cars and yes, you can get used cars, but new cars, you will not be able to get a gas powered car, which means they’re phasing the cars out, which means you’re going to see a lot of service stations most likely start to close down.

And these eight states are, you guessed, at California, Rhode Island, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Washington and DC has committed to ban the same exact thing, which means this is going to be a complete and utter disaster in the end. And people are going to feel the pain as they continue to do this. Just like the people in California, they’re feeling the pain. Remember when California said, you know what we’re going to do to fight all this? We’re going to raise the minimum wage and people are going to be very, very happy.

Well, are people happy out there? You know, you know what’s happening? Well, it looks like these businesses, they’re laying off people because they can’t afford to pay them more money. So what they’re saying is, listen, you’re fired. You’re going to take that person’s job and we’re going to pay you the same. Basically what we’re going to do is when have one person doing two jobs or we’re going to remove these people and go full electronic.

And that’s exactly what’s happening. And this is coming out of the Bay Area. Fast food chains continue to lay off ahead of minimum wage increase. I think that tells you everything you need to know. FX hedge put this out on x and said Gavin Newsom struggles with California minimum wage law fallout California’s recent decision to increase the minimum wage for fast food workers from fifteen fifty to twenty dollars per hour, effective April 1, 2024, has ignited a significant debate about the impact it could have on the labor market, businesses and broader economy.

The move, aligned with legislative efforts to enhance the wages of the state’s lowest paid employees has elicited diverse perspectives on its potential consequences and implications. And this is exactly what we said was going to happen because all they’re doing is they’re placing a band aid on all of this and they’re not going to. The source of the problem. The source of the problem, the central bank. You can keep raising the minimum wage, but when the central bank system is breaking down and corporations can’t afford to pay these people, and if they can afford to pay these people, who do you think is actually subsidizing all this? It’s the people in that state.

So they’re going to have to raise prices like for food, which means people are going to struggle. This cycle never ends. This is not a fix. Actually, this makes it worse as time goes on. Because remember, the private west essential bank system breaks down over time. And sooner or later, no matter what you do, minimum wage, no matter what you do, whatever you do for adjustments, and it doesn’t make a difference because the government, the private west central bank, is going to continually add on more and more debt.

They’re going to print more and more and more because the value of the currency is continually declining. And what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to catch up and you’re trying to even things out, which it doesn’t work. And we saw this in Weimar Germany, we saw this in Argentina. We’ve seen this in a couple of countries in Africa. And what happens is they enter a period of hyperinflation and the whole system has to be restarted.

Now, once again, we’re headed in that direction. And I do believe Trump of the patriots, they’re going to use this to their advantage. But what’s very interesting about this is that the Associated Press, they’re making the case that, listen, you really don’t want lower prices because it could be catastrophic. Bad things might happen if we start to see lower prices on food and things like that. They’re asked, they’re actually gaslighting the people who are struggling right now, saying, listen, what you have right now is pretty darn good.

And you know what? The prices probably should go up then, then them going down. So you just should get used to this. Because if we start to bring the prices down, really bad things are going to happen. I mean, this is absolutely ridiculous. And they think people are stupid. No, people are using common sense right now. They’re getting it. They realize what’s happening. And we could see that everything now has been set up where the Biden administration, I bet in a couple of months they can’t do it too soon because that’d be too obvious.

Let’s talk about protecting your wealth. Investing feels overwhelming right now, doesn’t it? So complicated, so many decisions, but leaving your money in the bank, not great. It’s losing value every single day. So if it’s stressing you out and driving you nuts, why not invest smarter with noble gold investments? Precious metals are simple and real. There isn’t a company on the stock market that it was around 2000 years ago.

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Go to Noblegold investments. That is x 22 gold. com. To claim your gold coin, that is x 22 gold gold. com. Or click the link in the description. And remember, there’s always a risk of investment and there’s no guarantee of any kind. What they’re going to start to do is they’re going to start to blame what’s happening in the economy right now because inflation is picking up, fuel prices are picking up.

And since the Associated Press put that article about, you don’t want lower prices, that tells you that inflation is really going to start to move right now. And we know that fuel prices are starting to move up. And they brought down the bridge. And I do believe that’s one of their agendas, to blame the economy on that. But they can’t do it too soon. They have to wait a little bit to say, oh, my God, now we’re seeing the ramifications of the bridge coming down.

We’re starting to see it in the economy. The supply chains are starting to hurt. We’re starting to see a little bit more inflation. We’re starting to see fuel prices. Yes, our policies were working perfectly, but since the bridge came down, look what’s happening. Not our fault. And I do believe this is in preparation to bring the change of batter in. So when that person comes in, they could say, listen, everything was working.

It was the bridge’s fault. And what’s very interesting is that the democratic Maryland governor, West Moore, he was on CNN and he actually said that the bridge coming down just doesn’t affect Baltimore, it affects the country. And he said this is a national economic catastrophe as well. This port is one of the busiest, most active ports in the country. So this is not just going to have an impact on Maryland.

This is going to impact the farmer in Kentucky. This is going to impact the auto dealer in Ohio. This is going to impact the restaurant owner in Tennessee. Whether you talk about those various industries, the port of Baltimore is the largest port in the country for all of those things. So they’re already preparing and setting this up and they’re getting ready to use this narrative. And I do believe they’ll probably start using this narrative when we get around June, July, August, around that timeframe, because that’s when the economy is really going to start to break down.

So this way they could say, look, the bridge came down, it took a couple months, but look what’s happening right now. Supply chains, inflation, fuel, coal, you name it, we’re having a problem because of this port. And I do believe they’re getting this all prepped for the change of batter, just like we said. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is remember when Trump, with the patriots, remember when Trump decided to place tariffs on China, place tariffs on Europe, and people saw that.

Wow, look, the tariffs, we don’t see food rising, we don’t see electronics rising. We don’t see any problems with this. Actually, what we see is millions and millions of dollars coming in to this country. And Trump is able to take that money and help the farmers out. And actually, the tariffs are allowing certain industries to actually start up again and they’re starting to prosper. So the people saw how important tariffs are.

Remember, the globalists didn’t want tariffs. Because when you’re moving everything out of this country and you’re moving all the manufacturing and you’re moving it to other countries, you don’t want to start playing, placing tariffs on all the items that are coming back to the United States because remember, their system, the central bank system, is breaking down. And you want to make sure that the people don’t see exactly what’s happening.

And the only way to do this is to move everything offshore, have people who get paid, you know, pennies on the dollar, produce the item and bring it back here for free. And that’s exactly what they have been doing. And Trump showed everyone that tariffs actually, it’s going to benefit the United States, not hurt the United States. But what’s very interesting is a majority of voters support the United States placing a 10% tariff on all imports.

And this is coming from a JL partners Daily mail poll. So this is very interesting that people, now, the majority of people say, yeah, let’s place tariffs on all imports. And Trump, he champions the America first tariff policy. He says when companies come in and they dump their products in the United States, they should pay automatically, let’s say a 10% tax. I do like the 10% for every, I believe, I fully believe in them economically.

When you’re being taken advantage of by other countries and the people they’re going along with him, is the plan working? Absolutely. The people, they see it. They understand it. They’re using common sense now. And when you look at the poll, 24% strongly support it, 30% tend to support it, which means 54% of the people support it. And as time goes on and the economy breaks down and Trump continually tells everyone we’re in a recession, actually, this is probably a depression that we’re heading into.

And if Biden keeps everything up, he’s going to crash the economy. Trump is going to give solutions. People are going to listen to the solutions. They’re going to use common sense, and they’re going to say, you know something, we need to change things up. And I do believe that is where all of this is headed. And when you look at the american people who are watching this all play out and they’re experiencing it every single day, you see they’re starting to understand.

Remember all those videos where the young generation saying, listen, this makes no sense. I’m working hard every single day. I’m going to work 8 hours a day. All I can do is go to work, pay for my fuel or my bus ticket, my train ticket, come home, get food, and then go back to work. I can’t afford anything else. The young generation, they’re starting to realize something’s wrong.

And as the system breaks down, it really affects them. It also affects those people who are in retirement because they’re on a fixed income. And if there’s inflation, it eats away at their fixed income. So they will have less and less because they have to pay more. They need more of those pieces of paper to buy the same exact items, so they have less to use for other things, which means eventually what’s going to happen if inflation continues, they will just be able to buy food, and that is it.

That would be their retirement, pay their bills, sit at home. Now, does anyone want that for retirement? Absolutely not. When you think of retirement, you go back in time, you think of people traveling, you think about people living their lives, you think about people having a great time because you work very hard. And now here you are after, you know, 40, 50 years of work. Now I’m going to enjoy, I have my money, I’m getting my money paid to me from my retirement, everything that I did.

And now I can go and I can live very, very nicely. But when inflation hits, it hurts the older generation, but the younger generation, they’re experiencing it, too. And what’s very interesting is that this is coming from Bloomberg and election wizard put this out on x. Young voters are more concerned with the economy that’s bad for Biden. Young voters are more worried about economy than older adults. Trump leads Biden with swing states, voters under age 35 in poll.

So the younger generation, they’re really feeling all of this because again, you get your job, you’re making 30, $40,000 a year, and you want to live your life, you want to have fun, you go to work, and every day that passes, inflation continues on and it eats away at your income. And the people are definitely feeling this. So Biden is having a very, very difficult time trying to get the young people on the side.

And this is why he’s been canceling the student loans, because he needed a way to convince the young generation, oh, no, I’m on your side, while inflation is hurting them. But again, the Supreme Court ruled against him, and I think the people are going to turn against him. And you can see it’s already happening because his plan didn’t work just like everything else. And I think in the end, as we go down this path, as we get closer and closer to the presidential election, I think a lot more people are going to see the economy completely and utterly fall apart.

They’re not going to believe the story of the bridge. That’s what’s causing it all. And I think in the end that people are going to understand that it was the Biden administration, it was the fed, because remember, from the very, very beginning, they lied to the people. They told people the inflation was transient. It won’t affect you. Everything’s great. Remember, coming from Trump, fuel prices were very, very low.

The country was energy independent. Coming from Trump, we had very, very low inflation. People had a lot more money in their pockets coming from Trump. What happened? He placed tariffs on China, on Europe, took that money, gave it to the farmers, placing the tariffs on steel industry and everything else. Revitalized industry here, revitalized the steel industry here. And people saw that. And people now see the opposite happening right now.

And since people are seeing the opposite and there are organizations now pushing back on the green, new scam and everything else, I do believe this is not going to work out too well for the Biden administration, for the central bank and the World Economic Forum. And I do believe in the end, Trump is going to use this leverage against them and the people, just like with tariffs, they’re going to be on his side.

So it looks like the plan is working. The people are getting it. And I think as things get darker and darker and darker, I do believe the people are going to say, you know what? Enough is enough. Remember, first you have to go through the darkness before you can get to the light. Because people need to understand that this central bank system does not work for the people.

And the people also have to understand who the liars are. And I think people now know, and for those who don’t, they’re going to soon know. And I do believe in the end, Trump will have the people and we will be able to shift everything away from the private west of central bank system. Listen everyone, thanks a lot for listening. Be well, be safe, and especially be prepared.

Thanks a lot. .

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