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➡ The Healthy American Peggy Hall discusses a video of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse. She finds it strange that the ship approaching the bridge doesn’t cause any water splashes or ripples, and the bridge’s collapse seems unreal. She suggests that the video might be artificially created or manipulated, as it doesn’t match the expected physical reactions of such an event.


Hey, friends, Peggy hall back with you from thehealthyamerican. org dot. I want to dive right into this really weird video of the francis Scott key bridge collapse. And it’s not so much the collapse as it is the ship coming toward the bridge. And then I want you to draw your attention to a couple of things that I don’t think anybody else has mentioned. I find it very, very strange indeed.

So let’s do this. I’ve done several videos on this already. I’ve covered a lot of the questions. You’ve contributed some great insights. When I first saw this, and this is what was released as a, I guess, the official video, I understand that there is some type of camera that people are watching, you know, these ships going in and out of port. And this comes from truth seeker. So if you want, I want to give a hat tip to the actual channel here that was airing this, but I want to play this for you.

It’s a 14 minutes video. I’m only going to play the first a minute or so. And I want you to notice what I noticed. So let me. I’m going to play it once without saying anything, and then we’ll go back and I’m going to bring out some of the points. Okay, so here we go. All right. Right away, there was something that just didn’t add up for me here, and I’m going to share that with you in just a moment.

We’ll go as far as when the bridge hits that structure. I mean, I’m sorry, the boat hits the structure. All right. And then we’ll see it collapse coming up right here. There are so many strange things about this whole incident that just don’t add up. Again, I have a whole playlist with several videos. Now. I’m doing continual coverage on this because there is much more than meets the eye.

Okay. So we’re shown a little bit of water splash there, and then the bridge comes down. All right, let’s go back. And the first thing that I noticed as I saw this is this looks like a video image. There is no water coming off from the bow of the ship. There’s no splashing. There’s nothing here. It literally looks like a very poorly created video game. I don’t even watch video games, but some type of strange artificial, I don’t use the word intelligence because it’s not very intelligent.

It does not look real to me. You’re telling me that we’re being shown images from NASA, not a space agency from NASA, of these so called suns, billions of miles away. Crystal clear, mind you. But this is the best video footage we have of this. You got to be kidding me. Yes. I’m filming this on April fools, but this is no joke. All right, now the other thing.

So this ship, which weighs tons, by the way, is not making any wake in the water. There’s no splashing. It looks so strange to me. There’s something else I want to point out to you, but now. Excuse me. Now we have this very sharp turn. We have the lights that are going on and off. Many have covered that before. Not necessarily meaning that it’s losing power, but it is strange.

And then we see when this hits the bridge, a tiny little splash. A tiny little. You’re telling me that’s the size of the splash of a bridge going 8 miles an hour? And then when the bridge collapses, you’re telling me that’s all of the impact it makes? That’s the height of the splash of this multi ton bridge? Okay, I’m going to go back again. I’ll leave this video if you want to watch all of his coverage.

I actually didn’t. I just liked the video that he’s sharing. Now, I want to draw your attention up here, and we’re going to see something else come through the sky. I have not heard anybody talk about it. So this very strange video, very bizarre. Does not look real to me at all. I do not see any splashing, any wakes in the water. Have you ever thrown a rock in the water and it ripples out? Where is all that? I don’t see it at all.

I mean, if this is staged, they’re mocking us. It’s so poorly done. Okay, do you see this right here? What in the non spinning world is this like? And I am playing this on normal speed. What is that? Where did it come from? Was that a spotlight? I’ve not heard anybody bring that. Maybe I missed that. But let’s see it again. It starts here, and it goes across the sky very quickly, and it ends.

I find that an anomaly as well. Okay, there it is coming across, and then it just goes out of the frame. Now, the last thing I want to talk about are these trucks that are going across the bridge. Now, it’s possible that the trucks look identical and that this was not anything done, you know, computerized. Okay, so here’s this one white truck going across the seat. I would love if somebody could.

I don’t know how you would do it. Determine how fast they’re traveling. It seems like they’re going pretty fast. And then we will have another truck. There’s another white truck and there’s another white truck. Now, it’s possible that all these trucks are white. I was not there. I don’t have any evidence. But if they were trying to just create a computer generated image of trucks going. There’s another one.

Trucks going across the bridge. There’s another one the same length. Now, in California, you see a lot of trucks going on the road and there’s another white one. Okay. Just find that a little strange. Let me know all y’all that live in Maryland and more specifically in Baltimore. Okay. That one looks like a darker one. Is. Are they all white like where I am? All of the Amazon trucks are blue.

And we see a lot of those. And there are trucks of all different colors. So maybe I’m reading into it and there’s nothing there. But let me know what you think about the lack of wake up of a ship that weighs tons, that is going through the water at 8. Think that 13 nautical miles, if that’s correct. And when it hits the bridge, there’s very little splash. And when that collapses, there is very little splash in the water as well.

I would imagine a lot more. All right, very short video for you. You can do some more digging as well. I will continue my coverage. I want to tell you about the very corruption state of Maryland. Apparently they’re neck and neck with California trying to usher in the new world disorder. I want to bring to you additional videos. One all about the. I did one on the mayor, the youngin, as many of you pointed out, and he wants to build back better.

Of course, that’s the code word for the new world disorder, for the sustainable green do deal, as I call it that. You know, Joshi over in Hawaii is pushing forth as well. I predict that this bridge is not going to be built back better, in the. In a manner of speaking. I believe that it’s going to be sustainable and green, and it will not be named Francis Scott Key, I believe, because they want to remove a lot of these patriotic names.

So I would like to hear what you have to say. But I do want to bring you a video about the governor of Maryland and Wes Moore and how he is doing less to actually help the good people. So he is all about getting rid of gas powered cars. He’s all about the 15 minutes cities. So I will do more coverage on that. If you’re new to my channel or you haven’t seen my previous videos about the bridge, I do have a playlist for you that I will link for you at the end of this video.

Big shout out to all of my healthy americans. Thank you for being on board. Big shout out to the moderators. And be sure that you are on my free substack. Because what happens is, after I do the videos the following day, or maybe a second day after that, I do publish the written analysis with links so that you can do more deep digging. That’s what it’s required so that they don’t pull the wool over our eyes.

Thanks for being on board, everybody, and I’ll see you in an upcoming video. .

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