Ep 3216b – Panic In DC Trump Must Be Eliminated Scavino Sends Messages MIL-CIV Alliance

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➡ The episode discusses the panic in Washington D.C., potential threats against Trump, debunked charges against Trump affiliates, and the potential failure of Biden in the 2024 elections. The host also promotes the product ‘Field of Greens’ for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and emphasizes on the growing control of alternative media over the narrative, subsequently disempowering mainstream media. The episode also suggests that Trump’s perceived missteps and controversial decisions were intentional to awaken public consciousness to the realities of governance and societal issues.
➡ By entering your email at X 22 Store.com, you can win a 15% discount and a care package with a chance to win all site items. The belief is that Trump wants the people to demand that he takes down the ‘deep state’ players. Currently, election systems are not secure and can be controlled by these deep state players. There is a belief that Trump plans to seize control from them, improve election security, and move towards using paper ballots. There are fears of an imminent attack on the country and an act of war. Should this happen, the military could be activated and election protections would need to be put in place. The possibly rigged future election may lead to chaos on streets, yet it also presents an opportunity for the military to round up deep state players. The deep state players allegedly have a 16-year plan to destabilize the country and seize power, with open borders and an economic crisis seemingly being part of that strategy. The cost to taxpayers of illegal immigrants is reportedly in the billions, contributing towards a potential fiscal crisis.
➡ The text argues that uncontrolled immigration, especially by criminals and less skilled individuals, is being used by ‘deep state’ entities to create chaos for their own purposes. It also cites an ongoing assault on Second Amendment rights and widespread disapproval of the Biden administration. Moreover, it raises questions about election integrity, using the recent election in Argentina as an example of a well-run voting process.
➡ The text discusses the alleged manipulation of votes in the U.S, cheering for Argentina’s new President, Javier Miguel for potentially making Argentina “great again”, like Trump did for America. It also touches on the protests against anti-Semitism in the UK and the U.S, highlighting peaceful protests. It further comments on the deep state’s plan to destroy America, the conflicts in Israel and Gaza which are diverting attention from Ukraine, and speculates about their purpose of bringing refugees from the Gaza Strip to Western countries. Additionally, it mentions rising violent crime rates in the U.S, and promotes a product called Fighter Flare Flashlight. The text ends by describing the failing narrative of Hamas being the ‘good guys’, citing a poll that reveals Palestinians’ approval of terror attacks, acknowledging a demand for a strategic ceasefire and supporting jihadi terrorist groups.
➡ The Al Qasim Brigades, Islamic Jihad, and the Al Akasa Brigades—militant groups known for suicide attacks—enjoy high approval rates among Palestinians, undermining Western claims that Hamas does not represent Palestinian views. Concurrently, terrorist activities continue with parties attempting to drag Iran into the conflict. Despite efforts to paint the pandemic’s handling and diversity efforts positively, public opinions are increasingly skeptical, seeing the vaccines as harmful and diversity rules as overbearing. Lastly, the January 6 episode is increasingly viewed as a Deep State ploy, implicating the FBI, Capitol Police and Nancy Pelosi in the incident.
➡ The narrative discusses widespread dissatisfaction and distrust among the public towards the Biden administration and its policies. It highlights allegations of election rigging and manipulation alongside a call for a thorough investigation. It further discusses an expected shift in the Black community’s allegiance away from the current administration due to dissatisfaction with its performance. Also, speculation about President Biden’s fitness for office and potential replacements within the party are brought to light.
➡ The narrative discusses Trump’s endorsements affecting elections, his potential return in 2024, and his use of a “digital army” to control narratives. It also analyses the opposition’s panic, hinting at attempts to eliminate Trump and speculates about foreign involvement in domestic affairs. Meanwhile, it features Trump’s tribute to the late First Lady Rosalind Carter and the deep state’s struggle to control information amidst speculation of an impending “storm” paralleling the 2024 elections.
➡ The text suggests a potential cyberattack on the US election system as part of a controlled strategy to necessitate military supervision on US soil, with the aim of ensuring a fair and transparent election process. The speaker anticipates this ‘storm’ and emphasizes the importance of being prepared for such eventualities.


That’s it. Hi and welcome. You’re listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave in this episode 3216 BN. Today’s date is November 20, 2023 and the thought of the episode is panic in DC. Trump must be eliminated. Scavino sends messages. Military civilian alliance. Let’s talk about our health. The shredded lettuce in a double double. And their fruit filling in a donut are awesome, but they don’t count against five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

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That’s promo code X 22 at fieldsofgreen. com. That is fieldsofgreen. com. Or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse. Political and geopolitical news now. The deep state, the corrupt politicians, big tech, fake news, the puppet masters. They are panicking. The panic is real in DC. And you can see that everything that they have tried, everything that they’re pushing is completely and utterly failing, which means they will have two different options.

One, eliminate Trump. Actually, Dan Goldman came out and said, yes, we must eliminate Trump. So does that mean assassination? Actually, remember Tucker Carlson? He actually brought that up to Trump. Are you afraid that they’re going to try to assassinate you? Well, once again, how are they going to stop Trump? The indictments aren’t going to work. We already have judges right now that are pushing back on Shukin, pushing back on N’goron, pushing back on all these people because they’re not following the rule of law.

And in the end, when all of this is appealed, people are going to see the truth that these people never had any case whatsoever. So I don’t believe these indictments are going to work. And actually, I do believe Trump is going to be turning the tables on them. And actually, all of these Deep State players, they are going to be on trial because they’re the ones who committed the crimes.

So how are they going to try to stop Trump? Well, one of them is assassination, like we just mentioned. Now, they might try to do this, but we know that if they try to do this, this is going to fail. And what happens if they do try it and there’s text messages, emails and conversations that were going on? I don’t believe they’re going to be using government email and government text.

This will all happen behind the scenes. But remember, since the military is in control, military intelligence is monitoring everything, they will then capture all this information and they will know that they have attempted an assassination on the President of the United States. So that’s one way they can try to get rid of Trump, which I do believe they might try. The other way is to try to beat him in the election.

Now, once again, this is going to be a problem because people are watching the President and his poll numbers are going down. And you can see that they’re not going to be able to pull this off because as the economy crashes in 2024, as we approach war, as there are events in this country, because of what’s happening out in Israel and Gaza, this is going to be a complete and utter disaster for Biden.

And I do believe he is going to be stubborn. He’s not going to want to leave, and the D Party is going to have to push him out. Already we have the White House letting everyone know that the White House is dismissing concerns over Biden’s fitness. They are saying experience matters, not his age. So they’re already fighting against this. And once again, I do believe they might even force him to take a physical and a cognitive test.

Now, Trump has already had his doctors come out and say that he is physically fit, he has lost weight, and he looks pretty darn good. So once again, I do believe this is all going to turn on Biden and the DS. They’re going to say, you know something, if we don’t get rid of him, we’re not going to win this. We have no chance whatsoever. They’re not going to win any help, but they’re going to say, we have no chance.

This is going to be a complete and utter disaster. So you could see that this is all building and you can see the fake news is out there and they’re already letting their listeners know because the people that watch CNN, MSNBC and the rest, letting them know that, hey, Biden’s poll numbers don’t look good. Trump is finally beating them. And it looks like it’s going to get a lot worse for Biden.

So they’re already trying to convince the people that Biden isn’t the guy. They’re already preparing the narrative for the change of batter. And I do believe the change of batter is coming. And you could see that they are panicking because, one, they need Trump gone, which is not going to happen. They have a candidate that is a dud, and the people are with Trump. Remember Trump, the Patriots, they’ve spent this entire time taking the narrative away from the Deep state.

They took the bullhorn away. They gave the bullhorn to the people. The fake news doesn’t have the bullhorn. The people are no longer listening to the Fake news. They’re listening to other alternative media. They’re watching things on social media. They’re watching these things on platforms that do not censor. So which means that once you have this and the people see what’s really going on, the Deep state lost this power to control the people.

If they lost the power to control the people, they no longer have the narrative. Trump has the narrative. And he needed the people to understand what was going on, because in the end, what did he need? He needed the people with him. He needed the military with him. Because with the people with the military and this alliance, we, the people of this country, can actually defeat the Deep state players.

And this has been the plan all along? Yes. Trump set everything up in the first four years. Yes. He needed to gain control of the situation. I do believe Trump, as a builder and a billionaire, I don’t think he would come into this situation without knowing that he controls everything. Why would you leave things up to chance? Why would you go into this not knowing that you control everything that is going now? I don’t mean to the micro level, but he’s controlling the majority of what’s going on.

So nothing actually bad happens. Like we actually enter a war or a nuclear war? Yes. Are we going to get close to that? Yes. Because we need to wake the people up. Are the borders open? Yes, because we need to wake the people up. Is the economy failing? Yes, because we need to wake the people up. All of this was done under a controlled situation so that people could see the truth, so people could understand what’s really going on in this country.

And the Fake News would have a very difficult time trying to cover all this up. Because as the news gets out there and the videos gets out there, people see it. Just like people saw the riots in 2020, they no longer believed it was a peaceful protest because they saw with their own eyes, they saw exactly what was going on. And no matter how the Fake news tried to cover it up, it didn’t work.

So I do believe Trump came in and he set everything up for continuity of government. He needed to make sure that he was in complete and utter control. And then he needed to put in countermeasures to make sure that these individuals, the deep state players, wouldn’t be able to cheat in the 2024 election. Because that’s what this is all about. This is about the people signaling to the world.

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com or just click the link in the description that they want Trump and they want Trump to go after the deep state players. This is exactly what Trump wants. He wants the people to tell him once and for all, go after the deep state players. This is why he’s telling you this is the final battle. It’s either the people make the decision to allow the deep state to destroy the country or the people stand up and say, absolutely not.

Now the only way the people can actually have their voice heard is to actually have an election that is secure the election systems that we have today, well, they’re not secure. The election systems are run by the deep state. They control the machines, they control the paper ballots. And the people that are working in the election centers, well, they control everything that’s going on and they were put into place.

By who? By soros by the deep state players to control the elections. I do believe Trump is about to take that control away from them. And I do believe, just like what happened in Argentina, they use paper ballots. I do believe we’re going to end up using paper ballots here. And yes, I do believe that the elections will be monitored. Because remember, he keeps telling us we’re heading towards war.

Well if we’re going to war and he can have peace, that must mean we’re on the brink of war. It must mean that we’re at that point where the United States was attacked and we’re about to go to war. Because he said if I get elected, I can have peace in 24 hours. Well, if we’re not on the precipice of going to war, we wouldn’t need peace. So that means something is going to happen in this country.

People are going to think that we’re going to war, which means, I do believe the country will be attacked one way or another. And one way is a attack. If you hit the election system, that is critical infrastructure in the United States, which means it’s an act of war. And if it is hit, what does that mean? That means the military well, they’re activated. Well, I do believe they’re already activated but how do you explain it to the people that they are already activated? Because remember, November 3 was their insurrection.

January 6 was a cover up for their insurrection. So if you look at the Posey Commentatis Act, it means the military now is active. They can operate on us. Soil. But again, I don’t believe Trump wants the military roaming around. I do believe they’re monitoring everything that is going on in this country. They’re controlling everything that’s going on in this country. And to explain it to the people, you needed a way to bring them back into the fold.

So the only way to do this is to actually bring the country to war and have an attack on the US. Which would then activate the military. And the military then could say, well, we need to protect the elections. Since the election systems were damaged, there might be malware. We are looking at the situation and it looks like we can’t trust these systems. We might as well go to a system that can’t be cyber attacked and that would be paper ballots and that would be manual counting.

Look, Argentina, they were able to have the entire election in one day. They knew the results of millions and millions of people. We used to do it all the time. We didn’t need a week or two weeks. See that’s a cheating system. So I do believe in the end the military, the civilians, they’re going to be working together to defeat the deep state players. And it’s not going to be by force, it’s not going to be by bloodshed.

It’s going to be by protecting the elections and voting and using paper ballots. And I do believe that’s exactly where all this is headed. And I do believe that once the people see how many people vote for Trump and the world sees it, the people are going to be absolutely shocked. Now of course, the deep state players, they’re going to say the election was rigged, they’re not going to go along with the results.

And yes, most likely they will call upon their illegals, their criminals, antifa BLM, to riot in the streets because they’re going to want chaos. They’re going to try to bring us to war. But again, when you have all these people in one location, it does make it a lot easier for the military to round them up. Because remember, if or when the country is attacked, the military is activated, they can operate on US.

Soil, which means they can round these people up very, very easily. And I do believe we’re heading in that direction. Now. We’re going to be talking a lot more about the message that Scavino has put out and we’re also going to be talking about the change of batter. But first we can see that there are more and more individuals in Congress that are deciding not to run for reelection.

And the latest is Tony Cardenas. He’s a democrat. He decided, you know something? I’m out. I’m not running for reelection. And he’s a representative from California. And I do believe, like Higgins said, we’re going to see a lot of individuals because, remember, they’re releasing the tapes of January 6, and we still have many, many more hours, thousands of hours to go. This is just the beginning, which means these people are in trouble.

And if we can get a select committee together to investigate this select committee, or as Trump likes to say, the Unselect committee, well, this is game over for them, and this is going to be a huge problem for these people in the end. But you can see biden. He’s doing what he normally does. He’s acting like a pedophile. He’s actually feeling kids, sniffing kids. I mean, the gut feeling, I think, of the American people.

I think when they see him and they realize what he does, I think people are going, oh, yeah, I see it now. I understand it now. And I think everyone’s gut feeling is saying, yes, it’s as clear as day. And Libs of TikTok put out a video of Biden, and Biden was speaking to a six year old girl, looks like she’s wearing ears, like cat ears or something like that.

And he says, I love your ears. I love them. They’re really cool. How old are you? 17. Now, he said this to a six year old? But the creep factor is there, and I think people are starting to feel that creep factor right now. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that Trump, he needed to wake the American people up. He needed to show what the deep state has in store for the American people and for this country.

And I’m talking about the deep state players. They put together a 16 year plan to destroy the economy, have open borders, to bled the United States, to make it a third world country, and then to bring us to war. And that would destroy the entire Constitution. Yes. Throughout this entire process, they wanted to get rid of our weapons. This way, when we approach war and we enter war, it would be a lot easier to take over the country, because a country without weapons is a lot easier to take over than a country where every single person has a weapon.

So I do believe that’s why this was part of the 16 year plan, because they needed to get as many weapons, especially the AR 15s, they needed to get those weapons away from the people. So this way, when we enter war, it’d be a lot easier to take over the United States. And it looks like all of that has failed. And the people now, they see the 16 year plan.

They might not know what it is. They might not understand it completely, but they see that, wow, look at all this. I see it as clear as day. And once again, with all these illegals coming into this country, people are realizing that this is not a good situation. Having open borders actually hurts the cities, hurts the towns, hurts the states, and it cost a lot of money for illegals to be in this country.

Wall Street Silver RNX put this out and said the following new congressional report estimates illegal immigrants cost taxpayers between 150,000,000,450 billion per year. That comes to roughly 13,000 for every single migrant, meaning they contribute about twenty cents on every dollar they take. Why? Because illegals are on average sicker, less skilled, less educated, and they go on welfare and commit crime at higher rates than natives and far higher than legal immigrants.

Between the wars and millions of open borders intruders, washington’s almost inviting a fiscal cris that could take down our entire financial system. And that’s exactly what they’re doing. And remember, most of these illegals coming in, of course they’re going to be less educated, less skilled, because most of them are criminals. Most of them are drug traffickers, human traffickers, child traffickers, Ms 13 gang members, terrorists. So they’re coming to this country not to contribute to this country.

They’re coming to this country to create chaos. And that’s what the deep state players need them for. That’s why they’re bringing all these people in, because they want these people to outnumber the people in this country. They need foot soldiers that can go up against the citizens of the country. If you just look at the UK, you look at Germany, you look at all these different places, you can see it as clear as day.

They needed millions of people in these countries because these are the foot soldiers of the Deep State players. They don’t care what happens to them. Later on, they probably get rid of them. But they need them to destroy society in every single one of these countries. And Trump, he needed to show everyone this. He needed everyone to understand, look, this is the deep State’s plan. They’ve been planning this for a long time.

Actually. He told everyone, listen, if Biden gets into office, he’s going to destroy the economy. The border is going to be wide open. Millions of people are going to come in. They’re all going to be criminals. He’s going to bring us to war. He won’t finish the wall. And everything that he said came true. It’s still coming true. But again, he did say it, but no one believed it.

You know why? Because you didn’t see it. You didn’t experience it. That’s why you just heard words. And that’s why he needed to show everyone. And now that the people see it, the people understand that the Biden administration, they don’t care about the borders. They don’t care about going down there and secure the borders. Trump gave them everything. All you got to do is continue what I was doing, the country is going to do perfectly well.

He knew they would do the opposite. That’s why he set it up this way. And Trump, he was just down at the border. He shook all the border patrol’s hands, gave them dinner. Do you see Biden down there doing that during Thanksgiving? Where is he today? Is Kamala the border czar? Is she down there? Absolutely not. DC Draino and X put this out and said, biden won’t visit the border.

Trump goes there and gives a speech in front of an M 240 machine gun. Absolutely. That is strength right there. And this is what the people are seeing. This is what the people now understand. And as we go through 2024, the people are going to understand a lot more. You can see the people already, they’re turning on Biden. We’ll be talking about that in just a little bit.

But you can see right now, everything the deep state has set up to control what people say. The narrative where they censored people, they put out hit pieces, that is all falling apart on them. They went after X, which was Twitter, and they attacked X. And remember, they don’t control it anymore. See, when they used to attack people, they would control Twitter, they would control Facebook, they would control YouTube, they would control Instagram.

So it made it a lot easier for them to do things when they don’t have control of these platforms and they attack, let’s say the platform, it doesn’t work out well for them because there’s just too many people on the platform that will then attack them. And you could tell that right now, Media Matters, they tried to make a move. They tried to get the advertisers off X, they pushed a fake story, and now it’s completely imploding on them.

And yes, X is going to be suing them again. Media Matters doesn’t care because once again, their mission was to expose what X was doing, which was nothing, and drive the advertisers away. They just couldn’t have the advertisers leave. They needed some type of an event so the advertisers could use that to move away. Because remember, most of these corporations are part of the deep state system. They’re controlled by the deep state.

Remember, you don’t need the entire country. You don’t need every single employee. All you need is the top ranking person. And they call the shots, they tell everyone what to do and everyone follows suit. But you can see that Media Matters, since they’re certified as credible by NewsGuard rating system, well, I think that tells you everything you need to know. They gave him an 80 out of 100.

The website mostly adheres to basic standards of credibility and transparency. Anyone believe that? I don’t think so. NewsGuard, all these fact checking things, they’re all part of the deep state system. Think about it, going back in time before Trump said anything about fake news. Did they have these fact checkers? NewsGuard? No, they had to create that because people started to figure out that these news outlets were all propaganda.

So they needed something where they no, no, we’re not propaganda. Look, we have a fact checker now telling us that we’re right, you’re wrong. Oh wait, we have newsguards saying that we’re credible. The people don’t need that. People are not stupid. All they got to do is think logically, read what they’re putting out there or listen to what they’re putting out there and people will know if they’re credible or not.

And that’s what people started to do and that’s why they needed all these different organizations to try to convince people that they are credible. Which tells you everything you need to know. And you can see the deep state players. They haven’t given up on going after the guns of the people. Well, it looks like going after the guns didn’t work. So what are they going to do? They’re going to try to take away the ammunition.

So Democrat members of Congress have introduced a bill that would impose restrictions on bulk ammunition sales, licensing requirements on ammunition vendors, and background checks for ammunition buyers. So who’s driving this? US Senator Elizabeth Warren and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut. So they are pushing this very, very hard because they realized everything that they tried with the AR 15, with guns and all the other types of guns, everything they tried to do with all the events of the mass shootings and everything else completely and utterly fell apart.

They tried to go after the gun manufacturers. That didn’t work. They tried to use Visa Mastercard to track everyone. Yes, they might be tracking people, but again, they can’t use this to get the weapons away from the people. So what are they going to do? They’re going to go after the ammunition. If people don’t have ammunition, what’s the use of a gun then? So they have this ammunition.

Modernization and Monitoring Oversight Act. Basically gun control. That’s really what they’re really doing. Again, if you notice all these people, all they do is fight against the Constitution. All these people that were supposedly elected, which we know they weren’t, they were installed, all they do every single day is fight against the Constitution. I think that tells you everything you need to know. So right now they’re going to try to push this.

Is it going to work? Absolutely not. So this policy, they’re just copying what California has because it already exists in California. And I do believe in the end, right now with who controls the House, this is going absolutely nowhere. And eventually what’s going to happen is whatever California has because remember, that’s a template for the rest of the country that’s going to be reversed too. Once again, their entire 16 year plan is utterly falling apart and everything that they tried to do is not going to work because once the people are awake, once the people see what they’re trying to do, everything falls apart.

Now we can see out in Argentina, the deep State, well, they couldn’t get their way. They were defeated. We have a new president in Argentina, Javier Mie, and with 99. 3% of the votes counted, he has now won 55. 7% versus 44. 3% against Masa. So once again, the people now they realize that socialism doesn’t work. They have 143% inflation rate. The economy is a complete and utter disaster.

But what’s very interesting is that they went to paper ballots because there was a voting machine fiasco in the primaries. And what’s very interesting is they were able to complete the election in one day. Harmeet Dylan put this out and said, argentina, a large urban population focused country of over 45 million, had a national election result within an hour of the polls closing. Cheryl Atkinson responded to this and said, no.

Midnight stoppages, late night dumps, water leaks, broken machines. So it is possible to count all the votes in one night and have an election in one night. Actually, we used to do the here in the United States. When did this all change? Oh, that’s right, during COVID That’s when they used COVID to cheat in the elections. That’s why they needed the mail in ballots. That’s why they needed the dropboxes.

So why couldn’t they complete it in one night? Oh, that’s right. They needed to count to see how many votes they actually, we shouldn’t even say votes they needed to count to see how many ballots they needed to beat Trump. So what did they have to do? Oh, gas leak, water leak. Let’s shut it down. Middle of the night, what do they do? They pull out the ballots.

How many do we need? Okay, let’s start feeding in the ballots, because now we need this many ballots to beat Trump. That’s why they made it into a day, two days, five days a week. They needed an excuse to actually shut it down. That’s why you heard water leak. That’s why you heard gas leak. That’s why they said, oh, by the way, we have technical difficulties and it’s going to take a little bit longer than normal.

They used all these different methods because they needed to count the amount of ballots they needed. If they had it in one day, they wouldn’t be able to do this. But Trump, he put this out on truth and said, congratulations to Javier Miguel on a great race for President of Argentina. The whole world was watching. I’m very proud of you. You will turn your country around and truly make Argentina great again.

Then he put out another truth and it says, Make Argentina great again. And it shows the president, Javier Melier, in front of a don’t tread on me flag. Interesting, isn’t it? And we can see that country is about to turn around now. The deep state players, yes, they’re going to try to stop him every step of the way because they don’t want the country turned around. The Central.

Bankers don’t want the country turned around, but he is going to turn it around, just like the President of El Salvador. And the people are going to see something that they’ve never seen before, just like they saw something different here in the United States when Trump was in the White House, they saw very low inflation. They saw tariffs being placed on China. They saw trade deals that were being reworked.

They saw the country become energy independent. So the people in this country actually saw a very big difference, because now, with Biden in office, what are people seeing? They’re seeing the opposite. And Trump, he needed this to be very, very clear to the people. He needed people to see that the borders were secure. He needed to see that the economy was doing well. He needed to see that, hey, look, there’s no wars.

He put a stop to that. We had peace in the Middle East. If you notice, everything is happening the opposite of what Trump did. This is all part of Trump’s plan to show people and to wake them up. First, he had to show you one side and look, see how great everything could be. Then he had to show how Biden reversed everything. And now it looks like we’re going to war.

And war is building. Remember the deep state players, they want war. And you could see that they’re trying to push this as hard as they can. Now, what’s happening out in Israel and Gaza, it is now taking the focus off of Ukraine. Ukraine’s not getting the funding, ukraine is not getting the weapons. And Zelensky is saying that the shell deliveries, they have decreased since the outbreak of the Gaza war, which means the ammo that’s being delivered to Ukraine is drying up because it’s been shifting over to what’s happening out in Israel and Gaza.

And you can see they’re trying to build a war there. They want Iran involved. And I do believe this is what they’re going to try to do. But what’s very interesting out in the UK, we can see there are many, many people protesting, and they’re protesting against anti Semitism. And what’s very interesting about all these protests, because we had one here in the United States and DC, we had Jewish people.

And those people that are protesting with the Jewish people, if you notice, there’s no chaos, there’s no riots, there’s no graffiti, there’s no monuments being torn down, there’s no windows that are being broken. If you notice, it’s only on the other side, the side that’s made up of antifa illegals BLM, where they go out there and they destroy the country. You know why? Because they are the foot soldiers of the Deep State Players, and they’re instructed to destroy this country.

Because, remember, their entire mission, the deep state mission, is to destroy America. And with what’s happening out in Gaza, you can see, what do they want to do? They want to bring the refugees where? To all the countries. They want to bring the terrorists, actually from that area into each and every one of the countries in the Western world. So they want to bring them to Germany. They want to bring to France.

They want to bring the US. They want to bring to Canada. Why? Because they know they will create chaos out in Germany. Germany is preparing to take in refugees from the Gaza Strip, and security authorities are sounding the terror alarm. They know that this is not going to be a good thing and this shouldn’t be happening. They’re already saying that there’s going to be an event. Let’s talk about being prepared.

Violent crime across the US. Has skyrocketed. Just recently, a politician was carjacked by three armed attackers outside his home in Washington, D. C. This comes several months after another politician was assaulted in the elevator of her building. Between mass shootings, homicides, kidnapping, burglaries, carjacking, and more, it’s never been more vital to learn how to protect yourself. This is why myself, along with tens of thousands, are choosing the Fighter Flare Flashlight.

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And you can see that CNN, MSNBC, they’re all struggling right now to keep the narrative up that, no, Hamas is good. They’re the good guys. David Rubin put this out and said, CNN put a dude with a goatee who pretends to be a woman and a rabbi on to discuss how Hamas are the good guys. Truly extraordinary. So they’re really going to the bottom of the barrel to get anyone they possibly can to actually convince their viewers that Hamas is good.

But once again, everyone’s realizing that they’re terrorists. Everyone understands that they went into Israel and they killed, they raped, and they murdered. So these individuals, they are the same group that were rioting during George Floyd. They just took the same group, put different outfits on them, and they’re back out there on the streets once again, and they’re trying to convince everyone that no, these are the victims. These are the people that are rooting for the Palestinians.

Well, it seems that this entire narrative is not working out well for them because there was a poll that was put out there by the Arab world for research and development, and this is an opinion poll. And what did it show? Well, the survey shows that 75% of Palestinians approve of the October 7 terror attack against civilians in southern Israel, which is described by the PLO pollster as attacks that were carried out in response to contemporary and historic oppression.

Despite supporting the October 7 massacre, 90% now support a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Now, some context to this. In Arabic, a ceasefire is referred to as hudna, and the term carries a very different connotation. A hudna is a more of a strategic ceasefire that allows for a pause in fighting so that a competitive advantage can be built against an adversary. In Western terms, a ceasefire seeks a more lasting end to hostilities.

A hudna is purpose with allowing for your forces to regroup so they can continue the military campaign at a later date. Most Palestinians believe that Palestine will win. Well, that prediction is not going so well. Hamas has not only not won, they run away from the fight and decided to hide within the civilian population as the Israeli army has successfully split Gaza into two right now. So here’s where the poll gets kind of ugly.

The Palestinians support the most ferocious jihadi terrorist groups while having nothing but contempt for the United States and even Arab countries that had previously attempted to assist them. The Al Qasim Brigades, which is supported by 89% of respondents, is the militant arm of Hamas. They are known for carrying out suicide bombing missions and terrorist attacks on civilians. Islamic Jihad, known in the west as Palestinian Islamic Jihad, or PIJ, the second most popular group with 84% of approval, is a terrorist organization that operates in Gaza and Lebanon.

Their operation also includes suicide attacks and indiscriminate violence against civilians. The Al Akasa Brigades, which like the two aforementioned groups, is best known for its suicide attacks, receives an 80% approval rating. They operate mostly in the West Bank. Hamas comes in fourth place with 76%. In all likelihood, Hamas has taken a backseat to the belf groups because they’re not committed to enough carnage against Israelis in greater Western world.

With this survey, and many before it, we can certainly put to rest the idea advanced by Joe Biden and the institutional US foreign policy gang that Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people. Now, this whole thing was put out by Jordan Schachel, and you could see that everything that they’re trying to convince the people of, it’s not working. And the people now are seeing the truth. And what’s very interesting is that the IDF, they found the tunnels and now they’re exploring the tunnels.

And these tunnels are 55 meters long and 10 meters deep underneath the Shifa Hospital. And they run throughout Gaza. So they’re finding these tunnels. They’re exploring these tunnels, and they’re finding that this is how they move about in this area. So, once again, we have the terrorist groups. We know where they are, and they’re being exposed. And the people now can see exactly what they have done. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is we can see the deep state players.

It looks like they want Iran to enter into this war. And Iranian proxies, they’ve hijacked an Israeli owned ship in the international waters. Now, these are the Iranian backed Houtis terrorists based in Yemen, and they hijacked an Israeli owned commercial vessel. It was in international waters. They flew a helicopter onto the ship. The soldiers got out and they took over the ship. And there’s an actual video, because they videotaped themselves doing this.

Unbelievable. Do you think they’re trying to start a war? Do you think the deep state players want Iran to get involved? I do believe so. But Paul Sperry said something very interesting on X. He said, fact, Muslims are allowed to live in Israel. Fact, Jews are not allowed to live in Gaza. That is very interesting. So that should tell you everything you need to know. So we have a senior Biden advisor.

He has arrived in Israel for talks on preventing war with Lebanon. Now, and it looks like they’re sent out there to actually not stop the wars, but actually to create the wars. You have to remember who’s working in the Biden administration. Blinken. Remember, he worked as Deputy Secretary of State for Obama. Blinken has been at Biden’s right hand for the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the war in Ukraine, the sanctions lifted from, and the hundreds of millions of dollars made available to Iran, and the antiisrael foreign policy that emboldened Hamas murderous attack.

On October 7, in an email to antisemitic antiisrael State Department employees, blinken reiterated his belief that Gazastinians, whose charter calls for Israel’s extinction and the genocide of her people, deserve a country, that this remains his highest priority. He is also behind the push to stop Israel from destroying Hamas, which will allow the organization to regroup and continue its war against Israel civilians. Blinken is on board with Obama’s vision of a Middle Eastern realignment, and he sees Iran as the way to do this.

So Blinken. He worked for Obama. He’s taken orders from Obama. He’s carrying out the orders of Obama. And I do believe with everything that we’re seeing, everything that’s going on, all roads lead back to Obama. And it looks like we’re preparing and getting ready for a change about it, because we can see the fake news. They’re all on board with this. And we could see that Biden’s going to fight this.

And I do believe they’re going to be taking him out in the end. We’ll be talking about that in just a SEC. But we could see that everything that they’ve done during the 2020 election, where they use COVID to cheat in the elections, well, their entire pandemic is completely and utterly falling apart. The people are no longer buying that COVID is a threat. The people are realizing that the vaccines that they have been pushing, they’re bioweapons.

They’re making people sicker and sicker and sicker. And now we’ve come and find out there’s more evidence that all of a sudden, the vaccine companies, they wanted those people that died to say that they had COVID and they died from COVID Ben Swan put this out on X and said ernest Ramirez 16 year old son died five days after receiving the pfizer vaccine. FEMA then contacted him, offering to pay for his son’s burial if he claimed COVID killed his son.

So they had a congressional hearing. We had Marjorie Taylor Green there, representative Thomas Massey. We had Dr. Malone there, and they were testifying about this. So once again, here we have them trying to cover up what the vaccine actually did. And in the end, as we all know, the COVID up always gets you. And in the end, the people are going to see the truth. And they’re seeing the truth just like they’re seeing the truth about diversity and equity, which actually means the opposite of what’s really happening right now.

A judge in California has suspended the enforcement of diversity, equity, and inclusion dei rules instituted by the California Community college system. The rules, which took effect in the spring, aimed to ensure faculty and staff uphold dei values. Well, it looks like they decided, the professors decided to sue and say, no, we don’t want to do this because this goes against my First Amendment rights, and it goes against everything that I believe.

So the regulations explicitly require professors to pledge allegiance to contested ideological viewpoints. Professors must acknowledge that the cultural and social identities are diverse, fluid, and intersectional. And they must develop knowledge of the intersectionality of social identities and the multiple axes of oppression that people from different racial, ethnic, and other minorities groups face. And the professors were saying, well, this goes against everything that I believe, and you’re trying to push this on me.

Haven’t we seen this in the past? Haven’t we seen religions try to push their ideological beliefs on people and the people reject it? And what do they do to those people? They kill them in the end. Well, aren’t we seeing the same exact thing right now? They’re trying to push this on people. And the people in their religion, they don’t believe it. And if you don’t believe it, well, you’re going to be forced to believe it.

It seems like we’re going through the same exact thing once again. And I think the people now they’re awake enough to say, we’re not doing this, and the people are pushing back. And as it goes to the court of law and they follow the rule of law, the Constitution always wins. And we’re seeing this time and time again go back to when COVID was first released on the public.

Everything that they tried to do has been reversed. Why? Because of the Constitution. Every time they try to do something, it’s always reversed. Think about gun control. Everything that they try to do, it gets reversed. Yes, sometimes it may take time, because they know how to play the game. They know if they push something, they know it’s going to take a couple of months or maybe even a year to reverse what they did, but they try to push it as hard as they possibly can and get what they need.

But in the end, it is always reversed. And if you notice, that time period is getting shorter and shorter and shorter. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that we see that the entire January 6 insurrection was not an insurrection of we the People. It was an insurrection of the Deep State players. They were covering up what they did on November 3. That’s when they had the actual insurrection.

And they needed January 6 to cover this up because they didn’t want the votes returned to the legislature, because that would have ruined their entire November 3 insurrection, wouldn’t it? So they needed to stop this one way or another. So they needed an event, and they needed to make sure that Trump could never be put back into office. But all of this has failed. And now the evidence is coming out.

And what are people seeing? They’re seeing that the insurrection was driven by the FBI, by the Capitol Police. Nancy Pelosi, remember, she is the person who is responsible for the security of the Capitol. It’s not Trump. It’s Nancy Pelosi. She was responsible for all of this. And I do believe we’re going to find out that there was communications between all these people, because, remember, this was planned for a very long time.

And I do believe that information is going to be coming up. But you could see as more and more video comes out and there’s thousands of more hours yet to be released, we can see that all these people were involved, and they were trying to make the people, we the people out in DC very, very angry. They needed them agitated, and they were actually firing upon the peaceful protests.

Take a listen to this exchange in what was happening during this period of time. And not only that, we’re taking out one and ten of them are getting wegrier. We’re multiplying them by hitting them. So as this evidence continually pours out, I do believe Marjorie Taylor Greene is absolutely correct. We need a select committee to investigate the investigators, because it looks like they were the COVID up for Nancy Pelosi, for the FBI, for the Capitol Police, antifa neo Nazis on the ground.

Now, we need to investigate, and we need to subpoena all of their records and not just their government emails. We need to subpoena and find out what other emails they were using. We need to see everything that they were doing, because this is treasonous against the country. And we need to find out what exactly happened, because we know that there was an insurrection on November 3. They cheated in the election by shutting down the elections and they printed ballots to override the system.

Then they needed a way to make sure that nobody returned the votes back to the legislators because people would have found out what really happened. They would have started investigation. So they needed something on January 6 to stop this. So what did they do? They created an event and they made sure that Pence couldn’t do it. He couldn’t send the votes back because in an emergency situation, the control is taken away from Pence.

Now, I do believe Trump used this against them and he had them change the law because he knew when we go to paper ballots in 2024, they were going to try to do what they will try to send it back to the legislatures to try to stop Trump from being president. Well, he needed to put up blocks and he needed them to do it. And he tricked them into doing it because remember, they’re not going to accept the results in the 2024 election.

But Trump, he set it up so they can’t cheat or stop him from being president. He’s already the Commander in Chief. He just let the president do what he does best, show the people the truth. That’s why he was put in that position. But you can see as the people see the truth, what’s happening right now, they’re losing their base. Remember, they had the Hispanic vote, they had the black vote.

And now Al Sharpton is out there, he’s warning the Biden admin that they need to take a black voters leaving Dems seriously. They have a major problem right now. They’re losing their grip on the black voter. And Al Sharpton, he is now telling the Biden administration we’re in trouble. Remember, they put these people into place like Al Sharpton and many others to convince the black population this is the party that you must be looking at.

But now it’s all falling apart. And that reminds me of a couple of posts. Post 1233 this is April 21, 2018 down below it says they will lose black votes once Haiti revealed. Lost now because of the awakening, they keep them enslaved. What did Hussein do for the black community? Verse POTUS well, Hussein did nothing. Actually made the black community much poorer. POTUS he revitalized their areas. They had jobs, they were making a lot more money.

Big difference. Post 19 October 31, 2017 down below it says the network which controls this false narrative, which in turn keeps the black population under control, is being dismantled. False local and national black leaders will be exposed next as shills for the D Party, which means Al Sharpton and the rest, they’re all going to be exposed and the black community is going to learn the truth. But you can see the deep state players, they are now making their move to get rid of Biden.

Now, I do believe Biden’s going to be very, very stubborn. But you could see they’re already driving this. MSNBC has already put out polls going, holy crap, look at this, trump is finally in the lead. CNN Seniors data reporter Harry Enton was stunned at a new poll showing a stark divide within Democratic voters over Joe Biden’s handling of the Israel Hamas war. And he even broke down a new Quinnipiac poll that found Democrats under the age of 35 tend to have less favorable reviews towards Israel and Biden’s handling of the conflict compared to those 65 and older.

And they’re trying to create this narrative that Biden is losing the people. They’ve already kicked it off, which means a change of batter is coming. Now, once again, the White House is out there saying they don’t care what the polls say, they don’t care what Biden’s age is. All they care about is, look, he can do the job. He’s the right guy, he has the experience. Now, do you think this is going to work? Absolutely not.

I do believe in the end, this is going to be a complete and utter disaster because they’re saying experience matters, not his age. So they’re not looking at the polls anymore. They know what they are. They’re just trying to convince everyone that it’s still Biden. Now, I do believe the deep state players, they’re going to be pushing back pretty darn hard. And when Biden says he’s not leaving, they’re going to drag him out there one way or another.

And I don’t mean physically. I mean they’re going to start the process of showing that he is not physically fit. Now, like we said before, they’re trying to create the narrative that Trump is not physically fit. Now, Trump, he just put out a letter from his doctor saying he’s physically fit. He lost doing. He’s very active. He passed a cognitive test and he’s taken the cognitive test before and everything looks good because what do you think they’re trying to do? They’re trying to make age an important factor.

So I think in the end, what’s going to happen is they’re going to force Biden to get a physical and have a cognitive test and this is going to show that he is not physically fit to hold office and this is what they’re going to use to get rid of him in the end. And I do believe that time is coming because they’re losing the people. Think about Michael rappaport.

Are they going to be voting for Biden? No, he already said he’s not. He’s pissed off, he’s angry. He doesn’t want to vote for Trump. We have cardi b. She’s going off on Joe biden. She supported him, but now she’s saying, holy crap, look at this. We’re heading towards a recession. We have foreign wars. We see the decay in the American cities and everything’s falling apart. And she’s out there now saying, yeah, I can’t vote for this guy.

Now look what’s happening right now. The people, they’re speaking up. This is going to spread. You’re going to hear more and more people talk about it. The Rock was even out there saying that, yeah, a lot of his friends, they are not with Biden, they’re with Trump. So I do believe this is going to continue. And in the end, the deep state, they’re going to have to make a move one way or another.

And I do believe as they bring up his age, as they bring up Trump’s age, trump is going to produce the evidence and the evidence is going to destroy Biden and the DS are going to use this against him. But let’s go back to post 4014. This is April 30, 2020. It says, Change of batter coming. Why was she safe from officially announcing? Why was she reserved for a last minute change? How do you attempt to sneak one in? So are they going to bring in a woman? Because we already see that newsom might be on deck, but is he going to complete the entire presidential run or are they bringing him in and they’re going to sneak one in later? It’s starting to seem that way, but we can see that all those people that go up against MAGA, all those people that go up against the people of this country who are seeing the truth, these people seem to fail over and over and over, especially when Trump doesn’t endorse them.

See, if other candidates endorse other people, they just fail. And we can see this is exactly happening with Kim Reynolds out in Iowa. Trump, he put this out on truth. He said, Kim Reynolds of Iowa has gone from a popular governor to the most unpopular governor in the United States. Not an easy feat. Her endorsement of Rondee Sanctimonius, who is a 50 points down to me in the polls, has given him exactly zero bounce.

He is a wounded bird falling violently from the sky. I wonder what position Kim was promised in order to back someone who is so far down. I got Iowa first in the nation, ethanol security and $28 billion for our great farmers. I also protected Social Security and Medicare desenctimonious and bird brain did nothing. And he’s absolutely right. And you could see that everything that Trump endorses, it seems that these people win.

Look at Louisiana. Louisiana Solicitor General Liz Merle, first Assistant Secretary of State Nancy Landry, and former US Representative John Fleming all received Trump’s backing on Thursday and went on to 30 point victories in their respective races. Trump called the candidates outstanding in every way and shared they have his complete and total endorsement. And you can see that people are continually winning. But once again, we know that Trump now is putting certain people into place, because as he comes back in 2024, as he goes up against the deep state in the final battle, yes, the people are going to have to make this decision.

He needs certain people in certain positions. Now, you can see the deep state players, they are panicking because they know that evidence is continually pouring out. People are now seeing the January 6 evidence. Soon they’re going to be the evidence of election fraud. Soon they’re going to see the other evidence of January 6, because, remember, they are now indicting Trump over all of this. And actually, he’s going to reverse this, and he’s going to put them on trial because why? He has all the declassified information, and he’s going to submit it into the courts, and people are going to see the truth.

So yesterday we had Dan Scavino out there, put up two videos of two dogs. Same video, but posted it twice, showing the dog run into the pile of leaves. And we’ve known that Rosalind Carter, she passed away. And I do believe Jimmy Carter, he’s not that far behind. And I do believe the deep state players, they’re going to try to use this to distract everyone from the evidence that is coming out right now.

And this is what they normally do. But Trump, he did put out a truth. And he said, Melania and I John. All Americans in mourning the loss of Rosalind Carter. She was a devoted First Lady, a great humanitarian, a champion for mental health, and a beloved wife to her husband of 77 years, President Carter. Over a lifespaning nearly a century, rosalind Carter earned the admiration and gratitude of our entire nation.

From her days as A-U-S. Navy spouse to the Georgia Governor’s mansion, to her tenure as First Lady of the United States and her later work at the Carter Center and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, she leaves behind a legacy of extraordinary accomplishment and a national service. Our prayers are with the former president, the Carter family, and the entire community of Plains, Georgia, that she loves so much. And we can see that the deep state players, they’re struggling right now.

See, in the past, they would be able to control the narrative. In the past, they would just put something out on the fake news, and people would just believe it, and they would have control of social media, and they would control everything that’s going on. But going all the way back to when Trump first came into office, it seems that they were building the digital soldiers. They were building the Trump army, if you like to say that, and they were building the digital army to go up against the deep state players, to go up against the fake news.

And this was the. Only way to actually beat them in the end. And what’s very interesting about this is that Dan Scovino, he put out a post on X, and it’s a tweet that Trump put up on May 14, 2020. And this is what it says. Thank you to all my great keyboard warriors. You are better and far more brilliant than anyone on Madison Avenue ad agencies. There is nobody like you.

So he’s letting us know that the digital army, well, the digital army is working and now we control the narrative. And that reminds me of two posts. 4880 is October 15, 2020. It says, without you collectively there would have been no way to bypass their control. They weren’t about to repeat the mistakes of 2016. You are what matters most united, not divided. You awake. Thinking for yourself is the greatest fear.

Welcome to the digital battlefield where we go on we go all then we have post 40 511, June 24, 2020. It says this has never been attempted use of general public to counter the narrative propaganda pushed by control. Media analysis start to now indicates situational awareness. Decoupling of MSDNC control of information channels one through 99 of general public expanding at massive pace. Attacks indicate can be defined as loss of generalized information control.

Need to expend ammunition, muster network to defend and coordinate attacks to counter military civilian alliance. Absolutely. And you can see DC, they’re panicking because they realize everything that they’ve tried to do, every piece of ammunition that they fired at Trump to remove him from office or to try to keep him from getting back into office has completely and utterly failed. And Jen Sacke was interviewing Dan Goldman and he said something very, very interesting.

Simon Atteba put this out on X and said, in case you missed this today, Democratic Congressman Representative Dan Goldman went on Jen Sackey and said, trump has to be eliminated. What does he mean by that, eliminated? I mean, usually you say Trump has to be beaten in the election. We can’t allow him to win, but he has to be eliminated. That’s a very interesting set of words, but that reminds me of post 586.

This is January 22, 2018, because remember Tucker Carlson, he was interviewing Trump and he asked him about, hey, they tried everything. I guess the last thing is assassination. Are they going to try to assassinate you? Now, Trump, he kind of disregarded that. He really didn’t answer that question. But this post I think explains what might happen. What happens if text originating from FBI agent to several internals discuss the assassination possibility of the POTUS or member of his family? What if the texts suggest foreign allies were involved? Forget the Russia setup one of 22 this is only the beginning.

Be careful what you wish for. As the World Turns could messages such as those be publicly disclosed? What happens to the FBI? What happens to the Department of justice? What happens to the special counsel. What happens in general? Every FBI DOJ previous case could be challenged. Absolutely. Do you think this information might get out? Yes. You think they might try to assassinate Trump? It’s starting to seem that way.

They’re becoming very, very desperate. And once again, we know that the foreign governments, they helped overthrow the United States government, they thought they had it made, and now they’re realizing they’re in trouble and everything is falling apart around them. And this is why they’re continually out there saying that democracy is under threat. We must remove Trump because he’s going to destroy democracy, which means he’s going to destroy their system that they set up.

The people see the system now he’s going to destroy it. And they understand that the inner workings of it is going to be exposed. And when that happens, it’s game over. Now, what’s very interesting is that Scavino, he put up a post on X, and it’s a rocket lifting off. Now it’s going very, very slow, and then all of a sudden, once it gets up in the air, it speeds up.

So it looks like the information was going to be dripped out very, very slow. And now it’s going to start to move a lot faster because why? We’re heading into 2024. And I do believe that we’re getting closer and closer to the storm. I do believe that storm is probably going to hit around election time. But this video is 55 seconds long. And if you look at post 55, it was put out on November 2, 2017.

Look to Twitter. Exactly this. My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us. God bless. And I do believe as we approach 2024 and as we have the elections, I do believe that once Trump is elected president and the people, they make their final decision and they tell Trump, we’re with you, I do believe the storm is going to be upon us. And remember, Trump needed the American people to wake up.

He needed the American people to see exactly what the deep state is, what their system is, what it’s trying to do, where they’re trying to destroy America. And I do believe Trump is going to be using the last part of their 16 year plan, which is an economic disaster and war, to wake the rest of the people up. And then as the people start to see the truth, the people will be on his side.

So he will have the people. He already has the military. And I do believe he has to bring the military back into the fold. And this is why he needed the war, because he needed to protect the elections going into 2024. And I do believe he needed the military, the National Guard, to do this. And the only way to do this is to have a war and have the US.

Attacked in some way. Do I mean that they’re going to be a nuclear explosion and everyone’s going to die. No, I do believe there’s going to be some type of cyberattack that the fake news will report to try to postpone the elections, to say the election system is hit. And just because you have a cyberattack doesn’t mean the entire country is just shut off. It means that they could release a malware and it can hurt the election system.

Malware might hit some cities and might black them out to make it look good, because remember, it’s a controlled attack. Remember the World Economic Forum? They already told us there’s going to be a cyberattack. Why not use this to your advantage? Why not allow them to do it? This way you can control the elections because the military, they’ve already been activated. The people just don’t know this. How do you get the people to accept that the military can be on US.

Soil and that they can guard the elections? Well, if the country is attacked and they hit the election system, which is a national security threat, it’s part of the critical infrastructure, well, then the military can then be on US. Soil to guard the election. This way, we can remove those people that run the elections, which means we can have a fair, free, transparent election. Using what? Paper ballots we can’t use the systems can’t use the ballots that they use because they feed into the machines, because they don’t know if these machines are secure.

So I do believe everything is coming together. The storm is building. And I do believe Scavino is letting us know it’s almost upon us. The patriots are in control. Listen, everyone. Thanks a lot for listening. Be well. Be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot. .


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