Cocaine Dirty Money And The Bidens (Ep. 2063)

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– Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts. By the way, gee absolutely hates this story, this cocaine story. However, I think it’s extremely important because it’ll be yet another federal institution.
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– Biden struggles with exit. Can we get let Jim do jim’s got an announcer voice? Bidenomics is working. Despite still record inflation, prices have not come down. Nobody in the chat is changing their vote.
– Bidenomics is at least working because they’re picking a bunch of green energy companies that turned out to be real winners. But there’s a reason this stuff doesn’t work. If the government knew how to pick winners and losers, they wouldn’t be in government.
– Deficits now exploded to $32 trillion. We’re going to have to print it. Causing more inflation and higher interest rates. Even they’re worried about Central Bank digital currency.
– Join us every day for the live chat at 11:00 a. m. Eastern time. Follow us on Apple and Spotify as well. Thanks again for tuning in.


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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts. With your host, Dan Bongino. I told you. I told you. You’re not wasting your time. By the way, just let me say in advance, gee absolutely hates this story, this cocaine story. It’s funny. Like, he loves these culture war stories more than anything. Like he could talk about neo all day. This cocaine story, he has no time for it.

However, I think it’s extremely important because it’ll be yet another federal institution. Agency Priorly respected the Secret Service that’s collapsed over this story. You’re not wasting your time. Did we not call it a couple weeks ago? I told you what happened here. And now multiple sources are coming forward through this soldier of Fortune magazine saying the exact same thing.

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Folks, it’s going to be a big show. You’re not wasting your time on this show. I predicted Bidenomics would fail. It’s failing right now. My things aren’t bad enough yet theory, but they’re getting there is also coming true, too. You’ll see more of what I’m talking about today. Stay tuned. Don’t go anywhere.

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All right, Joseph, let’s go. Dan, it is showtime. It is showtime. And Joe visit. Joe paid a visit this morning in person. I’d say it was good to see him, but I missed him. Joe popped in as I was up to other activities. Other actors. Not like weirdo other actors. Just like after I work out, I have to take like an ice cold freezing shower to cool my body down or I’ll be on camera sweating all day. Keep the AC is at 69 degrees. I got a fan blowing. I’m always hot my body’s like always, emanating heat so I got to chill so I miss the guy. You got to be playing those hot and cold proteins one day. Dan heat shock protein, baby, and cold shock protein. I’m telling you, like magic wonders for your body. Whatever. That’s why exposing your body, if you can, to extreme temperatures is the best thing you can do. Cold plunges, saunas. If you can take it and you’re healthy, those things will change your life. I’m just saying.

But back to the content here. You’re not wasting your time on the show. I told you back in like the first second week of July, I said, listen, this cocaine at the White House story is a big deal. Why? Because it’s not a simple story about drugs being left in the White House. It’s a story about security procedures, dangers present at the White House. Someone got white powder on the White House and no one seems to know. It’s about the corrupting of another institution, the upper level management of the Secret Service that seemed to just go along with this story we don’t know who it know we don’t know who it is story. And I told you there is no way they don’t know who it is. Folks, do we need the demo again? How the hell are you going to get a baggie, a non porous object into a dropbox without putting fingerprints on the baggie? How you’re going to put it in your teeth? What are you going to do, drop it with your elbows? And even when you put it in a box, how do you turn the key without leaving a fingerprint? You’re going to do that? What? With your tongue? How the hell is that going to happen, right? This story was so crazy from the beginning.

And what bothers me is this is a great agency full of great people. I worked there for over a decade of my life. The people I worked with are now in charge. Guys who were junior to me are now special agents in charge, running major divisions in the Secret Service. There was no way this story was true. I was told by a number of people, a number of people, this has been a bad day for the bidens, by the way. Cocaine gate, $20 million in payments now bank record servicing to the bidens. This is a bad day for rotting oatmeal brains in the White House. This is what happens when you’re corrupt garbage. But I said to you that the stuff was probably left there intentionally. It wasn’t an accident. You don’t mistakenly leave your cocaine behind at the White House. Why would you bring it there in the first place. Joe, you were in the music business for a while. Venture to say some people did some narcotics. Narcotics. Maybe you’ve seen that? Yeah. Would you say? Yeah. Joe was like a real music guy. Like back in the day, right? Remember that lethal weapon to narcotics. People do narcotics. Do you think someone brought their narcotics to the white House? Okay, I’m going to do some blow. No, it was brought to the White House for a reason. For someone in the, let’s say, biden orbit to pick up like a drop a roux. Oh, looky here new York post Ryan King, August Eigth, which, if my math is correct, that was oh, look, yesterday White House cocaine may have belonged to someone in the Biden family orbit. Sounds like almost the exact same language I lose.

Gee, how much are you hating this story right now? Quite a bit. On a scale of one to ten, are we at a nine? He’s at a 7.62, he says. Here’s another source. Keating, who runs the soldier of fortune magazine, said while the secret service publicly announced on July 13 they closed the investigation without identifying a suspect, authorities were able to follow enough clues to come up with a yes yes and were confident enough in their detective work to inform Joe Biden himself. Keating said, if you want the name, ask Joey Boombots. He knows who it is. It was someone within the Biden family orbit and it wasn’t uh huh. comporting with exactly what I’ve been told. There are others in the Biden family, let’s just say with drug issues. Reminds me of something I said July 13 that was picked up by the media research center. Former secret service agent Bongino calls BS on claim that the secret service has no leads in White House cocaine case dated July 13, 2023.

Ladies and gentlemen, institutions are being destroyed one by one. Secret service has to come clean. I’ll say to the director, Kim Cheadle, again, if you’re not going to do the right thing, then you need to step aside. You’re the secret service director. You’re not a butler for Joe biden. You swore an oath to the constitution. I know it’s hard to have to call out someone you like and respect Joe Biden, but that’s your job. If you can’t do it, turn it over to someone who will, because you’re going to decimate the credibility of this agency from this point forward.

You’re not wasting your time, folks. I’m going to stay on the story even though guy hates it. But out of respect for Gee, I’m going to move on. I could talk about this a lot more, but things aren’t bad enough yet, folks. I talk about this all the know. I go out. I get it all the time.Sure, here is the text formatted into natural paragraphs:

People, they see me in restaurants, maybe occasionally in a bar having an adult soda with Paula, right? And people say what has to happen? How much worse does it have to get. And I say to them a lot, but we’re getting there. And you know you’re getting there. The signs are rather easy to see.

You start to see people who are your political opponents waking up to things they’ve told you. You’ve told them a long time ago, I.e., hey, you idiots want to defund the police? You realize without police, you’re going to have an explosion in crime. And they’re like, no, we just need social workers while you’re laughing at this stupidity. And then crime explodes and you’re going to see liberals start to echo your talking points.

Kind of like what we said about open borders. Biden and others, that if you open the borders, you’re going to run into a human refugee crisis as people pour into the United States, some without the requisite skills, some without language, the language capabilities. Some of them don’t speak English. Some of them going to be straight up bad guys. Some of them may be terrorists. We’ve only said this forever.

The left is like people like Geraldo. It’s the humanitarian thing to do. Okay, how many have you taken in? Oh, you haven’t taken in any. So he said, okay, what the smartest move these Republican state governors, these red states ever did is saying, listen, you say you think this is a good, positive good. This is a philanthropic thing for society. Uncontrolled illegal immigration. Okay, we’re going to send them to your cities because you seem to love this.

And in the beginning they were like, we welcome you. Come on over. It’s like the Mayflower Joe. It’s like Ellis Island back in the day. Give us your tired, you’re poor. The poet, the poem on the statue. We love you guys so much. And then all of a sudden when it became uncontrolled, now they’re losing their minds. Just like we said. Just like we said.

I want you to watch this video. Hat tip town hall. This is Massachusetts Governor Maura Healy of then first and then now you’re going to see her in the beginning in a clip from a bit ago celebrating sanctuary cities. You should do what you want. They’re awesome. And now that a bunch of illegals are winding up on the streets of Massachusetts, all of a sudden she’s had a little bit of a change of tune. Sounds like something I told you.

Things aren’t bad enough yet, are they? Getting there, yes. How do you know things are changing when liberals start sounding like conservatives. Take a listen. I think it’s really important that cities and towns have the ability, have the power to label themselves whatever they want to label themselves. And if they want to take on a sanctuary city designation, I think that’s great. I think cities and towns are in the position to be able to do that. And I’ve seen it done as a value statement, as a statement of principles, and I think that’s great.

I support that as of today, close to 5600 families with children are living in state funded shelters, hotels, dorms, and other emergency facilities across Massachusetts. That figure is 80% higher than it was just one year ago, and it’s unsustainable. For this reason, today I am declaring a state of emergency in Massachusetts.

If there’s one way I could kind of sum up liberalism, it’s a world devoid of consequences. That’s what it is. We want to tax the rich. Okay, well, most businesses are run by people who’d be categorized as relatively wealthy. When you take more money from them, it’s less money to invest in the business and the employees. Then when the consequences happen, by taxing the rich and they move out, liberals lose their shit like they didn’t know what was going to happen. What did he say? Yeah, they didn’t. Yeah, they did. Right? It’s a world devoid of pretending to be devoid of consequences. And then when the consequences kick them in the balls, they pretend. Oh, my gosh, look what happened. Look what the Republicans did.

It’s the same thing with an open border. Hey, we warned you. Terrorists, drug use, child sex trafficking. You don’t know who these people are. We have an immigration system. You know what it’s called? The freaking immigration system. We already have one. We have an immigration system. You go to a port of entry with a visa or a green card legally, and you get into the United States. We have an immigration system. It’s called the freaking immigration system. The Democrats didn’t want that. They live in a world devoid of consequences, and then when the consequences kick them right between the legs, they play stupid about it. As if Maura Healy didn’t say what she said in the past about sanctuary cities. Nope. Keep sending them. Send them now. Send more to Massachusetts. Now. Send more illegal immigrants to Massachusetts.

Remember, all politics are local, folks. Nobody’s going to change their voting patterns until the politics hit them at their kitchen table. You want a national policy? You want people to vote on it? Obamacare. Steal away their insurance like Obamacare did. You want immigration to hit them hard? Send the illegal immigrants to where they live. You want to be a sanctuary city? Take sanctuary. Look at this. Tweet by Bill Malugan. Oh, don’t worry, folks.

We only’ve got armed people in tactical gear crossing the border illegally. They caught them on cameras, rifles, body armor. Don’t worry, no big deal. Suspected cartel gunmen, basically trafficking people across the border in tactical gear, getting ready for war. No big deal. Armed gunmen in border towns, trafficking people illegal. And by the way, don’t let any of the citizens there arm themselves. Take away their Second Amendment rights, too, so they can use, what, like foul language against these guys? Hey, get the F out of here. Then they’ll really be scared. Then they’ll really turn around. You’re right. That justice. That’d be hate speech. You can’t do that either. You’d be accused of being insensitive intolerant using hate speech. No big deal.

Things are not bad enough yet. But let me tell you something. You know they’re getting bad enough when liberals start to sound like conservatives, and the world of consequences kicks them in the nads. Here’s another one. Here’s? Some guy. Trayon White, a DC. Councilman who, again, we warned in Washington, DC. Hey. Crime’s out of control. DC. And other liberal cities. You better do something about it or there’s going to be a rebellion of your own people against the political leadership. Here’s Trayon White, a Democrat, saying, hey, man, I think we should call in the National Guard. When liberals start to sound like conservatives, you know, things are changing. Now, who was the conservative who suggested the National Guard? Does anyone remember? He said some guy, donald, donald Trump. I don’t remember. I barely heard of him. Yes, I think you’re hold on. Yes, he’s correct. That was Donald Trump. Donald Trump said the same thing. When liberals start to sound like conservatives, the consequences kick them right in the nuts. And then you know things are changing.

I’m not telling it’s going to change tomorrow, but I’m telling you, things are changing here. Listen to this guy. I have spoken with the DC. National Guard, and while I have to have more conversations with the chief police, which I have today, and the mayor and my colleagues, we have a long way to get there. We just know that police alone is not getting it done. So first it went from defund the police to don’t defund the police to more police to now more police aren’t enough. And we need the National Guard. Ladies and gentlemen, liberalism is a world devoid of consequences.

When the consequences hit them at the kitchen table, things will change, and there’ll be a consequence for the United States. Say that fast. Unfortunately, you’re running out of time in a lot of these liberal cities. Ladies and gentlemen, it appears to be a case of jury nullification that went on in, you know, as a writer for a post millennial, and he does some freelance stuff. Andy Noah was brutally attacked by some antifa people. He was involved in a civil case in Portland. And if you were following the story like I was? Portland jury finds antifa militants not liable in Andy no attack. Defense Attorney Declares I Am Antifa during closing statements, defense lawyer Michelle Burroughs told the jurors not only does she self identify as a progressive and anti fascist, she’s going to make herself an I am.Antifa T-shirt to wear after the trial. Listen to me. This is serious time. Everyone in the chat, please, for a second, let me scroll down to the chat. I was watching how many people I want to see your response to this. A lot of you say to me in these liberal areas, and I understand folks, I may say this with respect. I’m not trying to be an asshole. I don’t need a lecture on what it’s like to live in liberal cities.

I grew up in New York City, and I ran for office in Maryland twice. I lived in both of those places for decades. I’ve been not far from where Joe was. Joe, can we all agree? Like, Maryland is outside of the mountains, it’s probably one of the most liberal places on earth.

Oh, yeah. Hell, Montgomery, Baltimore, even Baltimore County. Folks, I’ve been around liberals my entire life. I’m begging you to please get out. Listen, there’s no bigger fight. I ran there. I ran in a blue state twice. But I really do care about you. I mean that. Yes. I don’t know you personally, but I care about you. I feel like I know you. I interact with you in the chat. I see you on my Facebook page, my true social page, and rumble. I read your emails. I’m going to see you in Nashville. A lot of you, I feel like I’ve got a good grasp about who you are.

You have one shot on this planet to enjoy your life and to fight for something that matters. They will put you in jail in these places. They don’t care. They don’t care. They will put you in jail for nothing when you’re attacked. They will let the people who did it off. You have no shot there. Listen, if you agree with me, put a yes and I’d love to see you, or take it. If you think I’m crazy, a no, please get out. They will take your money, and it’s not giving up. I’m just telling you that. Think of it as a war. I hate war analogies because war is a unique horror. But just it’s the only way to kind of solidify what I’m saying.

If you are on your two armies fighting each other, the whole army doesn’t get on the battlefield in the same day and fight the other army. This isn’t like 200 years ago. We’re hitting each other with swords. There are battles. There are skirmishes. There are some skirmishes where the terrain features of the battlefield don’t benefit you. If the other opposing army is the best example, has the high ground, are you going to charge? No. You’re going to back off and fight another day, you’re going to be dead. So you go and fight somewhere else where you have a tactical advantage. You could be in Florida. You could be in blue states that could swing back. Colorado, where we still have a shot. New Mexico.

Places like New York, Oregon, they are done. They are done. And until the people there feel what I told you in the beginning, the bad enough they caused, until they feel it, they will never change anything. It is you that are keeping these people on life support by your moral and ethical desire to do good, which I appreciate, but you’re not helping. If you can get out, I understand many of you have businesses and kids there. I get it. Totally understandable. If you can get out, please get out or you’re going to see more like this too.

Play that libs of TikTok video. This is California, ladies riding a bike down the middle of the street. You see this viral video. Guy in the middle of the day steals her bike. She’s screaming for help. And what does everybody do? Nothing. Just stand around and watch her take a look. Help me. Help me. Somebody coming. Ow. So sad, folks. So sad. Nobody is going to help you there. You’re going to find yourself like Daniel Penny, the guy who protected those people on the subway. You’re going to find yourself in jail. You’re going to find yourself in jail. You can fight somewhere else with a tactical advantage. I just don’t want to see you get hurt. That’s the only reason I mean it. That’s the only reason I say that. I’ve been surrounded by liberals my entire life. It’s a really, really difficult, in this case, almost impossible place to be.

All right, let me take a quick break. Here’s what I got coming up. Biden struggles with exiting the stage and exit ramps continue. Yes. We’ve got this guy, man. He can’t stop. The guy can never can someone put an arrow on the freaking floor for this guy? Go this way, folks.

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Okay. Biden struggles with exit. Can. And Jim, too. If you’re listening, can we get a little thing for this? Like a sounder. Biden struggles with exit. Rams. Can we get let Jim do jim’s got an announcer voice. Can we do that for the show? Yeah. This is becoming like a weekly thing here’s. Joe biden again. Who? I told you. He’s given a card on what to do and he can never remember. We have two of them here’s yesterday in Arizona. Again after the ceremony, confused. And he always does this thing where he looks at someone and he pretends he’s shocked seeing them because he never knows where to go. Here. Watch this factor.

Dude a guy, he does the thing, but he pretends to recognize someone in the crowd and be surprised. Listen, that’s a physical tick he does because he doesn’t know what to do next and he doesn’t want to look confused. So he pretends he saw someone and that’s what threw him off. He does it all now. You’ll never unsee it here’s the day before. He does the same thing. He never knows what to do to get off the stage because the guy’s got SpaghettiOs for brains. And we’re looking at a potential nuclear war with China and Russia. And we got rotting oatmeal brains in the White House. Can’t even walk off a freaking stage here. Look at this one. Here we go again. Oatmeal brains. But don’t worry, folks.Bidenomics is working. The guy who’s got SpaghettiOs for brains has magically figured out how to grow the economy. Despite still record inflation, prices have not come down. The rate of change of inflation has come down. Prices have not come down. Real wages are stagnant jobs out there. The jobs out there are not paying what they should be paying. And if they’re paying, they don’t have the buying power that they did. Gas prices are going up, but have no fear, SpaghettiO’s brains nomics is working here’s.

Bidenomics working. Why? We know it’s working because corrine John Pierre, anyone changing their vote? I haven’t asked you in a while, by the way. Anyone sucks. Anyone in the chat changing their vote? Why, yes, you’re changing your vote. Corinne, John Pierre is not the worst press secretary in the history of the United States. No, you’re not changing your vote, and she still is. I’d love to see where we stand on that. Maybe you feel like there was someone else here’s. Kareem john Pierre telling us, don’t worry, Bidenomics is absolutely spectacular. It’s doing great despite his negative 400% approval rating. And just stick with it. Nobody’s changing their vote in the chat. Here, take a look at this. You don’t have that why I sent it. That was the one I sent last. Forget it. I sent it last. See, this is what happens when I send stuff after I go upstairs, all right? I just told you to put it before Biden with the gas thing. You didn’t hear me say that. All right, forget it. You guys have screwed it up. Sorry. Here, play the Biden gas one. Hey, wait. Keep these numbers in your head before we play this. The gas price now when he gave this speech was 342. The gas price now is 380. When Biden took office, it was 239. Here’s.

Bidenomics. Check this out. Everything you’d be paying this much for gas gallon of gas. In some parts of California, they’re paying $4.50 a gallon. I’m like, now I’m all off track because I wanted to play. Kareem jean Pierre telling you Bidenomics is working. Bottom line is they are still sticking to this talking point, even though left wing media nuts continue to insist that he’d not call it Bidenomics because he’s basically branding this failed economy with Biden’s name. Here’s CNN even starting to recognize that this whole thing is a train wreck. Here’s CNN about credit card debt in the United States topping $1 trillion. For the first time in history, credit card debt for Americans has hit $1 trillion. To be exact, $1,003,000,000,000. That’s according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. That big number made public as consumers brace for yet another potential rate hike as policymakers try to keep inflation in check.

All right, $1 trillion in credit card debt. Bidenomics is right on target. Don’t you worry about it. But Bidenomics is at least working because they’re picking a bunch of green energy companies that turned out to be real winners. I mean, he gave a press conference with this bus company, proterra, this green bus company, have you heard about it? Saying, this is the future of our economy, man. Bidenomics, baby. Slap. Here you go. Slap that stamp on it like it’s a USDA something. Certification of approval. Biden Omics, they would say, love this company so much, they did a presser. Here’s Biden telling the Pro terror people, this is great. It’s a bus company. You guys are great. You’re going to be the future. Everything rotting. Oatmeal, brains, touches, he destroys. It’s like a metastasizing cancer. Take a look at this. Right now, we’re running way behind China, but you guys are getting us in the game. You guys are getting us in the game. It’s going to make a lot of difference. We’re going to end up owning the future, I think, if we keep doing what we’re doing. When you start making a thousand buses a year, you’re going to need more room for your customers, aren’t you? Yes, sir. I love the goofball laugh. Fox news yesterday, right? It’s like the joker laugh. It’s like a bad joker. It’s like a non heath ledger joker or something like that. Fox news green energy company Biden hosted at the white house files for bankruptcy.

You know, folks, listen. And I think what makes this show a little bit different is I explained to you the why instead of just reading you the news, okay? Biden got behind this green bus company that’s now declaring bankruptcy, just like Obama got behind Cylindra and enter one and other green boondoggles. But there’s a reason this stuff doesn’t work. I remember taking an economics course back in the day, and they talked about the Brazilian computer industry, how the Brazilians wanted to get into computers. So they subsidized their computer industry like we’re subsidizing green energy now. Well, what happened? The subsidized computer companies had an advantage over non subsidized companies, so they didn’t have to compete on better computers. They just competed for government attention. The computers filtered their way out into the entire economy. The computers sucked. Every business they touched, they hurt, which really destroyed and hurt the Brazilian economy. This is why the government picking winners and losers rather than capitalism and merit picking winners and losers. This is why that never works. It’s not complicated. If the government knew how to pick winners and losers, the people doing it wouldn’t be in government. They’d be in business. There’s a reason they’re in government. It’s because they suck at everything else. Of course, the national debt’s exploding, too. Just the news. Bidenomics recession concerns revive as the deficit swells. The US. Debt is now a no big deal, joe. $253,000 per taxpayer. Joe, you got that sitting around in cash somewhere? I’ll have to look. Joe is a taxpayer. Geezer. Taxpayer. So is Justin. I’m a taxpayer, too. Anyone got 253? I don’t have 253K sitting in my safe somewhere. No. So basically, we owe money we’re never going to pay back. Which means what? We’re going to have to print it. Causing more inflation and higher interest rates. That’s exactly what it means. Deficits now exploded to $32 trillion. Don’t worry, though. Fitch only downgraded us to AA. Plus, treasury says don’t worry. It’s just arbitrary. No big deal. Yeah, it’s just arbitrary. The fact that the United States is going into freaking bankruptcy and what is going to be the largest de facto bankruptcy in the history of humankind, and we’re all just kind of whistling past the graveyard up on Capitol Hill. We got to take care of Medicare and Entitlements and all this other stuff. Do you understand? There’s no money? Do you understand there is zero money? This is all printed goo. It’s not money. It doesn’t buy anything anymore. There’s a reason the purchasing power of your dollar is going down dramatically every quarter. It’s because they’re trying to print their way out of a massive sovereign default coming. You know what’s next? Central bank digital currencies. Because here’s what they’re going to do next. They’re going to print their way out of this. And because there’s going to be massive inflation. Massive inflation. They want to be able to control the money and tax it. And if you can’t spend money in cash where the government doesn’t know about it and everything’s digital, they can tax it. They can bump interest rates to whatever they want. There’s not a damn thing you can do about it. I’ll play you a Joe Rogan clip coming up in a second. Even Rogan. And you know post Malone? He’s that singer dude. They were on Joe Rogan’s show. Even they’re worried about Central Bank digital currency, something I’ve been telling you about for a while. Stay tuned. We’ll get to that in a second. Appreciate your patience. Your sponsors are here to talk to you. Over the last 20 years, with all your support, my pillow has not only been able to launch the original My pillow, but also the My pillow mattress topper, My slippers, and the My Pillow bath towels. But there’s a lot more. In fact, My pillow has over 200 products. MyPillow is so confident, you’ll love each and every one of them. When you go to, you’ll immediately receive a free gift valued at $20 just by checking out their website. No purchase necessary. That’s right. Get everything from my pillow. Blankets, sleepwear, kitchen towels, mattresses, duvets why do I know how to say that? Pet beds, body pillows, comforters, couch, pillows, bathrobes, and so much more. All from MyPillow So go to or call 806 374982 and use promo code Dan. To get deep discounts on all the excellent MyPillow products. Check out.Here is the reformatted text into natural paragraphs:

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Folks, the next step in this financial Armageddon we’re looking at if we don’t win this next election and get a serious hold on the spending, ladies and gentlemen, everything’s got to be on the table. Not suggesting putting seniors out on their butts or kicking millions and millions of people off Medicare overnight. I’m telling you, we got to get a lid on these programs. People 55 and younger, they’re going to have to go to individual insurance plans and individual retirement plans. That’s it. There’s not going to be defined benefits anymore. There’s going to be defined contributions. There’s no other way out of this. I’m sorry. If you’re in the chat listening to the show and you disagree with me, you’ve got to do the math and I get it. I understand. I paid into Social Security. So did I. I’m 48. I’m not young. I’ve been paying into Social Security for 30 years. I’m sorry to tell you, they spent the money. Now, from our current financial base, we can support our seniors if we don’t go bankrupt first. There is no way people 55 and younger this is going to be able to continue. None. You pay into a lot of things the government screwed you over on. You paid into unemployment insurance, too. Most of you probably never took a penny of that either. You got screwed. It’s not my fault. I’m just telling you the obvious.

The next step when this breaks bad is going to be a central bank digital currency. Why, folks? Inflation or deflation. The central bank digital currency enables the government to turn off spending and enables to turn on spending. They can digitally credit your account, but they can make it that you have to spend it within a certain amount of time or they’re going to pull it back. They’re also going to be watching you. They’re going to be taxing you instantly. And they can also devalue the dollar almost immediately. And there’s nothing you can do to get cash out of the bank.

Here’s Joe Rogan and Post Malone. The guy’s a singer, but good for him. They’re like, yeah, man, this CBDC thing, this don’t sound good. Take a look.

So how do you feel about the government’s digital currency that they’re working?

No fucking way. No way. That’s what I think. I think that’s checkmate. That’s game over. That is fucking checkmate. Because if they apply that to a social credit score, if they decide somehow or another that you need some social credit score system and it’s for the benefit of society, and they outline that, they can track your behavior and your tweets and all your things, and you get a score. And if already doing that, they just haven’t released the fucking report card. Well, they didn’t send the report cards home to the parents yet, right? Everything is already imprinted. Everything is already tracked. Everything is already there, but they just haven’t given it. They just can’t control you to the same extent that they would like. And what they would like to do is to be able to strip you of your money and to be able to lock you down and then make sure that you comply so that all the other people also comply. Because they don’t want to be stripped of their money. They don’t want everything they work for just be taken away instantly, overnight, and be powerless.

Folks, this is top five issues on Dan Bongino’s radar. Talking about myself in the third person, Bob Dole-style top five issues on my radar. Number one is the police state. This is probably three or four, a central bank. Digital currency will be the end of freedom as you know it. Everything those two men just said is absolutely correct and accurate. They will be tracking every single thing you do, and there’ll be no way out. You want to buy a gun at a gun store? Ladies and gentlemen, they don’t need the federal government’s prohibited by law from establishing a list of gun owners. They’re already going to have a list of gun owners. All they got to do is go to the CBDC and see who bought a gun at a gun store. There’s not going to be any cash. They got a gun show loophole, which isn’t even a thing now. There aren’t loopholes, only the law. They’ll be able to track everything you do, and like they accurately said, you tie it to a social credit score, which is coming next. What are you going to next? You’re not going to be allowed to take public transportation like they do in China. It’s getting ugly, folks. Better win this next election. Of course. Say your prayers. So your only two options.

Speaking of the next election, I am increasingly convinced. I can’t guarantee it. Predictions are like, everybody’s got one. You get the point. But I am increasingly leaning. I’m almost 90% sure at this point Joe Biden will not be the nominee for the Democrats. Folks, the trail of body bags left behind by this guy is just getting too hard to ignore as people just sniff the political death everywhere. Just before we come on the air this morning, this story pops by just the news. You know, the Democrats, they said, oh, there’s no evidence Joe Biden or his family, Joe Biden benefited from this whole thing. Well, now we got the bank records. Turns out $20 million of bank records. Foreign oligarchs moved millions to Biden-tied firms before meeting Joe Biden. Money gets paid to Hunter and Biden Inc. Oh, Joe Biden shows up at a dinner. Sounds like a pay-for-play access operation, does it not? Just before we came on the air, I told you the biggest problem the media and the donor class that’ll ultimately determine if Joe Biden is a nominee has right now. The biggest issue they have right now is they don’t know what’s next. They don’t know what else is out there because this guy was so knee-deep in corruption. Folks, the evidence is everywhere. Look at this email from this Burisma executive, Vadim Pozharsky, talking about a list of deliverables he wanted. The date on this November 2, 2015. Hat tip Hans Monkey, put this screenshot up on his social media accounts. They wanted Ukrainian top officials above with the ultimate purpose to close down for any cases pursuits against Nikolai in Ukraine. In other words, get rid of the people investigating Burisma. That is their literal list of deliverables. They called it list of deliverables. The email sent to Hunter Biden, November 2, 2015. Oh, look at this. State Department memo dated November 22, 2015, where they recommend the removal of Prosecutor General Shokin. This is all going on while millions of dollars are weaving their way like little snakes into Biden crime family accounts. What else could you possibly need to know about? Well, the answer is because liberals are liable. There’s no amount of corruption they won’t cover up. They’re a rotting metastasizing cancer on the United States, they say. Well, we can’t tie this directly to yeah, yeah, okay, sure. Yeah. The Biden family again. SARS, we got Biden, Hunter Biden, and text talking about giving half his money to dad. Well, what if we had the money guy?What if we had the money guy? Archer, Devin Archer was the connections guy. What if we had the actual money guy? And what if the money guy actually went to the White House? Which would lead you to believe that something I told you for the last few weeks is accurate, and that something I told you is what Obama knew about all of this. Oh, look. Fox News money guy, the Hunter Biden business partner who could blow the lid off Biden’s family business dealings. You heard the name Eric Schwerin? You will. He was the money guy for this operation. Apparently, he visited the Obama White House and the VP residents at least 36 times between 2019 and 2016. Oh, the money guy visited the Obama White House. Kind of like I told you that Obama knew swearing was the founding partner at one of these businesses.

Oh, look at this, folks. He was appointed by then President Obama to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad, an independent government agency, in early 2015. Eric Das for one of these. The day after the election in 2008, hunter revealed about Schwarin’s appointment. Tell me again, please, so I can laugh in your face how Barack Obama didn’t know about this. This is the money guy. Schwarin’s, the money guy visited the Obama White House 36 times, got this nice, cutesy little appointment. Listen to Peter Schweiser explain just how critical Eric Swearin is in this interview with Maria Bartaromo on Fox. This is the money guy. Take a listen. Devin Archer was the adult in the room in terms of how this business should be structured. And he confirmed everything that everybody assumed, the worst of which is that Joe Biden was the product that this firm was selling. And he unequivocally said, any people discussing or claiming that he was not involved with his son’s business is totally and completely incorrect. I would add the next shoe that may drop. Is there’s another individual involved with Hunter Biden named Eric Schwerin? If Devin Archer was the sort of business guy, the deal guy, and how you structure this, eric Schwarren was the money guy. He’s the guy that moved money around. And based on the Hunter Biden laptop, Schwern had access not only to Hunter Biden’s accounts, but also Joe Biden’s accounts. So when he testifies before the committee, it’s going to be interesting to see what he says and what pressure he might be under from this administration. Oh, he’s the money guy. Visited the White House, got an Obama appointment. Tell me again so I can laugh in your face loudly and proudly, because you look like a total moron that Barack Obama didn’t know what’s going on, folks? The media is not protecting Joe Biden. The media is protecting Barack Obama. The problem the media has now is if they call for Joe Biden to get out of the race, Joe Biden and his team could flip on Obama. They can’t have that. They need to protect Obama. He’s a liberal icon. If Obama goes down, so does the liberal movement he started. They need to protect him, to protect the crown under any and all circumstances. But they’re now in a parasitic relationship. Obama needs Biden because he doesn’t want Biden to flip on him. And Biden needs Obama because he needs his political cloud. The problem is Biden can’t win. That’s the problem, and they know that.

All right, moving on. I got another warning for you today, by the way. This one even my wife picked up on. Stay tuned. Don’t miss the end of the show. My wife sent this to me, and my wife’s involved in politics, obviously not to the extent I am, but when she’s sending it to you going, hey, I’m getting a little concerned. It’s time to open your eyes, clockwork orange style.

But before we get to that these people are liars, by the way. The people on the left, especially these media people protecting Biden and Obama, have zero human dignity at all when it comes to savage procedures like late term abortion. Vincent Fantiasy, the killing of an innocent human life, a fully formed baby, the fact that the media that used to align itself with the Democrat Party, that had this safe, legal and rare mantra for abortion is now all in on infanticide, child sex trafficking, voter fraud. The police state should tell you everything you need to know about the New Left and the media, how sick these people have gotten.

Town hall put this together here’s. That hopless. Dana bash dipwad. Is she at CNN trying again to insist that late term abortion is not something democrats are pushing for, despite democrats openly pushing for late term abortion. Here’s Dana Bash owning herself with a then and a now. Take a listen. But we do believe what’s out of step and what’s extreme was what governor newsom, Joe Biden and others basically project, and that is abortion on demand till the time of birth. That’s why we think there needs to be a limit at the federal level. And right now, what we’re saying, the paying capable makes a lot of sense, the 15 week limit. But there needs to be some type of limit to rein in the extreme positions of the left like Newsom and like Biden. I just want to say that I have not talked to a democrat who wants abortion on demand till time of birth. But we’re going to have to leave it there. We have a lot more to talk about next time. Your fellow democrat running for senate in Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, has said that he does not believe that there should be government limits on abortion at all. There’s Dana Bash. Owning Dana Bash in a debate with herself. Hat tip the town hall folks for putting that together.

Folks, let me get to my last segment today. This is warning number 4578. Things are about to break bad. I get asked this all the time. Dan, what’s your preparedness kit? Listen, I’m not some survival expert. I’m not like Bear Grylls. I just read a lot about this and I believe in just common sense. It is time for you to get prepared today. I get it. The stuff can be expensive. It’s a pain in the ass at a minimum. A minimum a means to defend yourself. At least three months of survival food for every member of your family. And also have some food you can eat right away. Not everything has to be survival food. You should have your closet, some stuff in there that some rice, some canned beans, canned foods. These things can stay good for a year or more. Okay? Have food, have a water source, have a way to purify water, have charcoal, get yourself a small grill, a way to start a fire. These are all critically important things to have around in case something breaks bad where for a couple of months you may be forced to be off the grid if our satellites go down and our computer systems and our water filtration systems are hacked. Folks, where are you going to get water? Have you ever thought about that? Get prepared today because China is preparing for a two front war computer viruses and biological warfare. It is obvious I’ve covered it. I’ve covered it ad nauseam. Articles have been written about it. The warning signs are everywhere. I didn’t cover this in detail yesterday, but on the two front war, biological viruses and computer viruses. Sky News disease X UK scientists begin developing vaccines against a new pandemic. The work is being carried out at a government high security port and down laboratory complex in Wiltshire. In Wiltshire. Interesting. Disease X prong number one prong number two computer viral warfare. Oh, look. China hacked Japan’s sensitive defense network’s, officials say. Folks, I’ve already told you about how China has these malicious codes embedded in our military systems here. They’re not just doing it here. You may wake up one day and find out your phone doesn’t work, your water’s polluted in your house, and that China invaded Taiwan. What are you going to do? Rush online to buy preparedness food and all that other stuff? Oh, that’s right. Your Internet doesn’t work. It’s too late when that happens. This is what I was telling you this morning. Paula saw this one. She sends me this tweet over disclose TV new China is stockpiling gold, oil and food while its economy slipped into deflation. Folks, as the Chinese Communist Party gets more desperate, they are living through a demographic time bomb right now. The timeline for them to invade Taiwan and initiate this World War II two pronged plan biological.And computer warfare is going to shrink and shrink and shrink and shrink and shrink. Why do you think China’s stockpiling gold, oil and food? They’re not doing it because they’re trying to make jewelry. They’re not doing it because they’re trying to have a McDonald’s party and they need some extra burger meat. They’re doing it because they can’t feed themselves without it. And they know if they don’t win this war in Taiwan fast, they could find themselves subject to a naval blockade where they’ll be starving. We can’t screw around with this anymore. Please get prepared today.

I’m going to do a special segment. Let me ask you, let me ask you in the chat, are you guys down with this? Yes, if you’re down with it. No. You don’t think it’s a good idea? I’m going to watch the responses right here.

So a company came to me that does preparedness stuff. I did not intend that, but I do these segments because it’s newsworthy to me. And I want you to be safe in the event of an emergency. But they said, I think we should do a segment short one, five minutes or less about exactly the stuff you need to get prepared, like products and places, and they’re willing to put together, like, a kit to do it. And I said, I think it’s a good idea. I got to see if the audience would be interested. Is that something that would interest you? Where they had a one stop shop, say, preparedness kit, like it came in a case or something like that? What do you guys say? A lot of yeses. Yeah, I like it. Sure idea.

Yeah. I don’t want to make it, like, a big drama thing, but the company came to me. They listened to the show every day, and they said, it’s one thing to talk about it’s another thing to give them the actual stub. Here’s the purification tablets for the water stuff. Here’s a water filtration tank. Here’s the actual survival food. Here’s.

Whatever the waterproof matches. So I thought it was a good idea. I’m glad you guys seem to like it, too, because I get a ton of questions about that. I mentioned my diet yesterday, too, on the radio show, how I eat everything. Everybody wanted me to lay down my diet and everything. So I hope I’m not wasting your time with that. What’s that?

Don’t get dead kid. Yes, that’s actually a good idea. Gia just named it. We’ll call it the don’t get dead kid. Sorry, folks. It’d be the turn on there, but I’m glad you like it. We’ll get that going.

Hey, I really appreciate all your help, and following the Rumble account here and subscribing means a lot if you could join us every day for the live chat at 11:00 A.m.. How many people? We got 71,176 people here. Gosh, it’s good to talk to you. Every day. 11:00 a.m Eastern time. Bongino. Click that follow button, if you would, in the upper right hand corner. It’s free. You’ll get the notification. We go live every day. And if you wouldn’t mind, follow us on Apple and Spotify as well. Really helps us stay on the top charts. I think we were, like, the number four podcast in news the other day, and we were the second conservative podcast, so I deeply appreciate that.

Thanks again for tuning in, folks. I’ll see you on the radio show later and back here tomorrow. You just heard the Dan Bongino Show.

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