CNN host says the quiet part out loud about violent left-wing protest outside DNC HQ then she tries to retract it

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➡ An anti-war rally outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters, demanding a ceasefire in Gaza, turned violent, necessitating the evacuation of the top three House Democrats present in the building. This incident underscores the growing divide among Democrats concerning President Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war.


This is CNN. Now to an anti war rally that turned violent. This was the scene outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters right here in Washington last night. Protesters were demanding a ceasefire in Gaza but ended up clashing with police. The top three House Democrats were all inside the building at the time and had to be evacuated. It’s another sign of the growing divide among Democrats over President Biden’s handling of the Israel Hamas war.

Our great reporters are back. And, Laura, I mean, that isn’t quite an image. We haven’t seen an image like that since January 6. Totally different topic, totally different kind of people. I mean, I don’t want to at all compare the sort of substance of it, but the idea that there was violence and that there were Capitol Police officers actually hurt there. I believe there are about six Capitol police officers that were injured, according to the Capitol Police that put out that report last night.

But there are key differences. I wouldn’t compare it to January 6, but it was a clash and the protesters or the ralliers were standing outside and blocking the entryways and the exit ways. And that’s why police confronted them and tried to get them to move because people couldn’t exit or enter. And not just people, most senior House Democrats and lawmakers who were there for an event. And so that’s what ultimately led to the clash.

Look, as you said, Dana, this is showing the fissures among Democrats and among the left that are very frustrated with President Biden, that feel as though he’s not doing all that he can to try to ensure that the violence stop, that the attacks on civilians in Gaza stop. He was questioned about that yesterday. And so that’s something that he’s going to have to address more, especially as he heads into the campaign cycle.

And thank you. And, Jeff, you have such an interesting and important take on this based on the very important reporting that you’ve been doing all over the country. And we’re just going to give one example of an interview that you did with some students in Georgia. It was this week about what’s happening in the Middle east and how they view the president. They don’t like how he’s handling that war.

I think it is crucial for us to call for a ceasefire. And a lot of people in my generation, they want to see senators across the board step up and call for a ceasefire, especially the president. I think that young voters recognize you can’t bomb your way to peace and security. And so we do feel comfortable with that look. That was a prevailing sentiment talking to young voters and the youngest woman ever elected to the Georgia State Senate who’s Muslim American.

And so she has been hearing from a lot of young voters and others. She said, and look, civilians is the word here, as you just said, where that is what is the central point. And Democrats are furious and frustrated. And this is going to be a central part of this campaign for the next year, for House races, Senate races, some primaries are becoming part of this. So this is something the administration and president will have to address more, which they know.

But the feelings are very raw on college campuses and far beyond that. And usually you made the point that anti war protests are against Republicans. In this case, it’s a Democratic president. That’s exactly right. And I think, I mean, both of the points that you are making are true. It’s showing the cracks in the party right now. And also I do think that the Biden administration is having a lot of difficulty with how to address this and how to do it right, especially obviously, given the sensitivity of what is happening, but also because there’s a lot of diverging opinions.

And I agree with Jeff that they’re going to have to come out more forcefully and have him be the leader on this. Yeah. Except that from all my reporting, President Biden fundamentally believes, we heard this last night again, that Hamas needs to be destroyed, that they are a terrorist organization, and if they aren’t destroyed, that they will just attack again in Israel next. And the question is, where else? Thank you all.

Great discussion. Thank you for watching inside Politics today. CNN News Central starts after the break. The news, CNN Primetime is where the truth shines, taking you to the heart of the story. When we get straight to the breaking news, we can hear some explosions here in the background. .


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