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➡ In episode 78 of Gary King’s Inconvenient Truth, Gary and Jim Fetzer discuss their skepticism about a 1960s space show, believing it to be a farce. They also express concern about a bill passed by the House of Representatives that they believe infringes on freedom of speech, particularly criticism of Israel. They fear that if the bill becomes law, it could lead to the loss of fundamental American freedoms. They also discuss the treatment of protesters and the influence of Israel on American politics.
➡ The text discusses various topics including criticism of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s suggestion to use the US National Guard to suppress protesters, California’s plan to test a road charge program for electric vehicles, skepticism about climate change, and the potential new Russian defense minister’s plans. It also mentions Aaron Rodgers’ stance on NFL’s vaccination policies and criticizes the Democratic Party’s policies.
➡ The text discusses the differences between military spending in the United States and Russia, criticizing the U.S. for overspending on substandard equipment and lacking civilian oversight. It praises Russia’s approach, led by an economist, which is seen as more balanced and efficient. The text also discusses the impact of the COVID vaccine, suggesting it has caused harm, and criticizes the destruction of bee colonies in Australia and New Zealand due to alleged disease outbreaks, questioning the validity of these actions.
➡ The text discusses various topics, including the delivery of Tangaguru boxes from China, the misuse of PCR tests for COVID, the conviction of the parents of a school shooter, the negative impact of feminism on traditional family structures, the Jewish control of major media outlets, and a new trend of blocking pro-Israel celebrities on social media. The author criticizes the manipulation of public opinion through media control and expresses concern over societal issues like false COVID test results and the disruption of family units due to feminism.
➡ The text discusses two main topics: the questioning of the Holocaust’s authenticity and the perceived threat to democracy from elites. The author suggests that the Holocaust narrative is manipulated for political gain, and that the real threat to democracy comes from elites, big tech, big pharma, and
corporate collusion. The author argues that these elites disregard ordinary people’s concerns, and that democracy could be restored if elites started listening to and working for ordinary people.


Episode number 78 of Gary King’s Inconvenient truth, where Gary presents video clips and stories I don’t know are coming from my spontaneous and unrehearsed response, where I’m hearing that some have watched all 77 episodes. That blows me away. Gary, what do you got for me today? I’m loaded for bear, of course, and I just want to point out my little guitar in the back there. My wife bought it for me. It’s a tailor builder’s edition and it costs a pretty penny and I’m more than happy to own it, that’s for sure. All right, here we go.

We’re going to start off with the show back in the sixties, the week in space, and that radio command link, but it wouldn’t snap down. Actually, it’s a link along that tether line you see there. 25ft of umbilical cord that contains the life support system and communications link from the spacecraft. Life support system out through that chest pack. Okay. All right. What do you think about that? That looks phony as shit to me. That was completely fabricated. And where the hell was the other, the camera located that was shooting it? I was about to say that this is a farce, Gary.

This is a complete farce. And even when they had Earth seemingly rotating beneath, it was happening too fast. I mean, this was a bad simulation, kind of blown away. And of course, this is prior to the fake moon landings of 69 through 71. This was in 1966. I think it was priming the pump. So we’d think that whatever we were to see in relation to space would look something like this. Not very realistic, Gary. I’m frankly rather appalled. I know. I guess the true hero was the cameraman going out with no. Umbilical. Umbilical, umbilical cord. Have a hard time saying it, but.

So, yeah, this was done in, you know, with animation in a studio overcoming computer whatever. I mean, if it wasn’t real. Yeah. I mean, now they have b movies that look more scientific than that. Back in the sixties. All right, here’s Cilente and Napolitano. Now, tomorrow, free speech for me, but not for thee. And you go on talking about what happened with Hamas, and you go, here’s the backstory. The Hamas assault on israeli civilians, the military, on October 7 prompted a ferocious israeli response on palestinian civilians and amass fighters, the latter of which have been the subject of intense international debate and even litigation in the International Court of Justice.

Both the initial assault and the response in turn have prompted the US. Have prompted in the US, the articulation of deeply held and strongly worded ideas. Because some folks here believe that the Israeli Defense force has intentionally engaged in the genocide of palestinian civilians in order to expand the borders of the current state of Israel so as to include what is today the Gaza Strip and the West bank. Some believe that this land was destined by God to be the israeli homeland. Some believe that the IDF, the international. The Israeli Defense force has engaged in war crimes.

And others believe it is doing what is necessary. This is what you just wrote, is what’s going on in Israel, in front of everybody’s eyes, is complete genocide. Yes, but what I just wrote, you should be able to discuss freely and openly in the United States of America without fear of retribution from the government. I expect that when you and I say it’s genocide, and we have very, very sound reasons for believing that, including the international court and all the evidence they amassed, that people will disagree with us and even call us names. I get it.

I get it. That’s the way the world is. They have the freedom of speech, just as we do. But I do not expect that I will be punished by the government for saying it. Now, I’m a graduate of Princeton University. If I were a student at Princeton or a professor or administrator at Princeton, and I said, the israeli government has engaged in genocide. And this legislation that the House of Representatives just passed hasn’t passed the Senate yet, becomes law. Princeton University has two choices. Kick me out or suffer a loss of federal funds, because the congress has decided on its own that it will punish speech that it hates and fears.

And that is a direct and profound violation of the First Amendment. They debated this in the floor of the House. You’re not going to believe this. For 15 minutes. They give Thomas Massey, the most courageous member of the House, the Ron Paul of our day. Two minutes. Two minutes in which to explain how this violates the oath that everybody in that room took to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution, which includes the First Amendment. They didn’t want to hear it. This thing passed overwhelmingly. There were, like 40 or 50 Republicans who voted against it. Some of them had accepted money from Aipac.

AIPAC took all their. Not. Not Thomas Massey, but others. AIPac took all their names down from its website. And by the way, they funded a $2 million anti massey campaign in the media in the state of Kentucky. Now, Messi doesn’t have to worry about losing his seat. It’s a safe seat for him, but they’re going to do everything they can to tarnish him and make his life miserable. The House of Representatives chose as a solution to anti semitism, authoritarianism. All right, Doctor Petzman. Well, I’m a huge fan of Judge Napolitano, who, like Tucker, was kicked off a fox because he was dealing with too many hard truths, too many inconvenient truths.

Like Judge Napolitano, I myself am a graduate of Princeton, and I’m not happy with the situation as it’s evolving. This is so very timely because they’re talking about the anti semitism bill that was passed by the House with an overwhelming majority, 320 votes, in support of violating. Trashing the First Amendment and violating Americans freedom of speech on behalf of Israel. Now, Gerald Solanti is a worthy guy, but the point that judge was making on this occasion were extraordinarily telling. And if this passes the United States Senate, America conceptually no longer exists. We may be here as a physical entity, but the heart and core of american civilization, of american culture, of american life as a constitutional republic, is freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom to petition your government for redress of grievances.

All that’s going to be dead. If this law passes now, it’s clearly unconstitutional, and it will eventually shouldn’t pass and be signed by the fake Biden, which is a given, make its way to the US Supreme Court, it’ll be invalidated. But the problem is, all the mischief occurs. In the meanwhile, they want to tamp down the criticism of Israel, which is an anti genocide, not anti semitism. Anti genocide than which nothing could be more appropriate to protest. I mean, student protests on campuses are as american as apple pie. Gary? The only time, however, the press gets involved and wealthy donors put pressure on their institutions and administrations act, and even police are sent in to brutally, violently beat the protesters when it involves Israel.

Israel, Volterra observed, to know who rules over you, determine who you’re not allowed to criticize. There it is. We knew that Congress was israeli occupied territory. That vote demonstrates conclusively beyond any doubt, that is the fact. And if this also passes a senate that run up a revised star and stripe, replace that field of stars with the israeli flag, because we have become the United States of Israel. This is a profound issue, and the future of the nation hangs in the balance. Doctor Fetzer, I’ve known you a long time. I did not know you graduated from Princeton.

Awesome. Very impressive. How worried are you that the UK, where you used to live, that America, that all of the western nations, we’ve imported so many of these people with bad ideas, the wrong ideas? We, as iranian dissidents we’re supposed to be safe here. We’re in this country to enjoy the rights and privileges that are afforded to us, which is the first amendment, which is freedom of speech. Our rights work that we have freedom of speech. And those who respond with violence, you arrest them. Now we’re living in a world where we can’t feel safe to speak because you’re letting in the people that will harm us if we speak.

And if we try to speak out in the streets, you arrest us and silence us anyway. Okay, Doctor Petzer? Well, of course, that’s a perfect illustration of the points I was making. Freedom of speech is very much at stake here right now in the United States. And sad to say, I think we’re reaping the consequences of having sent so many of our police forces for training to Israel, where the Israelis treat american police, to treat american citizens the way the Israeli treat the Palestine, which is Palestinians, which is with brutality. Vicious. What happened now at Columbia? Just outrageous.

Pressure went on the mayor to send in the cops, and they beat the hell out of the Columbia students. My heart went out from them, not least of all because I myself had done a year of graduate work at Columbia, earning my PhD. It’s an estimable institution. And the student did not deserve this. Profoundly undemocratic, un american Israeli all the way. Benjamin Netanyahu. The israeli VM has even suggested the US should call out the National Guard to suppress some protesters. Why? Because they’re criticizing Israel. Imagine Vladimir Putin and suggested the US call it the National Guard because there were protests against Russia, whereas IJP suggests that America should call it the National Guard because soon we’re protesting China.

Americans would be outraged. They’d be out in the streets. They’d be complaining. They’d be calling to Congress when they’re senators. They’d be raising hell when Benjamin Netanyahu suggest the same thing. No, no, it’s just taken as a matter of course. Obviously, that’s what we ought to be doing. Using our National Guard to suppress our student from exercising their first amendment right now. Freedom of speech. Gary, this is so disgusting. I’m infuriated. All right, next up, we. As more electric vehicles come into use, gas tax revenue, which funds road repairs, well, that is declining Southern California. So California is going to test a road charge program as a stopgap.

The state is recruiting about 800 drivers to participate in a six month study will start next year. Drivers will be required to pay road charges each month based on the number of miles driven. For their participation, California will pay each person about dollar 400 in gift cards. They will also get a gas tax refund at the end of the pilot program. You can sign up@caroadcharge.com. Dot well, the whole EV thing has been a catastrophe. The industry is abandoning the EV’s. Hybrids, I think are just fine. Hybrids make a difference. Hybrids are intelligent investment. Ev’s are not.

Count on California to lead the way toward disaster and calamity. Kevin Newsom, whom I’ve been anticipating, will be the Democrat nominee. Biden ain’t gonna be on the ticket, I guarantee. But he’s created one catastrophe after another for California. I mean, the Democrats are obligated and have no doubt they are gonna try to steal the election again because they have no choice. Otherwise, they’re going to be wiped off the map, which they deserve. There are policies pro war, pro immigration, pro criminal non enforcement of laws, pro shoplifting, pro tranny, pro teaching kids sex at an age when they’re too young to comprehend.

This is all disgusting. This is all repulsive in the extreme. The Democrat Party of today deserves to be wiped off the map and let it happen devoutly to be wished. Well said. All right. Zuckerberg is one of the biggest proponents of climate change. And here’s his new yacht. It pretty nice boat. Larger than coast guard ships. Many US Navy vessels are smaller. I mean, yeah, hypocrisy of a guy who’s incredibly rich, but who’s investing in a monster power consumer. But of course the whole climate change thing is a fraud. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has nothing to do with the temperature of earth.

We know that from over 600 million years of recorded history. And if there’s no correlation, if they’re completely independent, then obviously there can be no causal connection. In fact, it turns out CO2 is not indispensable to life involved in the production of water and air, but also has cooling effects on earth in three or four different dimensions. The whole thing’s a scam. You can have the world’s biggest yacht as far as eye care, but the fact is climate change is a hoax that threatens it to immense damage to earth by the genocidal maniacs who want to reduce the earth’s population by as much as 95% so they can continue to rule the world from guess where? Jerusalem.

The new world order is rooted in a theological passages from Isaiah 56 to 66. The whole zionist enterprise, where all the nations of the world are to bring their wealth to Zion, all the kings of the world are to bow down to Zion or lose their heads, yes, they’re tied together. This is a monstrous zionist scam to rule the world. Just let that sink in. We don’t usually look at Aaron Rodgers as a truth teller, but here’s an exception. Very few players in the NFL dared to speak out against their draconian measures. And now Aaron on Tucker is sharing some of the inside secrets.

You know, the entire mainstream media went after him like Jimmy Kimmel for just saying what most of us agree with. You know, there was a great mashup that Rogan talked about a few times where there was all these different shows. And it said, brought to you by Pfizer. Anderson Cooper, brought to you by Pfizer. It’s an amazing, I think you have to realize that there’s, it’s all about the money. And as you get into this, you read Bobby’s book about the real Anthony Fauci, you realize if you want to know what’s really going on, not just in big pharma, but in government, is follow the money.

Even in the NFL, I mean, there was a strong push. They sent stooges out to every team to try and enforce a vaccination level above 90% on every team with zero exemption, with zero informed consent. Just get this so that we look good because Big Pharma ad spend is humongous, not just on the late night shows influences Hollywood, the NFL. Leave a like on this video and subscribe or follow for more daily news. Well, just tell you, I’ve been a big fan of Aaron Rodgers forever. Look at the intelligence he displays, look at the discernment. Look at how articulate he is about real, real issues.

My understanding, Aaron declined to take the vax. And of course, it’s a good thing Stu Peters has shown in his died suddenly world class soccer players dropping dead on the field. Football players, baseball too, no doubt. I mean, worldwide, it’s a phenomenon because of the fact. And of course, you have morticians, embalmers in UK, saying they get these long fibrous blood clots made up of material they’ve never seen before. Of course, they’re constricting the arteries. Once you get that cessation of blood to your heart, you’re dead. So Aaron, in my opinion, is a heroic figure because he, of course, has run the risk of being demonized, ridiculed for speaking truths.

And in this case, of course, he had an enormous audience because these shows, Tucker, does get viewership up to 60 million. 60 million. Gary, I’m a huge fan of them both. What a great combination. A real dynamic duo. Thanks for that. Okay. This is to do with Russia. All right. 1 second. Here we go. Sorry for the delay. The man expected to be Russia’s new defense minister has been setting out his stall. Andrei Belousov has been addressing the Federation council on what he sees as the key tasks ahead. Third issue is already systemic in nature. We are talking about the recruitment of the armed forces.

I specifically want to emphasize to journalists that we are not talking about mobilization or any emergency measures. We are talking about planned measures. But nevertheless, the process has already been launched. A special military operation is underway, and there are pressure issues related to it. First of all, the issues are related to equipment. The current group ensuring the supply of the most modern military and special equipment, artillery, ammunition, missiles, personal protective equipment for military personnel, communications equipment, drones, electronic warfare, and so on. That is an important speech from the new proposed defense minister, Andrei Belausov. He essentially laid out his proposal for the Ministry of defense and outlined the priority tasks for the ministry.

Now, he did say that it’s quite important to develop new methods of combat operations. He talked about how it is necessary to provide all important and necessary weapons as well as equipment to the northern military district. He says that it is essential to stay up to date with that new technologies as the other side is learning in that field quite quickly. Now, he did talk about how under the acting defense minister, Sergei Shurgo, a new and modern armed forces was created. But nonetheless, it seems that for Andrei Belausov, it is key to integrate the economy of the armed forces with the general economy as a whole.

President of the Russian Federation has placed great trust in me. I would like to focus on two key tasks that were set for me by the president. The first is to ensure the full integration of the economy of the armed forces into general economy of the country, taking into account the objective growth of defense spending. This is a difficult and complex task which primarily involves optimizing military spending. Everything that is effective and advanced in the country should work to achieve victory, to ensure that the tasks of the armed forces are solved. He also pointed out that there’s a lot of work to be done when it comes to improving the welfare of the military personnel, especially the ones in the battlefield.

Now, he says that includes providing housing as well as provision of medical services and essentially easier access to military benefits for them. Now, he does say in general that it seems that he believes that the soldiers deserve better social care as well as not to overlook the economy in the defense ministry and overall. He did mention other changes when it comes to the armed forces okay, well, look at the intelligence of Vladimir Putin by putting. Yes, he’s our close friend, an economist man, a broad comprehension of russian history, relation to Ukraine, the integral relationship between military expenditures and the national economy.

In the United States, things are wildly out of whack. We spend untold billions on the military, and we get practically nothing. Substandard equipment, the necessity for maintenance contracts that bring about more profits for the industry than their original contracts. We violate civilian oversight by promoting generals to the level of secretary defense, leaving only the president for civilian oversight. Vladimir Putin has evaded those problems. You get a man like Lloyd Austin, and he’s going to try to give his buddies everything they could possibly want, like a wish list. He, a secretary of defense, is going to promote.

Oh, you want this new plane, you want that new carrier, whatever, that new submarine? Regardless of the cause he’s going to promote, he’s a moron when you come right down to it. Now, Vladimir Putin is very wisely installed an economist. I mean, he realizes this war business with the west because it’s led by a group of log heads who have no understanding of the situation they’re in, who think they could prevail militarily even when the war is already lost, when they, like the United States, continue to send brilliancy Ukraine, which is going into the pockets of ukrainian oligarchs.

Julian Assange, over a decade ago, predicted the west was going to create a new class of billionaires in Ukraine, and that’s exactly what we have done. I have reported on this appointment by Putin, and this is a very savvy guy with profound understanding. And he actually shares Putin’s views that Russia can’t preserve western cultural values, especially those rooted in Christianity. The very values of west itself has abandoned, and I believe they’ve got it right. Russia is going to have a better balance, a relationship between religion, politics, and society than we have here in the west, where everything has disintegrated.

It’s been corroded by a woke ideology that has pervaded and damaged virtually every aspect of normal life, including right here in the United States. So, Gary, I’m really impressed you included that clip. It wasn’t an obvious choice, but it was an extremely appropriate one. Thank you for that as well. All right, well, I have to admit, I listened to your other shows, and I knew you covered it, so I went and found it. So I do have a clue sometimes. So. All right, now, just to lower our blood pressure a little bit, I’m going to go ahead and include this now.

Marvin Hagler was one of the very first people to go down after taking the COVID shot. So I wanted to play it a clip before, but I couldn’t find it in time. That’s what I feel. War. That’s what’s on my mind. Middleweight champion of the world, marvelous Marvin hapless. Really rock with another right hand. He’s got him in trouble. He’s on the ropes. And that’s it. That one’s done. Heard. And another. Simpson stands co to toe. He’s down. And this should be it. Another right hand turns, turns his back, takes another right, turns his deep treble to get.

Turns it down. Turns it down in the third round. All right. Such a shame that he went down with the COVID vaccine. Wasn’t a hagler a welterweight or a light heavyweight. He was middleweight, I believe. Middleweight? Middleweight, yeah. Well, that a magnificent physical specimen like Marvin Hagler would succumb to the vexes. No surprise when you have your arteries plugged by these long, fibrous entities. Even someone like him, as great shape as he was, cannot endure. And we’re having this happening a lot. Again. Again, I say go back, watch Stu Peters dive. Suddenly you’ll get the idea of what’s happened here.

And he want to continue to spread. They like what they’ve done. It’s an effective weapon if you want to kill human beings and do it under the guise of protecting their health. I mean, how ironic is that? It even turns out Pfizer didn’t give the same shot to their own employees. And we haven’t heard of a single Pfizer employee who succumbed to the jab because they weren’t given the same want. And I believe it was a head of Pfizer who was embarrassed when he was traveling to Israel, where he had to be vaccinated. Had to sheepishly admit he’d never been vaccinated.

He knew better. What did he know, Gary, that we didn’t know? So you have the protected. Having to be protected from the unprotected by being given the protection that didn’t protect the protected. It’s all just as absurd. It gets. But as Aaron was observing, big bucks, they’re making fabulous sums of money out of killing people on purpose. Just a disgrace. Just disgusting. Utterly repulsive, Gary. And that’s where we are. The CDC, the FDA, the NIH. None of them raise their least digit to save the american people from a death jab. How bad is that? I agree.

Okay, our Pete Marovitch got some good reviews last week, so I have a super sports one for you next week. All right, here we go. In New Zealand and Australia, they’re ordering these beekeepers to burn all of their hives. I’m Stephen Brown from Springbank honey. We’ve come to you live from our honey shed in New Zealand. We’re being ordered by the management agent to destroy all our boxes. Most of them are off the highs for winter, and they found two swabs with AFV out of six swabs throughout our area. And now they want us to destroy all the hives.

We had $2 million of boxes, and if I don’t destroy them, they’re going to either prosecute me, they’re coming on Monday. It’s two days away, so we’re going to work the weekend and now burn $2 million with the boxes. Can you please help me? Hey, everybody. Some more really disturbing news as far as bee colonies being forcibly destroyed by governments. Previously, we covered in Australia. The New South Wales government was going around using the biosecurity emergency declaration, saying there was an outbreak of Varroa mite, a type of parasite. We then saw the australian government use an extremely toxic poison called fipronil, a possible human carcinogen, which causes death in animals at very small dosages.

And they would just put out baited traps for the wildlife to get into to kill all the pollinating insects. But the beekeepers, who were told to destroy their bees, cried foul and said, the government has not proven anything to us. And as an outside observer, we’ve seen the government do absurd things, evil things, and they could be working backwards from wanting to destroy the bees and invoking biosecurity law to do so. So how do we distinguish between the two? How do we know if there’s really a threat or if the threat was manufactured? Well, more crazy bee destruction is going on this time in New Zealand, and this time they’re blaming something called american foul brood, or AFB.

And they say they have the special test that they can test for the spores of this bacteria, and then they fear monger about what this bacteria can do. Again, the beekeepers are crying foul, asking the world to help. And I’m no expert on bees, but it sure seems to me that the government has not proven that there’s a real threat here. And I can imagine motives for why these governments, New South Wales, Australia, New Zealand, want to destroy the pollinators, want to destroy these huge bee colonies. So here’s an update out of New Zealand. I’m not saying that american foul brood isn’t a real threat? I’m not sure.

But I do see a huge issue with governments unilaterally deciding to kill millions and millions and millions of pollinators without any oversight, without any auditing, without any accountability. And we’re seeing this way too often. So is it true that the australian bees are infected with parasites? Is it true that the New Zealand bees have this bacteria? Or is this a manufactured crisis to kill all the bees? I’ll let you decide. I’m here. We’ve had the management agency for AFB come through and done five or six tests. Two of them came up as AFB. One’s in a far row and the other shed there didn’t have any afe around the back.

But they came up and said they had two tests that came through, one in this bay that came out. One test competence test came up as AFB and one had two dozen sales in this one as AFB. As you can see, we have thousands of boxes in here. Some of them are brand new. Eg. We’ve got the brand new foundation that was made back 2022. Never been on a beehive, brand new gear. We made it up, ready for expanding our hive numbers, but we had a flood. Thanks to QBE, we received money for that. So we’ve yet to expand.

But you can see in here we’ve got all sorts. That bay here, they said, oh, that one bay, fine. How can that bay be fine? But this one has to be burnt at the back there. You’ve got more. There’s about another two or 3000 brand new boxes in the back there that we have delivered Tangaguru boxes from China. As you can see, they’re wrapped, labeled where they come from. They come from all different sites and they check two ones down from some dead out hikes which probably do have a higher level of AFB. We had. We had a lot of beekeepers walk away from their hive near our wintering sites about two years ago.

We used to be AFB free and since then. All right, Doctor Pence, go ahead. A colleague of mine, Miriam Hannayne, has a documentary that’s received raves about the vanishing bees where bees pollinate all kinds of fruits, flowers, foods. This is one more dimension of the effort to kill off most of the human race on earth by destroying an essential element of the complex ecosystem that sustains life. Of course those claims are fabricated. Of course they’re made up and they claim to be scientific because they have a test. Well, Kerry Mullis, who invented the PCR test, which is just a way of replicating a sample, the PCR when they be able to take a micro sample and multiply it, so it’s a larger sample for medical and research purposes.

It is not itself a research device. It does not test for COVID. It’s being abused. It’s being adapted. Because if you send it at a certain level, you can guarantee false positives. So that’s what they’ve done. This is the same thing. They’re playing the same game. They’re faking out a scientifically illiterate population to make them think a non existent threat is real. And they’ve done it again and again and again. This is simply one more manifestation, Gary. They’re blamed us for suckers and saps and they’re getting away with it, sad to say. I can’t believe they just walk on your properties, do a few swabs.

All right, do you think that parents should be prosecuted for that? Did you guys hear about this? Apparently, parents of Michigan school shooter Ethan crumbly, both sentenced to ten to 15 years for involuntary manslaughter. So my question is this. So you’re gonna get punished now for what your kids do? So why don’t parents just go to jail for any time a kid steals a candy bar or gets in a fight at school, or anything your kids do now you gotta go to jail for it? Is that how it works? James and Jennifer crumbly were both convicted of involuntary manslaughter and their son Ethan’s deadly shooting at Oxford High School in 2021.

The first parents to ever be charged, then convicted in their child’s mass shooting at a us school, were both sentenced to ten to 15 years in prison. Their son Ethan, now 17, pleaded guilty as an adult. So he pleaded guilty as an adult. So what do his parents have to do with any of this if he pleads guilty as an adult? All right, Doctor Petzick. Well, of course, things absurd on its face, just ridiculous. Another way of attempting to intimidate parents to be excessively restricted regarding their children. Just one more way of disrupting ordinary life in America, Gary.

I mean, it’s obnoxious, it has no rational foundation, but it’s another way of sowing dissension within a society. In crane dissent, where there need be none. This is a divide and conquer technique to pick one segment of society against another and having tremendous success because our culture is in chaos, Gary. Without any doubt, no cohesion whatsoever. And I must say, in my opinion, the left has been so far gone with their woke ideology that it’s reached a point of literal clinical insanity. My judgment, the left has gone politically insane with our woke ideology. I agree. All right.

This girl seems to nail it on feminism. Feminism is a scam. A few years ago, I was an angry, blue haired feminist. I once believed that male privilege was real and that I was a victim of the wage gap. Now that I understand the true motives of feminism, I know that this could not be further from the truth and that modern day feminism is a war on true masculinity. Before women had the right to vote, most were stay at home wives, which meant they werent working jobs and couldnt be taxed. Our overlords didnt like that. Rockefeller started funding feminist campaigns in media, and as a consequence of the movement, women started entering the workforce and leaving the home.

Children would then be separated from their parents and sent to Rockefeller funded schools to be indoctrinated by the state. All of this ultimately disrupting the family unit. At its core, feminism is defined as the belief in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes. But in the West, I must ask, what rights do men have that women don’t? Right? That was a nice but short clip. I mean, I liked her. I thought everything she said was spot on and very appropriate. Gary, once again, I mean, I think feminism really was an effort to sabotage families in America by generating discontent among women who had heretofore been happy as homemakers, child rearers, family maintainers.

That traditional concept of the family was grossly disrupted to contribute to the chaos of contemporary culture. So spot on, girl. Yeah, that’s like a female truther. When someone tries to make speech illegal, you know what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna do that speech. Cause you can go fuck yourselves, that’s why. And I would use that speech to point out that Google was founded by three jewish people. The New York Times was founded and owned by a jewish family, the Souls Burgers. Instagram, and Facebook are obviously both run by jewish people. David Zoslav is the president and CEO of Warner Bros.

Discover, who is also CNN. He’s jewish. Bob Iger, CEO of Disney. He’s jewish. Just a quick reminder how much Disney owns. We’re talking FX, Marvel, ABC, ESPN, National Geographic, Pixar. You know, they even own Star Wars. Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast. Remember Comcast owns NBC, MSNBC, all those. He literally goes to Israel every year to compete in the Jewish Olympics, the Makabia Games. Brian Levine is the CEO of Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon. He’s jewish. The Newhouse family owns advanced publications. They’re jewish. In case you wanted to know who advance publications runs it’s all these magazines. I mean, we can keep going, but honestly, the only two that really stand out are x is owned by Elon Musk.

We all know what they tried to do to him. And then we have TikTok. I already made a whole reel or ten about how TikTok is actually getting banned for other reasons in China and how what’s his name, Steve Mnuchin, who is jewish, is gonna try to buy TikTok with all of his buddies, like, nevermind, I’ll just let you go watch that one for yourself. I mean, we can keep going, but so far we’ve hit all of these companies. So, um, remind me again about the myth of Jews controlling the media. Or does this bill outlaw reading too? Because I just been reading a little bit.

Right? Yeah, of course, it’s no myth. Jews do control the media. I frequently cited having a panel of 100 executives from CNN, every one of whom is a dual us israeli citizen. Another panel of 100 executives from NBC, everyone of whom is a dual us israeli citizen. Another panel of 100 executives from the New York Times, every one of whom is a dual us israeli citizen. And would you believe the New York Times is our newspaper of record? What you read in the New York Times passes for the history of the United States. It’s a disgrace, Gary.

It’s a disgrace. Early on, visionary Zionists recognize that controlling the media in America was the key to manipulating public opinion. And they’ve been astonishingly successful. Only now trying to work our way out of it, where the alternative media is playing a critical role here for the public to get unfiltered, unbiased information reports so they can have a better sense of what’s really going on in the world today. And I’ll tell you, it ain’t pretty. All right, there’s a new trend. People that are backing Israel and the genocide are being blocked by the younger generation. Let them eat cake.

I’ve got the power. A list celebrities are losing hundreds of followers and counting. With the block out 2024 movement gaining seen on social media, a growing group of TikTokers have started collectively blocking celebrities and influence. The movement’s targets are now expanding to include pro israel brands and news outlets believed to be whitewashing Tel Aviv’s crimes in the besieged onto power. Okay, that’s a train I can give you in praise of tick tock. It’s got nothing to do with tick tock. Being anti jewish or controlled by a chinese company has to do with TikTok revealing too much truth, which is unfavorable.

To powerful forces, including, of course, Israel. I mean, it goes back to the idea. What could be more warranted or justified than protesting genocide? Would you believe the Israelis claim they can’t be committing genocide because there was only one genocide, the Holocaust, which, of course, is mythology. I’ve done the research. Turns out the international committee of the Red Cross was keeping copious records on the age, the sex, the ethnicity, the religion, the cause of death of everyone who died at all the camps combined. In 1993, Gary, they did a recalibration. The total dead from all causes, 296,081, none of whom died from being put to death in a gas chamber because there were none.

Back in 1980 at Fredlock, there was the leading export of gas chambers in the United States, traveled to the camps and investigated and found there were no facilities that could possibly observe the function of a gas chamber, which he came back and reported during the trial of Erk Sandel, a great Canadian who’d been an outspoken Holocaust denier. Well, I’ll tell you, if you’ve done the research, you’re either a Holocaust denier or a big fat liar. And it turns out there’s a superabundance of the latter, but the world is gradually gravitating toward the former. Check it out.

My piece, a short take, the Holocaust narrative politics trump science on thegovernmentrag.com or go to my blog, jameshfencer.org. Check out the 65 shows. And if you scroll down to the world War two, narrative, historical fact or mass illusion, you get a copiously documented expose that the whole thing was a sham. Or for example, 236 references to 6 million Jews entire straits are fear of loss of their lives in the international press beginning in 1890, all prior to the Nuremberg tribunals, with a very number as theological origin in a disputed passage of Leviticus, interpreted to mean the chosen people can return to the promised land only when there are -6 million who have been consumed in the flames.

But even that required interpolation because there was no word in the original hebrew verse. 6 million. It’s all a monstrous hoax, a gigantic lie. And it’s all promoted and defended because jewish political power is rooted in a western sense of guilt over the Holocaust, so that they defend it ferociously. But now and then, there’s a slip. Amy Goodman decades ago interviewed a former israeli minister of education. And when Amy brought up criticism of Israel, she, the former israeli minister of education, said, oh, it’s a trick. When criticism of Israel rises in Europe, we bring up the Holocaust when it occurs in America, anti semitism.

We do it all the time, and it continues to this very day. All right, here’s our final clip. This is six minutes, and we’ll call it a show. The real threat to democracy is from the elites. Now, don’t get me wrong. We need elites. If President Biden has shown us anything, we need someone to run the countries when the president has severe dementia. It’s not just America that crumbles. The whole world burns. But let’s examine the elites. European corporations spent over €1 billion a year lobbying Brussels. Us corporations spend over $2 billion a year lobbying in DC.

Two thirds of Congress received funding from pharmaceutical companies. Pfizer alone spent $11 million. In 2021, they made over $10 billion in profit. No wonder, then, that 66% of Americans think the economy is rigged against them for the rich and the powerful. And by the way, we used to have a word for when big business and big government were in cahoots. And I think any students here of early 20th century italian history know what I’m talking about. What about big tech? Throughout the pandemic, Biden’s team, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security colluded with big tech in censoring dissenting voices, not kooky conspiracy theorists.

People like Doctor Jay Bhattacharya, the Stanford epidemiologist. People like Harvard scientist Martin Kuldorf. People spreading true information, not misinformation. True information at odds with the government narrative. Need I remind you, democracy without free speech is not democracy. This was a direct breach, by the way, of the first Amendment before COVID intelligence services colluded with big tech to have Trump suspended off Twitter. Yes, the same platform which hosted the Taliban and Ayatollah deaf to Israel. Khomeini. They thought the president crossed the line when he tweeted on January 6, remain peaceful. No violence. Respect the law and our great men and women in blue.

That’s a quote. You may be thinking now that Trump is a populist. You are right. He didn’t accept the 2020 elections, and he should have. So should Hillary in 2016. So should Brussels, and so should Westminster in 2016. And so, too should Congresswoman Pelosi instead of saying the 2016 election was, quote, hijacked. Quote, hijacked. Thank you. What about the mainstream media? Let me read you some mainstream media headlines. The New Yorker, the day before the 2016 election. The case against democracy. The Washington Post, the day after the election. The problem with our government is democracy. The LA Times, June 2017.

The british election is a reminder of the perils of too much democracy. Vox, June 2017. The two eminent political scientists say the problem with democracy is voters. New York Times, June 2017. The problem with participatory democracy is the participants, mainstream media elites, are part of a class who don’t just disdain populism, they disdain the people. If the Democrats had put half their energy into delivering for the people, Trump wouldn’t even have a chance in 2024. He shouldn’t. He shouldn’t have a chance. You’ve had power for four years. From the fabricated Steele dossier to trying to take him off the ballot in both Maine and Colorado, the Democrats are the anti Democrat party.

All we need now is the Republicans to come out as the pro monarchist party. Ladies and gentlemen, populism is not a threat to democracy. But I’ll tell you what is. It’s elites ordering social media to censor political opponents. It’s police shutting down the centers, be it anti monarchists in this country or gender critical voices here, or last week in Brussels, the national conservative movement. I’ll tell you what is a threat to democracy. It’s Brussels, DC, Westminster, the mainstream media, big tech, big pharma, corporate collusion, and the Davos cronies. The threat to democracy comes from those who write off ordinary people as deplorable.

The threat to democracy comes from those who smear working people as racists. The threat to democracy comes from those who write off working people as populists. And I’ll say one last thing. This populist age can be brought to an end at the snap of a finger. All that needs to be done is for elites to start listening to, respect it, respecting, and God forbid, working for ordinary people. Thank you. Okay, doctor Fetzer and I. Don’t close it up. Well, that was magnificent. Was that an Oxford debating society or elsewhere? I could not quite tell, but it was magnificent in his statement.

And, of course, when he alluded to the merge of big government with big business, saying those familiar with italian history would understand. It was Mussolini who said that what’s called fascism could equally be understood as corporatism, because it’s a merger of big government with big business. And I got to say, Gary, that was just as fine a statement as I’ve ever heard about the state of America today. Just a wonderful statement. I endorse every word. And what a perfect way to conclude our conversation of today. Thanks. Just want to let you know that nola is no longer a puppy.

She is 35 pounds and growing. And she would like to say, see you next week. All right, Doctor Pesser, thanks for being on the show. You got it, Gary. Okay.

See more of Jim Fetzer on their Public Channel and the MPN Jim Fetzer channel.


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