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➡ Guns & Gadgets 2nd Amendment News talks about how a Colorado Republican, Ken Buck, has suggested that President Biden should be removed from his job because he’s not able to do it properly anymore. This idea is based on a report that describes Biden as an old man with a bad memory. Buck believes that many people in America have noticed that Biden can’t handle his important job duties.


Hey, everybody. Got some breaking news while I’ve been here at blackout, doing my thing with our new facility here. Representative Ken Buck is a Republican out of Colorado. He has just introduced a resolution to try to get Biden’s cabinet, including Kamala Harris, to invoke the 25th amendment to remove him from office because he’s no longer, in his words, capable of carrying out his office responsibilities. He said that this was primarily based off of special counsel Robert Hur’s report and how he classified Biden as an aging old man.

I’ll just paraphrase it, an aging man with poor memory. Remember all that? And he’s also said that it addresses what many Americans have long witnessed with their own eyes, that Joe Biden is no longer fit to discharge critical duties of his office. So here is where I turn to you all. Good or bad move. If it happens, of course. And is this what they’re looking for in order to get somebody else to run against? It looks like might be Donald Trump getting the Republican nod.

Is this where Big Mike becomes a candidate? Let me know what y’all think down below. Subscribe to the Channel down below if you want more breaking news and you want news on the second amendment delivered to you daily, it’s free to subscribe. Supports the channel by telling YouTube that this channel has valuable information and maybe they’ll leave us alone. Alright, guys, I’ll see you all on the next one.

Let me know what you think down below. Good move, bad move. Kamala as president, is that good? Or is it better to have the old man there until November? There’s a lot of things at play here. Let me know down below. .

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  • Start w/Biden, Kamala next, if Big Mike follows, weed them out in domino effect!!! They’re ALL going down for treason and crimes against humanity!!!!🇺🇸

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